by Bruce McLachlan

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Chapter Sixteen

When Samantha was roused by daybreak, she had to briefly wonder whether or not the events that had occurred in the stall were real or a twisted dream. The sight of Tobin spread on the floor and exhausted suggested that it had been real, and the tang of female pussy on the ball gag confirmed it. Samantha curled her tongue around the orb to try to revive the flavour a little.

For several hours, she listened to the sound of hostlers entering the various stalls and tending the human ponies therein. Grooms and owners started to appear and take their prepared steeds out onto the expansive ranch for another day of use.

Samantha's bondage grew more irritating as she caught sight of other slaves being sent out to serve their masters while she continued to languish in captivity and could do nothing.

Tobin stirred and with a little difficulty, he managed to haul himself back onto his knees. He scuttled over and once more rubbed his snout into Samantha. He bestowed a few torpid brushes with the upper length of the muzzle. After arousing Samantha with this token manipulation, he settled back.

The bolt to the door was thrown and the portal slid aside. Standing in the doorway was Lady Morgana. She stepped in, glanced briefly to Samantha, and then snapped reins to Tobin before leading him out.

Through the open door, Samantha continued to watch the various castes of pony passing by. The vast selection was an intriguing sight and it was pleasing to see the bizarre, complex, or simple designs that the various owners had constructed for their colts, stallions, mares, and fillies.

Master Talon walked boldly through the door and trailed a hand along her arms as he wandered behind her. He was dressed as before and held a long blue dressage whip and a matching set of reins in one hand.

'Slept a little late there. Busy night. But now it's time to get you back out in the paddock, pony.'

Talon went to the wall and leant back. Twirling the whip in one hand, he looked to the gate. Samantha followed his eyes and watched as two young hostlers entered. Dressed in tight black riding trousers and polished boots with starched white shirts they held the full measure of her pony uniform.

The two men began to reapply her outfit with celerity and rigour. The gag was removed and they restored her bit, bridle, and muzzle. The interior smelt fresh and had obviously been cleaned during the night. The youths then turned to the rest of her attire.

Samantha groaned eagerly as she felt the soft suede interior and stern leather enclosing her like a comforting shell. They tightened the corset, then removed an arm each so they could force it into its sleeve. Samantha gave a few meek struggles to have them hold her more forcefully, an invitation they readily accepted.

Her arms were pulled back and as they removed the cross strapping that held her to the upright pole they locked the limbs behind her again. Suddenly she jerked against her bonds as two metallic probes were entered into her body. The cool lubricant had them glide in without effort and the hostlers suddenly tightened her crotch buckles to keep them in place.

The men unfastened her legs and pulled her up onto her hooves. Holding her between them they reaffixed her tail and waited as Talon stepped forward and attached the reins.

'Thank you, gentlemen. I believe I can take it from here,' he said.

With a tug, he pulled Samantha after him and led her out towards the greenery. This time she was taken to the other side of the stable where several fenced areas held tracks and other items and considerations for pony display.

When she reached her destination, she gave a gasp of shock. The area was replete with large rings and a number of brightly coloured beams set at various low heights. The obstacle course was not so much a shock as the fact that Tom and Thumper were both present as steeds for Morgana and Talon.

Both of the women had an elegantly crafted saddle high on their backs. The engineered seat embraced them with heavy straps and allowed Morgana to sit comfortably upon Thumper. Her feet reached into stirrups that dangled from the pony's hips and the raised back allowed her to recline with ease.

Lady Morgana held a dressage whip in one hand and Tobin's reins in the other.

Talon proceeded to the spare mount and used her short reins to pull her down into a crouch. Slipping into the saddle, he flicked the leather traces and Tom arose with a slight strain of effort.

'Come on, pony,' he said.

With nudges to her flanks, Talon steered his steed towards the open gate and pulled Samantha behind him.

The two dominants rode their strong slaves into the area and towed Tobin and Samantha with them. Together they reached over, removed the reins, and then deployed their weapons to steer and control their charges.

Samantha scampered forward as the whip clipped her rear and deposited a swell of fire. She barked against her bit and increased her jog as Talon pursued her.

'Legs up, pony,' he warned and caught her again with the lengthy sceptre of chastisement.

Samantha gave a startled cry and ground her teeth to the bit. She started to throw her knees up and continued to march around the course at speed. Talon followed her and corrected every failing of her stance with a swift and effulgent stroke. Samantha could see that Morgana was conducting the same exercise on Tobin, and the sounds of her own discipline joined his.

'Now run, pony!' he commanded, and nudged his heels into his mount to speed her up.

The whip reached out and started to wiggle. The end applied swift, stinging kisses to her rear and Samantha accelerated into a gallop. It was clear that Tom was far more athletic than Samantha was, with strength and stamina that allowed her to outpace her despite the burden of Talon on her back.

'Now get ready to jump!' he ordered as the whip added a particularly venomous flick to her left flank.

Samantha instinctively skipped away from the throbbing weal and found herself charging towards one of the horizontal beams. Her hooves pounded the grass as she tried to gain momentum and then she jumped up into the air. She sailed over the minor obstacle as Tom was permitted to run passed it.

Samantha landed and stumbled a little as her heels wobbled and her legs sagged. With a burst of effort, she tried to increase her rate before she pitched forward. She swayed and when the whip again crossed her buttocks she lurched upright and managed to require her balance.

'Good pony. Now slow down. Walk,' he ordered.

The end of the whip reached forward as Tom moved out in front of her. Threatening taps to her vulnerable breasts brought immediate compliance and Samantha eased to a walk. Her knees jumped up with each proud step and she began to calm her panting breaths.

'Very good, pony. Now get ready, here we go again,' said Talon and the end of the whip retreated to take its poised position behind her.

Samantha was goaded towards a queue of beams. She made the first with ease, and the second with a little more difficulty. She leapt over the third and staggered for a few steps. Pride in her status as a competent pony grabbed her ailing equilibrium and strength, and her thighs found new life. With a flurry of stern steps, she managed to stop her fall and prance forward into a balanced dash.

'Excellent. Very well done, pony,' he announced.

Talon had Samantha take on several more jumps that were nowhere near as challenging as the trio and so she made them with ease. She feared that he might give her a final impossible feat to attempt, but she had impressed him with her performance and he knew that she reached her limits.

With stinging taps to her assets he brought her to a walk and then halted her. Tom strutted around her and Talon scrutinised her with the whip leant casually over one shoulder.

Master Talon slid the handle of the whip into a slot in Tom's attire and left it sticking up like an antenna. He then delved into his pouch and started to remove something. Samantha thought it might be some more grapes and she found herself salivating at the prospect of more treats. She was a little bemused when she saw a strange sort of remote control.

p>'Now, I know you're obedient, but can you still obey under duress?' he pondered. 'Left leg up, pony.'

Still wondering what was transpiring, Samantha did as she was told. Lifting her knee high, she held it there. She swayed for a moment as she sought to balance herself on one hoof and then just as she became stable she gave a startled wail. The two probes within her body suddenly released small charges of electricity. The nerves in her tracts obeyed the commands and started to clench in steady fits. Samantha wobbled on her heel as she felt the strange pleasurable sensations operating her sex and anus. Her stomach rippled and gave small spasms as she fought to endure the bizarre effects and keep her ordained stance.

'Steady, pony,' warned Talon on a stern growl.

Samantha's elevated hoof started to wilt as she was stimulated. The bursts suddenly became a trio of stern jolts that made her body squeeze the metal intruders to almost painful degrees. Samantha released a squeal of anguish and hoisted the knee back up.

'Good, pony. Now hold that for a moment.'

Samantha screwed her eyes shut and fought to stay steady as creeping bliss continued to rage through her pussy and tighten her sphincter in succulent fits. It was astonishingly arousing. Her whole body was his to command. When the whip or bondage was not ruling her actions, he could use fiendish technology to take away even the most intimate control. With the push of a button he could replace her will and make use of her muscles. She felt so utterly abandoned to his whim and rule.

'Okay, now the other one,' he demanded.

The bursts paused and she was allowed to put the hoof down. As soon as she did so, the shocks returned with a greater frequency. The first shock made her leg shoot up and she lifted briefly onto tiptoe as the devices settled into a more delicate rate and strength.

Samantha mewled as she continued to fight to defeat the effects of the pleasure. She wanted to just drop to her knees, thrust her hindquarters up, and bury her snout in the grass. The pleasure was overcoming her ability to stay upright and remain still.

Her thigh started to heat as the muscles began to succumb to fatigue. The trembling limb lifted up higher as Talon gave her another of the shocking educational jolts.

'Now jog on the spot, pony,' he ordered.

Samantha started to strut on the spot. The probes slithered within her as they continued to blast her with steady delight. Her steps were even until Talon started to up the power of the infernal toys.

Samantha whimpered and gave purls of dismay as the devices made her pussy and sphincter twitch and grab the toys with forceful stimulating bursts. She was almost swooning from the effects of this bodily control and it took all her might to try to keep focused on the actions at hand.

Talon again upped the levels and for the first time since her arrival on the ranch, Samantha felt words rising in her throat. She gnashed her teeth onto her bit and tried to keep from begging him to stop. The awful and delightful power of the toys continued to harass her with their singular and spectacular effects. Tears rolled down from her eyes and joined the sweat being conjured by her frozen gallop.

'Legs up, pony,' he said, and added another couple of severe spikes of influence.

'Okay, you can stop,' said Master Talon after having kept her going for a few minutes.

Samantha dropped her hooves to the grass and clenched her knees together as the toys continued with their radical internal toil.

'Stay still, pony. Chin up. Stand straight and stop slouching,' said Talon and again upped the venomous settings.

Samantha was in torment. She thrust her chest out and lifted her head as she gasped and panted. The probes were churning her with ecstasy and she could do nothing to stop them. Standing erect, fighting to retain a proud and defiant stance, she started to mew and sob as she felt a most stern climax approaching. Her loins were wet with libidinous frenzy as she felt the pleasure tightening the rest of her body. It took all her resolve to stop herself from starting to double over, or to drop back and fling her legs wide, throw her belly into the air and ride the bliss with screeches of unabashed rhapsody.

Testing her endurance to the full, Talon stopped during the final cataclysmic rise to release. Samantha froze and quivered as she was deserted in a storm of deprived relief. She was glad that she had been spared the ordeal of trying to stand still and precise while in the tornado of orgasm, but also she was hideously frustrated by the denial.

Her pussy continued to clench to the probe, the flesh seeming to have grown used to the artificially inspired rhythmic contractions. Now that the voltage had stopped it was continuing out of tutored habit. Such movements extended her pleasure and kept her loitering in a most maddening zone of pre-orgasmic tension.

Talon took Tom's reins and started to walk the pony around Samantha as she worked her way down from the sexual plateaus the probes had so readily delivered her to. His eyes were wide with voyeuristic cheer as he examined her sensual travail.

Samantha gradually managed to recover some semblance of normal respiration and the ecstasy seeped away and let her stand up a little straighter. The straits of her ordeal had left her in a frazzled torpor.

'Veeery good, pony,' he commented and reached out to pat her head. The pleasure of a well-earned compliment from having pleased him was a superb compensation for denied orgasm. Talon leant over, stroked her head some more, and then applied the reins.

Morgana came galloping over with Tobin in tow. She pulled on Thumper's reins and brought the woman to a halt.

'All done?' she asked.

'For now,' replied Talon.

'How was she?'


'Picnic time then?'

'Why not,' he answered and then looked back and over her shoulder. 'Now where's that damn maid? She should be here by now.'

'Why don't you summon her,' said Morgana with a wicked smirk as she nodded towards the remote control.

'You think it has the range?' he wondered, and turned the device over in his hand.

'Only one way to find out,' offered Lady Morgana.

Master Talon smiled and turned a small dial at the top. Samantha caught a glimpse and saw that each setting had a name on. The furtive glimpse she caught failed to distinguish the others but from familiarity, she detected her own.

'Set it nice and high, Talon,' purred Morgana as she settled back and embraced herself with licentious contentment.

Talon adjusted the settings and then let his thumb drift over the activation tab. After a moment to savour his control, he pressed down and the two dominants looked out towards the stable to see if there would be results. Talon lifted it high and aimed it towards the barn to see if an unobstructed beam had a better chance of success.

In just a few seconds, a diminutive woman in a vinyl maid's outfit came charging from the interior. She held a hamper and she ran with a tremulous gait. Her thighs alternated between trying to keep apart and in clenching together during her sprint. Morgana and Talon laughed mischievously as they watched her scrambling forward, her long red curls bouncing and catching the sunlight. When she got closer, Samantha heard her whimpering and gasping.

As she arrived, she set down the hamper and dropped to her knees. Talon released the button and the woman visibly sagged with relief.

'Ah, there you are. We were wondering what happened to you, slave,' he said.


'That's quite alright. Now bring the hamper, we're going to take our picnic now.'

The woman wiped a few beads of perspiration from her brow and arose with the hamper in hand. Talon and Morgana kicked their steeds into motion and drew their play ponies out of the gate and towards a larger expanse of vacant field. They crossed the field and wandered along the tree line until they stopped at a place that suited them.

Overhanging branches created an area of hesitant shade where sunlight could still slip through a few chinks to warm the grass. They commanded the maid to set up and had their mounts lower.

The woman opened the hamper, threw out a blanket, and started to prepare an array of snacks and drinks.

Talon and Morgana drew their small herd of horses to a tree and tied their reins about some of the lower branches. After some brief strokes to reward their human equines, they returned to the picnic and sprawled out together to enjoy themselves. The maid remained on her knees to one side, handing them whatever they required with humble alacrity.

The distance between Samantha and her owner was just enough so that her false ears made discerning their conversation almost impossible. The two dominants talked for an hour or two as the ponies stood in silence. They looked at each other and the area, taking in the sights as best they could. Samantha often found herself regarding the maid.

Her petite form and innocent joyous face were a pleasure to simply study, like a pleasing work of art. Her subtle breasts were invitingly pressed beneath a layer of black PVC and the skirt that encompassed her body was stretched tight over shapely thighs. Her fishnet stockings entered low heeled court shoes and she sat with such alluring attention that Samantha found it hard to look anywhere else.

Tobin bumped into her and gained her attention. She looked along his snout and met his eyes. He brushed up against her and after rubbing his muzzle against hers, he turned his eyes to the maid. With a sense of companionship and regaled by the view, they moved closer together. Both fantasised about the girl as they gently nestled against each other.

A small trap pulled up and caught the distracted ponies by surprise. The vehicle was pulled by two luscious ponygirls in Lycra catsuits. They had a dense array of leather strapping laid over the garment and the harness encompassed much of their physique. The outfits were embellished with numerous decorative pieces and each woman had a bright blue plume sprouting from the peak of her bridle. The rider was the owner of Daemon and he was apparently without his temperamental pony on this occasion.

'Hey, Joseph,' said Morgana.

'Where's Daemon? I thought you wanted her to play with Samantha.' asked Talon.

'She's learning a lesson in obedience in one of the more rigorous stalls.'

'The usual problem?' enquired Talon.

'As always. I swear she does it deliberately.'

'Is there any doubt?' he confirmed.

'Well, if she was looking for a long session of discipline, she's definitely got it,' Joseph happily reported.

'Not stall eight?' asked Morgana with a sensuous tone.


'Ooooh, she's going to be sore tomorrow,' murmured Morgana as she stretched out across the blanket.

The projected image of Daemon in the enigmatic punishment locale was connecting admirably with her sadistic favour. All four ponies at the tree suddenly had the fear that they might end up providing a very real image to replace the imagined one.

'Tomorrow? Ha! Maybe the day after, or the day after that,' reported Joseph.

'You're a cruel one, Joseph,' said Talon with a chuckle.

'Ah she'll think fondly of it once she's recovered. Anyway, enough of that. I came over to ask if you wanted to join in the race.'

'Race?' asked Morgana.

'Kaleb and a few of the others are arranging a pony race.'

'Riders?' enquired Talon.

'No. A flat out run on that long straight course passed the track. We need a couple more ponies to fill out the last lanes.'

'Are we going to be gambling?' asked Morgana.

'Sure, if you're ready to lose. Kaleb's put Indra in the race,' reported Joseph.

'No doubt that's why he's arranging it,' said Morgana, and turned to Talon as she continued. 'He wants to thrash everyone else's steed and fan that boisterous ego.'

'So you're not in?' asked Joseph with a vague air of disappointment.

'I didn't say that. Give us a few minutes and we'll be along. It'll give Kaleb more time to strut about and gloat,' announced Morgana.

'See you there then,' replied Joseph and whipped his ponies up into a swift gallop before he circled around and headed back towards the stables.