by Bruce McLachlan

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Chapter Eleven

After an unknown duration, she heard another clatter of hooves on wood and Tobin was brought up beside her. He too was clad in the same pony outfit as her and was also blinded. His tail was a plume of blonde and he was quickly fastened to occupy the post beside her. His ankles were set to the floor, his shoulders were grabbed, and the sides of his bit were fixed to the wall before them.

'Now you two be good while I'm gone,' said Lady Morgana with a broad grin. She treated them both to a couple of brisk swats of the crop before pulling off Tobin's blinder and heading back out.

The two slaves looked at each other, their eyes submerged amidst the leather bonds that hid almost every portion of their features and which robbed them of easy speech. Side by side and yet an eternity away they could do nothing save wait and wonder. The glint of dismay in Tobin's eyes suggested that he was just as much a novice in such play as Samantha, or that knew he full well what heartless rigours awaited them.

Either eventuality suited Samantha. She liked the idea of learning to be a pony with another virgin slave. It meant that she would not be the only inexperienced horse. In addition, if they were destined for stern use, then having another slave suffering with her would cement the strange perverse version of camaraderie that she held with Tobin.

A similar duration elapsed and they heard the stamping pound of another pony entering the trailer. Either Tom or Thumper was set behind Samantha and then a short time later her partner joined her. The ramp was lifted up and bolted into place, cutting off a great amount of light.

Standing in twilight, bound and contained, Samantha listened to the soft jingle of buckles and chains all around her and the creak of leather as it suppressed struggles and movement.

The hearty growl of a large engine reached through their erect ears and with a gentle lurch the trailer began to move off. The occupants swayed but were kept aloft by their shoulder straps. A moment later they were leaned forward as the vehicle started down a steep hill and followed a winding rough road.

Soon afterwards, they were speeding up as they moved onto main roads and out of the woodland area. The tall metal sides of lorries and shipping containers passed by on one side, cutting off the sunlight in steady pulses as they hurtled towards their destination. The wind rushed around the interior, whipping the straw around their hooves and cooling their tight leather skins. Samantha found her concerns evaporating while she chewed on her bit and grew accustomed to her lot. The method of their transportation was greatly assisting in slipping slowly into the mindset of a ponygirl. When they pulled off the main roads and started to slow down she had lost all inhibitions and was most eager to explore whatever this role offered.

The creak of breaks sounded and they were rocked forward against their many moorings as they came to a halt. The ramp dropped down and the sound of heels and boots sounded as people entered and started to remove them.

Tom, Thumper, and then Tobin were taken out on the end of reins and for a short time Samantha remained forgotten in the trailer. Then she heard footsteps enter and stop immediately behind her.

'So this is the pony you spoke of?' asked a strong male voice.

'Of course, Talon. You think I'd forget to bring her?' answered Lady Morgana.

The interior attachments released her ankles, her shoulders, and then her bit. A set of reins replaced the steel strands and she was pulled around to see her temporary Master.

Master Talon wore dark close-fitting riding trousers with tall boots that had been polished to an assiduous level. A dark red shirt covered his torso and black leather gloves covered his hands. He held a crimson-shafted crop and a belt around his waist bore a small pouch on one side.

'Not bad. Not bad at all,' he said with a mischievous smirk.

'I'm going to get Tobin harnessed up to a gig for a bit, so she's all yours,' said Morgana.

Handing the red woven reins to Talon, she kissed him and then walked out of the trailer.

'Well, Samantha, it's just you and I,' he said and then pulled on the reins to bring her in his wake. Her reluctance offered no delay as he maintained an emphatic draw on the reins. This meant that she had little choice but to scamper after him with swift curtailed steps.

Tottering down the ramp, her hooves moved onto soft lush grass. Samantha stared around as best she could with her face kept forward by the bit and the reins. She could see that they were at some sort of ranch in the woods. A tall wall of dense trees surrounded a large field that offered several pens with slender gates. Held within the wooden barricades were more human ponies dressed in varying forms of attire. Some were more comprehensively contained while others had more salacious elements to their outfit, such as stockings and other lingerie. Some were naked save for the one universal thing that united them all - their bits. Even these were as varied in design and construction as the assorted outfits of the human steeds. Some were little more than a bit held in place by a strap while others smothered the pony's head within layers of rubber and leather. Some had gasmask apparatus incorporated into them, some threw up a plume, while others added an artificial mane. Some of the men and women had even had their hair shaven away at the sides to leave a long natural mane cascading through the strapping.

Samantha was led aside and towards a large stable where other Masters and Mistresses could be seen leading males and females around.

Master Talon stopped and lifted the crop to bar Samantha from continuing. A moment later an elegant trap hurtled past with four ponies diligently hauling at it. A muscular, dark skinned man in extravagant riding attire lounged in the comfortable back with a dressage whip poised to correct any flagging rate.

With the passing of the bizarre traffic, Talon continued towards the stable. When Samantha saw the rows of carefully constructed booths she started to dither and pull at her reins.

Both sides of the stable had a line of tall gates with a straw covered interior. There were numerous ponies fastened within them. Some merely had their reins fastened to a wall fixture. Others had strange pipes assailing them. The tubes breached custom fittings in their uniforms and these ponies shuddered and stamped their feet as they were pleasured or punished. It was impossible to gauge from their frantic reactions as to which one was occurring to them. The tubes accessed loins, rears, breasts, and mouths. Were they feeding, providing enemas, squeezing, shocking, sucking, or providing power for inserted toys? Samantha was a little unnerved by such hi-tech accoutrements, but she also wanted to find out personally what such strange devices could do to a ponygirl.

Samantha's intimidated resistance was momentarily stalled when a woman cantered up at her side. The woman was tall and radiantly beautiful, with a slender mane of purple and black hair that dropped down her back like a mauve waterfall. She had lines of makeup around her eyes and dark lips that made her seen wickedly ferocious. A slender silver septum ring hung from her nose. She wore stockings beneath her knee high boots and the feet of them formed into hooves much like Samantha's. Her wrists and elbows were locked behind her back and a simple leather waist cincher with hoops at the side embraced her trim torso. Her bared breasts had rings through her large nipples and a set of reins had been attached to these so as to control her movements. A glance back along the slender moorings revealed an older man with a head of wispy white hair, a thick moustache, and dark sunglasses. He wore a plain black shirt, leather riding jodhpurs, and a mischievous smirk of amusement and satisfaction that was both wise and kind.

The woman shook her chest and wiggled her breasts so that the clips swung from side to side. She gave a whinny of delectation and cast her head around before moving in and snuffling at Samantha's side.

Samantha's respiration paused as she felt the soft breaths slip through the chinks in her oppressive uniform. The woman sniffed at her in true animal fashion even though she was unencumbered by bonds, bridle, or bit.

'I think she likes her,' commented the man. 'Maybe we should let them play together.'

'Later, my friend. This pony needs to be put through her paces first,' replied Master Talon.

'A novice?'

'On loan from Lady Morgana.'

'Enticing. Well, come on, Daemon. Let's go. You can see the new pony later…if you're good.'

The reins gave some brief tugs that pulled gently at her salacious rings. Daemon refused to budge and with a delicate smile in the corners of her mouth, she began to shift from hoof to hoof, resisting her handler's intentions.

'Bad, Daemon. You'll have a taste of the crop for this,' he said with a laugh and then applied more force. The undeniable use of her nipples as the means to compel her to move swiftly defeated her rebellion and with a swaggering step, she hurried after her Master.

'Come on, pony,' said Master Talon.

Samantha's restricted gaze loitered on the departing form of Daemon and the rows of different human animals that filled each stall. With her attention focused on the strange and bizarre sights of the stable, she followed in Talon's wake. The sight of so much stress and compelled obedience was awesomely arousing. Samantha wondered how many of the ponies were comprised of those that desperately sought such an existence and now revelled in it, and how many were those who were like her - submissive persons driven into it out of obedience. She also considered if any were of a darker fantasy. Were any of them those who might perhaps be genuine captives, who had no choice against the demands of bondage and cruel scourge? The allure of non-consensual fantasy was strong in her mind, but she pitied anyone who had it forced on them, especially if they had no predilection for such submission and ownership. However, the sudden lecherous fantasy of giving pleasure to a kidnapped and frightened slave so as to ease their plight and soothe their distress was a very agreeable one.

'Looking for a stall, Talon?' asked a female voice from within a booth to their right.

The woman was young and although she was short, she had delicious feminine curves. Clad in dark trousers and tall heavy boots with a studded belt, she wore a tight vest top that revealed the hoops of nipple piercings beneath the fabric. She had short spiky hair that was immediately hidden as she wiped her brow and replaced her cowboy hat. The woman had a happy, joyous face, with lips that curled in the corners and eyes that sparkled.

She held reins that attached to a tall male pony. Leather shorts were pinned beneath a brief corset with pink lacing down front and back and many rivets and rings on it. The rear of the waist-cinching garment also sported a tail.

A chest harness embraced his torso and his arms were contained within a leather sheath, again with shocking pink lacing. He had leather kneepads and tall ornate boots with many buckles. His features were lost within a bridle and muzzle much like Samantha's and his slender mane of black and pink hair ran through the weave and down his back to touch the plume of his tail.

'Just for a moment,' he replied.

'Here, take this one, I'm off out with Fussbudjit here,' she said and gave a brief haul at the reigns of her pony. He whinnied and stamped his feet as he straightened up.

'I thought you weren't attending?' he enquired as the pony was led out.

'A little juggling of schedules, that's all. You'd think I'd miss this event?'

'Where's your other slave? The girl?'

'Up at the mansion, all nice and tied up tight to make her more frisky for tonight.'

'I see. Well, it's good to see you. Have fun,' offered Talon.

'You to. Say "hi" to Morgana for me,' she called back as she made for the fields.

'Will do.'

Samantha was led into the empty stall and her reins were removed. A short length of chain was clipped to a wall ring above her head and its twin lengths snatched either side of her bit.

'I'll be back shortly, pony. Be good while I'm gone,' said Master Talon and applied a swift trio of swats to Samantha's presented rear. Samantha barked with the sudden fearsome shocks of heat and danced from hoof to hoof as the throbbing of the weals started to abate. Talon's footsteps left the stall, the gate was slid shut, and the bolt was thrown.