This Side Up

by Peter Loaf
inspired by the art of EmmaS

- do not use without the author's and artist's permissions.

Ship in the harbor, tooting its horn
Ponygirl driven, naked and shorn
       Longshoremen joking
       Her cooze strap soaking
Ponygirl passion, ponygirl born

The crate upended, lifted from hold
Captain collecting, payment in gold
       The crate protesting
       On side it’s resting
Pony cart loaded, ponygirl pulled

The load so heavy, the hill so steep
Her hoof boots clopping, the hilltop keep
       The cracker popping
       Her mistress topping
Ponygirl harnessed, impaled deep

Cargo delivered, ponies in crate
The dray horse panting, she’s in a state
       Her passion showing
       Her sisters towing
Ponygirl castle, ponygirl fate

Newbies unpacking, blinking confused
Unbroken ponies, so roughly used
       Hooded and hobbled
       Ponygirls nobbled
Fresh girls for training, given the news

Protests and pleading, gag garbled scream
The ponies’ first lesson, the flogging beam
       Hung up for whipping
       Sanity slipping
Breaking their spirits, pussy lips cream

Ponygirl passion, the stock in trade
The girls are learning, to be afraid
       Under the lashin’
Slave girls for selling, so freshly made