General Orders

by Peter Loaf
inspired by the art of Thorn

- do not use without the author's and artist's permissions.

Master’s desires, I have no say
Master requires, brooks no delay
Collared and harnessed, I’m taken to play
Hobbled and naked, I’m here to stay

Captured young pilot, enemy land
Sent to the General, “Special remand”
Missing in action, well built and tanned
Out to the stable, a session planned

Bound in tight leather, arms up behind
Helpless and hobbled, out of my mind
Gagged with a rowel, head in a bind
Escape and evade? A joke unkind

Suspension cable, fixed overhead
Kicking and squealing, fantasies fed
Mounted vibrator, my pussy red
Slowly I’m lowered, pussy lips spread

Tickle my clitty, suckle my nip
Vibrating buster, stretching my lip
Helpless and frightened, lower I slip
Ankle chain hooking, ready to rip

Left for an hour, try holding still
Hanging and hurting, the general’s will
Carefully watching, filling his bill
Hard swollen organ, little blue pill

A pack of needles, sterile and long
Wide eyed I’m watching, so very wrong
Pinching my clitty, fingers so strong
Stabbing pain flashing, to Him belong

Pin in my clitty, pins in my nips
Passion comes crashing, wiggle my hips
Pain/pleasure/passion, subbie space trips
Slave/sluty pilot, coming to grips

Short of orgasm, but only just
Tickle touch fondle, smelling his must
Quivering lusty, I cannot trust
Only desire, his meaty thrust

Dildo removing, stretched over cock
Hanging quite helpless, deeply in hock
Powerfully driving, hard as a rock
Orgasm storming, I cannot block

A beast of burden, the cutting strings
His captive driving, to aid he sings
“Hoofboots and helpless, The Sport of Kings”
The tail detail, his cane it stings

Fucked to a frazzle, helpless and hot
Stump broken filly, his filthy plot
The bodyguards follow, girl on the spot
A distant thunder, by breezes brought

The dawn comes cloudy, back in my stall
A pony broken, under a pall
Hardbound and hurting, footsteps in hall
“The night for resting, the day to ball”

Arms in the harness, shackles and chain
Herded and hassled, His stinging cane
Driven like cattle, numbing my brain
Taken to quarters, my spreading stain

Taken to bedroom, still in my rig
Heat seeking missile, hitting my Mig
Un-strapping shackles, not since the brig
Mounting His mattress, His cock so big

Helpless and naked, arms in a bind
Pussy lips swollen, treatment unkind
Kissing me hungry, over the line
Bottom bright burning, passion I find

Riding His Johnson, gripping Him tight
Caning my nipples, a Master’s right
Silently begging, burning so bright
Needing his semen, creamy and white