by Bruce McLachlan

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Chapter Fourteen

Morgana had never seen Tom and Thumper in such a position. The two women were clearly not amused that she had handed them to Talon for restraint and use. Nevertheless, as much as they loathed their predicament they would still do it, and love it, because it was a humiliation that they suffered for Morgana's gratification.

Both of them had been fastened into latex straitjackets but the arms had not been folded around them as would usually be expected. Tom was suspended horizontally and face up by the large D ring anchors on the custom built garment. The rings held chains that reached up to the ceiling and held her aloft in a firm rubber cradle. Her bare legs were splayed exceptionally wide and elevated to a forty-five degree angle. The dense suspension cuffs stretched the limbs so tight that they could barely move. Her naked toes wiggled in the air as the latex rippled with her struggles. Two straps ran around her inner thighs to leave her accessible while still serving to keep the jacket in place.

Thumper had been turned face down and with the use of clips and straps, she had been attached to Tom's underside. Her legs had been parted to an equal and opposite degree and attached via chain to distant rings in the floor. Hanging back to back at waist height, their arms reached back and around their partner before being secured with overstraps and more clips. Their mitten entrapped hands strained against the dense material and their hooded heads were also buckled together. Two mirrored eyepieces hid their wide-eyed, appalled stares, and their mouths were visibly stretched against the impermeable folds by a significant gag.

Lady Morgana was sat to one side in a large comfortable chair. She was dressed in a vinyl leotard that had a zipped front with a laced section criss-crossing over it. Buckled suspenders were part of the garment and emerged from shoulder and hip to grab the hem of PVC stockings and matching opera gloves. One leg was cast over the arm of the seat to allow the tongue of a naked slave girl access to the covert zipper at her crotch.

The girl had caught Morgana's eye earlier in the day. She was very petite and exceptionally sweet of form and temperament. The moment Morgana had seen her, she had planned to station Tobin with Samantha and ensure she acquired the girl's oral services for the evening. Later she would take the slave back to her bed and ensure she was left with a few welts, aching limbs, and a strained tongue for her next day of servitude at the ranch.

The mansion was a short distance from the ranch. It could not be seen through the trees and could only be accessed via a sideroad that branched off before the route to the ranch. The owner was a devoted friend and revelled in allowing his home and land to be populated by hordes of eager participants.

His particular vice was voyeurism, and many covert cameras covered every location and corridor, allowing him to record the various scenes and sessions for his own private collection. The idea that at all times someone was sat in a secured vault of a room, avidly watching their every move never ceased to bring quivers of iniquitous relish to Morgana's physique.

'Now, who wants it first?' asked Master Talon.

The naked form of the dominant male strode from the shadows and then grabbed his own raging length. He stood between their collective legs and trailed his cock along their lips, teasing them with imminent penetration but refusing to deliver.

Talon extended a hand and clicked his fingers. A maid emerged from the dark and reverently handed him a small plastic shaft with a tiny bushel of thin rubber strings spilling from one end. It looked like a fly swatter, except that its target was nothing so insignificant.

Talon stepped back and pointed down with his extended hand. The maid swiftly obeyed the command and settled down on her knees before him. Taking hold of his bare thighs she sank her mouth deep onto his shaft and began a dilatory fellatio. The subtle noises from her maw testified to a tongue that was working far swifter and harder than the slow steady drives of her head.

'Let's warm up these anxious openings first, shall we?' he announced.

Morgana stiffened as the girl's tongue dove deep into her at the sound of the first bright slap of the weapon to Tom's exposed pussy. Morgana dragged one gloved hand along the arm of the chair and reached forward to clutch the girl's long red curls and rotate her face. She gently ground the slave into her loins so that the tongue could voyage even deeper.

Tom gave a suppressed jolt and then started to struggle as Talon leniently flogged her most vulnerable zone.

'Oh, but we don't want to be unfair, do we?' he mused and began to flick underhanded up into Thumper.

Morgana watched with glee as the muscles of their legs jerked and their toes clawed impotently at the air. The sleeves shuddered with refractions of light as the two of them continued to fight to get free. They knew they were in for a ravishing and could do nothing to stop it. However, they also knew that their owner was watching and savouring the show. This alone would give them the compensation to find a least some shred of enjoyment in their bondage. Morgana chose to ignore that fact and pictured flowing tears beneath the hoods as each sobbed and wept for release, praying that their exclusive female sanctity not be violated. Their prayers for the dark goddess Morgana would go unanswered - their deity was orchestrating and delighting in their degradation.

Talon started to alternate at random between the two women, depriving them of any hope of prediction. Sometimes they would receive a trio of swipes, then a pause, and another before a deluge and some more uneven gaps between the delicate but unbearable strokes.

Talon removed the maid from his manhood and held her via a fist in the back of her hair. He pulled away and craned her head back to cause her mouth to drop open. He circled the tip of his glistening cock around her lips. Her tongue emerged and sought to continue to tickle him. He teased her for a short time and then pulled back a little further to deprive her of access. Her tongue continued to wiggle in the air and her eyes remained closed as she yearned to devour him again.

'Now, we have a little quandary here, don't we. Two slaves, but only one hot, stiff cock to cram into one of them. Hmmm. But we do have this eager little oral slut right here. Eager and warmed up, with a most skilled tongue that I'm sure you little dykes would just loooove to feel on you. But who gets who? That's the problem isn't it.'

The two captives became maenads of frantic motion to try to draw the attention and favour of Talon, each desperately soliciting the tongue rather than the penis. Talon's face was a personification of amusement and delight.

The room rang with the rattle of chains and the dark creak of rubber as it contained the frenzied throes of a panicked and desperate woman. They had both resigned themselves to their lot and had prepared themselves to relish their subjugation, but now one of them had a chance to escape heterosexual use and they each wanted it to be them.

'What's that?' he asked, lifting a hand to cup an ear and aim it towards their entombed faces. The hollers of Tom and Thumper became vaguely discernible even over their stern gags.

'Is that Tom I hear? Is Tom speaking to me and asking for this sexy, salacious tongue? Or is it Thumper.'

The signals through the rubber grew to levels that were even more acute than before.

'Well, I guess that settles it then,' he pronounced.

Talon towed the girl even further away. She dropped her arms back to support her arched torso and accepted Talon's unspoken command. Craning herself into a spectacular bow she launched her tongue up into Thumper.

The bound woman immediately flashed to a rigid stance. Every toe stretched out as her abused loins felt the warm wet slide of the long and agile organ rolling into her. At the same time, Talon grabbed Tom's hips, leaned in, and drove into her body. She was sodden with lust from the minor lambasting and just from the notion of acquiring the maid's oral attention. The day of ponyplay had left them both sexually charged and the bondage and recent events had grabbed their libidos and raised them to intense levels.

Tom's cry could have been interpreted as agony and revulsion, but it was not. Despite all her wish to stay devoted to her singular sexual preference, the feel of a tumescent length diving into her had engineered exceptional bliss.

Morgana could guess that Tom was imagining her true owner between her legs, driving into her with one of her larger strap-ons. In her mind, Talon had to have vanished and the concocted reality had replaced him to feed on the sensation with added zeal. The change in her motions showed that her fantasy was in full effect. Her belly quivered and groans seeped through her gag as Talon continued to thrust slowly into her. His hands rolled up and down her bare legs, assessing the firm muscles and silken skin of the woman as his cock plundered her most seldom reached regions.

Talon leant a hand onto her belly and pressed down to feel the covert motion of his throbbing manhood as it travelled against Tom's tracts. He pulled out and tickled her clit with his head, to swirl against her before sliding back in.

Morgana could resist no longer and was brought to climax. Her legs stretched out and the pointed toes of her court shoes wiggled in the air. Her head lolled aside and her tongue slipped out of an agape maw. Only when she could take no more did she push the girl back.

After a moment of recovery, she used her heel to poke at the slave and with these goading shoves, she formed her like clay, turning her into a ball upon which she might rest her feet. Lifting her zipper over her heated crotch, Morgana crossed her thighs and basked in the warm afterglow of orgasm while returning her attention to the ongoing use of her other slaves.

Talon's arms grabbed Tom's thighs with ferocity as he endured the rising climax. His face was a mask of strain and beads of sweat hung on his brow like condensation. His teeth were bared and with a final series of drives his head jerked back. A bestial roar of passion thundered from his throat as his arms shot out and formed his fingers into animal claws that rapidly began to travel up and down Tom's spasmodic legs.

Morgana purred to herself as she watched his muscles ripple from the ferocity of orgasm. He was a stunning vision and Morgana started to entertain the notion of replacing Tom in that accursed pose. She projected the feel of having her legs spread wide and her body served up to his desire. More and more of late she was succumbing to the temptation of trying a trial period as Talon's possession.