by Bruce McLachlan

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Chapter Thirteen

'Daemon! Here!' yelled her distant Master.

Daemon stamped her hooves and gave a wonderfully contrary whinny.

'Daemon!' he snapped. 'Don't make me put you in you your punishment outfit again!'

This mysterious threat had its desired effect and Daemon turned on her heels, gave one final licentious look to Samantha, and then started to jog back to accept her reins. Samantha followed her at a more leisurely pace.

Daemon was already being led back into her stall, gaining numerous swipes with the crop because of her disobedience when Samantha reached Master Talon.

'Did you have fun, pony?' he asked.

Samantha gave a snort and waggled happily as a response. Her dry tail flicked around her sides and she tensed against her tack to remind herself of its strictures.

'Good, pony. Okay, let's get you stabled for the night,' he said and started to tow her back towards the building.

'But how shall we do it? What stall shall we have you in? There's a few vacancies, all with varying degrees of bondage. I could just tether you in one and let you curl up on the straw, but a wanton pony like you probably needs a stall that's a little more strict.'

Talon opened a gate and revealed a basic metal frame with leather straps riveted to the polished silver surfaces. It was formed around a single upright pole that reached from floor to ceiling. It looked like some twisted blending of chair and crucifix. The contraption was bolted to the ground and the roof and looked very threatening in the late afternoon light.

Samantha backed up a little and Talon stopped her from escaping by grabbing the reins close to her muzzle.

'Don't be afraid, pony. You'll be okay,' he said reassuringly and took a moment to stroke her snout before drawing her in.

Using her reins to hold her, he removed her tail and then pulled her back into the engine. Talon unfastened her gloved arms from their post on her back. The leather snared limbs flopped weakly at her side, their long containment having stripped them of vitality. As Samantha stood and looked across the site of her constraint, Talon started to remove the sheaths.

A plain and innocuous leather bag near to the site of her installation drew Samantha's attention and she wondered what might lie within. Samantha pictured the devices she had come to expect, dread, and love from her time with Lady Morgana.

Cool air washed over her bare arms and he drew her back into the steel limbs of the device. Talon lifted her arms out so that they ran along a horizontal steel bar and then turned his attention to the application of the bonds. He tightened the wrist cuffs into place to keep her arms spread out and then began to apply the others. The thick hide closed above and below each elbow and then to her upper biceps. Her legs were drawn up and spread exceedingly wide, creating a disturbing sense of exposure and vulnerability. The splayed 'V' of metal still supported her thighs and then ran down her calves to the floor. Straps fell across her thighs, just below her knees, and to her ankles to ensure she could not defeat the splayed position.

With her back against the upright steel pole, Talon slowly removed her corset and harness. The wet interior was taken off her torso and she breathed deeply as her flesh seemed to expand with the loss of the crushing corset. Her bared loins quivered with new hunger when they were finally set loose.

Cross straps reached around her chest and hugged her to the pole. A set also ran along her inner thighs to draw them in. The slow cinching of her form made Samantha pant and sigh with rhapsody. After all the running and exertion of the day it was reassuring to surrender to the fond companionship of total bodily restraint. She started to give soft lustful hums as she was inexorably pulled into the steel.

'So I take it that my pony is happy with tonight's bedding?' said Talon with a light tone.

He pulled the inner thigh straps a little tighter to lift her reply into a long purr of satisfied contentment.

'I think another little treat is in order while we wait,' he said, and drew the bag over.

Pulling the zip aside he reached in and kept the item that he retrieved out of her vision. Samantha pulled at her bonds and sought to discern what he intended. Her fears that pain was about to envelop her were groundless. The shivering hum of a magic wand reached her covered ears and the smooth plastic head of the cordless toy sent exquisite bliss through her pussy.

Talon looked up into her eyes from his crouching position and smiled broadly. Samantha shook with the a stern pleasure that spread through her sex and made her muscles clench and her tendons rise against her skin from her innate response.

Talon slowly rocked the shuddering device against her, trailing against her exposed lips and focusing his primary attention on her clitoris. When he devoted the vibrations to the engorged morsel, croaking moans poured from her throat and her head pressed back into the upright pole. Her hands clenched into fists as orgasm rapidly started to well.

Readying for the climactic culmination, Samantha's breath grew more rapid and her eyes drifted closed.

'Ah, dinner is served,' he said, and switched off the toy.

Samantha's eyes jerked wide and she yanked against the imprisoning straps, their pleasure now becoming an infuriating bane as they stopped her from finishing the task. She glared at Talon but he was looking elsewhere.

Samantha followed his gaze to a smartly dressed maid. Her outfit was comprised of vinyl and fishnet and she carried a silver tray. Upon it lay what appeared to be an oversized baby bottle.

Talon lifted himself back onto his feet and stretched before accepting the offered device.

'Thank you. Now of you go,' he said.

The maid bowed respectfully and turned to depart.

'Wait,' he said, looking back to Samantha with a malicious smirk. 'Come here and spread your legs for me.'

The maid maintained a blank face and moved to put down the tray.

'No, keep hold of that. I won't be keeping you long.'

The woman approached and set her legs apart. Talon moved over and balanced the whip on Samantha's snout. After moving it one and then the other he finally set it straight and then paused to ensure stability.

'Keep hold of this. If you let it fall…well, I'd advise against it, pony,' he warned.

Moving back to the loitering maid, he activated the wand and reached up beneath the shimmering black layer of her poppy skirt. The woman stiffened and her lips formed into a sultry 'o' of reply.

'Thank you, Master,' she stammered.

'That's quite alright. Now keep that tray up,' he said as her arms started to wilt due to the fierce bliss crafted by the wand.

Samantha shook and attacked her bondage with new vigour. Her snout wavered under the whip and she stared at the maid with a jealous rage. The whip started to tilt and she regrettably had to train her attention on keeping it balanced.

The maid's breathing became faster and faster and then dropped into long deep gasps. Her chest rose and fell, her ample breasts making the PVC shimmer and stretch across her cleavage. Talon assailed her with the sweet delight for some prolonged moments and then switched off the massager. The woman settled down and recovered her breath.

'Okay, off you go,' he finally said.

Almost with a sense of relief the maid wheeled and scurried away with the empty tray.

'Cute maid,' commented Talon as he watched her depart. 'Anyway, back to my pony.'

Taking up the bottle, he approached her and removed the precariously supported whip.

'Feeding time for ponies,' he said softly.

Lifting up the bottle, Samantha was surprised to see that the end was no normal rubber teat but was formed like a pliant phallus. To feed she would have to diligently suck her nourishment from it.

Talon unbuckled her muzzle and removed the leather snout. With the snout gone it was a simple matter to take the two steel rings and draw the bit from her lips.

'Come on, pony, you need to eat if you're to keep up your strength for tomorrow.'

Samantha parted her jaws and accepted the phallus. Talon pushed it in and then held it still as she locked her lips to it and began to suck. A warm slightly viscous fluid entered her mouth. She expected some sort of stomach churning fare and was surprised to find the sludge very tasty and highly palatable. She swallowed the small amount and instantly increased her rate as she found that it had been no delusion.

'Wow, now that looks tasty,' he commented as she hauled at the replica cock with obsessive haste.

Gulping the sustenance down, she watched the level in the bottle drain away until she was dragging the last of her meal out. Her oral attack grew more fanatic and she hauled to try and gain the last few stubborn droplets. Talon's eyes were glittering with intrigue as he watched this final part of her performance.

'Good pony,' said Talon and took the bottle from her lips.

Samantha rolled her tongue around her mouth to spread the lingering residue and savour the overall taste.

Talon removed the rest of her bridle and then reached down. He arose with a ball gag that he presented to her mouth. Samantha willingly spread her jaws while looking up at him with adoration. The ball entered her maw and he pulled the straps back and around the rear of the pole. Tightening it into place, he brought the straps that were already riveted to the pole into play. One was pulled over her forehead and the other loosely embraced her throat.

'There, all done for the night,' he stated. Talon patted her cheek and began to walk away.

Samantha gave a despairing purl that stopped him in his tracks. Fearing that she had angered him, she winced as he turned slowly around. Instead of a scowl, he wore a covert grin.

'So you still want to play, is that it pony?'

Samantha answered his question with another despairing whimper.

'Okay then, just for a little bit, and only because you were so good today,' he said generously.

Master Talon nestled down between her legs and ferreted in the case. There was a soft slurp noise and then she felt him paying a jelly dildo into her rear. Samantha arched against the cross straps and thigh bonds as the cool lubricant-covered head opened her sphincter. The shock and slight pain of its entry gave way to ecstasy as it stormed into her tracts, riding into her until the head was pressing to her limits.

Samantha's howl of answer to the trespass filled the stall and shed all base for piercing treble when the wand returned to lounge against her clit. Talon drew back on the soft shaft and revealed the sedate ribs along its length. The device popped free of her anus and then was crammed back in on a steady pitiless drive. The second entry was all the sweeter because her rear was more accommodating and her body was now charged with rhapsody from the quavering lash of the wand on her pussy.

Words almost emerged onto her lips but she swallowed them and remained dedicated to her animal status. Besides, if she spoke, he might stop to punish her for breaking this taboo. Samantha had seen Daemon manage taciturnity with no impediment, so she should at least be able to keep quiet with a gag in her mouth.

The dildo rode back into her and was churned around with some small circles of movement before it was deserted. The length started to slip out on its own weight and then the wand fled as well.

A previously unseen strap on the main strut was taken up and brought between her legs. The leather strip ended in a pincer clamp and keeping it poised in one hand, Talon used his fingers to part the folds of her pussy and expose his target.

Samantha quaked and fought her bonds with panic as she could predict what was coming. Her fight flew to rigid attention as the padded jaws locked to her sensitive and roused nugget.

Talon moved the small adjuster ring towards the ends and tightened the excruciating pinch. Her holler jumped out and as she clenched, she pushed the dildo out into the belt that in turn caused the clamp to pull even more unbearably.

'Now let's see how you like that for awhile,' he commented.

Sitting back he picked up a small crop and sat cross-legged before her. With capricious sadism, he watched her struggle and snort as he applied the odd swipe to her inner thighs or a skimming slap to her nipples. Every impact made her jolt and caused the dildo to press into the belt and escalate her woe. Only by relaxing her rear and leaning into the belt could she gather the escaped length back into her body and find a meagre relief.

'You vicious scoundrel,' came a delicious female voice.

Samantha's eyes stopped being clenched shut and flashed open. They jumped aside to see Lady Morgana in the gateway. She held a crop and the reins to a very tired looking Tobin.

'Just having some fun with the new pony before leaving her for the night,' absently replied Talon. 'How was your day?'

'Fun. Yourself?' she answered as she looked over Samantha's shuddering and angst-riddled physique.

'Decent enough. But are you sure you didn't lie to me?' asked Talon.


'Are you sure she's a novice,' repeated Talon with a raised eyebrow and dubious look.

'Impressed are you?' beamed Lady Morgana.

'I suppose,' he said with a smile and then absently removed the clamp.

Samantha gave a wild throe of answer as the pincers released her and a sudden burst of feeling coursed through the trapped and stretched nodule. The sudden flexing of her body caused the dildo to thunder out and drop onto the straw. The speedy flight accentuated her responses and added sensuous glee. Quivering against her bondage, she almost found herself soliciting a return to the peaks of contrary predicament.

'Are you finished for the day then?' asked Morgana.

'Just about. Shall we head off?'

'Let me just install Tobin and I'll be right with you,' she replied.

Talon gathered up the shed articles and put them back in the leather case. Grabbing the weapons and the items of Samantha's pony outfit that had been removed he went and stood by the gate.

'Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Lady Erin sends greetings,' he said.

'She's here?'

'With Fussbudjit and Lynn.'

'It still amazes me how she pulled that off,' said Morgana with a respectful sigh.

'She's an expert, that's for certain. Crafty too.'

Morgana pulled Tobin down onto his knees and used a chain and two padlocks to connect him to the central strut of Samantha's bondage chair.

'You two have fun tonight,' she said and with Master Talon at her side she left the chamber, pulled the gate shut, and threw the bolt.

Tobin scampered forward and lifted his muzzle into Samantha's pussy. Samantha gave a snort of pleasure and settled into her position with joyous relief.

Working with devotion and skill, Tobin used his snout to play Samantha's sex along the smooth leather surfaces. She imagined how her scent must be for him as it washed through the snout, and how cruelly aroused he was by this deed.

Tobin was selfless in his attention and brought Samantha to a stern series of climaxes. She almost had to beg him to stop as he paused for a moment and then continued again, taking her to scintillating peaks of pleasure several times.

When she was panting and almost reduced to a faint he rubbed his snout against her legs and then nestled between her spread feet. Ruled by the most potent contentment and feeling of safety and happiness, Samantha relaxed into her bonds and slid swiftly into slumber.