by Peter Loaf
inspired by the art of Badia

- do not use without the author's permission.

The pirates boarding, the Jenny B
Sleeping at anchor, sheltering lee
Her hubby murdered, thrown to the sea
Honeymoon ended, cabin girl be

Pirates drug running, half of them drunk
Sailorís tight roping, tied to her bunk
Ring gagged and clamping, the dirty skunk
Cabin girl training, a well hung hunk

Pony girl market, Montego Bay
The next load buying, cabin girl pay
Serving her captors, lay after lay
Hogtied and helpless, their naked prey

Cabin girl lessons, helpless and hot
Spread eagled hostage, tied to her cot
The pirates horny, the captiveís lot
The rope work slipping, taking her shot

An island passing, jump overboard
Cabin girl bolting, swimming for shore
The pirates missing, their cabin whore
The dingy manning, bending an oar

Mermaid recaptured, dragged back to boat
Half drowned exhausted, callous cut-throat
The captain waiting, the grinning goat
Wooden stocks locking, escape remote

Jamaica fetching, dark of the moon
Drug running pirates, selling their poon
Taken to market, well muscled coon
Boatload of ganja, calling the tune

Pony girl training, helpless and hung
Hoof-boots and collar, her shoulders sprung
Phallus humungous, pony high strung
Breeding sheís needing, orgasms wrung

Pony girl market, buyers beware
The bidding lively, her golden hair
New life beginning, the harnessed mare
Packed for a journey, a prize so rare

African castle, the golden coast
New Master breaking, give up the ghost
Slave girl converting, the fucking post
Her bottom burning, her rump to roast

Passion pain pleasure, the deadly mix
Spread eagle bondage, taking her licks
Finger lick tickles, his knowing tricks
Former life over, the river Styx

Half aware hostage, Witch Hazel rub
Her body burning, that fucking stub
Locked in a dungeon, after a tub
Sleeping so soundly, his newest sub

Her Master horny, a pussy hound
The cell door opens, coming around
Jenny the pony, starting at sound
Pussy lips pinking, passion new found

Pony girl training, in season mare
Masterís desire, bringing a chair
Blow-job demanded, gripping her hair
Subbie slave broken, her Masterís lair

Gargle choke swallow, body a bruise
Pleasing her owner, nothing to lose
Twirling tongue skilful, tasting his ooze
Keeping him happy, her only choose

Pony girl training, out in the sun
Her Master naked, hat and his gun
High stepping beauty, tail up her bum
Hoof boots and harness, learning to run

The cooze strap rubbing, clitty inflamed
The whip is popping, his pony tamed
Nipple bells tinkle, his pony claimed
Watching men joking, a pony shamed

High stepping pony, jingle bell trot
Clitty so swollen, pony so hot
Passion prize chasing, taking her shot
Stump breaking needed, pony girlís lot

Jenny the captive, chained in the hay
Her Master absent, the rats will play
The guards come calling, Master betray
Well broken pony, mighty fine lay

After her banging, trying to sleep
Master returning, his castle keep
Pussy lips swollen, the semen seep
Her Master guessing, logical leap

His pony sullied, murderous rage
The guards accusing, not very sage
Picked for their muscles, throwing the gage
Masterís disaster, dead in his cage

Taken to Lesbos, sold to a dyke
Pony girl pulling, whistling strike
Old Master missing, new Mistress Spike
Fat assed and brutal, the up hill hike

Split pussy pulling, cutting below
Helpless and horny, starting to blow
Arm bound and hurting, the load in tow
Mistress Spike lashing, on with the show

Stump breaking breather, top of the grade
Pussy lick lessons, lesbian made
Screaming in passion, her trump card played
The cops arresting, a morals raid

Taken to station, sub level B
The copís corruption, gag garbled plea
Fixed to the rape rack, oh my oh me
Fuggered and buggered, big as a tree

Jenny the pony, serving the cops
Flogging hot dogging, it never stops
Mistress spike serving, her share of tops
Fat ass for fucking, brown eyed Cyclops

Serving her sentence, sent home in shame
Pony girl passion, pony girl tame
Pony girl hunger, pony girl claim
New Master searching, feeding her flame