Hay is for Horse Girls

by ponygirlfan
- do not use without the author's permission.

“Can that be right?” Anne said, looking at the figures on the sheet before her. Her dark hair fell across her face, loose in the early-morning hour. Impatiently, she pulled it back, securing her hair in a quick braid. She frowned, the gesture giving her a hard look that was quite unusual for her. Anne’s smile always came quickly, but lately it seemed that she was smiling less and less.

“I’ve checked it several times,” Emily assured her. She squeezed her girlfriend’s hand into her own. “We’ll be okay. We’ll figure this out. Together.” Anne leaned down, resting her head on Emily’s shoulder.

“Where did all our money go?” Anne asked aloud and Emily smiled, despite herself. “Our” money was Anne’s inheritance, but she was generous and included Emily in every aspect of her life. That made Emily even more determined to figure out a way to help Anne. She had been staring at the numbers, figuring out what kind of cuts could be made, but so far she was coming up with nothing.

Anne knew the answer to her own question; the money was all in the carnival. She loved the life on the road, the excitement of moving from town to town. She had traveled with her father since she was a young girl and he taught her every aspect of being a carnival owner, of the importance of attractions and treating employees well. Her father had been a legend and much beloved.

When her father passed away, Anne had been devastated. He had been her life and he had been a loving father. Since her father’s death, though, interest in the carnival seemed to be waning. Her father had been charismatic, larger than life and his ability to draw crowds was amazing.

Anne struggled to find the secret of keeping her carnival afloat. Closing it down was not an option. There had to be a way to draw in the larger crowds.

“We’ll figure it out,” Emily repeated, and Anne kissed the top of her head.

“I know we will,” Anne replied, the frown on her face turning to a huge smile. “For now, come back to bed.”

Emily smiled her own smile, abandoning the financial paperwork and following Anne back to the warmth of their bed. Being with Emily had a way of making Anne forget any worries she had.

Sometimes the towns blended into one another and the lack of large crowds meant that the carnival was moving more often. When her father had been alive, the main draw of the carnival had been the man himself, a famous cowboy and folk hero whose life had become legend. Anne missed her father terribly and the carnival wasn’t the same without him. It seemed that every town drew smaller and smaller crowds and she had never been able to find another attraction that came close to the popularity of her father.

When they awoke in the morning, they were both in good spirits, despite their lack of sleep. They dressed quickly, ready to head out and greet the town. It was a small town they found themselves in, but Anne and Emily both knew the importance of promotion. Hanging up signs and talking to people was important no matter what town they found themselves in.

“Let me go. Let me go. Let me go.” The shouts carried down the street and Anne and Emily saw the source of the shouting, a petite blond who was chained and being led across the street by a marshal. The blond was yelling and obviously struggling against the marshal and the restraints, both of which were holding her tightly.

With her was another girl, a dark skinned woman with long, dark hair and a quiet demeanor. She was standing in the middle of the commotion, but didn’t seem to be a part of it. The only thing that the women seemed to have in common was the handcuffs that bound their wrists. Spectators along the dusty street watched, but no one said anything to the marshal or to the blond.

The sight of the women in chains made Anne’s mind race. The look on their faces caught her attention, the look of helplessness as they were being led down the street. She watched as the marshal led the women into the jail. It had to be fate, that meeting on the small-town street because ideas filled her head.

Emily couldn’t help but notice the huge smile that came over Anne’s face as she watched the marshal corral the women into the drab gray building with the faded “Jail” sign. Emily had to admit that they didn’t often come across bound women being dragged through a town and it was an interesting distraction.

“I’ve found a way to save the carnival,” Anne said. Dust rode from the street beneath Anne’s boots as she headed quickly down the street. Emily struggled to keep up and though she wasn’t sure at all what Anne had in mind, she had to admit that following Anne always led her to adventures. Anne’s enthusiasm had never led her astray either.

Emily saw that they were headed to the jail and there were numerous questions on her lips that she didn’t even get a chance to voice. Anne turned her head toward Emily. “Trust me,” she said softly as they walked through the door, and Emily nodded. She did trust Anne – and life with her was definitely interesting.

“Marshal,” Anne said, stepping up to the desk of the small, dark room. “I would like you to please release those women into my custody.” She spoke with authority and despite not quite knowing Anne’s plans, Emily couldn’t help but smile. Once Anne had an idea in her head, it was nearly impossible to convince her otherwise.

The marshal shifted in his seat, straightening up and taking his feet off the desk where they had been resting. The only two women currently in the jail were in the same small cell, directly behind where the marshal sat. “I’m afraid that is out of the question, ma’am.” He turned toward the women in the cell, gesturing as he did so. Neither of the women looked back at the marshal, but they both looked at Anne with curiosity. “These two are going to hang in the morning.”

“Hang?” Emily exclaimed. “Why?” She was outraged; what could the women have done that was so serious?

“Blondie there,” the marshal said, crooking a finger to point at the woman who had been shouting in the street. “She done stole from Hank down at the saloon. And that one,” he said, pointing at the other woman in the cell. “She was thieving over at the Jenkins’ place, taking veggies out of their garden. They’ll be dancing at the end of my rope come morning.”

Anne nodded gravely. “I understand,” she said. “Crime can’t go unpunished.”

The marshal looked at her, curious about why she was here. The young woman was definitely pretty, but she also had a no-nonsense look about her. The marshal stood, ready to escort the pair out the door, but Anne stood firmly. She owned her leather satchel and withdrew money.

“Perhaps this will help change your mind,” Anne said, setting the money in a stack on the marshal’s desk.

The marshal looked down at the money and then up at Anne. “Just what do you want these two for?” he asked, though his attention was drawn to the bills before him.

“That’s my business, Marshal,” Anne said firmly. She was not rude, but she also wasn’t about to let the marshal push her around. Anne was used to getting what she wanted and she knew how to get people to do what she wanted.

Emily watched as the marshal turned around and opened the cell. He led the girls from their cell without a word to them. In the small, dark room only Anne seemed to have any idea what was happening, but Emily knew that Anne would reveal her plans in her own time. Emily was focused on saving these two from the horrible fate of a hanging.

Drew was curious and almost asked what was going on, but she thought better of it, deciding that anything had to be better than hanging. She didn’t recognize either of the women, so she knew that they had to be from out of town. Drew knew getting out of town would be best for her – the farther away the better. She couldn’t believe that she had been stupid enough to get caught stealing; after all, it wasn’t her first time. She had gotten careless and then everything careened wildly out of control. She wouldn’t let that happen again.

Q’orianka was being chained by the marshal and she stood still, letting him bind her hands to a chain at her waist. Both girls were bound in legs irons as well and Q’orianka thought about how hungry she was, how she was being punished for trying to take a few vegetables. She wanted more than anything to go home, to see her family again. She was scared, but perhaps there would be a way for her to get home. First, she had to get away from the marshal. She didn’t like the way he looked at her, sneering whenever he mentioned her hanging.

Anne and Emily escorted the young ladies out the door, both anxious to get away from the hail and from the marshal. They learned that the blond was named Drew and the Indian was named Q’orianka. Drew was chatty while Q’orianka was more reserved, choosing to keep to herself. Their progress was impeded somewhat by the heavy shackles and leg irons in which their prisoners were bound. Even though the bindings were secure, Anne couldn’t help but think to herself how she would have bound them differently. The marshal lacked finesse; what these bound women needed was a woman’s touch.

They made their way to the carnival which had been set up by Anne’s small but devoted crew. She ordered them to pack up everything – including Drew and Q’orianka – and head back home. Home was Anne’s ranch, which was several miles away and she was anxious to get home. She wanted to put her plan into action as soon as possible, as she knew she had stumbled upon a truly brilliant idea.

Though there were questions among the crew about why they were heading back prematurely, they packed up as ordered. Part of life in a carnival was the ability to pack up and move on as quickly and quietly as possible. Though it had not been too frequent, there had been times that they were not welcome in one town or another. Even though the carnival had not been as successful of late, her crew trusted Anne. She was a good businesswoman – and a good boss.

The crew headed out ahead of Anne and Emily as Anne wanted to take the time to explain her plan to her girlfriend. They rode side by side, both women completely comfortable on horseback. They rode in silence at first, the quiet just a natural part of their relationship. Anne was nearly bursting, though, wanting to tell Emily all of the thoughts she had been mulling over in her head.

“I have this great idea. We will totally revamp the carnival. Just start all over from the bottom up. Make it bigger and make an attraction that no one has ever seen. People will talk about us again.”

Anne’s enthusiasm was contagious and Emily listed with rapt attention. “What kind of attraction?” Emily asked. Since she and Anne had become involved, Anne had made small alterations to the carnival, little tweaks that were designed to bring in more customers. “Does this have anything to do with those two girls?” Even as Emily listened, she couldn’t quite imagine how the girls fit into Anne’s plans.

Anne’s excitement grew as she talked; involving Emily would make it so much better. “That’s the best part,” Anne said, smiling. “They’ll be our main attraction. Ponygirls.” Anne let the words hang in the air between them. She could imagine it as clearly as if there were actually girls dressed as ponies running across the land before them.

“Humans as ponies?” Emily said. She was curious and she had to admit, she was also excited by the idea.

“Sure. Why not?” Anne replied. “We’ll make them really sexy, really kinky. People will love it. And you and I get to be in charge.”

“I do like that,” Emily admitted.

“We’ll train them, just like horses. Work them hard and totally control them. It will be a lot of work, Em, but we can do it. It will be amazing.”

Emily grabbed Anne’s hand. “Sounds really exciting.” She was already sold on the idea.

“It will be,” Anne promised. “We’ll take a break from the carnival, use the time to train our new little slave girls and then when we return to the carnival, it will be bigger and better than ever.”

“Well, that part sounds great. But how we will get them to go along with the plan? How will we keep them with us?” Emily asked, her mind already getting used to the idea of watching their little ponygirls put on an act for them.

“Bondage, of course,” Anne said. “We’ll make sure our pretty little ponies stay tied up. Always. Just think about it. Can’t you imagine having such pretty little ponies?”

Emily was already imagining it, and she and Anne continued making plans as they rode. Both were anxious to get home and get started. They arrived at the ranch shortly after the rest of the crew and Anne decided to begin immediately.

She and Emily had discussed the training that the girls would have to undergo, deciding that they would take the time to train them thoroughly before taking the carnival back on the road. Both had been involved with the training of the horses at the ranch, so surely they would be able to train two women. Anne was already thinking of rewards and punishments as incentive.

The ranch included stables, of course, and Anne had the crew clean up and create room for their new additions. The stable was enormous, though there were only a few horses since Anne and Emily were on the road so often with the carnival. Several of their horses traveled with them, but when they were home, they lived in an adjacent stable. Emily wanted this special kept separate for her new ponies. Clearing out two stalls, therefore, wasn’t too difficult.

Drew and Q’orianka were left bound in the middle of the room. Anne had checked the restraints binding them and found them to be secure. They looked around, trying to process exactly what was happening to them. No one had spoken to them directly and the people in the barn were speaking in hushed tones so that the two prisoners couldn’t make out any of the words. Though the members of the crew still weren’t entirely sure what was happening with these two new girls, most had made assumptions involving the carnival.

Q’orianka had been so relieved to be spared the horror of the rope around her neck, but now she wasn’t sure what she was going to be facing instead. She tested the bindings that bound her wrists and found that the cuffs would not budge. She felt Drew behind her, also squirming, apparently trying to free herself too, but it appeared that Drew wasn’t having any more luck than she was.

“Welcome to your new home,” Anne announced. Fresh hay had been placed in the stables and Anne’s ranch hands had installed eye bolts as Anne had instructed, not only in the stalls themselves, but throughout her barn as well. There were long lengths of rope coiled on the wall, as well as several riding crops hanging up on the walls.

Q’orianka and Drew were both stunned, unsure as to how they ended up at a ranch, bound prisoners. It has been a relief, getting away from the marshal, but now they were afraid, nervous about what was being planned for them. Looking around the stables did nothing to reassure them; if anything, they grew more nervous.

“That isn’t even the best part,” Anne said, getting excited as she spoke, filling her new slaves in on her plans. “You’ll both be trained as ponygirls. You’ll be worked very hard and you’ll use everything you have learned to become part of my carnival. You’ll be taught to perform and I can be very generous with rewards when they are earned. But I also will deal out punishments as needed.”

Drew was stunned, the words chilling her. She had always had an adventurous streak, but it had never occurred to her to run off and join a carnival. Judging from the tight bindings she found herself in, it appeared she wasn’t going to be given much of a choice in the matter. Just the word “ponygirl” sounded kinky, almost exotic and Drew tried to picture what that might mean.

Q’orianka looked like she was going to cry; she loved horses but that didn’t mean she wanted to be one. She wasn’t even sure what Anne meant by “ponygirl” but she still felt afraid. All she knew was that she was far from home, far from her family and she needed to figure out how to get out of here. She looked around, trying to force down the panic that had risen up in her. She had been taught all her life to be brave and she was going to do so; she would figure out a way to free herself.

“It has been a long trip,” Anne said. “We all need to relax and then tomorrow we’ll be ready to start.” Drew and Q’orianka both realized that they were meant to stay there in the stables. It couldn’t possibly be happening, Drew thought. She tried to remain calm, but Drew began protesting as she was led, still bound, into a stall.

“Keep that up,” Anne said sharply “And you’ll be gagged for the night.” She half-hoped that Drew would challenge her on the fact, but the blond wisely chose to keep her mouth shut.

Drew had to fight her urge to argue; maybe if she could talk to Q’orianka when no one else was around, they could figure some way out of their predicament. Between the two of them they had to find a way to leave. As she lay in the hay, arms bound behind her and feet bound together, Drew waited until there was no sign of their captors before she began to struggle. She couldn’t risk the threat of being gagged, not when she was trying to find a way out of her predicament.

Anne and Emily headed to the ranch, both ready to take bath before turning in for the evening. The warm water was soothing after being away from home and bathtime turned into bedtime. Though her mind was racing, Anne was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep, a smile still on her face.

Q’orianka and Drew were both still wide awake and Drew finally dared to speak, keeping her voice quiet. She had been listening and there was no sign of anyone around. “I’m trying to get us out of this,” Drew said, hoping that her whisper would carry to the next stall.

“So am I,” Q’orianka replied. She had been moving her wrists, trying to loosen the ropes that bound her, but she was not having any success. She looked around, seeing if there was anything she might use as a tool, but there was nothing around to help her. The only instruments nearby were those to which she could be bound. She and Drew were finding that they were bound quite securely.

Both women were quiet then, the reality of their situation sinking in. The struggles were futile and both knew that they needed to save their strength for the morning. Perhaps they would get a chance for freedom then. Curled up in a bed of hay, staring at the walls that surrounded them, the ponygirls were beginning to feel as though they were owned, were property. Eventually, they both drifted off into fitful sleep on their own beds of hay.

Though it seemed that they had just drifted into fitful sleep, they heard a voice shout “Wake up!” Anne was in the stable and already giving orders. Though Q’orianka had at first thought of this woman as her savior, she was now having very different thoughts. The doors to their stalls were opened and Drew and Q’orianka saw Anne standing before them.

“First things first,” Anne said. “We are going to have to get you out of those clothes and into a bath.” Drew felt her face redden; she didn’t need any reminders that it has been too long since she saw a bath. It has been a long, dirty trip.

Anne and Emily had agreed that they would untie one slave at a time and they chose to begin with Q’orianka, if only because they hoped that she would put up less of a fight than the blond who couldn’t seem to hold her tongue. Even if she did start to struggle, there were two of them and they knew they could subdue her.

Emily began untying Q’orianka as Anne stood in the doorway of the stall to thwart any plans the woman might have of running away. Two of the farmhands had brought a metal basin into the stables and began filling it with tepid water. Emily helped the girl to her feet and Anne began undressing her.

“Pretty,” Anne remarked, running her hands over Q’orianka’s breasts. “Slim, but very pretty.” She rubbed the nipples, sliding her hands over the girl’s smooth flesh. Q’orianka lifted her hand to push Anne’s hand away, but Emily stopped her.

“No,” she said firmly. “You don’t get to do that. We own you. You don’t get to stop us from doing whatever we want. Don’t you understand that?”

Q’orianka did not respond and Anne picked up a loose piece of rope, placing Q’orianka’s hands behind her back and securing them. She led Q’orianka to the basin. The girl was moving too slowly for Anne’s taste and, impatient, she pushed the slave into the tub. Anne and Emily washed her, thoroughly inspecting her body as they cleaned her. Her body was very trim and though she desperately want to cover herself to stop the inspection, she was not able. Her hair was long, longer and darker than Anne’s hair was and quite beautiful.

Q’orianka sputtered as she went under the water, swallowing a mouthful of the water when her head went under. After that, she sat still; with her hands tied behind her, she was defenseless to struggle against Anne and Emily and she had no desire to be pushed under the water again.

From her stall, Drew could see Q’orianka’s bath and she watched as Anne and Emily worked efficiently, keeping Q’orianka carefully under their control. Her hopes for an easy get-away were fading. Too soon, Q’orianka was led out of the tub and Emily was drying her off. Q’orianka’s hands remained behind her back, and Emily added restraints to her feet, binding her feet together to keep her from running. She was then tied to an eyebolt in the floor. Emily checked and rechecked the bindings before she was satisfied and went to Anne to help with their other slave.

Anne kissed Emily, suddenly and very passionately. She had gotten excited simply from giving one helpless girl a bath and the thought of what the day promised to bring made her incredibly aroused. Emily eagerly returned her kiss until they reluctantly stopped as it was time to bathe Drew.

This time, Anne untied Drew while Emily stood in the doorway, keeping a watchful eye on Drew and careful not to give her any escape route. Undressing Drew gave Anne a charge, as she expected the blond to give them more trouble. Drew was able to bite her tongue as Anne stripped her, touching her. She looked up, defiantly, refusing to be intimidated.

Anne bound Drew’s wrists behind her, determined that she would make sure that her slave knew exactly who was in charge. She led Drew to the tub, pushing her in. The water than had been tepid was now cold and Drew shivered. When the icy water hit her, she began to struggle; it was as though she couldn’t control herself, couldn’t stop herself even though she knew it was futile to struggle.

Emily held onto Drew as Anne washed her, the two women silently threatening their slave. Drew finally got herself under control, realizing that she was never going to get out of the bath water if she caused trouble and didn’t let them bathe her. Holding still while she was being fondled and thoroughly washed was very difficult for her, but she managed. Anne had pushed her head under the water just because she could.

Drew didn’t protest; she would save her strength. The water was cold and Drew felt her nipples get hard as rocks. Anne and Emily noticed as well, taking the chance to touch and pinch the cold flesh. The longer she stayed in the basin, the colder she would be so it was better to just get it over with.

When she had been cleaned completely, Anne pulled Drew from the water and dried her off. She was impatient, ready to begin and when she had Drew securely tied, she and Emily picked up various items from around the stables, collecting them in the center of the room so that they could begin “dressing” their slaves.

Anne decided to start with Q’orianka and she untied her legs so that she could stand up. “Obviously, this is just temporary,” Anne said as she fit a bit into Q’orianka’s mouth. It was large but Anne secured it tightly, used to dressing ponies. Her comment was not directed but to Emily. She added a bridle, placing the leather straps across Q’orianka’s face. The bridle, meant for a full-sized horse, was awkward strapped across Q’orianka’s cheeks, encircling her head.

“We’ll have to buy more customized pony gear,” Anne said as she made a body harness out of rope, looping it around Q’orianka’s body. She pulled the ropes tightly as Emily removed the rope from her ankles, fitting her instead with leg shackles.

“Yes, definitely,” Emily said as she studied the slave girl. The result of their dressing was thorough, but they would need smaller, more concise bindings if they would be parading the girls in their carnival. Thoughts of the carnival were far away, though; there was much work to do before that.

The ankle restraints were connected by a long chain, allowing Q’orianka to walk, but making her movements awkward and slow. She felt unsteady on her feet, something she was not used to. Normally, she was very graceful, a strong girl, but now she felt anything but graceful.

Anne turned her attention to Drew, then, untying the girl’s ankles and shoving a bit into her mouth before she had a chance to protest. Q’orianka looked on, feeling strange in the tight ropes. She wanted to run away, but knew she wouldn’t get far; it was impossible for her to even lift her foot without the leg irons making sounds. She was likely to fall over, tripping over her own feet.

The bit gag in Drew’s mouth was identical to the one in Q’orianka’s mouth. The bridle likewise was too big for Drew, but Anne compensated by making it tight and the effect was very humiliating, a web of leather straps covering Drew’s face. Anne grabbed the reins attached to Drew’s bridle, jerking them and pulling Drew’s head back. She wanted to make sure that the girl knew who was in charge.

The harness that ran down Drew’s body was similar to the one Anne had tied on Q’orianka. The rope encircled her breasts, making them more prominent. Having her hands bound had the same effect. Q’orianka felt more exposed than she had during the bath, felt utterly helpless. Of course, that was the intention.

Regardless of how Q’orianka and Drew felt, their new owners were pleased with the effects. Their ponies looked beautiful, but they knew that there was so much more work to do. They would get the look just right, but the training was essential. Beauty would draw people to the carnival, but it was talent that would keep them coming.

“First, ponies, you need to learn to prance gracefully, run gracefully. Once you’ve mastered that – and I have no doubt it will take you awhile – then we’ll see how you function in some serious bondage.” Anne smiled as she grabbed Q’orianka’s reins, leading her out the stable door into the adjacent training area.

Emily grabbed Drew’s reins and led her out the door. Anne allowed the girls a moment to relieve their bladders, certain that they would both really need to pee after a long night in the stable. Q’orianka squatted, unsteady on her feet and embarrassed but she could no longer hold her bladder and she had to pee.

Drew was more stubborn, though she quickly learned that Anne and Emily were not going to turn away or allow them any privacy. Finally she relieved herself as well, deciding that being defiant was not worth the cost of an aching bladder. She would chose her battles and save her defiance for another time.

Though it hasn’t been easy to squat down, it was much more difficult for the ponygirls to get back to their feet. Without the benefit of their hands, they had to move awkwardly to get back up and Anne and Emily were not offering any assistance. Any struggle that the ponygirls were having only served to excite them more and they looked forward to denying them any help walking.

The girls stumbled, not used to the weight of the leg shackles. Q’orianka could feel tears rise in her eyes and without a free hand to wipe them away, she let the tears shamefully slide down her cheeks. She could see Drew’s struggles to walk as well. It was humiliating, being led around a ring by reins. They were quickly learning, though, that they would not be given a chance to escape. Their new mistresses were very determined to have their ponygirls.

Anne kept her tight grasp on the reins, but ordered the ponygirls to stop and listen to her. “You will address me as Mistress Anne and my girlfriend as Mistress Emily. You will be trained as ponygirls and you will give your trainers the respect that we deserve.” She enjoyed the looks on the girls’ faces and she also liked knowing that they didn’t have any choice in the matter; they would do as they were told.

Even though they had already been told about the training, Drew and Q’orianka were both hit with the reality of the situation. Anne and Emily continued to walk in the circle, tracing the path that their ponygirls would be taking. It became evident to Drew and Q’orianka that being a ponygirl was not easy and both were fearful of tripping. With their hands tied behind their backs, there would be no way to brace themselves from falling.

Anne and Emily finally dropped the reins, forcing their ponies to run on their own. Of course the girls were awkward in their bondage, but that just provided their mistresses with excuses to punish them. Anne had a whip and she thoroughly enjoyed the sound it made cracking against Q’orianka’s firm ass. Again and again she would strike the bound girl, knowing that there was nowhere for Q’orianka to go.

Drew felt the sting of the whip against her own ass and she struggled to move more quickly, her movements hindered by the bondage. Even in the early morning hour, both girls were covered with a slick sheen of sweat. She knew it was only going to be more difficult, moving about when the afternoon sun beat down on them, but they weren’t offered much of a choice. Obey or get whipped.

“I know what would be pretty,” Emily announced as she ran into the stables. She came back with a handful of small, silver bells that they sometimes affixed to their horses’ manes. The bells made a tinkling sound as she ran. “What do you think?” she asked Anne, holding one of the bells up to Drew’s right nipple and clamping it. Drew squealed and tried speaking through her bit gag, but the words were nonsense and she was ignored by her mistresses.

In response, Emily clamped Drew’s left nipple, making sure that the bell was tightly affixed to the nipple. Anne drew the whip across Drew’s firm ass, making her run – or at least attempt to run in her leg irons. As she half-hobbled, half walked around the circle, Anne and Emily could hear the heavy fall of her feet with each step, but also the tinkles of the small bells.

“See, it is pretty,” Emily said and Anne looked at her, amazed at how lucky she was to have found someone so beautiful – and who had a sadistic streak of her own.

Anne was getting aroused by the whimpering and frustration of her new pets and knowing that the woman standing beside her was also getting aroused, made her feel very fortunate. Watching the ponygirls stumble around made her want to punish them, but she forced herself not to go overboard; she didn’t want to break them completely. Anne would have ample opportunity to use her beloved whip.

Emily found bells for Q’orianka’s nipples as well and she placed the silver clamp on the pony’s dark nipple. Within the bit gag, Q’orianka whimpered and the sound pleased her Mistresses. “Run, ponygirl, run,” Anne said and though she didn’t show it outwardly, she was pleased with the ponygirls’ attempts.

By noon, Anne and Emily were sweating as well and they knew that they needed to feed the ponies – and themselves – if they planned to continue the training into the afternoon. Emily herded them back into the stables, tying them to the front of the large trough. Anne had her ranch hands place partitions in the trough, placing water in one part and then oats and vegetables in the other.

Anne and Emily removed the bit gags, encouraging their slaves to eat to keep up their strength. Having their ponies faint during training would not be good. The ponygirls had their hands tied behind their backs and kneeling in front of the trough, they had no choice but to stick their heads down and eat without benefit of their hands. Q’orianaka was famished and so thirsty she stuck her face into the water, getting more water on her skin than in her mouth, but the water was cool and refreshing.

Drew looked into the trough, seeing the mixture of oats and veggies and loudly declared “I am not eating that.”

Q’orianka looked at her, wanting to say something, but she was too busy eating. She was afraid that if she stopped, the Mistresses would come and take the food away. She had spent time before starving and she was not eager to go back to that. She wished Drew would just shut her mouth, but she didn’t seem to be able, even when it was in her best interest to do so.

Drew stubbornly stared down into her lunch, refusing to eat. Q’orianka continued to eat and she was getting the vegetables on her face and down her chest, but she couldn’t care about that. She only knew that she needed to eat something. Drew was still staring into the trough when her Mistresses appeared.

“Is there a problem?” Anne asked. She had her whip in one hand and an apple in the other. She took a big bite, the sound of her teeth biting into the crisp fruit making Drew salivate.

“I can’t eat this,” Drew said and even as she said it, realized how ridiculous she sounded. She was kneeling on a dirt floor in a stable, bound and bearing whip marks from her morning practicing to be a pony, yet this was the issue she chose to argue about.

“I understand,” Anne said, taking another bite of the apple. “You could always go without food.”

“Or you could give me some of your fruit,” Drew said. “Or meat. Something other than this.”

Anne’s eyes narrowed. “Are you really trying to make the rules?” she asked. “What is it going to take before you learn this lesson, I wonder,” she said, finishing the apple and throwing the core to the floor. “I guess you’re going to learn all of your lessons the hard way.”

Q’orianka had stopped eating, stunned into silence and not even chewing the small amount of carrot that she had in her mouth. She didn’t want to do anything to draw attention to herself; she was afraid and fascinated all at once. She didn’t understand how Drew still thought that she had any power at all. Q’orianka didn’t dare to speak, but she wanted to ask Drew why she had to be so difficult.

Drew looked at Anne, then at Q’orianka who was kneeling on the floor and being so obedient. It was disgusting the way that the Indian girl just went along with whatever she was told to do. Drew didn’t have the word to quite describe it, but she was strongly sensing Q’orianka’s submissive streak.

Anne grabbed Drew by her hair, forcing her to stand up and Anne yanked her across the floor. With Emily’s help, she looped rope through the restraints that bound Drew’s hands behind her back and strung the rope over a beam in the ceiling. Drew’s hands were behind her and the rope on her restraints pulled the arms up behind her, causing her to lean over uncomfortably. Her legs were still bound together, the short chain on her ankle restraints preventing her from taking a step. Even if she had been able to walk, the ropes secured her to the ceiling beam.

Anne circled around Drew, her whip in hand. Drew’s heart was beating wildly in her chest, but she wasn’t about to admit any weakness to Anne or to Q’orianka. Drew needed to retain some semblance of control, but Anne was not going to allow that. Anne began whipping Drew, not holding back. Drew needed to learn a lesson and she needed to be the one to teach it.

The whip stung, landing on her ass and on her upper thighs. Drew began to struggle despite herself and she found that there was nowhere to go, no way to get around the stinging of the whip. Drew cursed loudly and Anne allowed her; there would be time enough to gag the girl later but for now, she needed to hear the frustration that Drew felt.

Anne knew that the welts she was inflicting stung and she hit her again and again. She was saving that whip sting for training, but Anne knew that she had to get though to Drew, had to get the girl to understand that she was not in charge, that she was going to be a ponygirl and that she had no choice in the matter. Anne had saved her life and Drew was going to show gratitude.

Emily appeared in the stable just as Anne was setting aside her whip. She was panting a bit from the exertion from striking Drew again and again. “Let me,” Emily said, showing Anne what she held in her hand. Anne nodded, wordlessly.

Emily drew back the birch branch, waiting just a moment before letting the branch strike Drew’s ass. Drew hissed and howled; the pain of the birch was very different than that of the whip. She cried out and Emily hit her again and again. She was less emotional about the beating than Anne had been, being rational about the punishment when Anne could not be.

Q’orianka watched, happy to have been forgotten. Her feet were getting numb from kneeling but she didn’t fidget. Her belly was full now and she was not being whipped by a birch branch, so she decided that it was definitely better to be obedient. Acting defiantly only upset the Mistresses.

By the time Emily set aside the birch branch, tears were streaming down Drew’s face. Calmly she said “Are you ready to eat?”

Drew didn’t trust her voice, but she nodded. Emily walked to the trough and grabbed a handful of the oat and veggie mixture. She held it up to Drew’s face and Drew began to eat, taking small, grateful bits of food into her mouth and chewing. Her ass felt as though it was on fire; she didn’t need anyone to tell her that the flesh was bright red, scratches and welts standing out against her skin.

Emily brought her down and led her back to the trough where Drew ate and drank, satiating the gnawing hunger and thirst she felt. Her pride was wounded, but she could see no way to win this battle. Q’orianka knew that being obedient had been the right choice.

After lunch, the ponygirls were redressed in their bit gags and head harnesses and were led back outside. Anne had regained her composure. She knew that she couldn’t tolerate any defiance, but she also knew that she couldn’t face being so emotional, couldn’t risk harming the ponygirls. They were going to be her ticket to a successful carnival.

Anne and Emily were both calmer as they walked their ponies back to the training circle. Q’orianka saw bruises forming on Drew’s ass. Her own ass felt the sting of the whip when she grew tired and it made her quicken her pace; the sting of the whip was a strong motivator.

Following lunch, the girls’ attempts to run were still very clumsy. Anne and Emily both knew that they were going to have to be patient. Restraints bound their ponygirls’ hands behind them and their ankles were still bound. Emily made sure that they were given water through the day; it wouldn’t be good to have their ponies collapse in the heat.

The ponies were brought inside for dinner; fresh oats and vegetables in their trough. This time, Drew offered no resistance, kneeling and eating her meal from the trough as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Since they were not gagged, the ponygirls would have had a chance to chat, but both were too hungry and tired to do so.

After dinner, the ponies were cleaned up and settled into the hay. Anne had entertained thoughts of bringing them into the house to entertain her and Emily but ultimately she decided that would be a distraction and that they needed to focus on their training. The fun would come later.

That night when they were finally settled down in the hay for the night, Drew and Q’orianka both wanted to speak to each other, to talk about the strange circumstances in which they found themselves, but both were exhausted. They had muscle aches and soreness all over and both fell asleep, secured in their restraints.

When they awoke in the morning, it began again, their days of tight bondage, constant restraints and training. They exercised until muscles screamed for relief, gradually getting more graceful within their restraints. Anne and Emily were happy to outfit them with custom pony gear, tailored specifically for them.

Anne was thrilled to see her plans slowly coming to fruition. She could tell that the carnival workers were anxious to go, to get back on the road. They were all getting restless, ready to unleash the new and revamped carnival upon the public.

“Only one last thing to conquer, my ponies,” Anne announced. She had her favorite whip in her hand and Emily by her side, holding a riding crop. Though perhaps they shouldn’t have been surprised that there was more, Q’orianaka and Drew both looked at Anne.

“Simple, really, ponies,” Anne said. “You just need to learn to pull the buggy.” The ponygirls knew immediately what Anne meant; in the field there was a buggy that hadn’t been used – or even touched – in the whole time they were on the ranch and in training. “You learn to pull the buggy with your Mistresses in it and we’ll be ready to go on the road.”

Q’orianka had often wondered if life on the road would be better or worse than what they had now. Constant bondage. Whippings. Would it be different in front of an audience or would they just be more humiliated?

She was going to find out soon.

~ ~ ~

The sign was large and flashy, promising a new show quite unlike any attraction that previously came through the town. Anne was proud of the way that it had turned out; she had spent much time planning exactly what the sign should say and how it should look. Her hard work paid off; the sign certainly got attention. Attention would lead to audiences and audiences would lead to money. Anne was confident.

Calamity Pain’s ponygirl show was the newest addition to the carnival and Anne viewed the sign with the same critical eye that spectators would. Anne and Emily were featured prominently, holding whips and posing in their sexiest cowgirl attire. Kneeling in front of them were Drew and Q’orianka, both in heavy bondage and in their custom-made ponygirl gear. The pictures alone were enough to intrigue and provoke and Anne knew the importance of both.

Beneath the picture were the words “Calamity Pain’s Ponygirl Show” as well as the boast “this show is the most painful, kinkiest and most degrandingest show in the entire west.” Anne was certain that would made people curious; audiences always wanted to see the spectacular and Calamity Pain would deliver. There was no carnival show like Calamity Pain’s show.

The sign alone wasn’t going to draw people in; Calamity Pain herself was going to be a big part of the reason people came to her ponygirl show. Emily was good with people, but Anne had a natural charisma and passion that made her the ideal person to be the center of the attraction. Emily would be right there by her side, helping her to corral the wanton little bondage slut ponygirls.

Q’orianka paced, nervous about her debut in the ponygirl show. Part of the custom attire were special boots with high heels, boots that were made for prancing. Walking in the heels was still challenging but she and Drew had grown accustomed to walking and running in the boots. Still, the area in which they waited was small and tight; there weren’t too many places for Q’orianka to stretch her legs, but she couldn’t help but fidget. Though she had trained, being in front of other people made it all so different, made it more mentally and physically difficult.

Drew and Q’orianka were both dressed with bridles and reins and their bit gags had been shoved into their mouths, ensuring that they would be good and obedient ponygirls. Anne and Emily had tied their arms behind them, winding lengths of rope around their wrists and up their arms to create a full bondage sleeve. The rope pulled their arms painfully close together, which thrust the ponygirls’ breasts out for torture and attention. Anne and Emily had both enjoyed fondling their ponygirls’ breasts, pulling at their nipples and making them squeal. Drew and Q’orianka both made such beautiful, exciting noises when they were in pain.

Anne had created tight body harnesses for the ponygirls, winding rope around their waists and between their legs, pulling the rope taut so that when they walked, the rope would cut into their pussies. Loosening the rope a bit would allow the rope to slide against their clits, but Anne kept it tight, wanting to make sure that her ponies suffered. She knew it would be a much better show if their suffering was genuine.

Adding to their suffering were clover clamps affixed tightly to their nipples. Emily had wound the reins through the clover clamps so that the ponygirls were essentially being led around by their nipples. If they offered any resistance, the reins would pull painfully at the chain connecting the clover clamps, pulling at their nipples. With every step, Drew and Q’orianka felt the pain of the clover clamps, felt the weight of the heavy chain.

Anne and Emily dressed in their most provocative cowgirl clothing, low and tight fitting gingham shirts and denim shorts that accentuated their firm, tempting asses. “Ready?” Emily asked, squeezing Anne’s hand. Anne responded by leaning in and kissing Emily, her hands rubbing against her girlfriend’s ass.

“Save it for the show,” Emily said, teasing, though she felt the wetness between her legs. Anne always had that effect on her and now they had two bound and beautiful ponygirls for their amusement. Anne and Emily were ready; it was show time. Time to show off the talents of their gorgeous ponies.

Cheers erupted from the audience as Calamity Pain made her entrance. She waved to the crowd, smiling, but she became serious as soon as she saw her girlfriend. Emily came out, leading the ponygirls by their reins. Drew looked out to the crowd, feeling nervous but also feeling a bit excited; she had a natural exhibitionist side that she couldn’t help but want to flaunt. It was humiliating to be tormented in front of the audience, but Drew couldn’t control the wetness that soaked the rope between her legs.

Q’orianka felt much more nervous and inhibited; the thought of so many people watching her as she was being hurt and degraded was terrifying to her. If she could convince just one person in the audience to help her, then maybe she would have the chance to get away. But Anne and Emily were too smart for that; they planned to keep their ponygirls bound and gagged for the whole show

Their act started with basic tricks. The ponies ran through a simple obstacle course, while Anne and Emily followed behind them, “encouraging” them with their single tail whips. Q’orianka and Drew both learned that jumping over the short hurdles placed before them was the worst part of running; when they jumped, their breasts bounced and the clamps on their nipples bounced, pulling painfully at their flesh.

Q’orianka and Drew both felt the frustration that came with being abused in front of an audience. In some ways, it was like the initial training they had undergone. Mistress Anne (or “Calamity Pain” as she was known on the road) liked to make changes to their obstacle course, slight changes in the order of their tasks or changing the height of their hurdles so that they could never get used to the course.

Drew still carried a strong desire to escape, even stronger than the desire that Q’orianka held. She fantasized about that, about going back to her own life, though she wasn’t quite sure what kind of life. After all, she had been a thief, getting by on whatever she could steal. Was that better or worse than what she had now? She was lost in the thought and she stumbled a bit, but Mistress Anne was quick with her whip and Drew snapped out of her daydream.

The whimpers from the ponygirls carried up into the audience. Each stumble, each misstep earned punishment from the Mistresses. Calamity Pain knew how to work the audience and sometimes she would crack her singletail against the ponygirls’ asses just to get a reaction. The sound was powerful and Anne noticed that sometimes she could get Q’orianka to cringe just from the sound of the whip.

Anne found that the audience was full of sadists, full of people who thrilled at seeing the ponies in pain. It was beautiful, knowing that Anne and Emily were able to torture their ponygirls to the delight of others and make money doing so. It seemed almost impossible to believe.

Q’orianka and Drew both focused on the tasks in front of them. It was hard not to see the audience, but after the first few moments, they were too busy with concentrating on performing their tasks, running and jumping as Anne called out orders to them. She was proud of the way her ponygirls handled themselves under stress and she enjoyed pushing them, pushing them to do things that they weren’t even aware that they could do.

Her favorite part was watching them perform in the bondage, knowing that every movement was restricted, that every step caused pain and that they continued on anyway. They struggled for her, hurt for her and were humiliated for her. It was exhilarating, better than she had ever thought it could be.

“Does anyone want to try to tame the ponygirls?” Anne asked, holding the riding crop in the air for the audience to see. She wanted to give the audience the same thrill that she experienced every day that she spent torturing her ponygirls.

At first, there were no volunteers; it was almost as if no one could believe the offer that Anne was making. But she stood firm there, crop in the air and suddenly there were several audience members volunteering. Nearly all of them were men, but Anne saw a few timid female hands raised in the air.

Anne chose a middle-aged woman, bringing her down to stand behind the ponygirls. Q’orianka and Drew both tensed, as they already had fresh whip marks on their asses and thighs. Still, they knew what was expected of them, knew that they had to perform and make their Mistresses proud. Making their Mistresses proud had become the focal point of their lives.

Though both had struggled mentally and physically to get away from the ranch, to run from the carnival before that first show ever went forward, they knew that their fates were sealed from the moment Anne first spotted them on that dusty road on their way to jail. They belonged to Anne and Emily, to “Calamity Pain” and her ponygirl show. They were owned and they knew it.

Q’orianka and Drew were hooked up to the buggy, tightly bound and muscles straining with the effort of even taking a single step. Mastering the buggy had been difficult and Q’orianka had new-found appreciation of the struggle that horses must have when first pulling a buggy. They had to walk in unison, trotting at equal speed and worry about not tripping or getting in one another’s way.

They were fitted with special blinders that fit on their heads, keeping them from looking anywhere but straight ahead. They had to concentrate on the ground before them, on not stumbling and on pulling the buggy. After a few steps, the ponygirls stopped, both knowing that they had to give their rider the chance to “encourage” them to keep pulling her.

The woman held the riding crop tentatively, as if unsure as to what to do with it. Anne and Emily had decided against giving whips to any of the audience members; using a whip took great skill and technique and could cause serious injury to the whipper or whippee. The riding crop was better for their purposes and it made a satisfying slapping sound against ponygirl flesh.

Anne nodded at her, letting her know that it was okay for her to use the crop. “Crop, crop, crop, crop,” someone in the audience began to yell and soon the chanting overtook the group. The woman drew her arm back and landed a solid strike right on Drew’s hand. In response, Drew leaned forward slightly, as much as she was able to do so within the confines of her bondage, so that her ass was a more prominent target.

The riding crop did sting, but it hurt more to have it land accidentally on her hand or arm than on her ass; as with all of the lessons she learned, she had learned that the hard way when she had bend backward once, trying to use her hands to cover her ass. Anne had continue to strike her anyway and Drew didn’t try that again.

The woman then took a strike at Q’orianka’s ass, her aim better now that she had more confidence with the crop. After a few swipes, Q’orianka and Drew began walking, their movements slow and deliberate. Getting the buggy started moving was the most difficult part; once they had momentum, it was just a matter of keeping the vehicle in motion. Of course they had to also be careful in their boots to keep from falling and the ponygirls had to keep their steps in unison.

The crowd cheered, but the ponygirls knew that they were not cheering because they had successfully pulled the buggy a short distance; rather they knew that their pain and humiliation were being celebrated. The crowd was loudest whenever Drew and Q’orianka were whimpering and in pain. The clamps pulled at their nipples and their arms were numb from being bound in such a strict position.

Their leg muscles were in pain from all of the walking and running in their boots and their asses were bruised from training and from the show. The boots were tight on their feet. It was as though every inch of their ponygirl bodies was screaming out from pain. It was frustrating and humiliating, but Drew and Q’orianka knew that there was no escape. All they could do was hope to please their Mistresses.

When the buggy ride was over, the woman returned to her seat, feeling the glorious high from getting to torment the beautiful ponygirls. Drew and Q’orianka waited patiently as they were untied from the buggy since they did not have a choice. Both knew that the show’s finale was yet to come. It was all too real, the audience. All of those people cheering for their torment, excited by the fact that they were being tortured.

Though they were freed from the restraints that bound them to the buggy, the remainder of their bondage stayed in place as they were led across the field. Drew and Q’orianka obediently followed their Mistresses, as both knew how important it was to be pleasing. The ponygirls were led out of the performance area to be prepared for the finale. Another act quickly filled the space, entertaining the audience until the very popular ponygirls returned.

Anne and Emily had already decided that Drew would go first. Emily quickly removed the lengths of rope around Drew’s arms. There were distinct rope marks trailing up Drew’s arms as she was untied. Her arms fell to her sides, feeling rubbery and useless. The rope was replaced by custom leather restraints that encircled her thin wrists. Her hands were bound in front of her, connected by a chain.

Drew was pushed roughly to her knees, her hands bracing her as she rested on her hands and knees. Her boots were unlaced and slipped from her feet. She was relieved to have her feet freed from the tight boots, but she was nervous about what would happen next. Being bound and made to perform for an audience was humiliating, though she admitted feeling a thrill at being able to show off. But the finale made her nervous, though she couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. It was likely she was just afraid of disappointing.

The bit gag was removed from her mouth and there was chafing at the corners of her mouth from the long hours in the gag. She thought she might be getting used to it, but she still felt the familiar dryness in her throat and the ache in her jaw.

Q’orianka’s rope was removed as well, Emily working carefully and efficiently. Her boots were removed as well and her wrists and ankles were bound together in leather restraints. While Drew was kneeling, Q’orianka remained standing, a reminder to Drew of what they were about to do.

Anne joined them. “They’re loving it,” she said to Emily, a wide smile on her face. “But we need to keep them. If we can pull this off, we will totally have this audience.”

Emily smiled as well, kissing Anne as they prepared their slaves for the next act. They were excited, anxious to see their ponygirls together. Anne placed the saddle on Drew’s back, securing it tightly. The saddle was also custom made, a bit more lightweight than the other saddles back in their stables. The idea at first had been to have the ponygirls ridden bareback, but Anne thought that the saddle added a theatrical element that the audience would love.

Q’orianka was fitted with a harness across her pelvis and in the center of the harness was a dildo. The chain connecting her ankle restraints was unhooked so she could mount Drew and she did so as her Mistresses looked on, delighted. It was hard to find a comfortable position with the dildo in place, but Q’orianka didn’t make any complaints. She was sure it wasn’t exactly comfortable for Drew either.

The combined weight of Q’orianka and the saddle was going to be challenging for Drew to carry, she knew, but after all of the practice hauling the buggy around their Mistresses’ ranch, she was confident she would be able to do it. Slowly she began to crawl as Q’orianka nudged her forward. Anne and Emily had both decided against reins and the harness as they wanted their ponygirls’ mouths free.

Q’orianka grabbed a handful of Drew’s hair, using it to guide the girl forward. When they reached the performance area, they crowd began cheering. The sight of one hot girl riding another was incredibly erotic. Drew’s movements were limited by her wrist and ankle bondage, but also by the Indian girl sitting on her back.

Anne and Emily appeared behind the ponygirls, eager to watch the girls in action.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she announced, her voice carrying to all of the eager audience members. “You’re about to see something you’ve never seen before. You’ve seen some kinky things tonight, but have you ever seen a ponygirl ride a ponygirl?”

This caused a huge commotion through the crowd, waves of interest and excitement. Drew stopped as she had been taught, holding still so that Q’orianka could climb off. Q’orianka climbed behind Drew and stood there, aware of all the people watching her.

Drew leaned down, thrusting her ass into the air to give Q’orianka better access to her pussy. Q’orianka reluctantly slid the head of the dildo against Drew’s cunt and to her surprise, it slipped inside her. Her pussy was soaking and needed no encouragement to allow the dildo inside of her.

Drew gasped when the full length of the dildo filled her. Q’orianka began to slowly work it in and out, fucking her as she knelt down in front of an audience. When the length of the shaft was inside of her, Drew crawled slowly forward and Q’orianka stayed right with her. She spanked Drew’s ass with her outstretched palm and managed to stay inside of her.

“Fuck me,” Drew hissed under her breath. The Mistresses insisted that she stayed ungagged so that they could use her mouth as they wished and Drew didn’t want her words to travel, but she was lost in a frenzy of sensations. Her whole body ached from the show, but it also left her wet and needing release and having her fellow ponygirl ride her and fuck her was just what she needed to push her over the edge.

Q’orianka thrust her hips, moving the dildo in and out of Drew’s wet cunt. As she thrust, she got lost in what she was doing, got lost in the actions and especially in Drew’s reactions and she forgot the audience. The ponygirls were lost in one another and they were performing but this performance was for them. They had been bound and tormented and humiliated and they knew that there were people watching but suddenly none of that mattered at all.

Anne and Emily watched their ponygirls and watched the audience’s reaction. Seeing Q’orianka ride her fellow ponygirl was extremely arousing and their excitement grew as they watched Q’orianka slam the dildo into Drew again and again. At home, the ponygirls’ orgasms were well contained and belatedly, it occurred to the Mistresses that one of their ponies might cum without permission.

Drew felt the dildo slide in and out. She crawled a bit more, so that Q’orianka’s movements against her simulated riding her. She felt as though her whole body was on fire and only Q’orianka could douse that fire. She arched her back, pushing back against the dildo. She was only faintly aware of the whistling and cheering from the audience; they seemed far away as she got lost in the feelings, in the cock inside of her, in Q’orianka’s body pressed against hers.

Q’orianka stayed with Drew, keeping up the pace of the thrusting. The rhythm of the dildo going in and out was mesmerizing. She quickened the thrusting, hearing the groans and grunts coming from Drew.

Drew could feel it drawing close, could feel the orgasm being teased from her and it was no longer something she wanted – it was something she needed. Her whole body went rigid as the orgasm ripped through her. It was intense and at the climax, she let out a loud sound.

It was a whinny.

The crowd went crazy then, erupting into applause. A pony sound had never been so erotic. Drew slumped over, her body spent from the day and from the intensity of the sensations. Q’orianka fell beside her.

Anne and Emily had planned a more grand finale, complete with the ponygirls satisfying their Mistresses publicly, but honestly, they could not have planned a more perfect ending to their first show. It was perfect – and it was spontaneous.

And it was really fucking hot.

Anne and Emily retrieved their naked ponygirls from the performance area. There would be other chances for them to lick and suck their Mistresses and they knew that in other shows, they would definitely make their ponygirls lick them in front of the audience, punishing them for failure.

~ ~ ~

And so it went as they traveled from town to town, setting up the carnival and drawing in huge audiences. Their kinky traveling show had excellent word of mouth and Anne and Emily were excited to be selling ticket after ticket throughout the west. Seeing bound and used ponygirls was an attraction that the audiences couldn’t get enough of. Anne and Emily made small changes, improvisations as it suited the show.

By night, the ponygirls were bound heavily and Anne got the idea to bind them to one another. Their wrists were tied and ankles tied so that their naked bodies were pressed face to face. Any struggling that they did was awkward, trying to move, but they ended up rubbing against one another, smooth skin against smooth skin, trapped in their bonds and trapped as ponygirls each night in the makeshift bed they shared.

They were trapped during the ponygirl show that they performed day after day, humiliated for the satisfaction of huge crowds. They wore their leather restraints and fancy harnesses, painful boots and ropes and clamps as their Mistresses wished. Mistress Emily was fond of the little touches, such as weaving beads into their “manes” and making sure that the restraints were even, that the harnesses were perfectly symmetrical. Together the Mistresses made a good team.

~ ~ ~

Q’orianka felt a shiver run through her, her throat dry and her fear obvious. The rope rested at her neck as she stood on the platform. She felt utterly helpless, more helpless than she had ever felt in her entire life. This was going to be it, going to be the absolute end of her and she felt tears well up in her eyes.

Her hands were bound behind her with the thick, white rope that Anne favored and the familiar bit gag filled her mouth. She could hear the gasps of the audience as she stood before them, naked and bound, a noose around her neck. She was terrified, and her pain and fear radiated from them.

Anne stood out before her, giving an impassioned pitch. “You don’t steal from me, pony. No one does. You get to pay me back – with your life.” Anne said the final words with a flourish and with “your life,” the floor of the platform fell out from under her. Q’orianka panicked, her body jerking as she fell.

There were screams from the audience, outrage and confusion as they had just witnessed a hanging.

Or had they?

Emily worked at the noose, removing it from Q’orianka’s slender neck before removing the harness that had taken the weight of her descent. Q’orianka breathed in deeply, her sobs choking her as she placed her head on Emily’s shoulder. Emily’s own heart was racing; she had been so afraid that something would go wrong, that their most incredible stunt would wind up being a disaster.

Emily put her arms around her slave girl, actually feeling a bit of pity for the fear that the girl had been feeling. But she also felt a rush of adrenaline surge through her body and suddenly she couldn’t wait until the day was over and she and Anne could have their ponygirls to themselves. Q’orianka was absolutely stunning, her dark hair falling into her face, tears staining her cheeks.

Gradually the audience realized that Q’orianka was indeed unharmed as Emily and Anne paraded both ponygirls back onto the platform. Drew had ached for the woman she saw as a sister, knowing how terrified she had been but she also felt another, conflicting feeling that seemed to occur more and more. She was aroused, bare pussy wet at the thought of Q’orianka being tortured.

When Q’orianka was untied, released from the noose, she and Drew were led out in front of their Mistresses and Anne pressed her cunt into Q’orianka’s face and Emily pushed the kneeling Drew’s face into her cunt.

“Lick me,” Anne demanded and Q’orianka did. She felt an odd sense of gratitude, though it didn’t make sense even to her. She felt as though her Mistress have saved her twice from hanging and she thrust her tongue into Anne’s moist slit, feeling the juices from her Mistress’s pussy collect on her face.

With her hands tied behind her, Q’orianka was not able to touch or rub her Mistress; like Drew, she had to use only her mouth. She nibbled at Anne’s inner thighs and licked her clit as she heard her Mistress Emily erupt into orgasm.

Drew leaned back after Mistress Emily came and she watched Q’orianka work her magical tongue on Mistress Anne. She had been so aroused by her ponygirl sister’s suffering; it was quite unlike any feeling she had ever had.

Anne felt the orgasm build and she came hard into Q’orianka’s open mouth. She liked seeing her juices cover the face of her ponygirl. She shuddered with pleasure and the audience exploded. It was a fantastic finale of a fantastic show.

Drew decided then to talk to Mistress Anne to see if she could help prepare Q’orianka for hangings in other shows. Though they had become ponygirls together, there was something about Q’orianka that made Drew want to hurt her, just as Anne and Emily enjoyed tormenting the two of them.

The hanging part of the act caught on and suddenly their shows were even more popular than before as word spread that Calamity Pain’s show was a must-see. Anne did take a perverse pleasure in seeing Q’orianka hang in show after show, especially knowing how much the girl was afraid of anything around her neck. Anne did allow Drew to tie up Q’orianka before one such hanging, though Anne did the safety harness herself, wanting to ensure that her ponygirl would be safe to torture again and again.

And tortured again and again she was. Q’orianka and Drew were both tortured little ponygirls, used and abused for the amusement of the audience – and of their Mistresses. Mistress Anne and Mistress Emily were very strict with them and every show seemed to have a small, painful little twist that would cause them torment in new ways. Their Mistresses were good at making sure that they were well tortured.

~ ~ ~

The carnival schedule was brutal and though they loved the money that came in, Anne and Emily were both exhausted from their life on the road. Moving from town to town was wonderful and freeing, but after years of traveling, they were both eager to get home and they made the difficult decision to end the carnival.

They also knew that the schedule was brutal for their ponygirls and though they both enjoyed the girls’ suffering, neither wanted to inflict any permanent damage on their ponies. They were simply performing too many shows and it was exhausting all of them.

“Our ponies?” Emily had asked, her head resting on Anne’s shoulder as they lay next to one another. She had grown fond of their ponygirls and couldn’t imagine not having them – carnival or not.

“They stay with us, of course,” Anne replied, her hand absently tracing a pattern on Emily’s flat stomach. The touch of Emily’s flesh was an aphrodisiac to Anne, a familiar warmth that never failed to arouse her. Warm flesh, so inviting and smooth and Anne knew that it was all hers.

In response, Emily kissed Anne. Tomorrow they would make the announcements to the crew; tonight was all about the two of them getting lost in each other. Drew and Q’orianka were safely “stored” away for the night, their tight bondage ensuring that they wouldn’t be going anywhere so the Mistresses had no worries, had nothing to be concerned about. They could be together. Emily slid between Anne’s thighs, finding the place where she felt most comfortable and happy.

Morning came too soon and Anne and Emily assembled everyone in her crew and they sat down for breakfast. There was no easy way to break the news, but Anne did it the best way she knew how. Drew and Q’orianka were kneeling in the corner, eating from their traveling trough.

Though it was known that the ponygirls were owned by Anne and Emily, the crew had adopted them as well, feeding them table scraps out of their outstretched hands and taking them out for afternoon runs during their days off.

“I just want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication,” Anne said, starting out into the faces of all of her loyal employees. “You’ve been like family to me.” Anne felt tears prick her eyes; she wasn’t given to emotional episodes, but for so long she had been with the carnival.

Beginning a new phase of her life was difficult, but it was something she needed to do. It was time for her to dedicate her life to the ranch. To Emily. To endlessly tormenting their ponygirls. She missed the ranch, the stables. Though it had been wonderful being able to share her ponies with an audience, she was looking forward to having more privacy and to being able to train her ponies in new ways.

Anne and Emily made their rounds, hugging and kissing and Emily’s tears flowed freely. She had come to think of the carnival as family as well and it was hard for her to say goodbye. Some of the crew were coming back to the ranch to work, but most were headed out on their own.

The day was emotional for Drew and Q’orianka as well. They had gotten used to performing in front of people, of publicly pleasing their mistresses. It had never been easy, exactly, but they did it. They were ponygirls, slaves to their Mistresses’ pleasure and helpless to do anything but what they were told.

It was overwhelming, not knowing what the future would hold. They couldn’t help but think back on that first performance so long ago, on the nervous feelings they had experienced. How they had been terrified, but had gotten through that first performance and then the next and next and next.

Drew and Q’orianka rode astride the horses with their mistresses, tied tightly to keep them secured to the horses. Anne decided it would be much faster than having the ponygirls walk. She also adored keeping the ponygirls in some sort of bondage all the time and that would continue.

Emily and Anne were both anxious to get home, were already daydreaming about getting to the ranch. They wanted to let their slaves stretch their legs and sleep in the stables. The ponygirls had grown accustomed to being bound together at night and Anne and Emily decided that they would keep the ponies together.

Anne and Emily rode along in silence. Even if they had not been gagged, Drew and Q’orianka were not liable to say the thoughts that both were thinking. At first it had been so strange, being with the carnival, and then it became strange to think of being without it. More than anything, though, the ponygirls were also thinking about the ranch.

The ponygirls were both thinking of running wild at the place they knew as home, of reined and running, and then back to the security of their stables. They had their Mistresses and each other and tight, secure bondage. They would always be safe and warm. Used and useful, running free but always chained.