Slippery Slut

by Peter Loaf
inspired by the art of Tarsis

- do not use without the author's permission.

Hoof boots and harness,
   chewing her bit
The treadmill running,
   she cannot quit
Captive adaptive,
   a captured Brit
Nazi storm troopers,
   Gunter and Schmitt
Gestapo dungeon,
   clipity clop
Harnessed behind her,
   helpless to stop
Her bottom burning,
   bottom to top
Pony girl training,
   the riding crop
Subbie space shelter,
   port in the storm
Pussy lips dripping,
   her female form
Needing and pleading,
   beg to inform
The session ended,
   back to the dorm
Master race Masters,
   taking their turns
Pony well serviced,
   her bottom burns
Double teamed dobbin,
   her spying earns
Fucked to a frazzle,
   her secret yearns
Storm Trooper tactics,
   no if or but
Put to the question,
   spilling her gut
Her info crucial,
   from soup to nut
Miss-informed Nazis,
   slippery slut