by Bruce McLachlan

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Chapter Seventeen

Samantha stood in a close metal stall. The row of booths stood at the starting line with automated gates ready to fly open and release the eager ponies. There were no illusions that she stood a chance of winning. Just so long as she did not come last, she was not that concerned where she finished.

The reason for this resignation to defeat was obvious. Indra was a woman whose significant muscles were readily visible even through the tight catsuit of latex that embraced her entire body. The leather and metal harness and bridle completely hid her features and bore numerous lightning bolt symbols. The other competitors were clad in less constrictive attire, and clearly, Kaleb wanted Indra's victory to be even more impressive due to her smothering and highly oppressive attire. Every movement displayed the ranks of thick physical might, and it was immediately obvious that they were not the bloated muscles of a weight lifter, rather these were muscles crafted from extensive use and harsh demands. Indra's muscles were tight, potent, and sleek, but the sheer extent of her training had generated massive arrays.

All of the contestants had their arms fastened behind them in some form or another. Some had been back prayered, others had a single arm sheath, and some merely had their hands just clipped into position at the base of their spine. They all stood on hoofed boots and stared out along the long track and the lane that had been scheduled for them. At the far end was a stretched line of ribbon and along the fences were the owners, grooms, and hostlers. Standing ready to watch the race, they talked and commented on the various ponies while others placed bets.

A horn on the side of the starting gate blared and Samantha leant forward in readiness. Tensing her body, she fixated on the finish line and started to take deep long breaths.

The gates flashed open and the rank of human steeds dashed forward. Samantha's long strides and pell-mell gait kept her amongst the forerunners but soon her stamina was ebbing. Three girls started to pull ahead and then as they neared the end of the course, Indra exploded forward as a dart of incredible speed. She streaked passed and tore through the ribbon well ahead of everyone else.

Undaunted, Samantha continued her run and kept her eyes forward. When she cleared the finish line, she slowed to a jog and then a walk before finally stopping, unaware of where she had come in the race. She leaned over and panted for breath while her pulse stamped mightily in her veins.

She became aware of some cheers and applause and stood up to see Talon approaching her. For a moment, she was tricked into thinking that it might have been for her, but it was immediately obvious that there had been others ahead of her.

'Nice run, pony. Not bad. A respectable fourth. You just nipped past Charger at the post.'

Attaching her reins, he pulled her aside and towards the stables. Samantha looked around and saw that bills were changing hands. It seemed that the real betting had been on positions two to five out of the twelve ponies involved in the contest. Placing wagers on Indra had been little challenge and so everyone had concentrated on the more legitimate wagers.

'Come on, let's get you hosed down,' he stated.

Samantha's strut became more agile as she anticipated another glorious showering and hopefully another period of stabling. The previous night had been an exquisite encounter with obliquity and she was looking forward to another.

Talon poured the chill cascade over her hot body, stripping away her heat with shocking speed. She frolicked in the spray and shook herself from side to side as she revelled in the feeling. He switched off the hose and allowed her to shake free all excess droplets before taking her towards the entrance.

Samantha was escorted to a different stall and the gate was drawn open to reveal a new location of bondage. There was a sturdy chain stretched between floor and ceiling. At waist height on this vertical strand of steel was a fat and very heavy collar of cast iron. The collar had a hinge on one side and a bolt on the other.

Talon brought her over and forced her to fight the corset and bend at her waist. Opening the latch, he put her head in and closed the hoop. Unable to rise and unable to lower to the floor, Samantha stepped from hoof to hoof as she wondered what his intentions were.

'Lady Morgana is calling your horsebox to take you back home. So I might not see you for a bit, pony. It'll take a few minutes to arrive so I think we can have one quick farewell,' he stated as he unfastened her tail and tossed it aside.

A riding crop swept around and crossed her rear on a heavy swing. Samantha wailed against her bit and tried to jerk up. The chain prevented her and the crop returned to fill her anus with its wrath. Samantha cried out and threw her rear from side to side, trying to escape the accursed weapon. Talon merely followed her attempted evasion and kept swiping into her cavorting rear.

Samantha sought to throw herself to the floor but her knees would not reach. She tried to pull her arms free so she might undo the simple latch but the gloves remained firmly on her. Possessed by animal panic and response she squealed and thrashed as Talon gave her a most vigorous final taste of his sadism.

Talon cast the crop aside and with shaking hands unfastened his trousers. Hauling free his engorged shaft, Talon grabbed her hips and opened her buckles. He yanked out the probes and then fed himself into her humid womb.

Samantha's screech echoed through the stall as the pain and pleasure coursed through her. His hips slapped to her burning rear and she fought to get away. His hands held her in place and made her accept the ecstasy of being ravished in addition to the distress of having him clap to her scorching welts.

Within moments he was clasping her bound arms and roaring with delight as he ejaculated. Talon took his fill of her body and then lazily pulled himself free. Samantha was left gasping for air down her snout as her legs twitched and felt ready to fold beneath her. It had been a delectable and intense final chapter in her weekend with Master Talon, and if she had borne the strength and the ability to speak, she would have heaped gratitude on him without reservation. Two masters had used her, and the experiences had left her ravenous for more.

She was in a daze and barely registered the actions when she was removed and escorted back into the horsebox. The travelling restraints were applied in full and she fell into a somnolent haze as the journey home began. The chains were like a cradle and the soothing sway of the vehicle soon brought her into a comforting nap.