The Kneeler

by Peter Loaf
inspired by the art of Stig

- do not use without the author's permission.

Naked and waiting, open and spread
Nipple bells clanking, my spinning head
Pussy lips dripping, my stomach lead
Training his pony, better than bed

Masterís contraption, two wooden rail
Holding controlling, presenting tail
Shackled behind me, ready to nail
His fingers finding, juicy female

Leather whip flexing, standing behind
Leather whip whooshing, out of my mind
Bottom bright shining, girl in a bind
Welted butt burning, subbie space find

The cow bells clanking, jerking reflex
Striped bottom crimson, feelings complex
Pain pleasure mixing, needing whatís next
Subbie space tripping, the super sex

Bottom bright burning, horny and hot
Pussy lips swelling, bubbling pot
Gripping my nipples, the tightest spot
Pussy juice splatter, shot after shot

Subbie space floating, pain/pleasure land
Pony girl training, taken in hand
High wide and handsome, Masterís demand
Pony girl playing, strike up the band

Sound of a zipper, oh answered prayer
Hot wet and tripping, needing him there
Pussy stretch gulping, butt in the air
Master comes filling, in season mare

Welted butt spanking, driving higher
Pussy lips gripping, milking sire
Master me Master, my desire
Clanking and yanking, lusty pyre

Nipple bells dancing, the kneelerís pose
Grunting and coming, up on his toes
Serving my Master, pony girl knows
Humping and happy, his seed it flows