by Bruce McLachlan

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Chapter Fifteen

Samantha was stirred from her deep and consuming sleep by the sudden opening of the gate. Her heavy eyelids fought to lift up and were momentarily confused when she saw only darkness. She had thought that she would be left in her stall until dawn.

Glancing out of the corners of her eyes, she could see a male and female form. She assumed that Talon and Morgana had returned for a midnight snack of debauchery.

A small overhead bulb was flicked on and dazzled the two slumbering ponies. Once they were able to squint and assess the new arrivals, they were startled to find out that they were not their owners. Rather it was a stranger, and someone that Samantha had only seen momentarily.

The woman was a dark skinned vision of chiselled beauty. Tall and delicate of form, she had a cascade of jet locks. The tightly woven tentacles rained down around her features and hung along her back until they touched her waist. She wore leather thigh boots with a tall heel and a slight platform. White riding trousers followed her shapely legs and a tight white shirt clutched her body to reveal an entrancing cleavage. A close fitting leather vest lay over it and was open down the front. The zipper of the riding trousers clearly reached all the way around from waistband to waistband and a studded belt encircled her trim body.

Beside her was the muscular man that had thundered passed Samantha in a gig just after her arrival. He wore fitted leather trousers and knee high boots. His robust torso was clad in a black shirt with a leather tie that matched his short gloves.

'So these are Morgana's slaves?' asked the woman.

'Two of them. The other two are with her and Talon up at the mansion,' answered the male.

'So they're all nice and busy huh?' whispered the woman with a libidinous grin and a fierce glint in her dark eyes.

'Oh yes. You know Talon. Those two are in for a long night,' replied the male.

Folding his dense arms before his chest, he regarded the slaves with an equal level of carnal hunger.

'So that gives us some time to sample the delights of these two little animals.'

'Indeed it does. Shall we, my love?' he said and turned his head so that the two might briefly kiss before moving apart and towards their chosen captive.

Samantha watched with wild eyes as the two alluring forms started to avail themselves of bound human flesh. Her eyes could not give her the glut of information she required. She wanted to watch both shows at once but knew she could only watch one or the other. Samantha frantically wanted to see Tobin used and yet she did not dare miss one tiny glimpse of her own ravishment.

The male unfastened the front of his trousers and removed a hastily stiffening member. Samantha trembled when she saw him, but her worry was quickly lost as he reached forward and applied stern pinches to her nipples. Samantha quaked and croaked against her gag as he chuckled and rolled the teats. Additional squeezes escalated the distress and he continued the spiteful diversion for a few moments so as to continue the fuelling of his erection with her suffering.

The excitement of being taken by strangers while she was bound and unable to defend herself abruptly began to take over Samantha. Exhilaration surged with the adrenaline and joined the endorphins set loose by the stern scrutiny of her bosom.

Settling down onto his knees, he curled one hand around the pole above her head. He held to it for support as he grabbed his manhood and tested her loins. He found her slick with want and smiled with approval.

Leaving his phallus resting against her, he took hold of her bound shoulders and with an upward pelvic shove he raced into her. Samantha's welcoming tracts spread upon him and coursed with vicious pleasure. The male then held his pose for a moment. His eyes drifted shut and his grin formed into a gasp as he felt her internal muscles clenching to him in fits. Squeezing and sending rolling waves of sensation up and down his shaft, Samantha quivered against her straps and gritted her jaws against the ball gag.

The dominant stranger pulled back and repeated his slow thrust. The relentless plunge of him into her body made Samantha shake with strain. The rhapsody was indescribable. It was a mixture of the nefarious quality possessed by an illicit affair, of her slavery, her restraint, and especially her helplessness as he merely wandered into her stall and into her body without evening needing to address her, let alone seek permission or consent.

The male was patient and controlled. His slow ravishment never sped up. He moved with serpentine motions and savoured every drive and retreat, extending their bliss with his calm and unhurried nature. To spice Samantha's pleasure he sometimes let go with one hand and delivered soft spanks across her assets. The slaps were stinging aphrodisiacs that had lines of her moisture running down his shaft and dripping from his testicles as Samantha's lust became a crazed sexual power that utterly enchanted her.

The dominant lowered and with a roll of his hips readied to lewdly spear her again. A glance over his shoulder showed Samantha what was happening to Tobin.

The woman had pinned him to the floor and had straddled him. Her head was swaying to and fro, swinging her strands of hair around her body as she gasped and rode his cock. Her shins had curled back and hooked her boots into his thighs to spread his legs most wide. She attacked his shaft with tardy piston drives, her staid nature as unwavering as her partners.

Tobin's hooves rattled upon the floor as he convulsed beneath her. The clench and play of her strong inner tracts was clearly driving him insane with intolerable degrees of rapture. Samantha's view was blocked as her partner rose up and his manhood again ruled her pussy.

After an excruciating eternity of lust, Samantha felt her lover swelling within her. The male took his pleasure from her with a resolute rhythm that did not once change. His self-control and his stamina were astounding and unearthly.

Samantha was straining with all her might against her confinement. The need to dance her loins upon him and acquire swift resolution was too demanding to deny, but he would not allow temptation or her wishes to spoil his fun. Samantha screamed against her gag, squealing and pleading for mercy as the pleasure he bestowed proved more sadistic than anything Mistress Carol could ever have conceived of.

She felt liquid heat enter her body and Samantha's climax was so potent that she feared she might have a coronary. Her keening screech made her throat vibrate and her voice become hoarse.

He slowed even further and came to a halt. Samantha's breaths were swift and random, an unpredictable mixture of gasps, sobs, pants, croaks, and cries that flowed out over the ball gag as her eyes rolled crazily. Spots flickered across her gaze and her insides felt like warmed treacle.

The male waited for a moment as Samantha's lunatic respiration grew a little more steady. His flight from her womb sorely tested Samantha's bonds as her caterwaul of response was physically mimicked with a most forceful throe. The echo of her climax thundered around her pudenda, tightening nerves, muscles, and tendons in ferocious clenches before the wave started to ebb.

Gasping for breath and steadying her racing pulse, Samantha listened to Tobin squealing in abject ecstasy beneath the laughing form of the dominatrix.

The two of them arose and stood facing each other. Another impassive kiss was indulged and they looked to the partner of the opposite. Tobin and Samantha were quiescent wrecks, drained of energy, their bodies convulsing from residual flares of pleasure.

'Trade you?' asked the woman.

'Deal,' he confirmed and with a restored malevolent grin, they made for their leaden choice.

Samantha's eyes flared with regenerated passion. She was also appalled that she would miss the new show. She so wanted to see Tobin thrown over and have that sterling cock finding a home in his backside. The mere thought of such an event had her libido pounding with renewed lecherous desire. At that moment, a single image filled her minds eye as her physical vision drank in the form of the woman. Samantha thought of Tobin, his rear in the air as the man dove into it, his cock dripping with Samantha's own juices to ease his ingress.

Samantha entertained dreams of having her legs tied down nice and wide before Tobin so that his face could be thrust into her loins. She conjured the feel of each interruption of his tongue work as a stern plunge filled his anus and distracted him from pleasuring her. If she added the dominatrix across her own face, then she could well have found a fantasy that could readily be considered her heaven.

With such thoughts firmly entrenched in her mind, Samantha watched the woman slowly peel off her thigh boots and then strip away her shirt and trousers. Naked and curvaceous in front of Samantha, the female unfastened the gag and before Samantha could speak she clapped her hands to the steel and thrust her breasts into Samantha's face.

There was no need to issue a command and Samantha instantly accepted the nipples and suckled at them with loyal dedication. She tickled them with her tongue and dragged at them with rhythmic suction as the woman pressed them closer and used her assets to impede Samantha's breath. Snorting against the warm skin she almost climaxed when she heard a muted cry that was both startled and joyous issue from behind the woman. Tobin had accepted the male.

The woman was not the only one who had wanted to see Tobin penetrated, and she also gave a visible shiver as she heard the answer to her partner's insertion. The female grabbed the pole that reached up the ceiling and which held Samantha's back and head in place. She swiftly placed her naked feet onto Samantha's thighs and with an agile swing, she lifted her legs over Samantha's shoulders and edged forward. Holding to the pole she arched up and pressed her loins onto Samantha's mouth.

Riven with desire, Samantha performed a frantic and deft cunnilingus. The tastes of Tobin's seed and of the woman's own wetness was a prodigious blend. With her mental play unfolding through her mind she dashed her tongue against the woman's clit and poured its full width against the roused morsel.

The woman quickly succumbed to orgasm and jiggled against Samantha's features as she held to the pole and her bare soles caressed Samantha's body.

She backed off for a moment to calm down and then extracted herself from the frame. When she was back on solid ground, she stepped aside to watch the culmination of the other scene. The sudden unveiling made Samantha's eyes burn from raging prurience.

Tobin was quaking beneath the brawny form that held his hips and continued to delve deep into him. Grunts of answer to each plunge were revealed as pleasure as he hooked his hooves and clutched to the man's thighs. Once again, the man treated himself to a long orgasm and Tobin's whole frame seemed to petrify from feeling fluid heat entering his body.

The male slowed and it appeared as though Tobin had been anaesthetised by the male's semen. Tobin's frame sagged, his hooves fell to the floor, and his breathing eased to a reedy crawl. A brief spasm ran through him when the man departed and then he remained slack amongst the straw. A vague shudder was all Tobin could manage as the man refastened his crotch straps. Another shudder came as he tightened them, squeezing Tobin's stiff member into place.

The woman began dressing herself and the male moved to restore Samantha's gag. He took hold of her cheeks and squeezed her jaws apart.

'Wait,' said the woman, and extended a hand.

The male handed it to her and with a smirk, she drew it along her sex before handing it back to him. With uninhibited happiness he inserted the ball and buckled it firmly into place. Samantha rolled her tongue upon the solid orb to savour the flavour while watching the woman restore her attire.

Together the couple picked the strands of straw from their bodies and checked each other's appearances. They switched off the light, stepped out of the stall and closed the door, deserting the two slaves that they had so meticulously ravished without another word.