Forced Into Becoming a Ponygirl

by Ramesh Arvind

- do not use without the author's permission.

Two wealthy society ladies with too much money to spend were jaded and bored with their life of ease. Everything they desired they could either buy or have made to their order as money was of no object to them. They bet heavily on the races and gambled on most anything just for a thrill. Yet try as they could, they never seemed to run out of money.

Both women being inveterate gamblers soon tired of betting with money for they both had all the money they would ever need if they lived to be over a hundred years old.

Beatrice who was willing to bet on anything even herself for a thrill made an extremely foolish bet with her wealthy friend Juliet on the outcome of a race between their champion race horses. As money meant nothing to each other, Beatrice made the strangest bet of all in racing history with Juliet.

Having extra confidence in the skill and endurance of her champion race horse, Beatrice bet that her horse would beat the one owned by Juliet and wagered her own personal services as a maid to Juliet for one month if Juliet's horse won the race between their speedy race horses.

Juliet showed great reluctance to enter in such a bet with Beatrice even though she had supreme confidence in the ability of her race horse to win the race. She did not like the idea of becoming a slave for a month to the wily and persuasive Beatrice.

As part of the winner's stakes, the loser had to do the other's bidding and submit to the other woman's commands no matter how repulsive or hard they might be to fill.

On an impulse, Juliet bet herself against Beatrice and both went to the race track to prepare their horses for the match race. Beatrice to insure that she won the race and the services of the blonde racing rival bribed Juliet's jockey to throw the match race. Juliet had a suspicion that something like this would be tried by Beatrice.

Juliet did not trust Beatrice too much with such an important stake as the prize so she made a deal with her own jockey to double cross the double crosser Beatrice. The day of the match race came and much to Beatrice's surprise, her horse was badly beaten by Juliet's horse as Juliet's jockey did not pull the horse as she had been bribed to do.

In a fair and square race, Juliet's horse proved to be the better one and emerged as the victor. Beatrice found much to her chagrin that now that her horse had lost she had to become the slave of Juliet for a full month according to the terms of the wager.

Juliet came forward to collect her winnings and Beatrice tried to sneak out of the track but was foiled by some of Juliet's cohorts who were in on the bet and had kept an eye on Beatrice in case she decided to disappear and renege on the bet.

Beatrice was pushed up to face her new mistress. She tried to beg off from her disastrous wager but Juliet cut off her pleadings with a snappy slap in the mouth and she said in a sharp tone of voice: "Silence, slave, you now have a lot of things to pay for, especially for trying to bribe my jockey to throw the race. I can hardly wait til we get back to my stables and watch your face while I pay the jockey for not doing as you paid her to do."

Then Juliet said to the crestfallen Beatrice, "As long as it's a nice day and we are at the stables anyhow, I think I'll go for a ride around the track and you can be my pony girl."

Juliet continued on, "Don't bother to remove your stylish feather broad brimmed hat, as I like my pony girls to be dressed in the height of fashion. You have the right poise and strength to pull me around the track a few times. So that it won't be as easy as you might think, I'll have my assistants put a set of leg manacles with a long lead chain so that you don't try to run too fast."

Suiting her actions to the words she had just spoken, Juliet had the non-plussed defeated girl bound to a two wheel sulky. The reins were fastened to a steel bit in Beatrice's mouth. It was pushed up under the tongue which made her mouth sore every time that Juliet yanked hard on the reins.

One hand was tied to Beatrice's thigh while the other hand was bound just below her left knee. Thus Beatrice was forced to move both her arms and legs in a smart high-stepping strut as Juliet guided her to turn right or left with a pull on the leather reins.

Beatrice had to keep her pacing trot in correct rhythm otherwise a quick yank made her keep in perfect time as she dragged the sulky over the race track.

Beatrice was practically exhausted by the time Juliet tired of being pulled around by her new pony girl and she told Beatrice to head for the stables for food and drink. Beatrice thought her troubles were over for the day but Juliet had other ideas for teasing and taunting the rash loser.

Still wearing the pony girl bit between her teeth, Beatrice was bound with her wrists tied to stakes on the dirty stable floor while her high heeled feet were tied with a long rope, the end of which was affixed to a ring on the wall.

Juliet then set a hot dish of tempting food on a plate in front of the prostrate loser and told Beatrice that she had to eat her food from the dish without the use of her hands. This feat in itself was quite a thing to accomplish but Juliet still had another trick up her sleeve to work on Beatrice.

As Beatrice lunged hungrily at the plate of food in front of her, Juliet reached down and attached Beatrice's long flowing black hair to a spring steel coil with a hook at its other end. Juliet then slipped this hook onto a heavy piece of chain bolted to the far wall.

As the hungry girl stretched her head forward to eat the food, the action set the coiled spring into action and pulled Beatrice's head away from the tasty dish. Everytime that Beatrice was about to gulp some food from the plate, she was forcefully dragged back a few inches away from the food by the coiled spring.

It was a most frustrating and nerve-wracking experience to endure by the anxious and hungry girl. Being dragged over the dirty floor only added to her miseries as she frantically tried to reach the food which was always just out of reach.

After a while, Juliet grew tired of watching Beatrice's monotonous efforts to reach the food and unhooked the coil spring so that she could gulp down the now cold and distasteful food. The humiliated girl was forced to keep the pony girl bit in her mouth all the while she ate and as it was now growing late in the afternoon, Juliet had the bedraggled and disheveled pony girl slave bundled in her station wagon auto and transported to Juliet's vast estate to serve her new mistress for the balance of the month as they had wagered on the outcome of the horse race.

Juliet decided to have some of the accumulated dirt and grime from the stable washed off her new slave before bringing her into her home so she made arrangements to have Beatrice cleaned up. She had one of her other servants bind Beatrice up by her thumbs upside down to a pliable bamboo pole while Juliet changed into a form-fitting satin bathing suit for a dip in her swimming pool. Beatrice was hanging head down near the side of the pool when Juliet finished changing into her bathing suit.

A large rock had been bound to Beatrice's long flowing hair and the bamboo pole bent almost in half as the unfortunate loser swayed up and down into the pool. Soon all the filth and dirt was completely washed away from the pony girl's body as the servants above on the diving board pushed the springy bamboo pole downwards at Juliet's instructions. Juliet then told Beatrice, "I think by this time you have learned a lesson that you should never make such a silly bet ever again in your life. I am going to give you your freedom after one week, provided you do as you are told."

This Beatrice gratefully agreed to do and served out the week silently and was released.