Running Through The Woods

by Master Richard
- do not use without the author's permission.

Master Richard was the rich playboy type with a twist. Tall dark and handsome with a slight Italian accent. He was out with Lily, his latest girlfriend. Also tall, and thin, very shapely with a very nice heart shaped butt. Richard couldn’t get his eyes off her butt. After dinner he talked her into coming home with him to his rural retreat. They had a wonderful evening and she ended up spending the night.

They awoke to a glorious spring morning and had breakfast. Afterward Master Richard took Lily out to show her around his place. He showed her around his property, the woods and fields and then went to his barn.

She was looking at his equipment and stuff in his barn. “Richard what’s this” she asked, with her hands on a rickshaw like carriage.

“That’s my pony wagon.” he said.

“Pony Wagon?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s kind of like a rickshaw that is pulled by one person and one can sit in it. It has large wheels and is very light which makes it easy to pull on my grassy trails. Do you want to try it out?”

She took hold of the wooden handles and pulled the carriage out the main door. Master Richard sat in the seat and off they went down the trail for a little bit. She stopped and turned around. “It is fun but I can’t see it being very practical” she said.

He answered “It’s only for fun and not really meant to be practical. We are leaving out one important step though.”

“What is that” she asked.

“You are supposed to be naked.” he said. “WHAT!?!”

“Yes, it’s much more fun when you are naked.”

“I couldn’t do that.”

“Why?” he asked. “We’re out in the country with no neighbors within sight. It’s a beautiful warm day and I think if you try it you’ll see it really is a lot of fun to be running around in the woods naked.”

She thought about it for a minute and decided, what the heck. She started taking off her clothes. Richard took them and placed them in the carriage beside him. She got down to her undies and asked, “everything?”

“Of course, I want to see that gorgeous ass of yours don’t I?” he said.

“Ok” she said and the undies slipped off and were handed to him. Now she grabbed the handles again and off they went on down the path. Master Richard was sitting in his seat admiring the view. Lily had to admit to herself it was kind of fun. She was getting very turned on by trotting down the path nude. The feeling of the wind around her naked skin was marvelous. Her pussy was getting wet, and she hoped Richard didn’t notice. But Richard did notice. They took one turn around his trails and stopped back at the house. They went inside and Lily was so turned on she practically attacked him once inside.

They made some very passionate love and then relaxed out on the porch. Lily was still naked. She couldn’t see a reason for putting clothes on. They were just running around the woods naked, why a need for clothes at the house. Her legs felt a little worked out.

“I got my exercise for today I guess.” she said.

“You sure did. You did very well for the first time. With more practice you’d make a fine pony girl.”

“Pony girl, I don’t want to be a pony girl.” she said.

“It’s just for fun” he said. If you are having fun, then we do it, if not we stop. That’s all.”

“Ok” she agreed.

After lunch Lily’s mind started to wonder. She was thinking about running through the woods naked and asked “Richard, do you want to take another turn around the trails?”

“Sure, but first take us over to the barn again. We need a couple of things.”

So off they went to the barn. Once there, he took her to the back where there was a little room. There were all kinds of stuff in the room. Lily was a little put off, it was kind of scary. Richard calmed her down by talking softly and telling her what things were. He took a bridle down from the wall and put it over her head.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

“This is so I can tell you which way I want you to go” he said. He placed it on her head and put the bit into her mouth. Then he got a set of nipple clamps. They were the mild kind with rubber tips to squeeze the nipple. They had little bells on them. He attached them to her nipples and she objected for a minute till he lessened the squeeze. There were lines that went from the nipple clamps through rings in the mouth bit and back to Richard’s seat. He got a belt from a hook on the wall. He placed it around Lily’s hips and fastened it. He then hooked the belt sides into clips on the arms on the carriage. She would now pull the carriage with her hips instead of her hands and arms.

“And now for the last thing” he said. He crossed her arms behind her back and loosely tied them together.

“What’s that for?” she mumbled through the bit.

“Just to keep your hands behind your back.” he said. “You can pull them out easily if you want but I think you’ll see its nice to not have to worry about your arms being in the right place.”

They were ready. Off they went down the trial. Richard would pull a little on the lines to pull her nipples for left or right. Lily was doing a very good job of pulling them along and taking his direction. When they got to a slight uphill incline she slowed a little. Richard pulled out his crop from behind the seat and gave her a little sting in that glorious ass of hers. She jumped and was off with renewed speed.

She was glistening with sweat at the halfway point. Her pussy was actually dripping, she was so turned on. Richard pulled her to a stop. She was standing there breathing hard, glistening and dripping. He couldn’t help himself. He bent her over right there still attached to the carriage and fucked her good. She met his thrusts with her own. They came together with very loud moans. Richard pulled out after a minute to recoup and got back into his seat now also naked. He gave her the crop again and off they went.

He drove her back to the barn, disconnected her from the carriage and removed her tack. She was totally sweated up. Her pussy was dripping both their cums, and she had mud on her from splashing through some wet spots. She had also drooled on her chest because of the bit in her mouth.

He stood her by side of the barn and told her to lean against it with her hands. He got out the hose and rinsed her of with warm water. He soaped her up and lovingly washed every nook and cranny. She was practically drooling as he rinsed her off again. He laid her out on a padded lounge chair in the sun to dry. Then he came over with some coconut suntan oil and covered every inch of her body. She lay there shimmering in the sun while Richard puttered about in the barn putting away stuff and cleaning up. The warm sun and the day’s fun were too much for her and she dozed off. Richard woke her later and they spent the rest of the day relaxing at the house.

One week later their routine was set. They would take two or three runs around the trails a day. Lily had never had so much sex in her life. Neither had Richard. All she could think about was her next exercise, and she had to admit her legs were getting rock hard.

This morning they awoke and ate breakfast as usual. Richard decided today he was going to bring Lily a little further along, she was ready. They walked up to the barn like they always did in the morning. Richard pulled out the carriage and her tack. He put on her waist belt and attached her to the carriage. He put her arms behind her back and this time fastened them with a leather sheath. It went around both arms and elbows and held them tightly crossed behind her back. This time she could not wiggle out of it.

Next came her usual bit in her mouth, strapped behind her head. Lily just stood there. She loved the feeling of him doting over her. She was already getting horny. Her pussy was wet and Richard had noticed. Now he brought out another belt. It went around her shoulders and also had an attachment for the carriage. He bent her over and the shoulders hooked into the rails of the carriage. Now she was bent over with her torso horizontal and standing on her legs. Richard couldn’t help himself and gave her rump a smack. She jumped and giggled through her bit.

Then came her tail. He brought out a beautiful long tail attached to a rather large butt plug. He lubed it up and tried working it into her butt. It was a little too big and she was a little too tight. He lubed up his fingers and worked them into her ass. She relaxed a little and moaned as he did it. Finally he was able to get the tail in. She felt full to say the least.

Now he put her hair in a pony tail and took a small rope from her pony tail to a ring on the butt plug and snugged it up. This did a few things. It pulled her head back to see better, it arched her back to show off her ass, kept the butt plug in all the way and gave the driver a great view of her pussy. She was soaked already.

Now for the last step. He placed a blindfold over her eyes for this. He brought out her nipple clamps. These were not the clamps she was used to. These were silver clamps with teeth that bit in. They also had the bells. He squeezed both her nipples to harden them up. she heard the bells and thought the regular clamps were coming. He placed both clamps on at once. She jumped and screamed and almost fell over from the pain. He held onto her until it subsided a little.

She had tears in her eyes as he removed the blindfold. Her nipples were on fire. Now he gingerly attached the reins from the nipple clamps through her bit rings and went back to his seat.

He got in and wiggled the reins. The feeling of those clamps was so intense that any movement on the reins was instantly felt and acted on. The view of her bent over like that in front of him was great. He ran her all the way around the back of his trail. Any time she slowed a little all he had to do was wiggle the reins a bit and they were running again.

He pulled her to a stop in the clearing, got out of the carriage and undid the line to her butt plug. He pulled out the plug and replaced it with his cock. He pulled back on the reins to keep her in place. He butt fucked her hard.

She couldn’t believe the feeling. Her head was reeling from the pain of the nipple clamps and the feeing of his cock in her ass. She was going to have an orgasm. She didn’t think she could cum from being butt fucked but here it was. A feeling she never felt before.

She was exhausted. No rest for her though. Richard was back in the seat and they were off again. Back toward the barn they went. Once there Richard cleaned her up as usual and laid her out in the sun on the lounge to dry. She drifted off with thoughts in her mind. What was she doing here? How did she end up here? She knew she was enjoying herself, but how long could she do this? Time would only tell.