The Dom and the Researcher

by MasterS
- do not use without the author's permission.

Charles swept into the club at about 9 in the evening one Friday evening. It was a private club that a friend had recommended. He had never been there before but seemed quite at ease. The club was full but not crowded, with many Doms and Dommes there with their subs, both male and female. He wasn’t anything particularly special to look at, about 6 foot tall with muscles that rippled slightly as he strode across the floor. His dark hair was cut short and he looked to be in his late 30’s. He was dressed casually rather than being in fetish attire like many of the other patrons.

But there was something about him that drew the eye. Perhaps it was the confidence with which he walked or the somewhat cat like grace he displayed. Whatever it was, the unattended subs began to gravitate in his direction as he sat at a couch along the wall. A waitress wearing attire that displayed her full breasts for all to admire immediately approached him to take his order. Samuel Adams Stout was all he said with merely a flicker of interest in the charms she so openly displayed.

As she scurried off to fill his order, he scanned the room. He took note of the subs kneeling at their Master or Mistresses feet, some pleasuring their owners with their mouth. Across the room, a sub was being disciplined with a crop. It was clear from the sounds coming from her mouth that she was enjoying the discipline a little too much. But that was not his concern. He was merely here to check out the club for sometime later when he had acquired a new stable of subs. He had just moved to the city the week before and had not brought any of his previous slaves with him.

In fact, he had sold all five of them for a tidy profit. It wasn’t that he needed the money. It was just that he decided that a new city deserved new subs, a clean break from his old life. He had moved his business here to take advantage of the growing market for his special services, both vanilla and alternative. His vanilla business involved identifying and exploiting localized technological niches. His alternative business involved training pony girls. He only trained girls as he considered their sexual use a key component in their training and he did not desire the services of male ponies.

His gaze settled upon a woman standing off to the side. She appeared to be observing the festivities and occasionally spoke into a small microphone held unobtrusively in her hand. She was about 30 years old, dressed nicely but rather conservatively. Her long blond hair was tied in a ponytail that hung to her waist. He had seen this type before. She was obviously doing research, perhaps for a book or academic publication. The more he observed her, the more likely he thought she was doing academic research.

She noticed his gaze and nodded at him. He nodded back and then turned his attention to a sub approaching him with hesitant steps. She was probably 20 and was not wearing a collar. She was wearing a thin blouse that did nothing to hide her small breasts as well as a short skirt. He had noticed her before but she had been talking to a man dressed in leather who he had assumed to be her Dom.

He watched her as she approached him, her eyes going down as she felt his gaze upon her. He gestured for her to speak as she approached. Sir, I was wondering if you were seeking a sub. My last Master recently died in a car accident and I have been lost ever since.

He continued to gaze at her, appraising her body and her offer. It was not the first time he had been approached but usually not so quickly. She had a nice body with runner’s legs, clear blue eyes, and blonde hair in a page boy cut. She looked like she had potential to be a good ponygirl. So he decided to take some time to assess her potential.

“I am in need of some subs but I am very picky. But you look like you have potential, so perhaps you will do. Do you have any diseases?”

“No sir. My Master took very good care of me. I was tested just last week for STDs. Here is the certificate.”

With that she handed him a piece of paper. He took it and quickly scanned it. He had seen these forms before and knew just what to look for. Yes, she was disease free. At least as far STDs were concerned. Before he took her as his sub he would have a doctor give her a physical. It was not worth training a diseased sub. He would care for a sub he owned if she became sick but would never take on a new one that was diseased.

“You may kneel before me. I will test your potential for a few days before deciding.”

As she knelt at his feet, the man she had been talking to earlier approached. What are you doing, girl! I thought you were mine. With that, he began to reach for her arm to pull her up.

“Stop Charles said in a quiet but commanding tone. The other man stopped automatically as his command. Did she submit to you?”

“No said the other man But she was going to.”

“But she did not, and until she has done so, she is free to choose her new owner. She has decided to kneel before me so that I may decide whether to possess her.”

The man began to sputter a response but stopped when he saw the look in Charles eyes. He stood there, mouth opening and closing for a minute before turning and walking quickly out of the club. He had thought he was a Dom until he met a real one. Charles had encountered his type before, the wannabees, he thought of them, if he thought of them at all.

Across the room, the woman doing research noted this exchange. It was just the type of thing she was interested in. She had speculated that there was a hierarchy in the Dominant world and was writing an article for a scholarly journal about it. She thought that this would be hierarchy based on personal power. So far her observations had shown her anything but that. The Doms and Dommes she had observed were generally cordial with each other and it was clear that many of them were close friends. Any rivalry was good natured and never resulted in physical violence.

So she seized upon this opportunity and walked quickly across the room prepared to suck his knowledge from him. She was sure he would form the basis of her next paper on this deviant sub culture. He noted her approach and looked into her eyes when she stopped in front of him. She opened her mouth to speak but the look in his eyes made her hesitate. It seemed that he could see into her soul, that he was her superior. But that couldn’t be. She was Doctor Laura Baxter, noted professor and published author. He was merely some man pursuing a deviant lifestyle.

So, gathering her wits about her, she said Hi, I am Dr. Baxter and I would love to interview you. I am researching the BDSM lifestyle for paper I am writing. I noticed your exchange with the man that just left as well as with this young woman. I would like to discuss it with you.”

“You didn’t say Please.”


“You heard me. Since when is it proper to be impolite?”

“Oh. Please may I interview you.”

“That is better. Yes, I believe you may.”

Those words sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine which she shook off a little angrily. He was just a subject for her research. But, god, he seemed to exude masculinity. Once again she had to gather her wits before speaking.

But he beat her to it. Bring that chair over and sit facing me. Pointing to a nearby chair. She pulled the chair over and sat, not realizing that she was obeying his command. There had been a closer chair or even the couch for her to sit on, but he had told her to sit in this one, so she had.

“I am Charles. And you are?”

“I told you. Dr. Baxter.”

He merely looked at her, obviously expecting something more. She fidgeted in her chair for a minute before quietly saying My name is Laura.”

“Very good. It is nice to meet you. The whole time this has gone on, Charles has been stroking the hair of the sub at his feet. Laura noted this with a little nervously. She had interviewed many Dominants and quite a few of them had had subs present during the interview. It has never ceased to amaze her how some of them treated their subs as pets rather than people. She could not understand how any person could stand to be treated like that. But the subs, both male and female, seemed to not only accept this, but reveled in it.

“Do you mind if I record this?

“Not at all. Now proceed with your interview.”

A little startled by the way he seemed to take command; Laura fumbled as she placed a microphone on the table beside the couch. She then proceeded to ask him a set of questions about his life and his experiences as a Dom. As he answered, she became aware that she was getting a little disturbed over his descriptions of how he shaped a woman into a pony. It seemed so demeaning. She had heard of ponyplay but this was the first time she had heard of it being taken to this extreme. The women he described ended up living permanently as a pony, living in a stall, defecating outside, and pulling carts for all their days.

“So you break their spirits and remake them into these ponies?”

“You haven’t been listening to me, have you? I never break their spirit. I train show and racing ponies, not ponies to pull manure carts. If you cannot listen with an open mind, then this interview is over. You are dismissed. With that he signaled to the waitress to bring him another beer and began to observe the antics of two subs as they danced for their Master.

“I was listening to you. I am just trying to understand what you do.”

Charles looked at her and said I thought I told you that you were dismissed.”

“Please, give me another chance. I will listen better. I promise.”

“Apologize to me”

“I apologize.”



He didn’t say anything, just looked at her until she lowered her head and said I apologize, Sir.”

“Very well. But I will not be so lenient if it happens again. Proceed.”

Laura began her questioning again. After a minute or two, he stopped stroking the subs head and pointed at his crotch where his cock was pressing against his pants. The sub began to unzip his pants, and then took his cock from its prison. Holding it gently in her left hand, she took it in her mouth and began to bob her head gently. He entwined his fingers in her hair and began to control the speed at which she moved up and down.

Laura was shocked at this behavior. She had never had this happen so brazenly in front of her. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts before beginning her questions again. But the whole time she was talking, she was aware of what was happening before her very eyes. She noted the look of pleasure on his face as he pushed the girl’s mouth down until it was clear that his cock was buried to the hilt in her throat. Then he released her again to repeat the process again and again. The whole time he continued to speak as though nothing was happening. Suddenly, he paused and his face took on a rather intense look as he shot his seed into her mouth and down her throat. Then he began speaking again like this was a normal event.

Eventually, he released the girl’s head and his softening cock dropped from her lips. Clean me he commanded and she proceeded to lick him clean. This was too much for Laura. She just couldn’t believe this girl would abase herself to a stranger. And in front of all these people!

“Look. It’s getting late. Perhaps we could continue this another evening?”

Getting a business card out his wallet, Charles said Be at my place tomorrow at 2. We will continue then. With that, he stood up and took the girl by her hand before walking toward the exit. Laura was stunned with the speed with which that had occurred. She just couldn’t go to this guy’s house. She didn’t even know him. Besides, she had office hours tomorrow afternoon. Her mind made up, she decided it was time for her to leave also.

Charles was delighted by the way the evening had gone. He had cast his line, now it was up to her to swallow the hook. He loved a challenge and Laura looked to be a good one. But he bet he would have her at his knee someday. In the meantime, he had this new sub to evaluate. He put her in the car with him and started to drive to his house. She was obviously somewhat trained as she knew not to speak unless spoken to. So the ride home was quiet, allowing him to consider his next steps with Laura.

When he got home, he guided the girl into his living room. He didn’t know her name but that was unimportant. He would name her if he decided to keep her. Strip and present yourself for inspection.”

“Yes sir. She quickly undressed, stopping only to look at him questioningly, wondering where to put her clothes. He pointed at a basket beside a chair and she began placing her clothes in it as she took them off. Soon she was naked. She immediately stood for inspection, hands clasped behind her head, small breasts thrust out, and feet shoulder width apart.

He proceeded to inspect her body, having her bend over so he could inspect her ass and pussy. Then he began to question her about her past.

“You look like you were in track when you were in school.”

“Yes sir. I ran cross country. I was county champion in my senior year of high school.”

“Very good. Have you ever thought of being a pony girl?”

She licked her lips nervously before replying Uh. I am not sure what that is. But if you want me to be one, then that is ok with me.”

“What are your limits?”

“I don’t know. Sir. I have always done everything that I was commanded to do. I expect I will always do that.”

“Good answer. Well, tomorrow we will see how you respond to pony training. I am in need of a set of ponies and you look like a likely candidate. If not, you may serve as a domestic slave.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Now, I am going to place a collar on you. This is only a temporary collar. If I decide to keep you, I will put a permanent collar on you. With that, he slipped a leather collar around her neck and locked it with a small padlock.

“Follow me. You will service me this evening. Oh, before I forget. Are you hungry?”

“No sir. I ate before I went to the club.”

He turned and went up the stairs to his bedroom. She followed, her eyes looking around at his house. It did not look like a large house from the outside but from the inside, it was huge. The walls sported many paintings. Here and there, the paintings were separated by swords and whips of various types. All in all, it gave the impression of quiet wealth.

Upon entering his bedroom, Charles said You may undress me. Place my clothes in the hamper. He stood there impassively as she gently pulled his clothes from his body. Soon he was nude, his massive cock bobbing gently as he walked to his bed.

“You will come to my bed for now. I want you to straddle my cock so that I can feel your cunt as I read. After I have finished with you, you may use the mat at the end of the bed to sleep on. When you hear me awake in the morning, I expect you to get my coffee and newspaper. Then bring them to me. You will then suck me off while I enjoy my coffee.”

He got into bed and was very pleased at her tight cunt. It was so tight he had problems concentrating on his book and it took him very little time to cum. As she got off the bed and headed to her mat, he reflected luck was once again with him. It looked as though he had the first pony for his stable and, perhaps, another one to come.

All night long the events of that strange evening churned in Laura’s mind. She tossed and turned before finally deciding to get her mind off of it. So she got out a book of erotic short stories and began to read, her fingers playing with her clit. The first story she came to was about a Dom and his sub. As she read the story, she began comparing the description of the Dom with Charles. Gradually she lost interest in the story because the Dom in it was just not up to Charles level. She began to remember how he had controlled the girl tonight, how it looked as he pushed and pulled her head up and down as she had his cock in her mouth. Without realizing it, she began to masturbate in earnest. She came just as she remembered the look on his face when he came in the girl’s mouth.

Shocked at herself, she roughly turned over as though to deny she had had an orgasm. It was a long time before she fell asleep that night. When she awoke the next morning, she was still tired but strangely eager to begin the day, perhaps to wrap herself in her work and forget last night’s events.

She got up and took a shower. Normally she would have masturbated in the shower with her trusty shower massage. But she denied herself that pleasure this morning in penance for her orgasm last night. After her shower she picked out her clothes for the day, a conservative skirt suit with some lacy under things. She wasn’t sure why she picked that panty and bra set out, she normally only wore them when she went out on a date. Then she rushed off to teach her first class of the day.

Charles woke to the feel of a mouth on his cock. Good, he thought. She really has potential. The last sub he tried out overslept and despite being disciplined, could never learn to wake up before him. Once he had cum in her mouth, he got off the bed and motioned her to follow him. Before getting into the shower, he removed her collar. That would not be necessary nor possible when he put her permanent collar on. Then he took a shower, using her to wash his back before allowing her to wash herself.

After the shower, he had a hearty breakfast that she prepared under his direction. He allowed her to eat the leftovers before having her clean up the kitchen. While she was doing that, he went out to gather up some supplies for her first pony training session. This time he would only work with her a little bit to see how well she responded to the training.

He hooked her leash on, but before he walked her outside, he placed moccasins on her feet. He always took good care of his property. Then he walked her outside to the stables. He had deliberately picked this house for its secluded nature. Eventually he expected to have a pair of pony girls wandering nude in the field and didn’t want any problems. She seemed to accept her nudity outside and followed docilely. He tied her to a hitching post and went to get the tack he’d gathered earlier. She stood quietly as he placed a training halter on her. He then led her to the practice ring where he proceeded to instruct her in the basic gaits. He worked her for an hour before deciding that she had had enough for now. She was a born ponygirl, she obviously loved to run and was very trainable. He looked forward to the day when he hooked her to a racing cart.

After the session, he washed her down and put her in a stall with some granola and water. Then he went to get his lunch and take a quick shower before his 2 pm appointment. He was supremely confident that Laura would come. If not, nothing lost. But he had her figured out.

When lunch rolled around, Laura found herself wondering again about Charles. She knew that information about him would be a key ingredient in her paper. But she was reluctant to obey his command to be there at 2. She thought that she would run into him again at the club. But she knew in her heart that if she missed today’s appointment, that he would never speak to her again. It was so frustrating. Undecided as to what to do, she went to her office and began grading papers. But she had a hard time concentrating.

Finally at 1:30 she gave up and decided to go to the interview. She mapquested the directions and realized she had very little time to get there. So she grabbed her recorder and rushed out to her car. She had a little problem finding his house. It was set back away from the road behind a screen of trees and bushes. But she did find it and arrived with just a minute to spare. She sensed that he would not be happy if she was late. She wasn’t quite sure why that bothered her. But she figured it was because she really needed him to open up and let her really understand how he thought.

As she approached the door she noted what looked like a stable off to the side with a practice ring beside it. She figured he was a horseman and thought no more about it, figuring it was just another aspect of his need to control She rang the door bell precisely at 2. He immediately opened the door for her and said Ah my dear. Right on time. That is very good. I do not tolerate people who are not punctual. He turned and walked into the house, obviously expecting her to follow.

He led her into the living room. Like the sub from last night, she peered around as she walked and was impressed with what she saw. As he sat down, the girl from last night came scurrying over and knelt at his feet. She was nude except for a collar around her neck. Laura had seen this type of thing before in her research and so, wasn’t shocked. He pointed to a chair and she sat down, getting her recorder out. She looked at him, inquiring as to whether it would be all right to record this session. He nodded his head but didn’t say anything.

She resumed her questions from last night. After an hour, he said You know, you will never really understand this life unless you experience it.”

Laura understood the implied challenge and said Perhaps I should have you submit to me. That way I could experience domination.”

He just laughed and looked at her amusingly as though to say How could you even think of me submitting to anyone? She just looked at him and then, blushing, looked away.

“Have you ever submitted to a man, Laura?”

“No! I could never do that!”

“How do you know until you’ve tried? How do you know if you would like it? Besides, if you don’t experience the lifestyle, your article will be just a shallow reflection of the richness of the BDSM lifestyle. You do want your article to be good, don’t you?”

“Yes, of course I do. But you don’t need to experience something to study it.”

“Only if you want to be the best. Seeing the look in her eyes when he said that, he knew he had her. The hook was in the mouth, now to set it. I have a friend, John, who is a specialist in aboriginal life. He lived with them, as one of them, for a year. His article not only was published in a referred journal, he revised it and it made the best seller list.”

“You don’t mean John Krull? He is my idol! His work is what got me interested in doing this research. His insights into their world and lives was riveting”

“Well, now you know how he attained his insights.”

“I could never. I mean, how could I do. Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps you could introduce me to someone I could dominate.”

Smiling, he said First, I don’t know any submissives that you could dominate. I would lend you this one, but I am still evaluating her. Besides, I don’t think you have it in you to be a Dominate. It takes a special type of person”

“Why do you say I could not dominate someone? I can be pretty forceful when I want to be. Besides, I was thinking of a man. I could never dominate another woman.”

“Your answer just confirms what I said. A Dom is always a Dom, not just at times. Besides, being forceful is not being Dominate. It is crude and a true Dom would never stoop to that. Domination is more mental than physical.”

As she considered his words, he asked Haven’t you ever been with a woman?”

“I don’t see how that has any bearing on our discussion. Besides, I am the one asking questions.”

Once again, he just looked at her until she turned her head away. Finally she relented and said Once in college. It was just one night.”

“Very good. You must be open with me if you expect me to be open with you. Now, did you enjoy it?”



She looked at him in confusion. Then said, Yes, sir.”

“Very good. Why did you stop being with women?”

“I was drunk that night and had broken up with my boyfriend that same day. But he took me back the next day. So I just never did it again.”

“Would you like to try it again?”


“Yes or no.”


Sensing him looking at her expectantly, she realized what he wanted so she said Yes, sir, I would like to try it again.”

“What did you enjoy about the experience?”

“The feel of a woman’s body. The feel of her mouth on my pussy. A woman knows best what another woman likes.”

“sub, you will go pleasure the good doctor.”

The sub immediately moved over to her but Laura said I couldn’t. This is not right. Oh. She said that as the sub reached up under her dress to caress her pussy. She just looked on as her panties were slid down her long legs and over her feet. The sub then pulled her dress up and parted her legs. Before Laura could react, she was overtaken by the feel of a tongue on her clit. Then she was lost in the sensations. It was just like that night all over again. The feel of a tongue as it parted her nether lips and drank in her dew. She grabbed the subs head and pulled it even closer. Her head went back and her mouth opened to let out a moan of intense pleasure. This was followed by another low moan that gradually became of scream as she came all over the sub’s face. The sub continued to lick and suck until Laura was exhausted. Finally, as the waves of the orgasm finished washing over her, she became aware that he was sitting there looking at her.

Embarrassed, she pushed the sub’s head away and tried vainly to pull her skirt down to cover her drenched pussy. But it was too hard for her in her depleted state. So she gave up and just sat there, her pussy exposed to his view until she recovered enough to pull it down some more.

“I see you don’t trim your pussy. That is too bad. I prefer a woman’s pussy shaved or at least trimmed.”

“Why does it make a difference? I am not one of your subs.”

He just smiled and said I believe this interview is at an end. Come back tomorrow at the same time. Show her the door, sub. With that, he got up and left the room.

Laura left his house, her mind a confused mess. His revelation about John Krull really got to her. She couldn’t believe Charles actually knew him. When she set out to write her article, she hoped it would be as successful as his book. That book and the article that spawned it were the gold standard of work that crossed the line between academic literature and popular reading. She had forgotten that Krull had spent a year with the aborigines so he could really understand his subject.

She thought about her situation. After meeting Charles, she knew she just did not have what it takes to be a Dom. But the idea of submitting to someone was repugnant. Still, she wanted to be a success so badly she could taste it. Perhaps she could sample parts of the lifestyle, and not really submit.

She spent a restless night, tossing and turning for much of the night. The whole concept of submitting to a man, to anyone was so foreign to her. Then there was Charles. She knew instinctively that it would be dangerous to submit to him. On the other hand, she also sensed that he could be trusted to live up to what ever agreement they entered into. She was less sure with other Doms.

The morning found her disheveled and still tired. She made some strong coffee and took a hot shower before eating breakfast. Finally, fortified with food and caffeine, she made her way to the university. She taught her morning class on automatic pilot. Her mind still swirled from conflicting emotions. She wanted to be successful but she did not want to submit.

Charles, on the other hand, had spent a peaceful night. He was very satisfied by the day’s events. His new sub had great potential and he had made an appointment with an understanding doctor for the next morning to examine her. But the real excitement came from hooking Laura. If she came back today, then he knew she had swallowed the hook and would be his. He loved a challenge. He knew that he would have to play her carefully lest he scare her away. But if he played her right, she would be his. Her hair was even the same color as his new sub. Perhaps they would be a matched team of pony girls?

Once again he woke to the feel of a mouth on his cock. Such a pleasant way to wake up. After feeding his sub a little protein, he got out of bed to take care of the morning routine. The doctor appointment was at 11, so he had time for a pony training session. Like the day before, it had gone smoothly. This sub was such a natural that she only had to be shown a gait once to have it down pat. He would probably put her through session again this afternoon so Laura could watch. It should be interesting to watch Laura’s expressions and body language.

The physical examination went well and they discussed her upcoming slavery on the way home. It was agreed that he would draft a contract for her to sign later today. She seemed very relieved to be found acceptable by him. He was pleased to have found such a suitable slave so quickly. Sometimes it can take quite a while. Many offer but few are acceptable. To celebrate, he stopped and took her to lunch at a very nice restaurant. It would be the last time she ever ate at a restaurant again, so he wanted it to be pleasant. He planned on turning her into a pony girl and he never took his livestock out in public.

Laura, on the other hand, could barely eat. She was so nervous and distracted that she just could not focus. Finally, it was time to leave for his house. She gathered up her things and left, her mind still not settled on what to do. But half way there, she made up her mind. If submitting was something she had to do to achieve success, then she would do it. Besides, she could control the situation, couldn’t she?

Once again, he did not open the door until exactly 2. Good afternoon Laura. I hope you had a pleasant night. Of course, he could tell that she had not and he quickly turned away so that she could not see his expression of delight. She followed him into the living room where the girl was waiting on her knees.

“You have arrived at an opportune moment. We were about to sign a contract giving me ownership of her, at least for the next year. Perhaps you would like to record our conversation? Then without looking to see what Laura did, he motioned for the girl to rise and led her to a nearby table. On the table was a formal slavery contract. He then patiently and carefully explained every detail of the contract. He insisted that she understand every nuance and made her tell him what she thought each paragraph said. The contract was for one year. If, at the end of that year, the situation was acceptable for both then it would become permanent. She would be his property to do with as he wished. At that time, he would place his brand upon her if he planned on keeping her. Or leave it off if he expected to sell her some day. Finally, it was time to sign.

Holding out a camera, Charles said Laura, can you please take a picture of this? I always like to have a memento of such significant events. Laura took the camera and began shooting as they signed the contract. She had been very impressed with the way Charles had ensured she understood exactly what she was getting into. Laura knew there was no way she could ever sign such an agreement. But it was one more indication of how impressive a Dom he was.

After the signing, Charles took his new slave out to the barn where he spot welded a stainless steel collar on her. If things are mutually satisfactory in a year, I will make that a permanent weld. Now for a name. I think I shall call you amber after the color of your eyes. I think you will make a winning pony girl with your natural speed and my training. I expect good things out of you.

“Thank you Master. I will be the best pony girl I can be. I want to make my owner proud.”

“Tonight little amber, you and I will have a little private ceremony to finalize your submission. But for now, it is time for pony training. Laura, you might find this interesting. With that, Charles led his new slave over to the tack room where he got out a halter and long reins, plus a long whip. Laura followed along mutely. Something about this made her very uncomfortable. Seeing a fellow human first voluntarily submitting to slavery and now, to being trained as a beast of burden. But on a professional level, she found this fascinating. It is not often a researcher gets this level of access to the world of BDSM.

She watched as Charles put the halter on amber. What shocked her was watching him put a bit in her mouth. He then took her out to the paddock where he proceeded to work on her reining and her gaits. She took to them quickly and he rarely used the whip. As she progressed in her training, Laura could not help but admire her grace and poise. All in all, she made a very beautiful animal. Laura thought to herself, that she could only hope she would be as beautiful in similar circumstances, not that that was likely.

After the lessons, Charles washed amber with a hose before putting her in a stall to rest. He also poured some granola into a bowl for her to snack on and checked to see she had fresh water.

“Now, Laura, I believe you have something to tell me.

Laura was startled by his statement; she had managed to put the whole submission thing out of her mind. Oh, yes, I guess I do.”

“Let’s go into the house and sit down. I feel the need of something cold to drink. He then led them into the house where he pulled two beers out of the refrigerator. Opening them both, he handed one to Laura. She wasn’t quite sure how to react, he hadn’t asked her if she wanted one but maybe he was being polite. So she took a sip as she followed him into the living room.

Sitting down, he looked at her expectantly. She looked around as though hoping someone would help her before finally saying I’ve been thinking about what you said. About an author needing to experience what she is writing about. I guess you’re right.”

“So which will it be, Dom or sub?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t have it in me to be a Dom. But submitting

She paused before beginning again. Perhaps if I could just do it a little? You know, get the feel of it.

He continued to just look at her without saying anything. Finally, she felt the need to fill the void in the conversation. Just do some acts of submission. I mean. Oh, I don’t know what I mean.”

“I understand. This is new territory for you. Will it be me you will be submitting to or someone else?

“Oh, you. I would submit to you.”


She looked at him a second before saying I would submit to you. Sir”

“Well, I’m not sure I want to go through the hassle. I mean, I have a new slave to train plus I am looking for others to be mine. Why would I want to deal with an unruly sub like you?”

Laura had not even considered that he would not let her submit to him. She was so startled that she blurted out Oh please, let me submit to you. I couldn’t submit to any other man. She couldn’t believe the words that just came from her mouth. She wished she could take them back. But there they were, between them, like hot coals. They warmed her cheeks and, even though she wouldn’t admit even to herself, her pussy.

Charles suppressed a smile as he realized she had swallowed the hook. She had taken that first crucial step. Now to set that hook. I suppose I could let you submit to me for the interest of your research. But you will have to promise to let me guide your learning. I promise to take it slow and respect your limits. Do you promise?”

“I, well, I. Oh, god. I was thinking that we would agree on things I would be willing to do each time we got together. Not let you have control over me.”

“But Laura, that is what submitting is all about. Letting someone else be in control. Don’t you trust me?”

“Yes, actually I do. Despite what else you are, you are an honorable man. Ok, I will accept your control. Saying that seemed to drain all the energy from her body. She slumped into her chair and reached for her beer. As she took a large swallow, she was aware of his eyes on her.

“You realize that your submission will include sexual servitude.”

“I hadn’t thought of that. But, ok, I understand. But I will only accept vaginal sex and you must wear a condom.”

“Laura, Laura. Already you forget what submission is all about. If you submit to me, your body is mine to use as I see fit. As for wearing a condom. Are you on the pill? If not, I will get you a prescription. I do not wear condoms. Also, I will take you to a lab where you will be tested for STDs.”

“I have no sexual diseases. I do not sleep around. But if it makes you more comfortable, I will get tested. What about you? Will you be tested?”

“I have been tested. I will show you the results in just a minute. Now, are you on the pill?”

“Yes, I’m on the pill. It helps regulate my periods.”

“Good. Are you ready to begin?”

“Begin? Now? Well, I suppose so. What do you want me to do?”

“Stand up and strip.”

“What! Strip? Oh god. Nervously, Laura stood up and began to take off her blouse, then she took off her pants and shoes. Then she stood there in front of him wearing only her blouse and panties. He just looked at her expectantly. Her fingers began fiddling with the front of her bra before she finally reached around behind and unfastened her bra. She did not immediately let it fall; instead she held her arms tight against her side. Then, taking a deep breath, she let it fall and her breasts were available for his viewing pleasure. After a few seconds she gathered her courage again and slipped her panties down over her waist to fall at her feet. She stepped out of them and then just stood there, not knowing what to do next.

Charles just gazed upon her lovely body. He was so pleased; she was going to be easier to train than he had thought. Besides she was a magnificent specimen, much better than was obvious with the outfits she insisted on wearing showed. She obviously kept herself in good shape. Like his new slave, Laura had a runner’s body, long lean lines and small breasts. Then he said, Now you will present yourself to me. Stand straight. Put your hands behind your head, elbows back. Feet shoulder width apart. Very good.”

Charles got up and went over to inspect her up close. At first he just looked as he walked around her. When he was behind her, he patted her ass, noting its firmness. This startled her a little and she almost dropped her hands before remembering she shouldn’t. That pleased Charles immensely. She was so trainable. When he stood in front of her, he caressed her breasts, noting how quickly her nipples hardened. Then he put a hand on her pussy. First he just cupped it but then he stuck a finger inside, noticing its wetness. She gasped as his finger penetrated her innermost place.

But she held still, even when he started pumping his finger in and out. Soon she was moaning softly with excitement, and then to her embarrassment, she came all over his hand. Her cries of passion echoed through the house. She could not believe she had come while in this vulnerable position. She could not believe that she, Doctor Laura Baxter, was standing nude in front of this man, letting him have his way with her. But she was there and when he put his wet fingers to her mouth, she obediently opened up so he could place them inside. She then licked and sucked her own love juices off of them until they were clean. She had never been this appalled and excited at the same time.

“Very good. That is a good first step. You may get dressed. Then we will see about getting you tested. Startled by this sudden change, she almost asked for him to continue but then she came to her senses and felt a sense of relief that she had passed the first test. So she got dressed again and followed him to his car. As they drove, he questioned her about her schedule and her ultimate taboos. As they pulled up at the lab, he said Your session tomorrow will be at 10 am. I will let you leave at 2.”

He led her inside where he arranged for an immediate test. He found that the results wouldn’t be available until tomorrow, so led her back to the car for the drive home. As they pulled out of the parking lot, he turned to her and said Pull down your pants and play with your pussy while I drive.”

She looked at him, shocked at what he just said, but seeing the implacable look on his face, began to unbutton her pants. After a minute, she had her fingers buried in her pussy and was getting excited again. She was a little embarrassed to be doing this in front of him, but considering where his fingers had been not too long ago, decided it was all right. Before long, she was moaning and writhing on the seat. By the time they arrived back at his house, there was a puddle on her seat. Seeing this as he got out, he said, Lick it up.”

When she started to protest he said One more word and you will be licking it nude. Which is it?”

Realizing he was serious, she got down on her knees and licked it all up. It was terribly humiliating but it also was kind of erotic. Not that she would ever tell him. When she was finished, she followed him inside.

“There are a few rules you need to know today.

First, you will shave your pussy and keep it shaved while we are engaged as Dom and sub.

Second, no pants and if you must wear panties, they have to be thongs.

Third, you will kneel when you enter my presence.

Fourth, you will call me either Master or Sir.

Fifth, you will obey any order I give you while you are submitting to me. Do you understand these rules?”

”Yes, Master.

“Very good. Now failure to obey these rules will either end our relationship or you will be subject to my discipline. Which will it be?”

“What do you mean by discipline?”

“Whatever I deem appropriate, from spanking to whipping.”

“Whipping!? I don’t know. Spanking would be ok, but not whipping.”

Charles just looked at her for a minute before saying Ok, the first time you break a rule, our relationship is over.”

”Wait, I didn’t say that. I just want to negotiate my discipline.”

“No negotiation. My rules or else.”

“Oh god. Ok, I will accept your discipline.”

He just looked at her expectedly. Realizing her mistake she said I will accept your discipline Master.”

“Be clearer. What will you accept.”

”Master, you may whip me if you feel it necessary.”

“Very good. Now it is time for you to leave. I will see you tomorrow morning. Be sure you have shaved. I will inspect you when you get here.”

As she drove away, Laura was appalled at what had just transpired. She could not believe she had just consented to be whipped. At the same time, she was wet remembering how it felt to have his fingers in her pussy.

Charles was supremely satisfied. He bet she would consent to pony training within a week and within two months would sign a contract. He could not wait to have her in his stable.

They both slept well that night. He slept well because he was very pleased, so pleased that he allowed his slave to sleep on his bed with his cock in her mouth. She slept well because she was emotionally exhausted.

The next morning, she dutifully shaved her pussy. Then she looked around for a thong that a former boyfriend had bought for her in hopes that she would wear it. That hope proved fruitless for him, but now she realized she had to stop at the store and buy more of them. It felt strange to have the air waft around her bare pussy and that feeling was not reduced by much when she slipped into the pair of strings that made up the thong. Then, realizing the time, she rushed through her morning routine. Luckily it was Saturday and she didn’t have class today. So she stopped by the store and purchased several more thongs before setting out for her second day as a sub.

He greeted her at the door saying Good news, your lab results are already done. You are clean. Now you can serve me in all ways.”

This statement made her nervous, while at the same time, somewhat relieved. She didn’t think she had ever engaged in unsafe sex, but it never hurts to be certain.

Once inside he instructed her to strip for inspection once again. This time she knew what to expect and stood there patiently while his hands roamed her body. He did this deliberately so she would get used to being handled. He fingered her pussy for a minute before stopping suddenly. This caused her to groan with need.

“My slave is busy right now and I need some relief. Bend over that chair and spread your legs.”

“What?! But . But his look was answer enough, so she meekly went over the chair and bent over. She felt so exposed in this position.

Charles had almost held his breath after he gave the order. This was another turning point in her training. But not only had she obeyed, it was clear from the moisture on her exposed pussy, that she was excited. Good.

She was aware of his approach and heard him unzip his pants. But the suddenness with which he penetrated her pussy was a shock. There was no foreplay, no warning. This was straight sex. It both humiliated and excited her. She had never been treated this way. She had always controlled her sexual encounters. Her encounters had never been very satisfying but she knew it was a part of being in a relationship, so had just tried to limit what happened. Now she had no control and was so wet she could hear his cock squish as it plunged in and out of her pussy.

Charles had planned all of this out earlier. He was deliberately not giving her any emotional support. He wanted her to understand the depths of her submissive personality. He had thought to take it slow, but it was clear that she was incredibly submissive. He just had to be careful to balance excitement with submissive acts and soon she would be his.

They both came at about the same time. Her cry was almost a scream as she released years of pent up passion. After he was done, he told her Now clean me.”

She was so lost in a sexual haze that she was on her knees in front of him before she realized what she was doing. Seeking is semi-hard cock before her mouth, she did for him what she had never done for a man before. She took a cock into her mouth that was still wet with her juices. She licked and sucked until it was clean from balls to tip. Then it began to get hard again and she felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing insistently.

Soon she had her first experience with her mouth used as fuckhole. He grabbed her ears and started using them as handles. She struggled a little bit before realizing he was not going to stop. So she just relaxed and submitted. It was rather freeing. She knew he would not let her come to harm but she also knew she had no choice in what was happening. It was a strange feeling to this proud woman, once so independent, now behaving as a wanton slut. But then he pressed even harder and suddenly she felt, rather than heard, a pop as his cock slid into her throat. She began to struggle for air until he pulled back a little, allowing her to suck in some much needed air. But then, he did it again and again. She learned to breathe in those little moments when her throat was clear. Finally, she felt him tense. This was the moment she had feared, when he would cum in her mouth. And he did, it seemed to just keep spurting out and hitting the back of her mouth. She had thought she could just hold it in her mouth and spit it out later when he wasn’t looking. But there was too much and suddenly she swallowed. It tasted salty but not as bad as she feared. So she continued to swallow as long as it was pumping into her mouth.

She did not have to be told to clean him up and proceeded to do another thorough job of it. When she was satisfied he was clean, she looked up at him. She was startled to see him gazing possessively. It was clear that he was pleased with her. She was rather angry with herself for realizing how good it made her feel. She put his cock away and fastened his pants again before standing.

She started to assume the inspection position but he stopped her. That position is not appropriate now. Normally you would stand up straight, head down, feet together and await instructions. But for now, it is time for pony training. You will learn how to put amber’s tack on and later help me with cleaning her up. Oh, I almost forgot. I have decided that you will wear a collar during our sessions. Come with me.

He led her over to a sideboard and retrieved a collar. Looking at the collar, Laura almost bolted. This was just a little too much. But then she relaxed. It was a minor thing and no one would see her wear it but him. So she stood there quietly as he buckled it around her neck. It felt strange to wear it. She had never even worn a chocker, so this was definitely unfamiliar ground. As she was lost in the feeling of wearing a collar, she became aware that he was doing something around her neck. Then she heard a snick and realized he had fastened a leash to the collar.

Again, she almost bolted. But then he was leading her outside. She stopped at the door, realizing that she was going out side completely naked.

“Remember, my house is secluded. No one will see you.

That calmed her down some and, combined with the insistent tugging on her leash, she gathered enough nerve to follow him. It felt strange to be walking outside completely naked. But at the same time, rather free.

They entered the barn and saw amber peering out of her stall. Charles fastened a leash to her collar and led her out of the stall. He led them out of the barn into a field. Then he turned to amber and said Relieve yourself. Amber looked startled at his command but squatted and proceeded to piss. Laura was embarrassed for her and turned away. Charles noted this but said nothing. He knew it wouldn’t be too long before Laura also would be relieving herself out here.

When she was done, he led them over to the tack room. He tied their leashes to the hitching post and then retrieved amber’s tack. He instructed Laura in how to put the halter on. It felt strange to put the bit in her mouth, but amber seemed to consider it normal to wear a bit, so it went easily.

Then Charles led them to the paddock. Before entering, he tied Laura’s leash to the fence. Then he took amber in for her training session. From what Laura could tell, the session seemed to go well. Charles seemed satisfied and praised amber repeatedly for her performance. He then led them back to the tack room. This time he tied amber off to a hook set above a small platform. Then he turned to Laura and said Wash her.”

Laura did not expect this but decided it would be ok. She took the hose and proceeded to wash her off. It felt strange to wash another woman as though she was an animal. But it also felt very erotic to run her hands over amber’s body.

“Make sure to wash her pussy.

Laura then did something she hadn’t done since her one lesbian encounter in college, she put her hand on another woman’s pussy. Doing so turned her on, more than she expected.

Finally she was done. She looked at Charles and he just gathered up their leashes before leading them back to the house. Once inside, he took off their leashes and sent amber off to prepare lunch. He then led Laura into the living room where he had her bend over once again so he could use her pussy for his relief. He seemed to have a high sex drive as he used her 2 more times that day before sending her home at 2.

Laura drove away, her mind a confused mess. She had had better orgasms today than she had ever had. But she had performed acts that she would have never thought possible. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Who did he think he was! She was a full professor and published author. This was just too much to expect her to do. She would show him! She would not go out there tomorrow. She would regain control over this situation.

As she drove away, Charles mused about her behavior today. She had shown she was incredibly submissive but he expected her to rebel. She would want to show she was not submissive. He wondered how she would do that.

He was not surprised the next morning when she did not show. Instead, he was rather relieved. This was something he could deal with. She did not call and just showed up at 2 on Monday as though nothing had happened.

She came in and knelt. He stood her up and had her strip. She did so and he fastened her collar along with her leash. Then he led her into a room she hadn’t been in before. Hanging on the wall was a selection of whips and other instruments of discipline.

“You disobeyed me. Now you must be disciplined. With that he took a flogger off the wall and walked over to her. She just stood there, not really believing he would actually use it on her.

“Stand over here. Place your hands on the wall. Would you like something to bite on?”

“What? You really aren’t going to use that on me, are you?”

“Of course, my dear. Your behavior requires it. Now get in position.”

Still not really believing he would actually whip her, she moved to where he pointed. She placed her hands on the wall, noting some straps attached to the wall just where her hands were. Then he used the straps to hold her hands in place.

Next he walked behind her. She couldn’t see him and so waited nervously for what ever was going to happen. The first blow came as a complete surprise. She screamed in anger and pain. How could he do this to her! She continued to scream invectives at him until she felt the next blow. By the time the fifth blow landed she was sobbing and pleading for him to stop.

Finally, he stopped. He released her from the wall and took her in his arms. He led her to a couch and held her as she cried, murmuring into her ear It is all right now. You have paid for your disobedience. Everything is ok now. He repeated that over and over until her sobs ceased. The whole time, she clung to him and to his words. They were her anchor in her world of pain and humiliation.

That marked a turning point in her behavior. She became quite obedient. She never disobeyed him again. In fact, she became seemed very anxious to please him. During her third week, he started her pony training and was soon relieving herself in the field upon command. After a couple of months, she sold her apartment and moved in with him, becoming his submissive. She continued to teach, but now her income went straight to him. She signed a contract giving him possession of her, body and soul. He gave her a new name, princess. Together amber and princess won all pony competitions that year. She published her research both in a referred journal and in book form. It was both a professional and critical success. She was interviewed on various popular morning shows. All noted the choker she always wore but no one realized it was her public collar. She was Charles prized possession and he never sold her. She was the one that accompanied him wherever he went. Few guessed at her slave status. They were both incredibly happy with their relationship. He had found a slave worthy of him. She had found the freedom that true slavery brings. They actually loved each other in a rather different way, but it was love nonetheless.