by Peter Loaf
inspired by the art of Secondshot

- do not use without the author's and artist's permissions.

Berber tribe raiders, riding swift steed
Caravans preying, feeding their need
       The party royal
       The guards disloyal
Princess in peril, from al Rashid

Princess Fatima, caravan track
Her camel limping, and falling back
       Oasis racing
       The raiders chasing
Kidnapped for ransom, loot in a sack

New husband waiting, marriage arranged
The tribes combining, bedfellows strange
       Desert deserted
       Captor perverted
Bride price demanded, as fair exchange

Al Rashid brigand, prince of the sands
His maiden captive, binding her hands
       His saddle cinching
       Her fate heís clinching
Running beside him, ransom demands

The Princess naked, the burning heat
Her captor riding, her bleeding feet
       Pony girl training
       Tugging and straining
Waiting for ransom, complete defeat

The nights in terror, her captorís tent
Hogtied and helpless, pony girl spent
       Maidenhead keeping
       Her troubled sleeping
Fantasies filling, the maiden bent

The gold forthcoming, but not the bride
Her needs fulfilling, her broken pride
       Maidenhead riven
       Maidenhead given
Al Rashid master, taken for ride