Passionate Pony

by Peter Loaf
inspired by the art of Tarsis
as colorized by Paul Moore.

- do not use without the author's and artist's permissions.

Pony girl training,
       high stepping mare
To bit she’s broken,
       shown at the fair
Sweaty flanks glisten,
       her golden hair
The cooze strap rubbing,
       high nippled pair

The bidders watching,
       eyes burning bright
The cooze strap cutting,
       up out of sight
Her tail well planted,
       so big and tight
Her anus stretching,
       she cannot fight

Mind numbing circles,
       lifting her knees
Her Master cracking,
       she’d better please
The bit keeps pulling,
       her silent pleas
Orgasm threatens,
       whole body sneeze

Snappy crack popping,
       close to her rump
The dildo demented,
       broken to stump
Passion comes flooding,
       starting to hump
The cracker welting,
       making her jump

Passionate pony,
       coming around
Pussy juice dripping,
       passion new found
Orgasm’s power,
       a keening sound
The bidding begins,
       the dirty hound