by Mr. Bushida
- do not use without the author's permission.

[Notes added by Lisa's Overseer, John]

“A Weekday Home Visit”

"Dearest Diary, this was my first week at home after a harrowing first weekend at J-Ranch. I think I learned a lot, and my sweet hubby Gary seems pleased with me so far.

Before I left to go home Sunday, John arranged with Gary to come to our house on Thursday to begin my 'prep' for the coming weekend. I guess I was becoming a better wife, but I was a long way from being a competent pony mare.

As you know, I am not allowed any food from Thursday until I return home Sunday night. While I understand that this is necessary to keep me clean, it surely makes me weak by Saturday when my most challenging physical work must be done on the pony track. To keep me going, I am injected with vitamins and stimulants - but Gary prefers not to have to deal with the mundane work to keep me at my best. So thank God, John has agreed to do it all for him, including a visit all the way out to our house once a week. Without that, I would be either 1) not eligible for pony mare training at all, or 2) have to live 24/7 at The Ranch, which would not make Gary happy in the least. So once again, My Overseer - my Mr. Agony John - has taken time out of his work with the more athletic ladies he is also responsible for, to help me overcome my awkward shortcomings! Friendship still counts for something in this crazy world. God bless him!

So Thursday, John arrived with his little black 'doctors' bag. Gary and I were going about our usual domestic routines, he reading the paper at the kitchen table and I was washing up the dishes. I was dressed like a normal housewife as usual during the week. It was a very homey atmosphere as it always used to be in the old days before I was given this opportunity for self-improvement.

Gary hardly looked up as John headed over to me. My heart was thumping, I can tell you! 'I'm going to get started if it's okay with you Gary.' He began, 'I've got a lot to do today at the ranch.' My hubby nodded and headed outside to mow the lawn as John bent me over without even saying hello - right there at the sink. He whisked my skirt up and my panties down. He was sure determined to do his work without much chitchat. I'm an older lady, as you know Diary, and still find this willy-nilly disregard for my dignity difficult. I really wonder how the younger women deal with it at all!

He simply rammed his thumb into my bottom and his next finger into my slit, and as the girls call it, carried me like a bowling ball into the bedroom! 'Carried' is not exactly the word, as I had to motor very awkwardly on my own two legs. As painful and humiliating as this sounds, one can't argue that it gets a girl to where she's supposed to be without much fuss!

He placed me up on the bed like that on my hands and knees and took a two-foot long black leather strap from his bag and whipped me hard. It must be hard an old friend of the family to have to do this work. I hadn't been whipped in four days, Diary, and it reminded me how it can change a ladies attitude. Mr. Agony is not considered an expert in 'mature mare attitude correction' for nothing. I got a good 75 strokes, his very best strokes, and then he got out the injection needles.

I was sure he had an erection by now, and I felt guilty that I couldn't relieve him after all he was doing for me. Diary, mind you this is a family friend who has his own slave mare at the ranch he could be training today. It took me a while, but I fully understand that it is a natural fact of biology that the act of disciplining a lady stimulates a man's penis - and is not intentional or unfeeling.

Still in that knee-chest pose, he gave me two shots - one just above my anus and one just below. He finished me by putting a pretty big plug in my rear end, and ran his finger very gentle over my pussy lips. It made me quiver. It was nice of him.

He let me up to walk under my own power back to the kitchen. The injections made me feel a bit more energetic even though my back ached, as one would expect. He sat me sideways on a kitchen chair, which pushed the plug in even deeper. I could hear Gary finishing up in the yard.

John took my glasses off and put them on the table. 'Let's pink that face of yours up some before I go, Lisa' was all the instruction I needed to stick my face out toward him as far as I could. I squeezed my eyes shut as the first of a dozen very hard slaps came my way. It's oddly comforting, Diary, that Mr. Agony doesn't go easy on me just because we're old friends.

Gary came back in when my 'facing' was done - I think he could hear it outside and waited. As much as he knows I need to be trained, he never raises a hand to me himself.

'She's been a good girl as usual, Gary.' He complemented me as he rubbed some slapping oil over my reddened face. 'Her back will ache for a few hours and you can put some salve on if you like, but she'll survive either way. I installed a butt plug, which shouldn't need to come out until the weekend.' Gary stood behind me and rubbed my neck so gently and lovingly. That whipping made me ultra sensitive to his touch and I could feel that he also had an erection as he pressed himself against my back. With oil still dripping off my nose and chin, John packed up his stuff and headed to the door.

'Enjoy her, Gary. Her pussy is moist and she should be really tight with that plug in her. I'll see you Saturday morning. Get her some rest today and tomorrow - I plan a very vigorous weekend for her if we have any hope of making a respectable mare of her before the first real sulky competitions.' And with that, he was off for the forty-five minute drive back to the ranch to get back to much more deserving ladies than myself. I only hope that he can help me become respectable someday as a pony mare as he has done for so many other mature ladies.

Not unexpectedly, Gary, having sat down on kitchen chair, had me sit on his manly erection and gave me a very energetic poking in my pussy right there in the kitchen. It helps me when he shows his affection, especially when I'm facing a weekend when erections and probes will only end up in my face or my bottom. These expressions that Gary still loves this old lady are what I live for and I have my Overseer John to thank for it. Luv, Me."

SATURDAY: "Diary, well, I was back 'in harness' so to speak at The Ranch bright and early Saturday morning. It had been a wonderful first week at home with my Gary, and Thursday's visit from John got me back in gear for how different my weekends were to be. The young Japanese men groomed me as usual. I don't know if I can ever get used to being cleaned and polished so intimately by strangers, but I'd better adjust! When I was squeaky clean and with the larger silver rings in my nipples and nose and standing naked (Diary: from now on when I say naked, I will mean with high heel shoes on!) John came over to my stall with a nice clean cut young man - I would guess maybe 20 years old. He was a white guy with bright red hair, about 5' 3" and quite skinny - 'scrawny' may describe him better.

John began, 'Lisa, meet Joseph. He will be your jockey when you are raced, and will also do the bulk of your training. He is new here - from another ranch - and very experienced, though with younger mares. He will take it from here. I don't need to remind you to be on your best behavior.' And he left, just like that!

Joseph had a very wicked smile as he opened my gate and approached me. He smiled all the time - very unnerving - and stuck his finger in my nose ring and pulled me up on to my tiptoes. 'Ma'am, you and I will get along just fine. I have a job to do on you and I will do what I have to, to make you a presentable pony bitch. You're old enough to be my grandma, but don't let that give you any ideas that I'm an easy touch. I'm not a big guy, but I've got a strong whip and a big cock? Wanna see my cock NOW Lisa?

It's hard already! Wanna?'

Well, what was I supposed to do? So I mumbled something like 'Yes sir, I would like to see your big cock' as I had been taught to reply to things in full sentences. He let go of my nose, slapped my face just once very hard, and shoved me to my knees on that rough straw floor. He yanked out his youthful erection and rubbed my face with it. He was big, but fortunately, I'd seen bigger ones. He put his thing back in his pants without further ado and began getting me ready for the sulky. He was a real pro, though I have limited experience in such things thank God. He moved me around like some farm animal, and before I knew it I was bent over, a ponytail in my bum, attached to the sulky arms by a waist bands and the reins attached to my nipple rings.

Diary, I could now see why, though diabolical and callous it may be, being steered, so to speak, by the nipples sure does the job. It is especially awful with these big breasts of mine, which end up being tugged way to my sides before the nipple rings can feel the tug of direction I must go. (I think however that anything would be better than the nose shaft reins I saw Judy having to wear!) So this young man Joseph would be doing the most intimate things to me and I'd just better get used to it. To tell you the truth, I didn't like him from the start. He reminded me of the nasty young men - wise guys - who always got in trouble when I was a teacher many years ago. I guess the younger my tormentor is the more mortifying it feels.

But by early Saturday morning I was out in the middle of the outdoor racetrack being trained. He had me hobbled with a chain between my ankles that limited my stride and a whole bunch of heavy cinder blocks in the sulky. He stood beside me with his riding crop and used it liberally to move me faster. The reins were laid over my back and tied to the sulky ring along with the belly strap so that my breasts were pulled to my sides. Luckily, the pain in my nipples was not so noticeable when he whacked my backside with that crop. Maybe the worst part was that awful lecherous grin on his young face. But he knew his craft and got more out of me than I figured was in me. Those blocks were much heavier than a driver (or jockey) would be and the grass of the infield made going very tough. But I pulled that thing it must have been a hundred times a hundred feet or more back and forth until I couldn't even breath. At least it was chilly out and the sweat on my body kept me cool.

Finally, I just dropped to my knees from total exhaustion. The cider blocks slid forward against the sulky foot rail with a thud, and all I could think of at that awful moment was how I would explain to my husband if I had broken the sulky! But Joseph wasn't about to show me any mercy. I was already on my knees as he undid the sulky arms and made me crawl forward out into the open. 'Lady, you know that being old and doing your best is not good enough, don't you!' 'Yes sir' - I replied as sincerely as I could, and Diary, I really meant it. He continued, 'I'm going to punish you. Now push your chest to the ground and reach back with your hands and spread your big old ass for me!'

Of course I obeyed immediately. He straddled me, facing south, yanked out my tail, and gave my anus a whipping with his riding crop that I won't soon forget. This young man wasn't fooling around and whipped me until I was blubbering like a schoolgirl and so dizzy I feared I would fall over. A gal would never think that a whacking with a bit of leather on the anus could be so very, very awful! I was in some sort of trance - a trance of obedience that John had somehow instilled in me in just a few days. With each searing stroke - each worse than the last, I pulled my backside open so that my poor sphincter virtually reached out for the next blow. It never crossed my mind that I didn't have this coming to me. These new males in my life could decide such things on my behalf. But Diary, my hands never wavered, and I kept my bum wide open during the whole ordeal! I guess I'm proud of that at least.

I know that I am limited physically to be a champion pony mare, but at least I can be as obedient as a lady can be. Hopefully, my Overseer John and my husband Master Gary know that I'm trying my very best. I owe them both no less. Somehow, I felt even less worthy as I could see other mares getting their sulky workouts on a regular track while I needed this extra work on the infield. I think poor Judy was out there too, getting her due.

My new tormentor was tiring but I could tell he was in furious rut as only a young man can get. How they can get that way hurting ladies old enough to be their grandma's I'll never get. Sure, ladies like me need to be trained, and with the fullest effort any trainer can give - it's their duty after all. But I guess it doesn't matter what female is getting her due under the lash, they always get their erections. Joseph was no exception and when his arm was worn our teaching my anus a lesson, he jumped behind me and stuck his un-lubricated erection way up my rear in one painful stroke - and came just as fast.

In a New York minute, he had me tacked up again and struggling to pull the sulky back to the barn, and with his weight added to the cider blocks as well! It was almost impossible, but a crept forward slowly. I could understand that Joseph was maybe more tuckered out than I was, and needed to sit down as he went easy with the riding crop on the way back. I believe there is some kindness in everyone, and I could see that this young man was no exception. It's amazing and I suppose a tribute to the brilliance of the training offered here at J-Ranch that a shy woman like myself could forget all about the view of my gaping big rear end this youngster had. I only thought about doing my job to the best of my ability. A lady's dignity can come from hard honest work as well as hiding her body.

My first Saturday morning workout under the tutelage of Joseph was soon over, and I was allowed some water and a lunch time injection. They're going to let me lie down and rest in my stall for a bit. I surely needed to get about a half-hour's nap before the head Japanese Groom came to get me. I was bathed and allowed a silk bathrobe and taken to the lounge where John was waiting for me - if you can call having Judy kneeling between his legs and sucking him 'waiting'. She looked really sweaty and still had a big ponytail plug in her rear so I figured she had had a tough workout as well.

He pushed Judy aside, smiled and seemed in a good mood as he had me lie over his lap while the Groom took Judy away. I could feel his erection under me, which was perfectly understandable and of Judy's hard work. I just hope that I wasn't interrupting his special moment with her that would make either of them resentful.

John whisked my robe up and stroked my bottom very gently. 'Lisa, you've now had your first training exercise with Joseph. How do you think it went?' Well, I had to answer him and I've learned it's best to speak your mind. I stammered a little, but began -' Oh Sir, thank you for asking my opinion. The young man seems very accomplished . . . though extremely - strict. But he seems fair, and determined to push me past my shortcomings.'

John appreciated my response. 'I'm glad it went well, though I don't expect your sessions to be - enjoyable. I know that Joseph can be very rough on a girls sphincter - I'm sure you still feel his work in that area.' Diary, with that, he took some salve on his fingers and gently rubbed my sore anus. I have to say it did feel better. He continued, 'I hired Joseph just for you. I will still be doing a great deal of your disciplining and pony work, but I felt that a stranger, and one of Joseph's inclinations, could be stricter with you than I could be as we are such good old friends.'

Well Diary, I for sure have no right to complain about my treatment here at the ranch - or at home for that matter. But I don't think a lady could describe John's whippings and face whacking as not strict! Boy, I guess I was in for it with Joseph, and had better buckle down.

But, John can be awfully kind. And after he finished making my anus feel better, even putting his finger all the way inside me (something I guess that will always be humiliating as much as it is what I need) he let me finish his erection off in my gullet. - the erection Judy had begun in her mouth! Sound strange and even stranger to write it down, but I appreciated the bit of nourishment his semen provided.

He let me go to his room and actually sleep on his own real bed for the rest of the day. I don't know why, but the groom that took me up put me on my belly with my nose ring chained to the headboard. I sure wasn't going to run away anywhere! Luv, Me."