Womentaur Weekend

by Multimaree
- do not use without the author's permission.

"There it is," said Angela, reading the weather-beaten sign that said "Equestrian Center". Betty nodded, and steered her car into the driveway behind the open gate.

Angela and Betty, in the front seat of the compact car, and Carole & Danielle in the backseat, had been the best of friends since college.

All four were very attractive, sharing one main physical characteristic: all were tall and very busty, with chests either D or DD cup breasts. In school, they often borrowed each other's clothes freely, especially in their junior and senior years when they shared an apartment.

# Angela was a long-haired brunette,

# Betty a blonde who wore her hair in a shag,

# Carole a redhead who wore her hair in a shoulder-lenth bob,

# and Danielle had beautiful jet-black hair which she wore in a boy-cut.

All four girls also shared an intense interest in bondage. Though none had ever indulged, they enjoyed reading bondage-related literature, and surfed bondage-oriented websites.

Now, they had decided to act jointly on their curiosity, by responding to an ad that Danielle had seen on a website. The ad promised a "unique bondage experience, ideal for friends or couples". After doing some checking to make sure those who were offering the experience were reputable and would not harm them, they decided to give it a try.

The girls had been told that the only thing they needed to bring with them except for the clothes they wore would be knee-length high-heel leather boots, either dark brown or black, of a specific make, and sold at a particular website. When they arrived, the girls tried them on, and noticed that they were very comfortable, especially for having a 4-inch heel.

They got out of the car, their new boots crunching on the gravel as they walked to the door that marked the entrance to the equestrian center, which was located on what looked like a farm.

"Hello, welcome to Madison Farms, how may I help you?", asked a smiling, attractive older woman who had silver hair on her head. She was dressed in tight jeans, a flannel shirt that hugged her expansive chest and emphasized her womanly curves. Flat-heeled knee-length riding boots completed her ensemble.

"Hi, we were told to give this to you," said Carole, handing the woman the print-out of a mail message. As they had been instructed, they were not to say anthing else to anyone they encountered at the farm until they were told they could speak.

The woman's smile melted away into an all-business-like frown, and she nodded to the girls. "Follow me," she said simply, leading the four girls through a door in the back of the reception area.

At the end of a narrow, flourescent-lit corridor, the woman pointed to Angela and Betty, and steered them to one room. After closing the door behind them, the woman walked a little further, and directed Carole and Danielle into another room, closing the door behind them as they entered.


Once the door closed, Angela and Betty quietly moved to a waist-high table in the middle of the room. They had been instructed earlier not to speak to each other once their "experience" began unless directed to.

On the table, which looked like a massage table, only with one end slanted upwards with a rounded opening, the girls found printed instructions.

They were to remove all their clothes, storing them in one of the lockers on the wall. They were to keep their boots on, then told to put on the black silk blindfolds that were also on the table. Then, they were to wait.

They didn't have to wait long, as several people entered the room, two taking Angela, and the other two taking Betty.

The first two helped Angela into a specially modified leather bustierre, which was loose in the back with a number of snaps and laces attached.

Meanwhile, Betty was also helped into a pair of leather-shorts, these ones snug on her hips, She was also placed in a more conventional leather bustierre that matched the one that Angela wore, but without the snaps and laces on the back. The bustierre was rather stiff, and appeared to have been reinforced with additional layers of leather.

Betty was then guided to the slanted table, and urged to lay on her back on the table, her head resting in the rounded opening, elevated above her hips which were now closer to the floor. Her head was placed in what appeared to be an old-style leather football helmet, only this one had several leather straps ending in metal snap fasteners. Then one of the people urged her jaws to open, and a rubbery oval used by dentists to help their patients keep their mouths open during dental surgury was slid into Betty's mouth just behind her lips, propping open her mouth in a wide "O".

Then, Angela was urged to walk backward slowly toward the head of the slanted table where her friend lay on her back. She continued moving backward until her crotch was positioned directly over Betty's head! One of the attendants moved Angela around until they saw that Angela's pussy was directly over Betty's propped-open mouth! Then, the other attendant began to pull the straps from Betty's helmet, and snapped the fasteners to their companions on Angela's leather bustier, attaching Betty's head to Angela's crotch!!

Inside her helmet, Betty heard a voice, probably that of the woman at the front desk, whispering softly, telling her simply "lick". She extended her tongue from her open mouth upward, until it reached Angela's labia. She kept licking until she found what she thought was Angela's clit, and began vigorously licking. Angela began to swoon, and moaned as her friend stimulated her nether regions until the voice in their helmets said simply "stop."

The attendants then took Betty's arms, and maneuvered them into specially made tunnels lined in a sliky fabric in the sides of Angela's bustierre. They kept at it until Betty's hands ended up in the bottom half of the breast cups of the bustierre. Her hands were adjusted until the fingers were spread out, and Betty's hands were caressing the bottom of Angela's large breasts. The attendants then tightened the laces on the back of the bustierre, effectively sealing Betty's arms in an upside down embrace!

Then the attendants took Angela's arms, and placed special opera-length leather gloves on her. The fingers of the gloves had strips of velcro glued on the palms leading up to the fingertips. They then guided Angela's hands to some handles on the side of Betty's bustierre, and the voice in the helmet told her to "grab". In doing so, Angela's hands were fastened to Betty's bustierre by the velcro, and in such a way that she was not going to be free without help! The angle of the handles was such that Angela was actually supporting some of Betty's upper torso with her backward-reaching hands! Between Angela's arms, just below the small of her back Betty's large DD cup breasts lay naked, pointing to the ceiling, rising and falling as she breathed, her large prominent nipples now pointing upward!

A similar leather helmet was now placed on Angela's head, with her long brunette hair pulled through a hole in the top of the back of the helmet. The helmet had blinders that would keep her gaze focused forward, and speakers that would allow her to hear what Betty also heard. The other attendant took what appeared to be a dildo with a matching plume of brunette hair to between Betty's still spread-out legs. Opening a small flap in the crotch of Betty's leather shorts, the attendant gently inserted the dildo which had been smeared in lubricant, working it until it found her pussy, and then it slid in easily, eliciting a muffled moan from between Angela's legs. Then the two attendants took some belts that were hanging from the slanted table, and fastened Betty to the table, also effectively imobilizing Angela, who was now, for the forseeable future, attached to Betty! The attendants then left the room.

----------------- {more to come, story to be continued }