Ponygirl for Hire - Chapter II

by Long Johnson
- do not use without the author's permission.

Note: This is a work of fiction, derived entirely from my own imagination. Any similarity between any persons living or dead is strictly coincidence, or my good luck. I’ve never been to Arizona, I just picked it because my atlas was open to that page when I picked up.

This is written in several parts (8 so far) so all of the characters listed are not in each part.

Characters at Ponygirl Adventure Ranch

Erin van Daalk....... Ponygirl
Candace Portia Cooper-Wendell ....... Wendy
Chloe Jensen ....... Ponygirl
Paddy – Patrick Fits-Simmons ....... Head Groom and Training Director
Xian Wakasa ....... Groom
Glenda Proter/Edgar Garner ....... Handler/Grooms
Ione Shusu ....... Pet
Miss Evie – Evangeline Davis ....... Wealthy Psychopath
Shia Jarret ....... Blonde Ponygirl
Denise Winters ....... Ponygirl
Betty Kline ....... Handler
Pecos – Carl Winston ....... Handler
Lisa Dennis ....... Head Trainer
Marlene Allen ....... Trainer
Keiko Ide ....... Ponygirl
Yasmin Cruz ....... Ponygirl
Ivette Diaz ....... Ponygirl
Elaine Winston * ....... Handler
Melissa Savadge ....... Ponygirl
Alicia Perez ....... Groom
Stacy Adlan ....... Ponygirl
Joan Carter ....... Groom
Lydia Carstairs ....... New Owner
Alyssa Iwis ....... Groom
Carmen Mendoza ....... Hairdresser
Nancy Willets ....... Ponygirl
Kim Garner ....... Groom
Veronika Dylon ....... Ponygirl
Diane Rush ....... Ponygirl
Maya Leach ....... Ponygirl
Mack Brent ....... Groom
Carla Gage ....... Handler
Ana Villa Copos ....... Groom
Frank Carliss ....... Groom
Iris Wright ....... Groom

From Chapter One: Erin lost her job working in an office and returned to her previous life in southern Arizona, where she met her childhood friend Wendy. Through Wendy’s ponygirl ranch Erin discovered her intense sexuality. She met her best friend, Chloe; they became close when they found how well they could work together, before they ever shared a single word!

In Chapter Two: Erin’s greatest discovery comes from the strangest little girl she had ever seen, Ione. Erin has a close call with Miss Evie. Erin is mated.

Chapter: Two
Ione flunks out.

Glenda woke Ione at 7:00 the next morning, “Wake Up. We’ve got things to do before the first class starts. I’ve brought you coffee,” She put the mug on the end of the small dresser in Ione’s room. Ione came out of her room in less than five minutes. It doesn’t take long if you don’t put on any clothes. She sipped the coffee from the huge mug as she walked. It would have been a big mug to anyone, but in Ione’s tiny hands it was huge, “I can’t drink this much coffee, it looks like a lake, I’ll be up for two days.”

The bells hanging from the rings pierced through her tiny black nipples and her vulva tinkled as she walked across the kitchen floor. Glenda smiled as she watched Ione crossing the kitchen. At four feet five inches, Ione was unique. She was very small, tiny actually, but she was perfectly proportioned. She weighed forty-seven pounds, and her measurements were; 24AA-14-25, and she told anybody and everybody who asked. Ione belonged to Evangeline Davis, Miss Evie, to everyone, who was probably one of the richest people on southern Arizona. She was literally Miss Evie’s naked pet, kept on a leash whenever they were out. Ione already had her nipples and hood pierced when Miss Evie acquired her, but Miss Evie hung a short gold chain with a bell from each ring. The bells were small and she tinkled when she walked. Miss Evie had found Ione in Hawaii, living in a small cabin near the beach on one of the smaller islands. Miss Evie was intrigued by Ione’s tiny size and attracted by her dark Asian beauty. Miss Evie convinced Ione to sign a contract with her; Ione literally belonged to her for a full year, with an option for a second year.

Ione’s black hair fell to the middle of her back and her skin was so dark that her tiny nipples looked almost black, she had beautiful dark brown almond shaped eyes. Miss Evie hired two women from a beauty shop to come out to her ranch home and permanently remove all of Ione’s pubic hair, with electrolysis. With the two working it only took them two sessions, Ione’s pussy was very small and she didn’t have very thick hair. When she visited the ponygirl ranch for the first time after she signed the contract, she had Ione tattooed along the left side of her left breast, and her own mark ED tattooed on Ione’s tiny right areola, below her nipple. The light color glowed on Ione’s dark skin. It was a service Wendy did not mind providing to a good customer. Miss Evie had given Bart, the tattooer/piercer a very generous tip. Miss Evie wanted Ione naked all the time, she kept a collar locked around Ione’s neck, and had her on a leash whenever they went out. Ione really belonged to her then.

Now Ione was here at “Ponygirl Adventure Ranch” for groom training, a three-day course offered for selected customers who were keeping their hired ponygirl at their campsite overnight. Miss Evie had reserved Erin, she wanted to be her first customer, she tried to be each of Wendy’s ponygirls’ first. This was the first time she was keeping a girl overnight, and for a whole weekend. Miss Evie had sent Ione to the three-day course while she was in New York attending some business meetings. Paddy, Patrick Fits-Simmons, the Head Groom and Training Director, wasn’t sure Ione was big enough, nor strong enough to handle the duties she would be required to perform to take care of a ponygirl, Wendy was concerned also. She wasn’t sure she could trust Ione’s sense of responsibility to care for someone as important to her as Erin had become.

Glenda waited while Ione took a quick shower, she led her outside, with her leash, to the sun block dip tank.

“Ione can you climb up the top of that tank?” she asked. Ione nodded and climbed up the steps and got to the top, she looked at the thick brown liquid inside. “Get in and duck hour head under the surface, and don’t drown.”

Ione looked into the tank, “What is it? It looks like flea and tick dip.”

Glenda smiled, “It’s sun block, really strong sun block. You’ll need it need it out here on the ranch if you run around naked all the time.” Ione nodded, she slipped into the tank.

When she surfaced she clung to the rail around the top, “I don’t have anything to step on, I can’t get out. And it’s COOLLD.” Glenda climbed up onto the top step and lifted her out. Soon they were both covered with sun block.

“Ione, see that shower at the other end of the dock? Go over there and pull the chain, rinse off out here. If you take this much sun block into the inside shower it’ll take three days to get it all washed out.” Glenda didn’t tell Ione the water would be cold.

“Eeyaaahhh!” Ione yelled, and shut the water off. Glenda walked to the shower, she led Ione back under the shower by her leash.

“Stand still,” She ordered. Ione stood where Glenda put her; Glenda pulled the chain for Ione herself. When she was completely rinsed they went inside, Ione shivered so much as they walked inside that her bells jingled. Ione went into the shower and took a hot shower to finish washing off and warm herself.

When she came out, all dried, she complained to Glenda, “I had to wash my hair twice to get it all out. I hope I don’t have to do that again.”

Glenda just answered matter-of-factly, “Your hair needs sun protection too, and you’ll have to get in there again in three days for the best protection. The ponygirls get in once a week.” She didn’t tell Ione that they waited until the sun had shined on the tank all day, to warm it before the ponygirls were dipped. “Ok get dressed and wear shoes, we need to go get Erin ready, then I’ll drop you at the groom classroom.” Ione went into her room; she was back in a few minutes wearing a very short white silk dress, carrying a pair of the tiniest work boots Glenda had ever seen. The dress was so short that the bell dangling from Ione’s pussy hung below the hem. It was so thin that her little dark body clearly showed through it. She had one of her little butt-plugs with her, too.

Glenda shook her head and mouthed, No. “Don’t you have any panties with you?”

Ione looked surprised, “I don’t own any panties. Where are all the other grooms?” Ione asked as she looked around.

“They are already out, getting their girls out. We have customers that get here at sun up. Erin is still in training, so I don’t have to get her around quite so early. That will change when she gets done and ready to go to work.” Ione nodded seriously.

When they got to Erin’s stall she was already up, and looking for her breakfast. While she ate Glenda braided her hair. Erin went to the sink to brush and Glenda went to the tack counter and waited for her to get done. Ione stayed near, as though she were still on a leash. Erin sat while Glenda put on her hoof-boots and pony-hands. When Erin walked across the room her bells swung around and jingled. She stopped close to Glenda, so she could fit Erin’s bridal harness. When Glenda finished Erin put her tongue out so Glenda could take out her small tongue stud and replace it with the long L-shaped stud that went out through a hole in her bit.

“Look at what I have for you, a new stud. See it’s gold to match your bells. Now all your jewelry matches.” Glenda proudly held out the tongue stud for Erin to examine.

“Oh, Ok. It’s kind of neat,” replied Erin. She put her tongue out for Glenda to install the new stud. The long portion of the L-shaped bar protruded through a hole in Erin’s bit and then out through her lips. When she stood with her mouth relaxed the end came about an inch past her lips. The short part had a flattened ball on the end under her tongue. The ball was big enough that it wouldn’t come out through the hole pierced in her tongue. The new gold tongue stud replaced a sterling silver stud that she had been wearing for the past few weeks. While Erin stood still for Glenda, Ione was looking at the bell dangling from her clitoris. When Ione reached out and touched the bell dangling there Erin squirmed and moaned.

“I don’t know how this is going to work.” Ione observed, “She’s wet already, she’ll be nuts by tonight. I know I couldn’t do much of anything. These rings and bells keep me excited all the time. It’s ok for living with Miss Evie, but I couldn’t really do much of anything if I was out on my own.” She continued to pluck at Erin’s ring and bell.

Glenda looked down at Ione, “All she has to do is pull whatever she is hitched up to. The driver sets her direction and speed. When she isn’t pulling I’m here to take care of her. She has no decisions to make. You’ll get all of that in the groom classes.”

Glenda snapped her lead to Erin’s bit and they went out the door and dropped her at the training corral. No one else was there yet, so Glenda made sure the gate was closed when they left.

When Ione came out for her lunch break Wendy and Paddy were waiting for her. Paddy suggested they all go to lunch together, in his office. The people catering the meal were from the customer cafeteria, the food there was gourmet quality.

It was another of Wendy’s innovations to keep the ranch making money, more than just the ponygirls she generated income from seven different aspects of her ranch. Her father had only brought in funds from the dude ranch and the sale of horses. There was also a successful southwestern souvenir and antique shop where the driveway to the ranch crossed the highway. In addition to the souvenir shop, it was also the entrance gate. It kept casual tourists from driving around just to see what was going on.

After the caterers were done Paddy began, “Ione I have,,,,” he looked toward Wendy, “,,,We have had some concerns about you taking this class. I didn’t believe you were big enough and strong enough to do what needs to be done to care for a ponygirl.” He looked to Wendy to continue.

She did, “that’s not all, I’m not sure you are the person to be responsible for Erin. She is very important to me. You know how special she has become here. I’m going to let you continue on in the class, but after you are through, I can’t allow you to be responsible for Erin’s care by yourself. After lunch we can go to my office and call your Miss Evie if you want.”

Ione looked relieved, she smiled, “No, I’ll tell her when she gets here to pick me up next Tuesday. If I can still stay here that long.”

Wendy nodded, “Of course you can stay, I think you’re wonderful and very sweet, just not ‘groom material’, and by-the-way your strength has nothing to do with my decision.” They finished lunch with small talk.

Ione Reaches the End

Thursday afternoon Ione finished her class; Miss Lisa presented each graduate with a diploma. Ione did well in the class, but she was happy that she would not have to be responsible for Erin. She knew that Miss Evie would not be happy about it, though. She went to the Groom Room; she was sitting there in the kitchen when Glenda came in. She was naked and had her leash coiled on the table. She hopped down from the chair when Glenda came in, her bells jingled. She showed Glenda her diploma, and Glenda smiled and nodded seriously. Glenda got a cup of coffee and sat down by Ione.

“Where is your butt-plug, Ione?” Glenda’s voice was firm. Ione responded immediately, she rushed into her room and returned quickly, with the little case. She handed the case to Glenda. Glenda opened the case and selected a butt-plug, she had a tube of lube in her pocket, she always carried one. She applied a generous dollop to the end, and motioned for Ione to turn around. Ione turned so fast that her bells jingled. She arched her back so that Glenda had access to her little anus. Glenda carefully pushed the butt-plug into Ione. Ione moaned when the thickest part went through her anus. Ione turned around and smiled at Glenda, in obvious appreciation, and enjoyment.

Glenda looked out the window and saw Lisa driving over the hill; she had Erin and Chloe running at top speed. They would be in the corral in a few minutes. She locked Ione’s leash to her collar, and headed toward the corral. They got there at the same time as Lisa. Pecos and Betty, the new handler, were also waiting. Pecos was showing Betty how to unhitch the ponygirls so Glenda stood back and waited. Betty had just started, to replace Glenda as a training handler. Betty was a pretty blonde haired girl in her early twenties. She was slender and wore a pair of very tight jeans and a red and white checked shirt. The bottom was unbuttoned and tied in a square knot at the bottom of her ribs. She was popular with many of the male handlers, many of the female handlers and grooms were not real happy that Paddy had not hired a male. There was a shortage of available males at the ranch, and it was twenty-five miles to Centerville. The ponygirls were considered livestock and not seriously considered available, Wendy made sure everyone knew the ponygirls were off limits to everyone, male or female. Betty had been a handler at a Tennessee horse farm; Paddy had met her when he was working at the Kentucky Derby. She had been a handler for several years.

Pecos had Xian’s lead and Betty had Glenda’s, the only change Paddy had made in their procedure was to have handlers snap leads on while they were unhitching, just like a racehorse. He wanted the ponygirls treated like the high-strung animals they were. He did not like the casual way the grooms and handlers treated the girls at the training corral.

Lisa approached Glenda and Xian while they were waiting for their girls, “will you bring your girls to the training room tomorrow morning? I’m having Pecos show Betty how to measure. We haven’t had any new girls in lately, but we’re getting several in during the next two weeks, for Miss Wendell’s new campground.” Both grooms nodded. “Good, Xian please come by at 8:00 and Glenda come in about 9:00.” Lisa turned to leave, but she stopped and turned back, “Thanks, both of you.” She had been quite a bit more polite since Paddy had become her boss. No one heard ‘Miss Lisa’ much any more.

Betty brought Erin to Glenda; Ione reached for the end of the lead, but Glenda took the lead above Ione. She pulled up on the lead and Ione let go.

Betty looked concerned, “What’s with her?” she asked in a loud stage whisper, “She’s all wet, look at all the dust stickin’ to her pussy.”

Glenda looked at Ione and then Erin when she realized which one Betty meant, “Yeah, she’s quite something,” was all Glenda said.

They all headed for the stable, Glenda had Erin’s lead in one hand and Ione’s leash in the other.

After Glenda got Erin’s tack off, and her hair let down, they headed for the bath stall to get Erin washed, she smelled strong and needed to be washed. Glenda ushered Erin into the stall, she didn’t need to adjust the water for her, she had bathed Erin enough that she got it right the first time. She finished Erin’s hair, her back, and arms, and then she had to give some extra attention to Erin’s nipples. For some reason she had gotten a lot of dirt into the holes in her nipples. When she was done Ione started with Erin’s feet and legs. Ione had a lot of dirt and dust to wash off Erin’s thighs and belly. She began to wash Erin’s pussy.

“Make sure you get real good around her clitoris ring, and inside the hole,” Glenda cautioned. Ione nodded. She took Erin’s clitoris in her little hands and carefully washed her, turning the ring to make sure she did a complete job. Erin began moaning, quite loudly. Customers nearby heard her and came over to see what was happening. Glenda heard a woman say, “This is the girl I told you about, look at this.” “She is so turned on.” and “Do you think she’ll faint.”

Ione held Erin’s clitoris with both hands, squeezing and releasing first one hand and then the other, Erin heard her little voice “Erin turn around.” She started to turn and Ione released her clitoris.

“Oh, no,” Erin said softly, she continued turning. She opened her legs so Ione could reach in from her rear. Soon Ione’s tiny fingers were probing between Erin’s pussy lips. She felt Ione’s fingers press into her vagina. Ione pressed her right hand and wrist into Erin’s vagina, and she pushed three fingers of her left hand into Erin’s anus.

Ione looked back over her shoulder at Glenda, “Don’t let me fall.” Glenda nodded, she grasped Ione’s left shoulder to steady her. Ione nodded.

“See if you can put your hand all the way in her, to the end,” said Glenda. Ione nodded. She pushed her arm farther into Erin. Her arm was inside Erin past her elbow. The three fingers in Erin’s anus became four. Erin slid down to her knees, she put her hands on the floor of the shower, and she started sobbing. Erin cried out and fell flat on the floor of the shower; Ione took her fingers out of Erin’s anus, but kept her arm inside Erin’s vagina.

“Come on, get back up Erin,” Ione said. She lifted with her arm and pushed and Erin started to rise. After Erin stood, Ione stepped into the stall with her. She was completely wet. She didn’t mind, she wanted to see how much of her little arm she could push into Erin. In a few minutes Erin had another orgasm, and she stopped struggling. Ione slowly pulled her arm out. She picked up the bottle of soap and poured some into her palm. She washed her arm and hands. Then she washed off Erin’s thighs and outer vulva. Glenda turned off the water; she helped Erin out and began to dry her with a large towel. She handed a towel to Ione, to dry herself. They went back to Erin’s stall, several people followed. Ione thought she was in a parade. Glenda had a blow dryer for Erin’s hair in the stall. She had to help Erin walk down the hallway. The 8:45PM announcement came while they were on their way, the crowd started to leave. By the time Erin’s hair was dry, they were alone. Erin sat in a chair and Ione came up to her, she put her arms out and Ione cuddled up to her. Ione laid her head on Erin’s breast.

Erin sobbed, “I’ve never felt anything like that before, how far did you reach into me?”

“Clear to the end, I touched the end of you, inside,” she answered. “She held up her right arm, and indicated above her elbow with her left hand, “Up to here.” Her bells tinkled as she moved.

Erin slid her hand down Ione’s back as she slid over Ione’s butt she felt the end of the butt plug where it protruded from Ione’s anus. “You’ve got one of these in you?” Ione nodded shyly. Erin smiled at Ione and slowly shook her head

Miss Evie’s New Pet

Miss Evie was very unhappy; she glared at Ione and looked at Wendy. Miss Evie was not someone to disappoint, but she was not someone to yell and throw things about.

“I just can’t give the responsibility for Erin’s care to Ione,” she repeated. “Erin put her trust in me when she signed the contract, I’m sure you understand.”

“Yes, I do,” said Miss Evie. She looked at Ione, “Ione why don’t you go out and sit with the receptionist for a few minutes.”

Ione nodded, “Is that dog out there?” She was afraid of Nana, Wendy’s Old English Sheepdog. Nana had never bitten or even tried to bite her. Nana was just so big, and she wanted to put her head between Ione’s legs. Once she had even gotten away with licking her pussy, from the rear.

“She’s in her kennel, I just fed her. So you’ll be safe,” replied Wendy. Wendy didn’t really want Ione in the outer office, she was naked, which Miss Evie preferred. Wendy did not wish to disrupt the office business. Miss Evie obviously wanted to talk alone.

“Why didn’t she pass?” Miss Evie asked. “She’s not too dumb, is she?” Wendy shook her head.

“No she’s not dumb. She just isn’t someone that I can trust with the care of one of my girls.” Answered Wendy. Especially not Erin, she added silently, to herself.

“Well do you have a groom I can take with me? What about her regular groom?” asked Miss Evie?

“Her regular groom has to go to New Jersey that weekend, she made plans when she thought Erin was going out. So I don’t even have anyone to take care of her here,” Wendy added. Actually she knew Paddy would gladly fill in.

Miss Evie’s demeanor brightened, “I have an idea, let me take her home with me for the weekend. It’ll be just like we agreed, Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday all day, and I’ll bring her back around noon on Sunday. I’ll double your fee and she will still get her ten thousand dollar a day tip.”

Wendy looked at her thoughtfully, “I don’t know, I have an exclusive contract with her to be a ponygirl here at the “Ponygirl Adventure Ranch”. I don’t want to violate my own contract.”

“I’ll just have her as my pet, just like Ione, no ponygirl stuff,’ responded Miss Evie.

“I don’t want any men near her, well I mean none,,,you know,,,messing around with her.” Said Wendy.

“I don’t let any men touch Ione. Although she’d like some to once in a while.” Said Miss Evie reassuringly.

“One more thing, you seem to have a butt-plug in Ione all the time,” noted Wendy. “We’ll have to work out something about that.”

“We have an agreement in our contract, no overnight butt-plugs, it’s limited to ten hours a day, and one time a day. Once it goes in, there are ten hours ‘til it comes out. If it is taken out before that, that’s it until the next day, that’s my rule. Ione would run around with it in her rear all the time.”

“It sounds to me like we can do business here,” said Wendy.

Miss Evie held up her hand, “There’s one more small matter, I want to leave Ione here for that weekend. Leave her when I pick up Erin and pick her up Sunday when I drop Erin back here. Do you want a hostage?”

“No, I don’t want a hostage, but yes I’ll keep her, for those days, and I won’t charge a boarding fee,” Wendy smiled.

“Great, I’ll be back Friday afternoon.” Miss Evie held out her right hand to shake on the deal. They shook hands. Miss Evie went out through the office, picked up Ione and they went out to Miss Evie’s blue Lincoln.

When Glenda delivered Erin to the training stable she was not sure she was real happy with the situation. She knew Betty needed to learn how to do the measurements, but using Erin, her Erin, as a test mule. She knew Pecos would be careful with Erin, but it still rankled her. When she took Erin over to the training stable she didn’t put any tack on her. They just walked over to the door and went inside. She didn’t care if she broke Miss Wendell’s rule about taking a ponygirl outside without tack, she’d have tack there to put on Erin when they were done measuring. Pecos had already showed Betty how to measure and what to measure for the forms. Then when Chloe came in he helped Betty measure Chloe. This time would be the test, he would watch as Betty made the all of the measurements. She measured Erin’s feet and legs then moved to her head, arms, and body. Erin knew what to do next, but Pecos had cautioned her not to do anything until Betty gave the instructions. Betty directed her up onto the table and had her kneel. Next she had Erin bend at the waist and place her arms on the tabletop and then lay her head on her arms. Erin was now on the table with her head down and her butt up with her legs parted. Betty lubed the anal measure, with a large glob of lube from a large green tube. She carefully pushed the cone shaped measure into Erin.

“Ok, I’ve got size 8.” She said incredulously, “Pecos, that’s pretty big.” She looked on a chart, “That’s three inches.”

Pecos said, “Yeah when she first came in here, Glenda measured her at size 7, - two and three quarters.”

She went to the other end of the table and pulled up the gynecological foot stirrups up and latched them into place. Then she said, “Erin please slide down here and put your feet up in these stirrups. She put the leather straps over Erin’s ankles, to help her keep her feet up where they needed to be. Betty picked up the first measure, it was eight inches long with a two-inch handle on the end, and there was a stopper between the measure and the handle. She applied lube to the measure and pushed it into Erin as she lay there on the table. It went in easily completely to the stopper. She pushed a little more an pushed the stopper in also.

Pecos said, “Betty, stop, you’ve hit the end.”

“Oh, I guess I need a bigger one.” Pecos nodded.

Betty went to the cupboard and picked out a much bigger measure, it was twenty-four inches long and three inches in diameter. Betty applied lube along the length.

“I don’t think I really need this lube, she’s already really wet. Betty put her left hand on Erin’s belly and pushed the measure into her. She kept the pressing, Erin moaned. She stopped, and checked the measurement.

“I’ve got thirteen and one…… quarter……inches. Can that be right? Thirteen inches, I’ll bet she has a hard time finding a satisfying relationship, Betty said. She was amazed.

“Uumm what do I do with this now?” she asked. She was still holding the end of the measure, she pushed again.

“I’ve got thirteen and one half,” she said she regained her composure, and gently pulled the measure out of Erin.

“She has a really big clit, too,” she touched Erin’s clitoris, with her index finger.

“I don’t see the end of this ring, how does it come off?” Betty squeezed Erin’s clitoris with her finger and thumb. When Erin moaned again she stopped.

Pecos said gently, “None of her rings come off, they’re permanent.’

“How can that be,” Betty asked as she removed the straps over Erin’s feet. “Couldn’t you just cut them off?”

“They’re titanium, gold plated titanium, you can’t cut them with clippers and if you try to saw through the titanium will just eat up your saw, and it’ll get so hot that she’ll fry,” Pecos answered.

“I’ve seen cutters that would cut titanium,” Betty responded.

“Look at what they’re hooked to,” would you want to put your nipple in one of those cutters?” Pecos asked. “Besides have you seen one of those cutters around here?”

Betty had to agree, “Yeah I guess, she is pretty well done for life.” Pecos nodded. Glenda came back and had all of Erin’s tack,

“I’ve got to get her all ready, and Lisa is taking them up to the new campground area for today.”

The ten days until Miss Evie’s Friday came quickly, Erin was hitched with Chloe and together they pulled Lisa or Marlene across the countryside, throughout the week. They grew together as friends and as ponygirls.

Wendy hired several new ponygirls; she hired her first Latinas, surprising in southern Arizona. The two were from Florida, Ivette and Yasmin. They looked like sisters; both were five feet and five inches tall and had similar bodies, they were both very pretty, with large dark brown eyes and thick black hair. Ivette’s measurements were 35B-26-36, but Wendy knew that with a little work that would change. Yasmin looked a little slimmer, her measurements were 35C-25-34, and they hadn’t known each other before starting at the Ponygirl Adventure Ranch. Wendy also hired an Asian girl, Keiko, she was tall at five feet and seven inches she weighed 157 pounds. Her measurements were 36A-28-40; a little running and good diet would be helping to change that, too. Keiko was gorgeous she had straight black hair to the middle of her back, and brown eyes with little black flecks.

Bart had been real busy, the two Latinas, were tattooed in the same color and style, Miss Wendell had told him she intended them to run as a team. So Ivette and Yasmin each had their names tattooed on their left breasts and CP-CW on each of their bellies, in a circle just above their pussies. He also had to pierce each of their nipples. He had to replace a large ring in the outer edge of Yasmin’s left nostril, with a much smaller one.

Keiko took a bit more work, she needed all of the piercings, and he started with the tattoos when Betty brought her in that first evening. Her tattoo color was harder to find, he knew she would get darker when she started spending a lot of time in the sun. He decided to do a couple of piercings now and the rest in two days. When Betty brought Keiko in there were a few problems. She had agreed to the tattoos and piercing, but she had hoped to convince them not to actually do them. She sat in the chair and Bart had strapped her wrists in place, she started to get antsy while he was putting the seatbelt around her middle. With Betty’s help she was strapped in place, Bart explained that she had signed a contract agreeing to the tattoos and he would be doing them, she sat back resigned for now. When he had completed Keiko, she wasn’t quite so upset. Then after the CP-CW, she was calmed quite a bit.

“That wasn’t so bad,” she said. “I thought it would hurt a lot more. That’s kind of pretty.”

Bart brought the piercing tools over to the chair; he took a deep breath, “This will hurt a bit more.” With that he prepared the skin on her nipples for piercing, after he washed each nipple. He applied disinfectant, and with one smooth stroke pushed his piercing needle through Keiko’s left nipple, he put the ring through and moved to her right side.

“Are you ok,” he asked? She looked a bit pale, but she nodded. Bart pushed the needle through Keiko’s right nipple and put the ring in place.

“I need to do two more, I figured to wait until tomorrow or the next day. What do you think?’ he asked.

She looked up at him, “Am I going to be real sore then?”

“Yes probably pretty bad. This is actually the best time and that way you won’t come back over here all sore and tender, and they can heal all at once.” Bart looked at her carefully. She closed her dark brown eyes.

“Let’s keep going, then I can just lay there and suffer tomorrow,” she said, keeping her eyes closed. Bart pierced her navel quickly.

Then he said to her, “this next one will be a bit harder. You have to be perfectly still, if I don’t get it perfectly straight your tongue stud will be crooked forever.” She nodded and put her tongue out; Betty held a small plastic foam block under her tongue for him. Five minutes later she had her tongue stud in place. Betty assisted her out and to her stall. Bart checked on her a couple of times over the next few days. She did very well; she actually healed faster than usual. She was healed enough to be back on her feet in three days, her nipples were still sore for a couple of weeks, but she was healed enough to get her training started.

Ponygirls with larger breasts, like Yasmin, had an extra strap that was part of the pulling harness that went around their chest below their breasts to hold them up and control motion. Without any sort on motion control they often got sore breasts and many have had to take days off to heal. Time costs money, Wendy made sure that each ponygirl who needed her breasts supported had it. Often a girl started believing she would need the extra strap found that she didn’t need it after she lost the extra weight, when they lost excess fat, their breasts lost weight too.

Miss Wendell had a pair of permanent rings and bells for Chloe. One evening after Xian had bathed and fed Chloe, she put a fresh pair of hoof-boots and pony-hands on and took her without a bridal or bit to the tattoo shop. Bart met them at the door, and sent Chloe to the last chair. Chloe put her arms on the chair for Bart to strap down. He put the waist belt around her and removed her CBR’s. Chloe sat very still while he installed the new segmented rings, with her new bells hanging from longer chains. He put a drop of “super-glue” on each end and made sure each was aligned perfectly before he pronounced them done. Chloe found out they were permanent when she got back to her stall and wanted Xian to remove the bells so she could go to bed.

On Friday morning Glenda was late getting to Erin’s stall, Erin was awake and standing when Glenda arrived. Glenda was pushing a small cart; among other things Erin’s breakfast was on the cart. After she ate Erin brushed her teeth. She went over to the tack on the counter and stood there waiting for Glenda to put her tack on.

“We’re not putting tack on today Erin. Please come over here and sit down. Erin did as she was instructed. Glenda had a black leather collar trimmed with sterling silver on the cart, she locked it around Erin’s neck. Next she had a set of wrist and ankle cuffs that matched the collar, she put these on Erin. Also on the cart were several silk dresses that fit Erin like the one’s Miss Evie had sent for Ione. Glenda had Erin try each one on. Each dress was very short, so short that the bell from Erin’s clitoris showed beneath the hem. The top was a so small that Erin’s breast showed when she moved around. Glenda folded the dresses and put them into a valise. Glenda’s cell phone rang; it was Miss Wendell letting her know it was time to bring Erin to the office. She didn’t know that Miss Wendell knew her cell phone number. She locked a leash onto Erin’s collar, and took her to the office, entering through the private entrance. The only time she used the private entrance to Miss Wendell’s office was when she was expected, if she came for some business of her own, she came in through the front.

Miss Evie and Ione were already there; Miss Wendell took the leash from Glenda.

“Thank you, Glenda, now go ahead and have your weekend. We will see you on Monday.” She said. Glenda went to Erin and hugged her and whispered good-bye in her ear.

After Glenda left, Wendy turned to Erin, “Are you all-right,” she asked? You seem unusually reserved.”

“No, I’m fine,” she answered. She looked around at Ione and Miss Evie, “What’s up?”

“You know that Ione isn’t going to be your groom for the weekend like we had hoped, but Evie still wants to have you for the weekend. I’m sending you with her, to her place. This way you still get your pay and she will also give you the tip you agreed on last month. You won’t be doing any ponygirl duties, but you will be her pet.”

Miss Evie stood up, “I think we should get this show on the road, here’s your check.” She handed Wendy a check, and Wendy gave her the end Erin’s leash. She handed Wendy the end of Ione’s leash.

Miss Evie smiled as she stood next to Erin, “This is like having a standard instead of a toy.” She looked over at Ione, “I’ll see you Sunday, this isn’t forever just for the weekend.” She picked up Erin’s bag and led her toward the door. Erin’s bells were jingling and tinkling as Miss Evie led her through the outer office. They got into Miss Evie’s Lincoln.

When they got to Miss Evie’s home she led Erin into the house. Erin was surprised to see all the people working there; they were not surprised or upset to see Miss Evie leading a naked woman with a collar and cuffs. She took Erin upstairs to the master bedroom.

“This is our room, just stand right here for a minute,” she said to Erin. Miss Evie picked up the end of a long chain that was attached to a loop set in the floor, and locked it to Erin’s collar at the same time she unlocked the leash. “You can reach the toilet from here.” She went into the bathroom and returned with a small case; she put the case down on the table beside the bed. Miss Evie opened the case it held several butt-plugs, all of them size seven. She selected one of the plugs and applied some lube to the end.

“Erin turn around for me.” She pressed the butt-plug against Erin’s anus. “Arch for me, and it’ll go in easier,” Miss Evie suggested. Erin arched her back and her butt turned up, the butt-plug slid into her easily. Erin moaned slightly when the widest portion entered her anus.

They spent the rest of the afternoon quietly at home. Erin didn’t mind, but things seemed quiet and tame. Miss Evie made her sit on a towel if she sat in any fabric-covered chair, and pointed out the chairs that she was not allowed to use at all. When evening came and all of her outside help quit for the day, Miss Evie took Erin for a walk outside. They came back and stopped on the patio next to the pool, there was a long chain coiled next to Miss Evie’s chair. She locked the chain to Erin’s collar and unhooked the leash.

“You can reach the pool from here, if you want. It shouldn’t be cold the sun has been shining on it all day,” Miss Evie suggested.

Erin nodded enthusiastically and went to the edge of the pool, it was huge obviously Olympic sized, Erin slipped into the water, she was afraid to jump, she didn’t want to come up short and hit the end of the chain. She looked back to see she still had several coils of chain left. She swam around a bit and got out, when she looked around for a towel, a maid was there immediately to hand her one. The maid was dressed in a gray and white stiffly starched uniform she had several towels on a large wicker tray. This is really strange, she thought. I’m here on a leash and this maid is bringing me a towel. The maid was looking at her nipple rings and the bells. Erin realized she was looking for the way to take them off.

“They don’t come off,” Erin told her.

The maid looked at them, “Oh my,” was all she said. She put another towel on the chair next to Erin, and went back inside the house.

Miss Evie called Erin, “Please come over here a minute. Let me take a look at you.” When Erin stepped up beside the lounge chair that Miss Evie sat in. Her pussy was even with Miss Evie’s face, Miss Evie picked up the bell hanging from Erin’s pussy. She pulled gently, Erin moaned slightly. Miss Evie put her fingers between Erin’s lips as she traced the chain to the end. When she got to the end she grasped Erin’s clitoris between her thumb and forefinger. She rolled Erin’s clitoris between her fingers, Erin writhed, but did her best not to pull too far.

“You have a huge clit, I’ve never seen one this big. It’s real sensitive too, isn’t it?” she said as she pinched her fingers harder. Erin moaned again, quite loudly. Miss Evie suddenly let go of Erin; she turned back to her book.

“Go get back in the pool!” she said to Erin. “And keep your hands up where I can see ‘um.” Erin just stood there for a few minutes. Miss Evie pushed gently on Erin’s hip. Erin turned and went back to the pool and she slipped into the water.

In a while Miss Evie called Erin to come over to her, she attached her leash and unlocked the chain. “After you get washed up, we can have dinner,” she said. They went in the house then upstairs to the room she had shown Erin earlier. Erin stopped by the end of the chain so Miss Evie could lock her up again. Miss Evie shook her head, “No I’ll take your collar and cuffs off so you can take a shower. I don’t really think you’ll run away, I just like having a really good lookin’ woman on a leash. Erin nodded.

“Do you want me to give you a bath?” she asked. “Ione told me that a groom gives you a bath every day. Turn around and I’ll take that butt plug out of you.” Erin turned around for her; she arched to make it as easy as possible to get the butt plug out of her. Miss Evie pressed on the end and gently pressed it in small circles. Erin began to moan softly, Miss Evie grasped the end of the butt plug and twisted while she pulled and removed it from Erin.

“Well the groom does bathe me, I’ve only been there for a couple of months, so I still remember how. If you want to wash me, it’s your deal, it would probably be real nice,” Erin responded. She hoped that she let Miss Evie know that it was her call, she could wash herself, but it would be nice to just stand there and have Miss Evie wash her off.

“Good come on in the bathroom,” said Miss Evie, as she walked into the bathroom, “check out the shower.” Miss Evie took off her clothes as she walked, dropping them as she went. When she got to the shower she was naked. Miss Evie slid the shower door open. The shower was huge at least eight feet square, with six shower nozzles. Miss Evie was not exactly beautiful, but she was not bad looking. She was about five feet and four inches tall and weighed about 130 pounds. Her breasts were medium sized and had large dark brown areolas.

She stepped back so Erin could get in too. She washed herself while Erin waited, then she started washing Erin. When she was done with a very thorough bath, she began to fondle Erin’s pussy and anus. When Erin started to moan and writhe about. Miss Evie turned off the water and said, “Let’s get dried off, and get our dinner.” Miss Evie had a real big blow dryer and Erin’s hair was dry in a matter of minutes.

“Where did you get this dryer, I want one of these,” remarked Erin. “We all have real long hair and it seems to take forever sometimes.”

“Aren’t you still all turned on?” Miss Evie asked incredulously.

“Yes, I am,” Erin answered, “but I am so turned on so much of the time I’m used to it.”

“Ione said you ran all day everyday all turned on. That sometimes you are so wet that you come in to the corral with dust and dirt stickin’ to your pussy and thighs. This evening we are going to see what you can do,” Miss Evie smiled bleakly. Erin had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. They walked down the stairs and went to the dining room. Dinner was all laid out on the table; a chair was set-aside for Erin, a towel was folded and lay on the seat.

Erin finished most of her dinner, she ate plenty of vegetables and a few bites of roast turkey, but she had lost her appetite for meat. She was surprised, on some days she believed that the meatless diet Wendy provided was terrible the rest of the time she just disliked it immensely. She knew that being naked all the time left no place to hide any body fat, and that Wendy’s menu was superb for fat reduction.

Miss Evie made small talk, and Erin nodded and said, “yes” at the proper times. Miss Evie thought Erin was a wonderful conversationalist. When they were done Erin went upstairs to brush her teeth. When she was done Miss Evie was waiting in the bedroom for her, she had a set of wrist and ankle cuffs with a matching collar. This set was polished stainless steel, the collar was contoured to fit her neck comfortably, not just a flat two inch steel band. Miss Evie put the collar around Erin’s neck and locked it with a small polished brass padlock. The wrist and ankle cuffs had self-locks mounted on the outside of each band. The collar had five rings evenly spaced around the outside to lock on to. The wrist cuffs had three rings and the ankle cuffs had two. Each was decorated with gold appliqués of ED, just like the tattoo on Ione’s breast. Miss Evie snapped her leash on the collar and took Erin downstairs. The house was empty of servants and domestics, except for a couple of voices from the kitchen.

“Tomorrow evening I’m having a little party, just a few people, maybe ten couples. They are all members of a small club that I have. In each couple one of them is the Master and the other is a slave. We have parties as often as we can, someone has to provide entertainment and tomorrow it’s my turn. Tomorrow night you will be the entertainment.”

“Oh, what will I have to do?” Erin asked cautiously.

“Nothing, I’ll take care of everything,” Miss Evie smiled. The sick feeling in Erin’s stomach returned.

“Come on over here, sit by me for a little while,” Miss Evie patted the upright chair on her right. Erin sat there and Miss Evie fondled her breasts and nipples. She began to play with Erin’s pussy and her clitoris. She fondled Erin carefully, she intended to make Erin as turned on and stimulated as possible without letting her have an orgasm. If she went too far and gave Erin an orgasm, she could just start over.

After about an hour and a half Erin started to sob, tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Would you like to have an orgasm, Erin? Would you like me to finish you?” she asked.

Erin continued to cry, “Yes, please,” she sobbed.

“Uumm, No,’ Miss Evie said coldly. “Would you like to finish yourself, while I watch?”

“Oh-ok,” Erin said softly.

“No, maybe not,” Miss Evie said again. “Erin put your hands behind your neck.” When Erin put her hands up behind her neck Miss Evie locked her wrists to two of the collar rings with two short pieces of chain, giving Erin’s each of arms about eighteen inches of movement.

She effectively kept Erin from touching herself below the waist.

“Erin do you know what a Sybian Horse is? Have you ever seen one?” Miss Evie asked.

“No, I’ve never heard of that breed.” She answered.

“That’s not what it is, Erin,” She said. She took the leash and led Erin into another room. It looked like a small dance floor, or party room. At one end of the room was a short heavy table; on top of the table was a rounded device that looked like the seat part of an English riding saddle, but a bit smaller, from the center of the seat a large dildo stood up. It was curved slightly forward.

“Ione told me how far into you she put her arm, she also told me that you almost fainted. Tomorrow we will find out if you actually will get so turned on that you do faint.” Erin didn’t say anything; she just looked at the dildo sticking up from Miss Evie’s toy. She realized that was why Miss Evie was doing so much to turn her on and the not let her have an orgasm, just get so close, and then stop.

“This isn’t as big as Ione’s little arm, but it’s the best I could find on short notice, looks pretty good,” Miss Evie was pleased with herself. ‘Come on, it’s bedtime, let’s go upstairs.” When they got upstairs, Miss Evie locked the chain to Erin’s collar.

Miss Evie looked at her gravely, “I think maybe I should leave the chains on, help you keep your hands away from where we wouldn’t want to see them.

Erin woke up in the morning when she heard the maid cleaning up in the bathroom, and muttering about picking up Miss Evie’s clothing. Erin got up and went in to the bathroom. The maid looked up and saw Erin coming into the bathroom she looked at Erin carefully.

“Wow, Ione said you were very tall, and very beautiful,” she said softly. Erin stepped closer, she nodded and then looked toward the toilet, the maid realized what Erin wanted and opened the lid for her. Erin was unselfconscious about using the toilet with her still in the room. When she was done, she sat there a minute trying to decide what to do. With her hands locked above her waist she couldn’t even reach the paper, let alone to apply it to its purpose. She smiled to herself – In other words, I can’t even wipe my own butt. The maid showed Erin the value of good domestic help. Without a word she stepped forward and got a handful of paper and held it until Erin leaned forward. When Erin did she wiped her anus carefully, and then got a second handful and did it again for her.

“She’s crazy, you know,” she whispered in Erin’s ear. Erin nodded quickly with a couple of little motions. She held up her hands demonstrating the wrist cuffs and shrugged. She knew there was nothing she could do. Miss Evie was going to try to get her so turned on and then see if she could make her actually pass out from the sensations. Erin didn’t mind that Miss Evie wanted to show her to her friends, but trying to make her faint was just mean, especially telling her about it before. Erin knew that she could not resist, once Miss Evie started to fondle her nipples and play with her clitoris she would be unable to resist or stop from getting so very stimulated.

The phone in the bedroom beside the bed rang, Erin heard Miss Evie answer it. Miss Evie was not happy when she was done. She came into the bathroom, she had the keys for the collar and cuffs, she unlocked Erin.

“Something has come up,” she said, “I’ll take you home. Please hurry and get your bag and get ready to go.” Erin waited in the bedroom, all she had to do was pick up the bag and she was ready. She hadn’t worn any clothes for two months. When Miss Evie came out of the bathroom she was dressed in designer jeans and a western shirt, with the tails out.

“I need you to put on a dress,” she opened Erin’s bag and picked out a pale blue silk one. “Here this one.” Erin put it on, the silk was nearly transparent, and it was so short that the bell dangling from her clitoris was visible below the hem; her body was clearly visible through the material. Miss Evie had a leather collar that she locked around Erin’s neck. She put a leash on the collar. Miss Evie opened the little case of butt-plugs she had for Erin. She looked through the contents as though she had to choose one. Actually all of the butt-plugs were identical. She finally decided on one and picked it out. She had a little disposable packet of lube, after she applied lube to the butt-plug she turned to Erin.

“Step over here for a minute Erin,” she said brightly, as thought she wanted to show Erin an interesting photo or a pretty hat. Erin approached and turned around, she arched her back to present her anus to Miss Evie. Maybe she had to let Miss Evie put a butt-plug in her, but she didn’t have to let her enjoy it too much.

Miss Evie glowered at Erin, but she pushed the butt-plug carefully into her anus. Erin gasped when the larger part went through; Miss Evie turned the end of the butt-plug in a circle to get it seated correctly. Erin moaned slightly, Miss Evie stopped and stood.

“I guess we better get this show on the road,” she said as she started getting around to leave. She picked up a package from a stand behind the bed and dropped it into Erin’s bag. She took the end of the leash and led Erin out to her car and they got in and she backed out of the driveway.

As soon as they were on the road, Miss Evie made several phone calls, she called Wendy and told her something had come up and that she had to leave town and go to Atlanta, that she was bringing Erin back and would be there in about an hour and a half. Then she called her pilot to make arrangements to fly to Atlanta. She settled back and started to drive faster. After about an hour she pulled off the highway and went through a drive-thru and got food for each of them, and they were back on their way. They got to Wendy’s ranch exactly when she said she would. Wendy was in her office, and Xian was there with her, Ione was not there.

“What’s going on?” Wendy was concerned. She looked at Erin.

Miss Evie held up her hand, and shook her head. “The CEO of one of my companies, in Atlanta, was arrested by the SEC, the CFO left town. He probably went to New Hampshire. Erin was wonderful, but I’ve got to go to Atlanta, now. I may be as long as three or four months, can I leave Ione here?”

“Of course, whatever you need,” replied Wendy.

She looked at Erin, “You may want to give that package I gave you to Miss Wendell for safekeeping, and you look beautiful in that dress.” She handed Wendy a cell phone, it had a small tag with Ione hand written on it. With that Miss Evie, got up and headed out. Erin got the package out of her bag, and opened it, she brought it to Wendy, and it was full of money. Bank banded packets of one hundred dollar bills.

“It’s your tip, the whole thirty thousand dollars. What do you think of that?” said Wendy. “I’ll put it in my safe now and I’ll take it to your safety deposit box Monday morning. Before you go out take off the dress, and it does look good on you.” She looked toward Xian, “Take that butt-plug out of her when you get to the stable.” Wendy obviously did not share Miss Evie’s fascination with butt-plugs.

Erin said, “Thanks, it’s hardly much of a dress, though.” She stood up and took it off; she dropped it into her bag. Xian had the

end of her leash. They went out and headed for Erin’s stall. Erin’s bells jingled and tinkled as she moved across the room and through the door.

Erin Meets an Old Friend

Erin spent the day in her stall, since Glenda was out of town and the training handlers and grooms were all dealing with the new ponygirls, Erin was pretty much on her own. Xian came by with her lunch and promised to be back, at bath time.

“Maybe I can bring a friend to visit later, after hours,” she said. After hours was slang for after 9PM when the customers had to leave.

Xian was back to bathe Erin a little early, at 8PM, and she had Ione with her. Ione was naked and on her leash, Xian seemed to have made peace with Ione. She even had a butt-plug in Ione’s little anus. Ione was having a great time hanging out on the ranch. She was a bit surprised to see Erin.

She came up to Erin and put her arms around her waist. Erin wanted to talk to her and to Xian, but there were quite a few people around in the hallway. She didn’t realize that most of them were there to watch her getting her bath. Xian led her to the bath stall and turned the water on for her. She adjusted the temperature for Erin and ushered her inside. Xian washed up Erin’s top half and Ione started with Erin’s feet when they met in the middle Ione stepped into the shower behind Erin and applied soap to her hands. She started washing Erin’s butt, while Xian washed her belly and worked down to her pussy. Erin was moaning softly, she was getting turned on quickly, all of the things Miss Evie had done got Erin going quickly. Ione had finished washing Erin’s anus and was just fondling her. Xian pressed her palm against Erin’s pussy and Ione pushed two fingers into Erin’s anus. Xian pressed harder and then pulled her hand back, she folded up her two middle fingers and inserted them into Erin. Ione pressed harder and then released her hand pulling it back entirely. Xian pulled her hand back and then folded it and pushed it into Erin, at the same time Ione folded her tiny hand and pushed it into Erin’s anus. They were both there with a whole hand inside Erin.

Erin moaned loudly, and cried out loud, “Ooh My Godddd!” They didn’t stop; both were clenching and unclenching their hands, and pushing in and out. Erin moaned again as she had an orgasm, but they didn’t stop they kept up for ten more minutes, Erin had several more orgasms, Xian didn’t try to count them, she thought that was too tacky. Ione had a different perspective, she counted seven, but she was wrong, there were more. They got Erin dried off and back to her stall, when Erin looked at her clock, she had been gone for over an hour. Erin’s dinner was waiting; it wasn’t much a soy lunchmeat and soy cheese sandwich and a large bowl of salad. There was a small note from the kitchen ‘Sorry, We didn’t know you would be back so soon.’

On Sunday morning Xian was there to wake Erin about 6:00, she had Ione with her she just put hoof boots and pony hands on Erin and they went to Wendy’s office. Wendy was there already, sitting at her desk. She was wearing jeans and a white silk top. Her little pink nipples were clearly visible through the top. It was the first time in many years she had seen Wendy in casual clothes. She had always dressed very well, since they were twelve years old in about the sixth or seventh grade.

She looked at Ione as though she was surprised to see her there, “Do you have one of those butt-plugs in you?” Ione shook her head she looked a bit scared. Wendy continued, “I just got a call from Glenda, it’s daylight back east. She is getting married and not coming back to work. She will be back in a couple of weeks to get her car and her stuff out of her room in the Groom Room. She looked at Erin, “Did you know what was going on?” Erin shook her head. Her bells tinkled as she did.

“You know that I’m not exactly ‘In the Loop’ here. You told me all I have to do is run in the direction I’m pointed,” Erin responded. She felt a bit abashed about talking back to Wendy, but Glenda didn’t tell her anything. More than most everyone else, Glenda treated her like livestock. You wouldn’t tell a horse about secret plans, Glenda didn’t tell Erin anything.

“I wasn’t accusing you of conspiracy, when you were going with Miss Evie, she hugged you and whispered good-bye in your ear.” Erin realized how observant Wendy really was.

“I wondered about that, but then I thought she was just being sweet about my first paying customer and leaving here with someone else,” responded Erin. “You know Miss Evie is crazy. She had some pretty nasty plans for me.” They both looked at Ione.

“Maybe you should tell me about it later,” Wendy said thoughtfully. Erin nodded.

“But, Guess What!” said Wendy. “I have a surprise for you.” She turned to her desk. “Do you remember, Alicia Perez, from our biology class.” She looked at Xian. “The three of us used to sit in the back together and play with all of the display stuff the teacher had back there. We almost got caught when we opened a jar with a pig fetus and stunk-up the whole room. Well she has been a groom on a ranch in south Texas, now she’s here.” Wendy went to the door to the outer office and opened it she ushered Alicia in.

“Alicia just had to take the one day groom class here. Now I have someone I know that I can put with you. Xian did you bring the rest of Erin’s tack?” Xian nodded and held out a black nylon bag to Alicia.

Alicia came up to Erin, she put her arms around Erin, and she laid her head on Erin’s chest, and said “We’ll talk later Hummm” she ushered Erin to a chair where she could French braid her hair. After she was done she put Erin’s bridal over her head and retrieved the long tongue stud and bit from the bag Xian had brought, it was in a small box in the bottom. After everything was in place she got Erin up onto her feet. Erin was much taller with her hoof boots than Alicia; she was taller than Alicia’s five feet and four inches anyway.

“Alicia will take you out for a few bites of breakfast and then put you today’s line-up, there are so many customers that I just barely have enough ponygirls to keep them all moving. No campers to today, just day-trippers.” Day-tripper was Wendy’s name for daily customers who just wanted to have a ponygirl for a ride through the country. It could be the toughest assignment on some days.

Wendy had each customer checked through her database. Wendy had procured the same facial recognition software that casinos used to look for undesirable gamblers, card counters, and cheaters, and that airports used to look for known terrorists trying to board planes, even disguised. Wendy’s observation abilities made her undesirable in Nevada. When she discovered {the hard way} the usefulness of the program, she procured it immediately. Her people checked everyone who came here against all of the files of offenders that were available on the Internet. She did her best to keep her ponygirls safe. She really had two reasons, the first was that a ponygirl was practically helpless, except to run, and she had to do what she could to keep them safe from the customers. The second was financial, each ponygirl represented an asset she had to protect, and she made nothing on a ponygirl who was laid-up. She had health insurance, but business insurance would not help her with any loss relating to ponygirls.

Alicia led Erin out to the stable. She stopped at the cafeteria where she procured a bunch of food for Erin. Erin was not too pleased when she found out that she was going to have to eat with her bit and tongue stud in place and with her pony hands, she had to let Alicia feed her.

When they got to the sulky corral Erin had gotten interested in all the activity, there were customers and ponygirls all around. Once the customer was in the sulky, a handler led the ponygirl to the corral gate. When they were out the gate the handler let them go, the ponygirl had to start going and get out of the way so the next one could get going. If the customer didn’t do anything the girl still had to go somewhere, to get away from the corral gate. If the customer bought a ponygirl by the hour it was up to him or her to get back on time or pay for the extra time, in fifteen-minute increments. There were extra charges for making the girl wear a butt tail; the girl got seventy-five percent of the extra fee Wendy charged. This was not considered part of the one hundred – four thousand dollars she was promised in her contract.

Erin got in the line for daily customers, or walk-ins. When she got to the front of the line the handler had a small case with her name lettered on the top. He opened the case, Erin could see inside it was her butt-tail! She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. The handler had the same green tube of lube in his hand that each groom and handler used. He applied a large glob on the end of the plug. He stepped up to Erin’s side and put his left hand on her belly and held the tail in his right. Erin arched her back so that her butt turned up, this gave the handler better access to her anus. He pressed the butt-plug end firmly into Erin. She gasped as the wide portion went through her anus; he gave it a quick twist and moved it around to settle it in her. He helped an older woman into the sulky and led Erin out through the gate and let go of her bridal. Handlers in the sulky corral didn’t have time to put a lead rein on each girl so he just led her out by holding the side of her bridal. Erin started walking on the main trail immediately; the old lady snapped the reins and wanted Erin to start going faster. The pathways were marked in minutes to complete the loop. That way the customer could pick the appropriate path to complete their ride when the wanted to avoid excess expenses.

Erin ran through the path the old lady picked so fast that they could also go around a short loop too. The old lady was so appreciative that she left a one hundred dollar bill for Erin.

When she got back into line she thought a handler would come and take the butt-tail out of her. The same handler that had put the tail in her came up and led her near the front of the line and had her stand still until it was another old lady’s turn. He came over and led Erin to the front of the line. He helped the old lady into the sulky.

While he was leading Erin to the gate he whispered in her ear, “Request,” was all he said. She got another tip when she was done.

By the end of the afternoon she had pulled about ten or maybe even fifteen customers. Not everybody left a tip, fortunately no one else wanted to pay the extra fee for the butt-plug tail. All-in-all Erin thought it was a pretty good day, especially for her first day.

After she was done Alicia, was waiting for her just out side of the sulky corral gate, she snapped her lead to Erin’s bridal and hey headed for the stable. Erin pulled toward the blue and white pole in the corner of the corral, Alicia went with her so she could pee on the ground.

As they walked along Alicia asked, “Well how was your first day?” Erin nodded, she was tired but she liked having the first day behind her. Alicia noticed the wetness and the dust clinging to Erin’s pussy and thighs.

“Do you want to eat first?” Alicia asked. Erin shook her head. “Bath first?” She nodded.

“I’ll give you a really good bath,” Alicia said with a sweet smile. They walked the rest of the way quietly.

Erin had been a bit concerned about Alicia giving her a shower, but now that they were here and she was getting wet her concerns seemed smaller. Alicia was very efficient, she had gotten Erin’s tack off and her hair braid removed, very quickly, they were on their way to the bath stall in just a few minutes. Alicia got the water temperature correct and held the gate open for Erin, after she was in the stall Erin was not concerned about their prior relationship, but Alicia was. After Alicia washed Erin’s hair and arms and then her legs, she started on Erin’s body. She washed Erin’s back, and then she stopped when Erin turned around to get the front washed. Alicia hesitated, her hands were up she had already put more soap.

“Ok, it’s time,” Erin whispered. Alicia nodded. Hesitantly she reached forward and washed Erin’s breasts she continued with the rest of her upper body and then returned to Erin’s nipples. She carefully turned Erin’s nipple rings to make sure she got any dirt or dust out of the holes. Alicia continued to squeeze and pinch Erin’s nipples, until Erin started to breath heavier.

“I guess there’s more to wash,,,huh?” Alicia said softly. Erin nodded. Alicia stepped closer to Erin, and reached down between them. She gently stroked Erin’s pussy, and then she inserted her index finger between Erin’s pussy lips. When she touched Erin’s clitoris she pulled her hand back, quickly. Alicia stepped back and applied soap to her hands, this time when she touched Erin it was to finish washing her.

“Turn around, please,” said Alicia, and made a twirling motion with her right hand. Erin turned and arched her back so Alicia had the best access to her anus. Alicia washed her carefully, to get all the lube from this morning’s customers, and the dust and dirt clinging. When Erin turned around Alicia was ready to continue bathing her pussy. Alicia made sure the she did a good job with the ring through her clitoris. When she finished washing, she gently stroked Erin’s inner lips with her left hand while she pinched and pulled Erin’s clitoris with her right hand. Alicia did not have large hands and Erin’s vagina easily fit over her entire right hand. Alicia stroked her hand in and out until Erin had an orgasm. Alicia started to pull her hand back; Erin grasped her wrist and held her inside, she shook her head and silently mouthed, no.

“Please, not yet,” Erin said softly. Alicia nodded and reached around Erin with her left hand and began to stroke Erin’s butt where she pushed two of her fingers into Erin’s anus. They were so close they were nearly hugging; Alicia was getting wet in the shower, too. When Erin had an orgasm, Alicia pulled back and removed her hands. She had to assist Erin back to her stall, and dry her hair there. She got Erin’s dinner and left to go to the Groom Room. Alicia came back at 9:PM, she was walking with the handler who came through to lock the doors, and she also had Ione with her on her leash.

Alicia came in and sat next to Erin on a stool, Erin ‘s stall didn’t have chairs there was a set of four matching stools. It was easier for a groom to get tack onto or braid hair and put bridles on with the ponygirl on a stool. Erin’s were covered with red leather, and nice to sit on. The stools in her stall were a bit higher because she was so tall, at five feet and nine inches, her inseam was thirty-six inches and with her hoof boots she was six feet-two inches tall, she needed a tall stool. She put her arm around Erin and leaned her head against Erin’s shoulder.

“I’ve wondered where you and Wendy were,” said Alicia, “your file said you’ve got just six more weeks ‘til you get off the probationary status.”

“No four weeks,” answered Erin.

“Those first two weeks don’t count on your ninety days of probationary running, you get paid for them of course. You still have to be running for ninety days.”

“Yeah, I just got stared here, I was in Phoenix before,” Erin responded.

“Did you do all right with me bathing you today?” Alicia asked slowly. “I felt funny at first, but after I got started I felt a little better. I did get it, from Paddy when I got back to the Groom Room. Getting in the shower with you and getting all wet was too much like participating rather than just giving you a bath. I’m supposed to just bathe you like giving a bath to a horse in the bath stall at any horse ranch. Then just masturbate you like it was part of washing you up.”

Erin nodded, “I was a bit anxious at first, but I got over it once you got started. Lately it hasn’t taken much to get me real hot. Did you notice how wet I was when I came in from the corral?”

Alicia nodded, “Yup, I sure did, do you get wet like that often?”

Erin nodded, “I get wet everyday, especially since Wendy had these rings put in me permanently.” Erin gestured toward her breasts and the rings.

“Wendy did that?” Alicia looked in amazement. “Did she say why?”

Erin nodded, “To see how hot I could get, and to keep me turned on all the time. It works.” Alicia reached out and tenderly touched Erin’s left nipple ring. “She did what she thought would be best for me to enjoy all of the time I spent as a ponygirl.”

“Well she treated you like livestock,” answered Alicia.

“I am livestock.”

While they were talking Ione was quiet, she came over to Erin and put her arms around her waist, even sitting Erin was so much taller than Ione that she could only reach to Erin’s waist. Ione touched the bells hanging from Erin’s nipple rings. She played with Erin’s rings while they were finishing their conversation.

“Erin, the next time I help give you a bath, like I did with Xian the other day, you have to have an enema first. I told Alicia all about it. I also told her how far I pushed my arm into you, and how much you were turned on by that,” Ione related. “I’m sorry about Miss Evie, I knew that she was competitive, and that she wanted to show you to her ‘special’ club, but I had no idea that she was going ot try to do that.”

Alicia looked at Ione, “Tomorrow we are going to be running late, day-trippers until after 9:PM, and we’ll get things ready for her when she gets done. There won’t be any customers in the stable, and as long as I stay dry, there won’t be any problem.”

Erin smiled and nodded.

Ione looked at Alicia like she had just gotten all of her wishes granted, “We can get everything ready for her, and be all set up when we pick her at the corral.” Ione was ready to leave then so she could get back sooner.

Alicia woke Erin up at 8:AM and got her ready to pull. She took Erin to the sulky corral to start pulling at 9:30. Erin had a pull that wanted her to wear a tail right away, and then didn’t have another one until almost quitting time, but then it was four in a row.

Then it was time to go, Alicia was waiting outside the gate for her, and she had Ione on a leash. When Erin saw them Ione had her back turned and Erin saw that Ione had talked Alicia into putting a butt plug into her.

They walked to the stable with Alicia in the middle, Ione was on the right, and Alicia had her leash in her right and Erin’s lead in her left. When they got to Erin’s stall she quickly removed Erin’s tack and undid her French braid. Alicia had unlocked Erin’s inside room, and had everything ready for Erin.

“Erin stopped at the door, “I’m not supposed to go in here yet.”

“You are not supposed to go in here yet, on your own. You have to go where I take you,” Alicia corrected. “I checked with Paddy, just to make sure. Here get up onto this table and lay on your right side, and draw your knees up a little bit.”

Erin got up on the table as Alicia instructed. Alicia picked up a green tube and put a dab of lube on the index and middle fingers of her right hand. She applied the lube to Erin’s anus and pushed her fingers into Erin.

While she was lying there looking up she saw the enema equipment hanging from the stand by the head of the table, “How big is this bag of water?” Erin was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to old it all.

“Just lie there and be quiet, Erin,” Alicia cautioned. Alicia had a long enema tube on the end of the hose from the bag and started inserting it into Erin’s anus. The tube was four feet long with a red line along it’s length, and bands around it a foot apart. Alicia pushed the tube into Erin; she carefully fed the tube in, all four feet. Erin stirred a bit as Alicia was feeding the in the tube.

“Be still, this won’t take too long,” Alicia said as she patted Erin’s hip. She opened the stopper and let all of the water flow into Erin, and then she pulled the tube out for one foot, the bag was empty, so she replaced it with another two quart, bag of sterile water, and then released a quart of water. Alicia pulled the hose out another foot and released another quart. She changed the empty bag for a third full one.

“Erin started groaning, “I can’t take any more, let me get up.”

“Lie still, only a little more. I’ll tell you when you won’t take anymore,” Alicia responded firmly. Alicia pulled the hose back about six more inches and then released all of the water. Ione had been watching the entire procedure, she had a size 8 butt plug lubricated and ready to insert.

“Lie still, and don’t let anything leak out,” Alicia ordered. She withdrew the tube completely, and held out her hand, Ione quickly put the butt plug into her hand. She inserted it quickly, but as gently as she could into Erin’s anus.

“How long will I have to keep this in?” Erin asked in a small voice, “will it be much longer?”

Alicia stroked Erin’s forehead, she shushed Erin, “Be still, I’ll get you up in about five minutes. Then we’ll try to go fifteen more.”

Erin nodded, she hoped it wasn’t for fifteen more after that, she felt very full and she felt an uncomfortable gurgling.

“I feel like I’m about to go right now, Alicia,” she said, after almost five minutes.

“Go ahead. With that butt plug in you nothing will come out, but you’re welcome to try,” Alicia responded. Erin started sobbing silently, her shoulders were shaking and tears were coming out of her eyes, but no sound came out. When Alicia saw this, she got Erin up, and they started walking slowly down the hall toward the shower stalls. When they got to the back, they continued through to some toilet commodes that were out side the rear doors, setting in the open on the rear dock. When Erin saw them she tried to pull back, she wanted to use the ones inside, as she had done since she got here. Alicia didn’t allow her to pull back.

“If you want to go at all, you’ll go here, Erin,” she said. She continued to guide Erin to the toilets. Erin nodded. When they got there Alicia guided Erin to the proper position, to use the first toilet, the one most in the open. She reached behind Erin and touched the butt plug. She began to gently press and push it in small circles. Erin moaned she felt her rings the bells swung around causing even more intense sensations. Erin started to have an orgasm; the feeling was intense as it swept over her. She fell back Alicia held her up, until she could pull out the butt plug. Ione just watched as she was amazed by the intensity of Erin’s response. Alicia and Ione stepped back while Erin expelled the water. In about ten minutes she wanted to get up, Alicia made her stay sitting for a while longer. In about five more minutes she had some more to get out. When she was done Alicia and Ione came up to her and got her to get up.

“Shall we go to the bath stall now,” asked Alicia? Erin just nodded, she felt quiet and peaceful. Ione snuggled up to her as they walked to the bath stall. They got Erin into the stall and washed her together, Alicia washed the top parts and Ione the lower. When they got together they were done washing. Alicia began to press her right hand firmly against Erin’s outer pussy lips. Ione had soaped her right hand and pushed three of her fingers into Erin’s anus. She intended to see how far she could put her arm into Erin again, but this time into her anus, she and Alicia had made this plan earlier. She had heard from Betty that she had measured Erin’s anus at size 8, nearly three inches. Alicia continued to fondle Erin’s pussy lips she was being careful to keep from getting in Ione’s way. They had gone over anatomy charts to make sure Ione could get her arm inside and follow Erin’s internals. Erin stood with her legs slightly apart and arched her back so Ione could get the best access to her anus. She wondered why Alicia wasn’t doing more and trying to push her fingers inside. She forgot about that when Ione pushed her whole hand into her. Ione kept pushing and more of her hand and arm went into Erin. Erin began to very hot, she was glad the water was running. Alicia began to pinch Erin’s clitoris gently, and began to pull also. She began to pinch harder and pull farther. Erin began to moan and sob, and Ione continued to push her arm into her. Alicia started to grind her index finger and thumb together squeezing Erin’s clitoris as hard an she could. Erin began to cry out loud Alicia kept her pressure on Erin’s clitoris, and Ione actually had her arm into Erin nearly ten inches. Erin had the most tremendous orgasm she had ever had and then again, when she had a third orgasm she fainted.

Erin opened her eyes and she was back in the stall lying on her bed. She felt odd, her clitoris hurt and her anus felt tender, she was dry even her hair was dry, she tried to imagine how long she had been there. She looked around for her clock, but someone was standing in the way, Wendy.

“Hi there, Pervert,” Wendy said. She, Wendy, and Alicia had called each other ‘Pervert’ when they went out together.

“Bite Me, Pervert,” Erin answered. “Where’s the other Pervert?”

Ione came up, “You mean me?” She was naked, and had her collar on without a leash.

“Yeah, you and that other Pervert,” Erin answered. She looked for Alicia.

Erin saw that she had a line drawn around her arm, just above her elbow, with Erin written beside it.

“That far? How far is that? Did you measure it?” Erin asked all at once, forgetting about her hurting clitoris. Ione turned her arm around and showed her where she had written 10 ½ in.

Alicia came over; she knelt beside Erin and hugged her around her neck. “For a while I was afraid that I’d killed you!”

Then Paddy came over; he looked down at Erin, “Ya Know, I should Frie all Three of Ye!” nobody mentioned that he couldn’t actually fire any of them, nor fry them either. Erin looked around her whole stall was full of people. Chloe was there, and the ponygirl Shia, both of them were naked, Chloe’s bells were tinkling as she moved around talking to others there. Shia didn’t have bells, hers were removable, and her groom, Andrea, had taken them out when she took the tack off. The handler Betty came over and smiled at Erin and patted her shoulder. She straightened and gave a quick wave; she was off headed to her room.

“She has to work early,” Wendy said. “I’ll be seeing you three tomorrow, in my office.” Wendy didn’t sound too threatening as she said good-bye to them; she leaned down and gave Erin a very sweet kiss on her lips. Soon everyone else was out and she had her stall all to herself again. The next morning would have to wait – until the next morning – tonight Erin was going to sleep for a while. She’d heard people from her office – when she worked in another life – about sleeping so well after having sex. She had not found sex very exciting before, tonight she felt very satisfied and relaxed.

She woke up on her own and looked around; she had expected Alicia to be there when she woke up. There was only one drawback about this whole life, her stall really was locked, and she really couldn’t get out on her own. Like I told Alicia “I am livestock.”

Wendy’s office was pleasant, and it seemed crowed with Erin, Alicia, Ione, Paddy, and Betty all there. Erin was wearing all of her tack, hoof boots, pony hands, bridle and bit, and a sulky pulling belt. She had been out pulling since the first customers got there, thankfully none wanted a tail. It could have been a bit uncomfortable. She felt fine just that her clitoris was a bit tender,,,,,, no her anus was a bit tender, her clitoris hurt like hell. Erin, Ione, and Alicia were all standing in front of Wendy’s desk; it was obvious that Wendy was not terribly upset. She was bothered that they were so hasty with their preparations. She sent everyone back to work, except she kept Erin and Alicia to talk for a few minutes. She still did not want Erin’s bit out though. Wendy had something more for Erin, she wanted to find out of Erin was interested in doing something even more extreme. Erin could not ask anything she had to agree or not, she wanted so much to see what she could do to achieve sexual satisfaction. When Wendy looked at her to have an answer she could nod or not. She nodded.

Wendy told Alicia to take Erin back to work and then come back to discuss a few matters. Alicia clipped her lead onto Erin’s harness and took her back to the sulky corral. When they got there she released Erin and turned back toward Wendy’s office. Erin felt a little bit anxious; she knew they would be talking about doing what Wendy wanted to do to her without her input, just like livestock. She didn’t get to worry about it too long though; she had to pull for most of the afternoon, one customer right after the other.

The next two weeks went by; as well as possible, Alicia didn’t have anything to tell Erin. Erin didn’t know if that meant Alicia didn’t know anything or if she wouldn’t tell her anything. She went out and pulled sulkies all day and then Alicia and Ione took her back to the stable, gave her a trip to the bath stall. She needed Alicia and Ione to take care of her every evening, she ran pulling a sulky all day, the rings through her nipples and her clitoris stimulated her so much that she came in every evening with dust sticking to the juices on her belly and thighs. Erin had become very popular with three different older women that came in often to take her around the track. They liked the fact that she was so fast, and that she would go fast enough that they could get to run an extra trip around a smaller loop for the same cost.

Alicia brought Erin’s dinner one evening after her bath; there was an envelope on the tray beside Erin’s meal.

“You got a letter so I brought it to you,” Alicia said cheerfully.

Erin practically tore the envelope open, “Who would send me a letter?” It was from Glenda, she was sorry that she left the way she did; she was coming soon to pick up her car and things she had left in the Groom Room. She expected to be there in two weeks, she would be bringing her new husband too. She told her new husband what type of stable she had worked in. He wasn’t sure he believed her, so she wanted to show him around the ranch.

Betty had been aiding Wendy and Alicia designing some equipment for the Erin’s next step to get her as stimulated as they could. Betty was familiar with a framework to hold a skittish mare for breeding; it had been designed at the horse farm in Tennessee. She re-drew the plan scaled to fit a ponygirl. Wendy had it made at a shop in Centreville. Wendy also purchased some other equipment, to make the event more memorable for Erin. Betty used the measurements she made during her practice test that day with Pecos, to keep the whole project as quiet as possible. Erin had gotten so much more excited when she had no control, so she would be brought to the corral behind the training stable and secured into the breeding frame without being informed what was going to happen to her.

Wendy had Paddy take Glenda’s car to Centerville and had it detailed and checked over so Glenda wouldn’t have any trouble with it when she was ready to head out with it.

Erin is Finally Bred

Erin was out with one of her regular customers when Glenda arrived; Wendy greeted her and met her new husband. Edgar was a very nice man and Wendy could see why Glenda had married him, but he was totally out of his element here. They left to go look around and Glenda got to introduce him to everyone she could find. Wendy’s plan for Erin had been scheduled for tonight, she told Glenda that there was a special treat for Erin and she was invited to bring Edgar. Wendy wouldn’t say more so nothing would possibly get back to Erin. Wendy had invited Erin’s three special customers to join them in the corral after the 9:PM closing. They all assured her that they would be there.

Keiko had gotten into good shape, she lost weight to 134 pounds and her measurements were now down to 36AA-26-34. The two Latina ponygirls were also getting into shape. They had been a little slow to start, but now they were competing with each other to see who could do the best. Ivette had gotten down to 34A-22-34 and Yasmin was down to 34B-21-35. Each had lost several pounds and was proud of her new shape and figure. Glenda had a chance to show Edgar how the process started and what steps were taken to achieve those results. Both Glenda and Edgar had taken care of horses for several years, so Edgar soon shared Glenda’s attitude toward the ponygirls, livestock.

Alicia was at the sulky corral to get Erin early; she took Erin to her stall and then got her ready for her bath. They went to the bath stall and Alicia got the water started. Glenda and Alicia traded places then. Glenda stepped in when Alicia got Erin into the stall and ready to have her hair washed. When her hair was rinsed she realized that it was Glenda doing the bathing. There were several customers watching the procedure as Glenda finished the bath and started masturbating Erin. She had Erin turn so she could reach between her legs from the rear. She pressed her thumb into Erin’s anus and her two middle fingers into Erin’s vagina. She squeezed her hand and fingers together, and inserted all four fingers inside Erin. Glenda closed and opened her hand to fondle Erin. She didn’t take too long to finish today. When she got Erin out of the bath stall to dry her, Edgar came up to help. They chatted about washing horses and washing ponygirls, and how they compared. The only part Erin had in the conversation was that she was the ponygirl. When they were done Alicia took Erin back to her stall. Ione was there and she had Erin’s lunch. Ione had a matching collar and cuff set, they were black leather with twin polished bands around each. The collar also had a plate riveted in the center of the front, with CP-CW engraved in the center. When she saw the collar, Erin wanted to ask what was up, but there were so many customers in the hallway that she could not speak out loud. Ione smiled and nodded. Wendy had purchased Ione’s contract from Miss Evie. The only problem Ione had with the whole process was that Wendy did not share her appreciation of butt plugs. Ione found out what Erin had learned, Wendy did what she wanted with her livestock.

Ione stayed with Erin through the evening, Alicia booted her out when she came to put all of Erin’s tack on her. She braided her hair and put her bridle on her before Erin realized things were not following the usual course, but Alicia had gotten started before the 9:PM closing so Erin couldn’t ask anything. Alicia had Erin all ready to go quickly. She snapped her lead to the right end of Erin’s bit and led her out of the stable. They headed toward the training stable and as they walked Erin noticed that there was quite a bit of activity around. When they got near the rear corral, Alicia took out a large black silk scarf she rolled the scarf into a blindfold. She put the blindfold around Erin’s head, and made sure Erin could not see anything. Erin knew that there were no obstructions to trip over so she was not concerned about that, but she knew that something was happening and that she was part of it. When she got into the corral she could hear that there were several people trying to be quiet in the corral. The special guests included the three customers that Wendy invited, Glenda and Edgar, plus Chloe, because she and Erin were friends, and Shia, for Wendy’s own reasons. Wendy had Ione with her; she held the end of Ione’s leash. Several other grooms and handlers were also there to assist with the mating. Erin was scared now, she couldn’t see what was happening and heard nothing to reassure her. Alicia led Erin to the breeding frame, Betty was there to assist getting Erin secured into the framework. They secured Erin’s legs, then leaned her forward and attached the straps to her arms and upper body. The frame was adjustable, so Betty pushed the forward part of the frame into position. Once Erin was locked into place, Alicia turned a crank that moved Erin’s thighs apart giving complete access to Erin’s pussy from the rear. She was spread open for everyone in the gallery to see. The gallery was quiet in anticipation of the next step.

Two handlers, Pecos and Betty, stepped forward and lifted a covered table around and set it behind Erin. Pecos removed the cover, Betty finished the assembly and set a stand behind Erin. The machine was a motorized dildo; the dildo was 12 inches long with a 3-½ inch diameter. The machine was already adjusted for Erin, the dildo would move in and out 9 inches. Wendy had wanted to be sure that it would not go far enough inside Erin to cause any damage, and that that 3-1/2 inch diameter was large enough to fill Erin without hurting her. After the machine was set and the dildo inserted in Erin, Betty removed the blindfold, and Pecos turned on the motor to start the dildo moving in and out of Erin. The blindfolded trip had gotten Erin so turned on that Betty didn’t need to use any lube to get the dildo started, and once it was moving in Erin she made even more. Erin’s bells were now dangling straight down from her nipples, and swinging around from the motion of the machine. Erin’s sensations were so very intense, her nipples and her pussy were both being stretched, and she was strapped to the frame and held in an open position. Erin started to have orgasms almost immediately. Wendy kept the machine going for half an hour. Then she signaled Betty to pull the plug. Wendy had the machine shut down and Erin was nearly unconscious, again. Alicia went to Erin and started untying her; Betty came up to help immediately. When they got Erin untied she was very peaceful, and she just wanted to lie there. Alicia got her up and took her to where Wendy was sitting with her guests. “Erin, is very responsive for us, the more we take control of her the stronger her response. Shia was rapt, she was also a quite jealous, and she saw how strongly Erin responded. She wanted the same for herself. That was why Wendy had her brought to the corral.

Chloe and Shia were the only other ponygirls that Wendy had brought to the corral; both were in their finest tack. Chloe was happy for Erin, she knew how intense Erin’s response was, she had come into Erin’s stall the night Alicia and Ione had made her faint. Shia wanted to be taken to the same heights. She came up to Wendy and stood beside Erin, she hoped that Wendy understood what she was trying to tell her. Wendy smiled at Shia; she knew exactly what she wanted. That was why Wendy had her brought to the corral that evening.

Wendy saw her guests out and then had Shia brought to her office, in her tack.

“Shia, do you want to try to go where we have just taken Erin?” she asked. Shia nodded.

“How much do you want to turn yourself over to me?” was her second question. Shia shrugged, she did not know the answer.

“Does that mean you will do anything I ask?” and Shia brightened she nodded and smiled. Yes, Yes, Yes, anything, YES she would have shouted if she could have.

The next morning Wendy checked with Bart, “Do you have another set of permanent rings there?” Yes he did.

“I’ll be sending Shia over this evening, please install a set for me,” she suggested.

“I’d be glad to help out,” Bart responded.

Shia Gets Hot

Wendy asked Shia’s groom Andrea about getting Shia more turned on all the time. Andrea said she didn’t believe Shia was that hot, she only asked to be masturbated every two or three days, besides she didn’t really want to be doing it all that much anyway. Wendy had Joan take over for her that day, Andrea took Shia over to the sulky corral and she was transferred to one of the new girls.

Shia finished up pulling from the sulky corral; one of her customers was one of the ladies from last night. She had wanted to get a better look at Shia. When Wendy explained how Erin had gotten more intense orgasms the more self-control was taken from her, and now Shia was interested too. So she came out and rented an hour to get a good look at Shia.

Shia was ready to go when Joan got there to get her from the sulky corral, her last customer had just gotten done and the handler unhitched her and then Joan was there to get her. Wendy had called earlier to have her released early and called Joan to get there to pick her up. Joan snapped her lead to Shia’s bridle and led her to the stable. When they got there Joan removed Shia’s tack and led her to the bath stall. Joan adjusted the water for Shia; she didn’t want the water all that hot she preferred to cool off at the end of a hot day with a comfortable shower. Joan washed Shia’s blonde hair first then she worked down to her shoulders. She had Shia turn around she washed her upper body then washed Shia’s breasts paying special attention to her pink nipples, making sure the holes were clean of all road dust. Joan finished Shia’s body and then skipped to her feet working up her legs. Joan washed Shia’s butt first making sure she did a good job around Shia’s anus. Shia’s pussy was washed carefully; Joan pressed the palm of her hand on Shia’s pussy. Joan pushed her middle fingers into Shia until she stared to moan. She had Shia turn around and open her legs so she could fit her hand between them. Joan pressed the palm of her hand on Shia’s pussy and put her two middle fingers into Shia and then pressed her thumb against Shia’s anus. She pressed harder until her thumb went into Shia. She grasped and released until Shia had an orgasm, but she didn’t stop. Joan continued until Shia had a second orgasm. Shia just stood in the stall until Joan took her by the shoulders and moved her out to the center of the room. She got Shia dried and her hair blown dry. They went back to Shia’s stall and found Shia’s dinner was there waiting for her. Shia ate and brushed while Joan was gone to check with Bart. She came back and put hoof boots and pony hands on, they left without bridle and bit.

Bart was waiting for Shia when they got there; he opened the door for them. Bart locked the door during the busy season because so many customers came in to see that was going on that he was concerned about sanitation. He directed Shia to his favorite chair, the last one, at the end of the line of four. He strapped her wrists down on the arms of the chair and put the waist belt around her. Bart removed the CBR’s from her pink nipples and got the new permanent rings ready to go in. Shia asked if these rings were permanent, Bart nodded. He wasn’t sure if she was aware of the plan or if she was willing to take a permanent step. Shia sat still for him to complete the installation of her new nipple rings. When Shia stood she jiggled her chest so the bells jingled, she got a surprise. She had more intense feeling than she had ever had.

“Ooh! Wow! These are really something,” Shia was overjoyed.

Bart said, “You know they don’t come out, ever.”

Shia stopped, “Ever? Never, ever?” Bart shook his head gravely.

“They are made of titanium, it’s gold plated titanium, I had to open them with this tool,” he held up the special pliers, “and before I released them, I put a drop of this “super-glue” on each end. Now I can’t open them with the little tool and a saw will just get so hot you’ll get burned real bad.” He turned to Joan and had her take Shia back to her stall. She went quietly with Joan.

In the morning Joan got her out to the sulky corral and she went right out with her first customer. While she was out pulling, Joan and Betty opened a different stall for her. There were four stalls on a raised platform in the center of the hallway; Wendy had closed them because they were all open, on all four sides. It left the ponygirl completely in the open at all times. Even the little toilet commode was in the open. She wanted Shia in one to take some more self-control from her.

When Joan met Shia at the sulky corral, she had Ione with her. Joan had heard from Paddy how much Ione helped with Erin, so she got permission from Wendy to use her to help with Shia. Wendy’s motives were not entirely altruistic, she saw how much Erin was in demand by customers and how much more she made. Having a ponygirl that was all turned on and getting wet while running was good for her too. When Joan and Ione brought Shia in from the sulky corral, they took her to her new stall. There were several customers around watching as she took Shia’s tack off. They took Shia down to the bath stalls and put her in her stall. Ione helped washing her, Joan started on top and Ione with Shia’s feet. By the time they met in the middle, Shia was getting really turned on, she was breathing heavy and moaning softly. Joan washed her soft, pink nipples carefully making sure she turned the rings so they were clean in the centers. Shia’s nipples were very sensitive, the jiggling and shaking from running all day with heavier bells and chains affected her more than she thought possible. Ione started to wash Shia’s butt and worked down to her anus, Ione soaped her fingers and pushed her index finger into Shia. Shia arched her back so Ione had better access to her anus; Ione pulled her hand back to put another finger into her. Shia’s anus was not as easy to push into as Erin and been, but Ione knew she would be soon. Joan put three fingers into Shia, they were a tight fit at first, so she kept spreading them to help make more room and stretch Shia. Shia had an orgasm, but Joan and Ione kept on. Joan intended top stretch Shia enough to get four fingers inside, and she hoped Ione could get three fingers in too. By the time Joan had Shia stretched enough to get another finger in she had two more orgasms. Ione didn’t get Shia stretched enough to insert a third finger. Joan got Shia out of the bath stall and rubbed her dry with a large bath towel. Wendy wanted each girl dried by the stall, so she was taken down the hallway completely naked, and not partially wrapped in a towel. It was important to have them naked for the customers who paid to go into the hallway to watch bathing and care by the grooms. W hen Joan got Shia back to her stall, dinner was waiting, and after Shia ate and brushed Joan left her for the night. Shia started to wonder as she lay on the bed, she felt more like she was on display than she had since starting there.

After Joan got Shia out for the next day, she checked with Paddy, about getting a butt plug for Shia to get her anus stretched a bit. Paddy called her later and told her Wendy wanted to see her in the office, and to go in through the private entrance. When Joan went into Wendy’s office Ione was there already. Wendy was not in favor of butt plugs, but Ione had come to her with the same idea for Shia. Wendy was surprised when Ione and Joan had the same idea. Ione said she thought that stretching Shia’s anus would help getting more fingers into her. Joan wanted to just get Shia to be able to relax her anus. Wendy agreed that relaxing Shia’s anus would help her to achieve the sexual heights she sought. Wendy explained that Shia really couldn’t be stretched; they could get her to relax her anus for maximum penetration. So she agreed to letting Joan use a butt plug to get her opened more. She checked the file and found Glenda measured Shia when she first started as size 6, two and one-half inches. Wendy told Joan she was authorized to go to size 6, the few moments she would be open larger to get the butt plug in were not important. After they left Wendy called to the sales office, and had them offer half-price for anyone to promote interest in getting a butt tail in Shia. Within ten minutes Shia had her first customer with a butt tail in several days. The handler brought Shia to the front of the line and brought the box with Shia lettered on the top. She opened the box and took out the butt tail; she stepped to Shia’s left side. After she applied lube, the handler put her left hand on Shia’s belly and held the butt tail in her right hand. Shia arched her back to give the handler better access to her anus. Shia moaned softly as the handler pushed the wider part through her anus, the handler gave the tail a twist and pulled gently to make sure it was seated properly. When she released Shia on the trail she began to run immediately, the customer was not quite ready and was surprised. He had rented Shia previously, he liked the way she looked from the rear, but this tail swaying before him was very nice. When this ride {ponygirl slang for customer} was done the handler got Shia from the rear of the sulky line and brought her to the front, a second customer wanted her with a butt tail. Shia ran the best she had in quite a while. Ivette was next in line when the handler brought Shia in front of her for a small man who looked pretty light; Ivette had three heavies on a row and really wanted a light ride, the next ride was another heavy. Wendy wanted each of the girls to pull from the sulky line when they first stared for the experience. Ivette and Yasmin pulled from the sulky corral three times a week and worked together the other days. Shia finished this ride and the handler took the tail out, which was the last butt tail customer for the rest of the day.

Joan and Ione were waiting for her when the handler released her; before Joan led Shia to her stall she inserted a size 6 butt plug, then Joan led her to her stall. Joan opened a small box with the butt plug inside. She opened the box so Shia could see it before she took it out. After she lubed the end she stood at Shia’s side and put her left hand on Shia’s belly, and pushed the butt plug into her with her right hand. Shia was excited, very excited, her nipples and anus were very tender, and her pussy was wet. Joan had noticed the dust sticking to Shia’s pussy lips and thighs. Tonight she and Ione would give Shia another ‘good’ bath. Shia was looking forward to it; Andrea had not been all that interested in helping her after a hard day. She had to ask for relief and then Andrea just did as little as necessary. Joan had been masturbating her daily like it was part of the bath. Shia wanted to run to the stable.

In Chapter II: Erin reached newer heights, and she influenced Shia too.
Ahead in Chapter III: Erin’s contract is sold! Ione becomes Wendy’s special pet.