Ponygirl for Hire - Chapter I

by Long Johnson
- do not use without the author's permission.

Note: This is a work of fiction, derived entirely from my own imagination. Any similarity between any persons living or dead is strictly coincidence, or my good luck. I’ve never been to Arizona, I just picked it because my atlas was open to that page when I picked up.

This is written in several parts (8 so far) so all of the characters listed are not in each part.

Characters at Ponygirl Adventure Ranch

Erin van Daalk....... Ponygirl
Candace Portia Cooper-Wendell ....... Wendy
Chloe Jensen ....... Ponygirl
Paddy – Patrick Fits-Simmons ....... Head Groom and Training Director
Xian Wakasa ....... Groom
Glenda Proter/Edgar Garner ....... Handler/Grooms
Ione Shusu ....... Pet
Miss Evie – Evangeline Davis ....... Wealthy Psychopath
Shia Jarret ....... Blonde Ponygirl
Denise Winters ....... Ponygirl
Betty Kline ....... Handler
Pecos – Carl Winston ....... Handler
Lisa Dennis ....... Head Trainer
Marlene Allen ....... Trainer
Keiko Ide ....... Ponygirl
Yasmin Cruz ....... Ponygirl
Ivette Diaz ....... Ponygirl
Elaine Winston * ....... Handler
Melissa Savadge ....... Ponygirl
Alicia Perez ....... Groom
Stacy Adlan ....... Ponygirl
Joan Carter ....... Groom
Lydia Carstairs ....... New Owner
Alyssa Iwis ....... Groom
Carmen Mendoza ....... Hairdresser
Nancy Willets ....... Ponygirl
Kim Garner ....... Groom
Veronika Dylon ....... Ponygirl
Diane Rush ....... Ponygirl
Maya Leach ....... Ponygirl
Mack Brent ....... Groom
Carla Gage ....... Handler
Ana Villa Copos ....... Groom
Frank Carliss ....... Groom
Iris Wright ....... Groom

Chapter: One

Erin becomes a Real Ponygirl.

Erin ran through the cool morning air. She felt good and she felt fast. Erin had just one more week until she completed the Ponygirl School, then she would start to work for the campground and get paid to pull a sulky or a little trailer. At 5’9” and 128 pounds with medium sized breasts, large nipples and a small waist Erin was very pretty, her dark brunette hair was in a French-braid, it swung across her back as she ran, it hung down her back like a tail. She liked the whole idea of running naked and pulling a sulky too. Erin had been in good condition when she started, because she ran and had good workouts five times a week. She had gotten into even better shape during the last few weeks; her waist was now down to 22 inches, she was very proud of her small waist and her abs. that showed for the first time ever. She had worked so hard so many times before but she could never get more than just a hint of muscle bulges. Her hips had gotten down to 34 inches, and thighs slim enough that her anus and pussy were visible from behind. If she had worn a bra, it would have been a 34A. Her nipple rings jiggled as Erin ran, and in the early morning cool freshness they were quite cold, and made Erin’s nipples so very hard. She loved working here for her childhood friend Wendy.

When Erin graduated from Western High, she had moved to Phoenix to work in an office for her uncle, Mark Lewiston, and after four and a half years lost her position when the business was sold to a foreign company. She had received a decent separation settlement, so she could afford to take some time off in Centerville, in southern Arizona. When she came back to Centerville, she saw Wendy walking along the sidewalk, near McGregor’s Ladies Emporium. Erin and Wendy had been friends through junior high school, when Wendy was sent to a private school in Delaware they lost touch.

Wendy’s real name was Candace Portia Cooper-Wendell; Erin started calling her Wendy, because she loved Wendy from “Peter Pan”. She even had an Old English Sheepdog, named Nana of course. Wendy’s parents were real angry because they thought it was because it was short for Wendell. Erin had known Wendy since they were both children and didn’t even think of her last name. Martin Wendell had started a campground and dude ranch where campers could rent horses to get to the camps, or rent a cabin. It was about twenty-five miles from Centerville, far enough to seem isolated but close enough for convenience. The business did quite well for many years, and Wendy had most everything that the Wendells could think of to spoil her with, including an exclusive high school. After she came back from school, Wendy found the business was faltering. Wendy had met two girls in high school that were considered too ‘kinky’ for proper company. Janine and Michelle were in a room together right next to Wendy; Michelle liked to have Janine dress her as a pony then run her around until she could hardly move. Michelle wore a bridle harness with a bit and reins and had her arms lashed behind her back. Janine let some others ride in Michelle’s sulky for a few dollars, but it was not for the money, she did it to humiliate Michelle.

When Wendy’s parents were killed in a small plane crash she had to find a way to make the ranch work again. The ponygirl idea came when Janine called to express her feelings when she heard about the accident. Michelle was the first ponygirl. That lasted for about one month, until Janine found out how well Wendy was treating her. Wendy treated Michelle like a business resource and took good care of her. When word about Wendy’s changes got around there were dozens of campers making reservations to stay. Wendy had to get ten more ponygirls real fast. Now she had twenty ponygirls pulling sulkies with campers or trailers with equipment to the campsites. The rules for ponygirls and for campers alike stipulated, no sexual contact between any of them. Wendy did not want to have any sort of legal problems, or prostitution charges.

When Erin agreed to become a ponygirl and attend the academy, Wendy had made sure the she understood ponygirls were naked all the time, and had to live in a stylized stable. Each ponygirl had to be cared for as though she were a real pony not capable of self-control or self-discipline. They met in Wendy’s office at the ranch at about 9:00PM on a Tuesday evening, Erin was a bit nervous, which made her jabber and run on. When she realized what she was doing, she stopped in mid sentence and laughed.

“Is everything ok, Erin?” Wendy asked.

“Yes everything is fine,” she said pleasantly. “I’m just a little nervous, but I want to do this, but you know I’m a perfectionist and hate to do something wrong and just halfway. So even though this is for just two years, it’s a big step to me.”

“Well take your time, you do not have to hurry. I don’t have anything to do until tomorrow at about 10:30,” Wendy chided.

Erin’s contract stipulated that she had to have her tongue, navel, and nipples pierced, but Erin had already had those piercings done. She also had to have a couple of tattoos, her name on her left breast about two inches above her nipple and Wendy’s logo, sort of like a brand. The idea of a tattoo sounded much better than having a brand burnt onto her. Erin took a deep breath and signed the contract where Wendy indicated.

“Here too, Erin,” Wendy said as she turned back the top page. “And I’ll sign here on this page.” Wendy smiled and stepped back a step.

“Ok you’re mine now, take off your clothes,” Wendy had said then. Erin took a deep breath and unbuttoned her blouse. When she was naked, Wendy took her clothes and unceremoniously dropped then into her wastebasket.

A handler named Glenda was waiting for Wendy to call, just outside the office door and led her over to the tattoo/piercing shop near the stable. The ranch’s main tattoo artist, Bart was all ready and tattooed, Erin on her left breast. He also touched up the tattoo across Erin’s lower back. It was an abstract tribal design, but Bart re-did it and incorporated Wendy’s ranch logo, a circle with CP-CW in the center. He also made it bigger so that it went completely across the small of her back. She had it done several years ago, in Phoenix. and it was time for a bit of a touch up. Bart also replaced Erin’s little nipple rings with bigger ones. She had 18 gauge, half inch rings in already and Bart replaced them with 14 gauge, one-inch rings. She sat still while Bart handled her nipples; he carried on a conversation with Glenda and only spoke to Erin to tell her to move or to change positions. As they were leaving, Bart told Erin that two weeks would be long enough to heal enough to start the ponygirl academy. Elaine was Erin’s training groom, and in charge of Erin’s orientation and made sure the tattoos healed properly.

Elaine woke Erin up on her first morning, after Erin finished her breakfast, Elaine said to her, “Erin, we have to take some measurements for your harness and tack. Lets go over to he training stable and get that done. It won’t be too awful.” Elaine opened the door and led Erin outside. Erin felt really naked, last night it had been dark and quiet, but this morning there was grooms, handlers and trainers working all around, they were all wearing clothes. Erin could see a couple of ponygirls near the stable but they seemed quite far away. Erin felt naked and alone.

In the stable two handlers, Pecos and Glenda were waiting for Erin; they started with foot measurements and took a cast of each foot. Pecos measured Erin’s head; he measured around her brow at the largest part of her head, and lower around at her mouth. The last measurement was vertical over the top from under her chin. Glenda measured her legs, inseam and outside seam from the top of Erin’s leg to her ankle. Then Pecos did her arms.

“Ok, now for the hard part,” Glenda said gently. “We have to measure your butt-hole size, and how deep your pussy goes. Just relax and it won’t take too long.” Glenda had a long, cone shaped, dildo-looking tool, with rings all the way around it. She applied lube from a green tube to the end. “Get up on the table and kneel facing that end,” she said pointing toward the left end of the table. Erin stepped onto a step stool and then up onto the table she knelt facing where Glenda had indicated.

Glenda put her right hand between Erin’s legs and gently tapped the insides of her knees, “I need you a little more opened, please.” She said, “good,” when Erin moved her knees about ten inches apart. “Not too much, or you’ll start to get tighter. Now lean forward and put your arms flat on the tabletop, then rest your head on your arms.” Erin leaned forward and put her head down, as instructed. She had her head down and her rear up in the air, she felt totally exposed and completely helpless, she knew Pecos was standing there looking at her rear sticking up. When Glenda started to push the measure into her anus she forgot all about Pecos standing there.

“Ooohhh, she moaned, “Ooohh god,” and, “Mmmummm. This is not much fun at all,” She said. Erin wriggled a bit, but stopped immediately.

Glenda laughed, “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you, but most girls don’t say anything, very nice. Pecos, I got a size six, maybe six and a half.” She pushed in a little harder, as Erin moaned again, “ Let’s make her a seven,” she pulled the measure out of Erin. “Just one more to go. Erin turn over and slide down to the foot end of the table. Just put your feet into the gyno’ stirrups for me.” Pecos had pulled up two foot stirrups and locked them into place. Erin slid to the end and put her feet into place, Pecos put a strap over each ankle to help Erin keep her feet in place. She lay on the table with her legs up and feet about two feet apart. Pecos had a smooth wooden rod about eight inches long and an inch in diameter; there was a handle about two inches long, with a stopper between the handle and the measuring portion. He had already applied a generous glob of lube from the same green tube Glenda had used. He put his left hand on Erin’s lower belly and pushed the rod into her vagina. The rod went into her smoothly to the stopper at the handle. Pecos stopped pushing and pulled it back out.

“Glenda, it’s not long enough, I need the next size,” he said as he turned toward the cupboard across the room. Erin struggled around a little bit. He was back momentarily, with a different measurer, it looked like a yardstick to Erin.

“You’re not going to put all of that in me, are you?” she cried. Her legs jerked involuntarily, but she relaxed quickly. Erin wanted to co-operate she really wanted the $208,000 that Wendy a promised for her two year contract.

Glenda stroked Erin’s forehead, “No, not all of it, just enough to get the measurement we need. You’re doing fine, try to relax for a few more minutes.” Turning to Pecos, she said, “Go ahead, let’s get her done and out of here.” The measure Pecos had gotten was about twenty-four inches long and two inches in diameter. Pecos applied plenty of lube and placed his hand on her belly again and gently started to push the measure into her. The larger measure filled Erin’s vaginal canal, it felt so very large to her, she writhed a little, but the stirrups held her in the proper position.

“She’s ten and a half inches deep,” Pecos said as he looked at the numbers on the measure.

“Hold that for about two more minutes, and then push a little more, that first one went in so fast we need to make sure. I’m sure Erin does NOT want to do this all again because we didn’t do it right the first time. Right Erin?” Glenda asked.

“Mmmmumm,” groaned Erin. “Yesss make sure it’s right. The two minutes seemed like an hour to Erin, while she waited, she thought about buying a new Corvette, a red one, with a black leather seats. Pecos pushed a little more and the measure went in deeper.

“Now we have eleven and three quarters,” Pecos said, “He said if we give her a little more time it’ll go twelve inches, let’s give it a try Glenda.” Pecos walked up to Erin’s head, “We haven’t seen twelve inches here in over two years. Lets give it a try, Uummm?”

“Ok, ok I’ll try to relax for a little more. That thing is really big around,” she said.

“Is it too big, is it hurting?” Glenda sounded concerned.

“No, not too big, but there sure is plenty big enough, and no, it doesn’t hurt, but I sure can tell that it’s there,” replied Erin.

Pecos went across the room and got Erin a glass of water; he put a few ice cubes in it from the small refrigerator, on the counter. He returned with it and held it for Erin to get a few sips, He didn’t really think she needed a drink, but it gave her something to do while she waited for his next push. He went back to the end of the table, “Ok, let’s give it a go, this is the last time then we’re all done.” He pushed gently the measure went in some more, “Whew, thirteen and a half inches. Now that is a record. Glenda, please come here and confirm it.” Glenda went to the end and looked down at the measure, she nodded. Pecos carefully pulled the measure out of Erin. As he took the measure to the sink with the other tools, Glenda unhooked the straps over the stirrups

“Come on, sweetheart, you can get up now,” Glenda said gently. “It’s time to get you to your stall.”

Erin said, “I don’t have a stall, I was in the guesthouse last night.”

“Elaine is supposed to be getting you all set up in a stall in the training stable now. Let’s head over there and see if she’s done yet.” Glenda led Erin to the training stable and inside. They found Elaine working in the third stall from the door. Glenda ushered Erin inside and turned her over to Elaine. “Here you go, Elaine, all done. She needs a good shower, now. Erin is very sensitive; she got quite stimulated by the measures. And guess what! She took thirteen and a half inches of a two-inch measure. She could hardly walk over here.” Erin nodded, she was wet and her knees felt weak.

Elaine said, “lets get you down to the bath stall. This is just like in a horse stable. All you have to do is stand there, and I’ll take care of you.” She led Erin to the end of the stable and opened a bath stall door for her. She turned on the water; it felt so good to Erin. Elaine shampooed Erin’s hair, washed her arms, and back.

“Turn around, so I can get your front,” Elaine said matter-of-factly, like she did it all the time. Actually she did, she had been a groom for a racehorse stable until Wendy had hired her away. She just had a better deal, more money and less hard work, but especially more money. After Elaine finished all of Erin’s body and appendages she said, “Erin turn around, I need to get all of that lube off you.” After Erin turned she soaped her hand and washed Erin’s butt and then pressed against anus very gently, she was tender because the measure had stretched her some. She stopped and pulled her hands back; Erin knew this meant it was time to turn around so Elaine could wash the front.

Erin turned partway and hesitated, “Can I do the rest?” she asked.

“No dear, I’ll have to do all of you. It’s my job,” she said pleasantly, “besides I’m real good at it. You’ll enjoy it a bunch.” Erin turned the rest of the way so Elaine had complete access to her pussy; she moved her legs apart a little.

“I need a little more room, a little more separation, please.” Erin opened a little more for her. Elaine poured a bit more soap on her hand and pushed it between Erin’s thighs. She gently stroked Erin’s lips and vulva; her stroking became firmer and more insistent until Erin gasped and moaned, she leaned against the back of the stall. Erin opened her legs a bit more so Elaine could have even better access to her. After about two minutes Erin gasped and climaxed, Elaine kept stroking until Erin had a second orgasm. After she got Erin’s juices rinsed off both Erin and her hand she opened the wash stall gate to get Erin out.

“ Let’s get you dried off. I want to show you your stall before lunch. Does that sound good to you?” she asked.

“Ooohh yeah, most anything sounds good to me right now,” purred Erin.

That was Erin’s first day; she soon became accustomed to having to give any handler and Elaine complete, intimate access to her body whenever instructed. Not only did she not mind, she enjoyed the attention.

During the next three days Elaine shaved Erin’s pubic hair, three times. All of her hair had to be removed, after shaving Elaine put a depilatory cream on the shaved area. After three applications the hairless effect was permanent. Erin didn’t realize it for about two days after the final application. When she asked Elaine about it, Elaine just said, “yes.” The final treatment Erin had to endure was for sun protection. There was a large stainless steel tank set up outside the stable’s back entrance, it looked like a flea and tick dip tank, but smaller. After Erin’s tattoos healed enough, Elaine took her out to the tank.

“Erin, please climb up the ladder and step into the tank. I need to get you dipped before we start any training.”

Erin looked at the tank, she wrinkled her nose at the smell of the brown liquid inside,” Is flea dip?” she asked seriously.

Elaine laughed, “No, it’s sun block, industrial strength sun block. We only need to apply it about once a week. You’re going to need it when you start staying out all day long with nothin’ on.”

Erin’s strangest lesson was to learn to urinate outdoors standing up, with all the equipment on. Elaine took her out to the training corral where a blue and white-stripped pole set into the ground at the far end.

Elaine took her up the pole, “This is the marker where you can go to pee, and they’re out on the trails. Miss Wendell has a hand go out every couple of days and pour come chemicals on them, unless it rains, of course.” She had Erin stand with her feet about two feet apart and bend her knees, then arch her back. She would urinate without getting her hoof-boots all wet, the stream would go out behind her. Some of the customers wanted to see her urinating on the ground, and to those who didn’t it was a necessary part of handling ponygirls.

Erin ran back to the training corral, it was a fast trip. She had to be there for the first session at 7:30 AM. Her day had started at 5:30 when Elaine came in to wake her and get her hair braided before she was ready to run. She wore only running shoes; she had been naked since she started, at “Ponygirl Adventure Ranch”. Erin wondered about her permanent groom who should be introduced before the end of her academy training.

“ Keep moving, you ran too long, here’s your breakfast. Just eat it while I get you ready,” said Elaine her training groom.

Elaine handed Erin a thick breakfast drink and protein bar. She wiped Erin down with a damp towel, and made sure her French braid was all in order. Erin sat on the stool in the middle of the room and put her feet out, so that Elaine could put on the “hoof-boots” that looked like pony feet and left a horseshoe footprint. They were lace-on shoes that kept Erin’s feet pointed and the soles were so firm that there was no need of a heel underneath. With the boots on, she was over six feet tall. Elaine told her that they had been made from the measurements taken that first day when, Erin was measured by Pecos and Glenda. Erin finished eating and went over to the sink to brush her teeth; she just had to brush before the bit went in.

Elaine had Erin’s bridle harness ready, it consisted of leather straps that went around Erin’s head and framed her face. There were two leather straps that ended on the sides of her face for the bit to clip onto, and a vertical strap that went under her chin and over her head. It was also fitted to her from those first day measurements.

Elaine said, “Erin, today I have a new type of bit for you. So open your mouth, I need to take out your tongue stud. Then this piece goes through the hole in your tongue and then out the through this hole on the bit.” She indicated a bit that was new to Erin. “It’s the one we’ll use from now on.” She held up a sterling silver, L-shaped tongue stud, about three inches long, “this long end comes out through your bit, and the other end goes through your tongue and has a round ball on the end under your tongue.”

Erin held out her pink tongue for Elaine, after the bit and bridle harness was on, Elaine laced up Erin’s “pony-hands” so that she had hooves on both hands and feet. The pony-hands had a bar for Erin to grasp with her fingers, they laced up her forearms. The pony-hands kept her hands totally enclosed; her hands were inside the hoof portion so that she didn’t look like her arms were real long. Wendy had seen arms that looked like they could reach the ground, she thought they were grotesque. With the hoof-boots, pony-hands, and the tongue bit Erin was almost helpless, but she could run.

“When you are done today, you’ll get to meet your permanent groom, he should be in this afternoon.” Said Elaine.

Erin was surprised, “HE, NO I want a female groom”. But it sounded more like “LAH, LO Yih eaha loo.” Elaine snapped a lead to the ring on right end of Erin’s bit.

Elaine led Erin out to the training ring and turned her over to one of the handlers there. It was Pecos, and Erin was a little uncomfortable around him since the first day measurements. He must have known that she had gotten so turned on and aroused. The trainer was already there and so there was no time to worry about the handler, the daily exercises began. Today’s trainer, Marlene, had a little surprise for Erin.

“You know,” she began, “some customers prefer to use a “butt-tail” so we’ll be working with one for the next couple of days.” She held out a horsetail with a large butt plug on the end. The color of the hair was dark brown, but didn’t match Erin’s hair. “We will have one made for you with hair that matches your hair. Pecos, bring that lube over here, please,” she said matter-of-factly. Pecos brought a green tube and applied a generous glob to the butt plug. Marlene said, “I’ll put it in.” Much to Erin’s relief. She had Erin turn to the side and said “Erin, arch nice for me, and it’ll go in much easier for you.” Erin stood very still for her, and tried to relax. The butt plug felt huge, Erin groaned a little, Marlene twisted the plug as she pushed it into Erin’s anus. She walked over to the sulky after she had pushed the butt-tail into place, “ I’ll be over here by the sulky. Please don’t be too long, we’ve got plenty to do today”

“Ok, just walk around a few turns round the corral ‘til it gets settled, that size 7 holds you open about two and three quarters inches. It’ll take a few minutes to get settled,” drawled Pecos. “Then come back over here and I’ll hook up the sulky.”

After Erin had walked around the corral for a few minutes, she walked up to the sulky and stepped between the rails. She turned around and raised her arms so that Pecos could put the wide, heavy leather belt around her waist, and buckle it in place. The pulling-belt actually rode low so she pulled with her hips, she couldn’t have pulled with her stomach for very long. Then he hooked up the rails from the sulky, and snapped the reins on the rings on the end of her bit for Marlene to use to give the commands.

Marlene had her pull the sulky around the corral and then the whole barnyard for over a little over four hours. When the lunch whistle blew Erin was ready to stop for a while, but then she found out she had to eat with the new bit in place, like she would out on the trail. She also had to keep the butt-tail in, too. After lunch, it was sulky pulling until quitting time at 7:30 PM. Pecos was there to lead Erin to the stable.

Elaine met them at the door; “ I’ll take it from here, thanks Pecos.” To Erin she said, “Ok, here is your permanent groom, Erin. This is Patrick Fits-Simmons, he is a real groom, and he’s worked in Ireland and at the Kentucky Derby. I think you’ll get along fine.” Elaine indicated a small man across the room. He came forward, but not too close, so Erin could look him over. He was about 5’5” and slender. Patrick looked to be about 45 years old and had a ruddy complexion. He didn’t seem too threatening to Erin, so she was less apprehensive. Elaine stayed back, but she watched closely. She wanted to let the new groom handle Erin, but she stayed to keep Erin from getting too skittish. It really was just like handling horses. Elaine had started as a horse groom, too.

“Please call me Paddy. I know, every Irishman is called Paddy, but that’s really my name.” He said, with a slight accent. “To be sure, I can take real good care of you.” He stepped forward, carefully, and put out his hand like he wanted to shake hands, but he just touched Erin’s right pony-hand. “ We’ve been goin’ over things all day,” he nodded toward Elaine, “I got in this mornin’ about 9’ O-the-clock. Let me get things done for ye, and then yer dinner. Ok?” Erin nodded slowly, and then stepped forward, she really wanted the butt plug out.

“Come-on here girl, I’ll help you with that first,” he said, motioning toward the tail. Erin turned to the left so that Paddy could get it out. “The other way, please. I’m left handed,” he said. After she turned, he carefully pulled and twisted the tail until it slipped free. At six feet and five inches tall, Erin towered over him, he felt like he was next to a real horse. Next Paddy reached up and unhooked the bit, and slipped it out. Erin put her tongue out so he could take out the long stud. He lifted the tongue bar and carefully slid it out of her tongue. “Are ye ready for your stud to go in?” Erin kept her tongue out for him. After Paddy finished with the bridle, he unlaced her pony-hands. He looked toward the stool, and nodded toward it, too. “Are ye ready to sit down for yer shoes?” Erin nodded slowly, and then walked slowly to the stool and carefully sat down. Paddy unlaced the hoof-boots, and then slid them off.

“After I get ye washed up, I git yer dinner. Ok?” Paddy seemed a little apprehensive; he was concerned about washing her down. Elaine had said just to wash her as though she was a real, skittish racehorse. Paddy had been looking forward to getting started, the idea of taking care of a woman like this sounded like a great idea to him. But now that he was here to take care of Erin it seemed like a real tall order. She was so much taller than he had imagined, she towered above him like a real horse. He was worried, and very excited, as the next step would have him washing her, just like a racehorse. Marlene had waited for today to start the butt-tail training and the long hours pulling the sulky, so that Erin would be more pliable. It worked, Erin had really wanted the tail out, and she was very beat, and hungry.

By the time Paddy started at the ranch, Erin no longer thought about being naked at all. She was just naked. Lately she was getting turned on and excited, by being naked in front of other people, but she had been feeling a new freedom. She no longer had to worry about the things that had been such a controlling affect on her. Having Elaine wash her was a unique experience to get used to, but all ponygirls were cared for completely. Putting on her tack, or bathing, or having her meals prepared, and served it was all part of being treated like a pony, unable to handle those things for herself. She had gotten used to having all of the necessities handled by her groom. Now that Paddy, a man she had just met was going to be handling her was, kind of scary and thrilling and the same time. Erin looked around for Elaine, but Elaine was gone.

Paddy saw her look around, “Elaine went to check on yer dinner. Come on, it’ll be okay, just like washin’ a real pony.” They walked toward the wash racks. They were at the end of the stable, farthest from Erin’s stall. When they got there, Erin stepped meekly into the rack as Paddy held the door open. The rack was similar to a real horse stall. Erin had only enough room to stand still and have Paddy bathe her.

“Do ye want the water real hot or jus’ warm?” asked Paddy as he reached for the faucets.

“ Today I need hot,” Erin said with a sigh. Paddy turned the water on and adjusted the temperature for her. “Just right,” she said.

Paddy took out Erin’s French-braid before she got into the wash stall, he shampooed her hair, after he rinsed out the shampoo and cream rinse, he started to wash Erin’s shoulders, then her arms. He washed her back and stopped so she could turn around. Erin turned around carefully, and took a breath.

“Ok, go ahead, we’ll have to get this sometime,” she held still so he could wash of her breasts. He was careful of her nipple rings, but he had to make sure all of the dust and road dirt was washed from her nipples, and the ring holes. He gently washed her breasts, and chest and belly, stopping before he touched her pussy. Paddy skipped all the way down to her feet, and worked up her legs to the tops.

“ I guess I’m ready if you are. Let me do the back first. Ok?” Paddy made a little turning gesture with is right hand. Erin turned around and stood with her legs slightly apart. Paddy had put more soap on his hand and began at the top of her butt, and slowly worked down to her anus, he washed her carefully to make sure he washed all off of the lube. Erin arched her back as Paddy washed her between her legs. She knew that he had to get all the lube off. Erin turned around and Paddy carefully began to wash her pussy, he pushed the side of his left hand between her lips, so that his thumb pressed against her clitoris. The soap made his hand slippery, but she was slippery from more that just the soap. The butt-plug tail had really turned Erin on, and then having Paddy washing her was even more exciting to her. Erin moaned softly, Paddy kept up his ministrations to her pussy. After a few minutes Erin cried out and slumped back against the side of the stall. Paddy rinsed her off, carefully and shut off the shower.

“ I guess that’s it, we need to get back to get your dinner,” he said, his accent was almost gone. Erin stepped out so he could dry her off, and dry her hair. “Now that we’re done, let’s get you back for your food.”

“ Please keep your accent, you’ll be more like a groom to me, ok?” she asked as they walked back to her stall.

“ Aye, I can do tha’,” Paddy put on his accent very heavily, “ Ow’s ‘at?”

Erin laughed, “ It’s all I could ask for,” she said with mock seriousness. To herself she thought, this might work after all, none of the other girls have a man to take care of them. Erin asked, “ Did Elaine tell you about giving baths, and all that goes with it?”

“ Aye, that she did. She said that you ‘specially needed extry care. That you get verra turned…I mean that you’re sorta exci…... Did I do it right?”

Erin turned and looked at Paddy, “ Yes, you did. Maybe a little firmer and for longer next time.” Paddy nodded as they walked along to her stall. Paddy opened the door to Erin’s stall, Elaine was inside and had Erin’s dinner all ready, a vegetarian cutlet with green beans and corn, and lots of it. None of the ponygirls ate any meat; it helped to keep them slender. It’s impossible to hide fat when you’re naked, so they all needed to stay slender. After she finished eating, Paddy brushed her hair very carefully and made sure he got it all. When he was done he led Erin to the corner of the stall where she had her cot, and tucked her in. As Erin fell asleep she heard Paddy whisper, “Good night, my big, beautiful ponygirl.”

Erin becomes a Star

The next morning Elaine was there to wake Erin up at 5:30, “Come on, sleepy-head, it’s time to go again. Get up and get ready to go for a run.”

Erin looked around, for Paddy. “Where is Paddy? I thought he would be here this morning.” Elaine smiled, but didn’t say anything. She had Erin’s running shoes ready for her. Erin put her feet into them for Elaine to lace up. After Elaine French-braided her hair, Erin stretched and went outside to start her morning run.

“Just make it a short run, this morning. We have some things to go over before you start training.” Elaine called as Erin went out. Erin ran the short 5K loop and was back in less than half and hour. When she got back, Paddy was there; he had her breakfast ready in the tack room, all set out on the table in the middle of the room. There was an egg-white omelet and veggie sausage, with toast and coffee. She saw all of her tack laid out on the counter on the far wall. The butt-tail was there, too. Erin gave a little shudder, and quickly turned to her breakfast, so she wouldn’t have to look for now. When she finished eating, Erin went over to the sink to brush her teeth. After that she walked slowly to the counter and stood there for Paddy to start putting her tack on. First he put her bridle on and then held out the long tongue stud. Erin stuck out her tongue for him, he took out her small stud and then put the longer one in place, he held the end up to fit into the hole in the bit. The end came about an inch out between her lips. The bit was made of titanium, a small bar covered with surgical rubber, to protect Erin’s teeth, and lips. The rings on the ends snapped to her bridle. Paddy picked up her pony-hands next.

“If ye don’t mind, I’ll be doin’ the shoes last, so you won’t be so tall that I canna’ reach,” said Paddy. He looked at the tail, “’Cept for that, we’ll save it for the last thing. Ok?” Erin nodded, enthusiastically. She sat on the stool and held her right foot out for Paddy, then her left.

Just as he finished Elaine came in, “ Ok here’s the deal for today,” she said. “This is the last day before we open for the season, you won’t be going outside anymore without your tack on. While you are out at training today, we will be moving all your things to your permanent stall in the stable with the other girls. Your stall has two parts, one like a pony stall, where customers and visitors can come by and see you, and they will. There’s also an inside, private part for your bedroom, and closet space for your clothes. You’ll have to stay naked until the first ninety days are past, and of course, and when you are in the outer stall.” Elaine turned to Paddy, “Go ahead with the tail, so she can get started, this is the last time for it. So the quicker started, the sooner done. After today you’ll have to wear these little bells on your rings whenever you are outside in a customer area,” Elaine held up two small, silver bells with short little chains on each for Erin to see. She held them up to Erin’s nipple rings, so she could see where they would be clipped.

Paddy applied plenty of lube to the end of the butt-plug, he turned to Erin, and she turned to her right so he could put it in her anus. Erin arched her back for him. The hoof-boots raised her up and made her stand with her back arched, but she arched even more to get the plug in as easily as possible, she took a deep breath and let it out to help relax. Paddy put his right hand on Erin’s hip as he pushed the plug into her. Erin gave a little gasp and then it was all the way in. Paddy snapped a lead to her bridal and led Erin out to the corral for the day of training.

The handler, Glenda was there today, waiting for Erin. She had the belt to hook her to the sulky, “ Right here dear,” she said holding out the belt. Erin walked over, after Paddy unsnapped the lead. She stopped between the rails and turned around, she lifted her arms so Glenda could put the belt in place, and buckle it. She hooked on the sulky rails and then snapped the reins to Erin’s bridle. The trainer today was Miss Lisa; she insisted the all the handlers and grooms call her ‘Miss Lisa’. Lisa was smaller and lighter than Marlene, so she was easier to pull in the sulky. Lisa came into the corral, and she walked to the sulky, she got in and sat down carefully. Glenda handed the reins to Lisa, who took up the reins, and gave them a little shake. Erin started by going around the corral three times and then Lisa drove her out through the gate, Glenda had opened it when Lisa came in.

Lisa snapped the reins sharply, “Hah, faster, lets go Erin. Today’s all about speed, let’s get running,” she snapped the reins again. Lisa kept Erin running for an hour until they stopped near a small brook that Erin had never seen before. Lisa got Erin a drink of water from a canteen she had on the sulky. “Here drink plenty, we’re going for another hour when we start up.” Erin took another big, long drink letting some water dribble down her chin and off the ends of her breasts. After Erin nodded, Lisa got into the sulky and picked up the reins, she gave them a snap, and they were off. Erin ran easily, and smoothly until Lisa gave the reins another hard shake.

“Git up, Haw,” Lisa yelled. “Faster, come on you can do it, FASTER,” Lisa, snapped the reins harder. The reins jerked Erin’s bit and hit her shoulders. She tried even harder, and ran faster. After two more stops for water breaks they headed for the barnyard for lunch.

After a lunch break, it was more of the same procedure all afternoon. When they pulled into the corral at 7:45, Erin was beat, she had kept running, but she was not really going very fast. Erin was quite tired, she had been running all day, but she had been turned on and sexually excited for so long that she was about to orgasm right there, her pussy had been lubricating so much that her thighs were wet almost halfway to her knees.

“Whoa,” Lisa pulled up gently on the reins. She got out of the sulky so that Pecos could unhitch Erin. Pecos noticed that there was a lot of dust clinging to the wetness on Erin’s pussy and thighs. After she was loose, he snapped a lead to her bit, and looked around for a groom. Lisa walked up to Erin, “You were wonderful, and I had a small bet with Marlene and Pecos. I won, just like that, I won.” She took Erin’s lead from Pecos, and started toward the training stable, but Paddy was approaching the gate to take Erin to her new stall. She was relieved to see him; she pulled toward him Lisa let her go.

To Paddy she said, “Hi, I’m Miss Lisa, the head trainer, Erin just ran the best she has ever run here. She probably doesn’t like me very much right now, but I think she’ll be fine after a little rest. Tomorrow we won’t start until 10:00AM, so you can let her sleep in.” Lisa turned to go, “Oh, by the way no running in the morning, either.” Lisa smiled to Erin, “Take it easy tonight, and rest well. Tomorrow we’ll start something entirely new, it should be fun for you.” Lisa turned to go to the training office.

“Thank You, Miss Lisa,” said Paddy, “Nice to be makin’ yer acquaintance.” Paddy took Erin’s lead and started toward the main stable.

“We got everything all set up for you, you’ll like your new stall. You even have your own bathroom. You still have to get washed up in the wash stall, but that’s for the tourists and payin’ customers to see. When you’re off you can use your own private toilet.” Paddy looked around at Erin carefully, “I’ll still wash ye up if ye want it, ye know.” Erin nodded, that sounded real nice to her, right now, she wasn’t thinking past tonight’s bath. They got to Erin’s stall, and went in from the outside entrance, each stall had it’s own entrance from the corral around the stable. As soon as she stepped into her stall Erin stopped, and turned so Paddy could get the tail out.

“Hold on, let me get the door closed,” said Paddy, as he pushed in and passed Erin. He led her to the counter on the far wall. “Here turn for me now and I’ll git it out of ye.” She stood still so he could pull the butt-plug out. Paddy carefully pulled and twisted the butt-plug out of Erin’s anus. “I’ll bettcha that feels better,” he said without looking at Erin. Next Paddy unclipped her bit and gently lifted it from between her lips. He put it down on the counter and held the end of her tongue stud. Erin kept her tongue out so he could get it out easier, and kept it out so he could put the little stud in place. Her pink tongue slipped back into her mouth. Next paddy unlaced her pony hands and pulled them off.

“If ye go on over an’ have a seat, I’ll get the shoes off ye,” he said nodding toward the stool in the middle of the room. This stool was different from the one in the training stable; it was upholstered with a nice soft top. It looked like nice furniture, not just a stool. Erin looked around at the room, it was nice, a decent place to live. Erin was impressed; she had only been in training stalls until now. She hadn’t known that the permanent stalls were quite so nice. The inside wall was all bars like the board walls an actual horse’s stall. That way the stall was open to the hallway in the middle of the stable; it was an area open to customers. Paddy unlaced the hoof-boots and pulled them off Erin’s feet, she wriggled her toes and then stood up, to go to the wash stall. Paddy went to the gate and opened it for Erin, they stepped into the hallway.

“This way,” said Paddy and he headed down the hall toward the wash stall. Erin padded along behind Paddy to the end of the hallway where it opened into a large room with six wash stalls. Paddy went over to stall number 2, “This one’s yours, and you have to share it with one other girl. There’s six more at the other end of the hallway, so that makes showers for 24 girls. The only drawback is that customers can come in and see what’s goin’ on. The stables are only open to customers from 9AM ‘til 9PM. That starts tomorrow, the first day of the season. Come on here and I’ll get ye all washed up.” Paddy started undoing Erin’s French-braid, “ As soon as I get you done, I’ll pick up yer dinner. It’s some sort of Eye-talion casserole, it’s pretty good really.” Paddy opened the gate to the wash stall and ushered Erin onto the cement floor of the stall. He turned the water on real hot, just the way Erin liked. He shampooed her hair, and then put lots of cream rinse onto her head, he worked it into her hair, “This is a different sort of rinse, and it needs to stand for about five minutes, to do its work. So we’ll let it be while I wash yer back.” Paddy soaped her back and shoulders, Erin turned around so he could wash her front side. Paddy put more soap on his hands and then did the front of her shoulders and chest. He was careful to wash her nipples and the holes through where her nipple rings dangled. He motioned her into the spray of water to get the cream rinse out of her hair. When her hair was completely rinsed, Paddy started on Erin’s feet and legs, he washed to the tops of her thighs. Erin turned so he had access to her butt, and Paddy washed her between her legs from the rear, he had to wash off all the lube from the butt-plug. She turned around so Paddy could wash her pussy. She closed her eyes as he gently stroked between her lips. Paddy pushed his left had between her pussy lips and pressed his thumb against her clitoris. Today he pressed a bit harder and as Erin had an orgasm he kept up the pressure and gentle rubbing, until she had a second orgasm, it only took about two more minutes. He stopped when he saw her lean back onto the side of the stall, he was afraid she might fall. When she was done he helped her out of the shower stall, and dried her off with a big thick towel. Paddy then dried her hair with a blow drier.

“ Let’s go get ye some dinner,” he said as he started toward Erin’s stall. Elaine was there, and had Erin’s dinner all ready for her, but she only ate a few bites, and was done. “I’m too tired to eat any more,” Erin said sleepily, “I need to get in bed, I’m going to go to sleep and I might as be laying down when I do.”

Erin meets her Partner.

Erin woke up on her own and about 7:30, Paddy was already there getting her tack ready. She looked up at him, “goo morming” she mumbled. Paddy looked at her and sighed, “ I have something to tell ye. You’re not supposed to talk around here during the open season. So be careful, the trainers and handlers will turn ye in to Miss Wendell. I heard that from one of the other grooms last night.”

“Do ye want a bath this mornin’ before you get started?” Paddy asked. “We have plenty of time today.”

“Yes, I do, that sounds real good, kind of luxurious, you know?” Erin said with no regard for the idea that some handler might tattle to Wendy on her. “Paddy, it’s not 9: O-The-Clock, yet,” she said mimicking his speech.

“All right then. Lets go get all washed up fer today,” he said, dropping the bridal he was putting together onto the bench. Paddy opened the gate onto the hallway and led the way to the bath stall. When he got there, he turned to Erin, “do ye want to wash yerself this time?”

Erin looked at him and smiled, she shook her head, no, “you have to do it.” Erin stepped into the bath stall; she turned and faced Paddy, and put her arms down at her sides. Erin stood there waiting for Paddy to take care of her. She didn’t know how much it meant to Paddy, she wanted him to take care of her even though she wasn’t too tired or too busy to do it for herself. Paddy started the hot water and Erin stepped into the spray. He gave her hair a quick wash; she wasn’t all covered with dust and road grime this morning so this shower was just to start clean for the day.

As Paddy washed her carefully, Paddy asked, “Would you want me too…”

“Yes,” Erin interrupted. She turned and moved her legs slightly apart so he could wash he between them, and bathe her anus. She loved the feeling when he touched her there. She turned around so Paddy could wash her pussy. He washed her gently and then he pressed the side of his hand between her lips and pressed his thumb over her clitoris. After a few minutes Erin moaned as she climaxed and leaned back against the side of the stall. When Paddy started to pull his hand out Erin grabbed his wrist and held his hand between her legs, Paddy started pressing and massaging her pussy again. This time it took almost ten minutes for her to climax, but she had two orgasms. She did almost fall this time. Paddy caught her and lifted her out of the stall. He stood her in the middle of the floor, and began to dry her off. After he finished with her hair they went back to her stall.

Elaine was there with her breakfast all laid out on the table in her stall. You have to be finished by 9:00, so we can get all your tack on.

“Do I have to have the tail today?” Erin asked carefully, she was almost afraid to ask about. Elaine just smiled and shook her head, no. While Erin ate Elaine braided her hair. After she finished eating, Erin brushed and walked over to the tack counter where Paddy was finishing her tack. He had cleaned it all up real nicely; she stood still so Paddy could put her bridle harness on her head. When that was done she put out her pink tongue so he could change her tongue studs, take out the small one and install the longer stud to go through her bit. After he clipped the bit to the bridle, Paddy held up her pony hands, Erin slipped her hands in and grasped the center bars through the center of the hooves. Paddy finished the lacing and picked up her hoof-boots. Erin sat down on the stool and held her feet out for him to put the boots on. When they were done Paddy picked the little silver bells, he turned to clip then onto her nipple rings, she held still for him to get them in place. When Erin stood up the bells tinkled and jiggled her nipples. Erin took a quick breath; she got a little thrill as they shook on the ends of her nipples.

“Ok, lets head over to the training stable,” said Paddy as he started toward the outside door. He stopped at the door, “Remember there may be customers outside now.” Paddy snapped a lead onto her bit and lead Erin out the door. There were quite a few people around by the main office area, but no one nearby. As they walked to the training stable Erin looked at all the people about, she understood that Wendy had made a real business here. She felt a bit scared about being naked and helpless with all of the people around. They got to the stable and went inside. Lisa was waiting for her, and there was another ponygirl with her. She was as tall as Erin and also had dark brunette hair. She also had little bells hanging from her nipple rings, that jingled as she moved, the tattoo on her left breast was Chloe in a gentle curve above her left nipple. Wendy’s tattoo was on her belly, just above her pussy. The circle was about three inches around with CP-CW in the center. Chloe was also wearing a tongue bit just like Erin’s with the little end pushing out between her lips, she smiled at Erin.

“Good morning, I hope you feel good this morning. Erin this is Chloe,” Lisa gestured toward Chloe’s tattoo. “Today were are going to start getting you two working together so you can pull as a team.” Lisa went over to a large sulky that looked more like a rickshaw, “This is the sort of sulky that needs two ponies to pull it. Don’t worry; today you’re just going to do some exercises to learn to work together and to pull together. We’ll be working inside for the rest of today, so none of the customers will be around here to see any of this stuff. We won’t actually do any pulling for a couple of days.” Glenda had a harness that had belts for each of them, and several other belts and leather straps.

“Come on, and we’ll get the harness on you,” Glenda said softly. “Erin lets start with you, babe.” Erin stood where Glenda indicated and lifted her arms so Glenda could buckle the belt around her waist. After she was done with the belt, Glenda looked toward Chloe and nodded for her to come over. Chloe came over and stood on Erin’s right she put her arms up for Glenda to put the belt around her. After she had both belts on she attached the rest of the straps and reins for both of them. The other straps were so the two ponygirls could stay together and pull evenly. The reins were long enough for the drover to control both of them and keep them pulling together. Glenda stood behind them and drove them over to a turnstile that they could pull around in a circle while Lisa rode in a seat that hung from the horizontal bar. Glenda hooked the ends of the straps to the loops on the turnstile, and handed the reins to Lisa.

“When you pull in a team the pony on the left is the lead, so Chloe you must follow Erin’s lead, step out when she does and try to match her pace. You two were put together because you have very nearly identical stride lengths. Be careful, there is very little resistance so don’t try too hard, just walk. Ok, gitty up. Start carefully, and try to match your steps. When you start both step off with your left foot.” Lisa shook the reins gently, and they began. Within an hour they were completely together, and by the end of the day it was automatic, every step was together and the same stride length.

When Glenda had unhitched the girls at the end of the day they were close. They worked together well and obviously enjoyed it. Lisa was very happy with their progress, “you two are doing a whole lot better than I imagined you might, we’re going to knock off early today and start pulling outside in the morning.” Lisa smiled and went into her office to put the proper notes in both girls’ files. Glenda finished unhooking the harnesses, as their grooms came in the door. The girls smiled at each other and went to their grooms. Paddy snapped his lead onto Erin’s bit and Chloe’s groom a tall, middle-aged Asian woman, named Xian, took charge of Chloe. They all walked together to the stables.

Miss Evie and the Pet Girl.

As they neared the stable Erin saw that Wendy was walking toward them, she had two other women with her. One was about 35 to 40 years old; she was very well dressed in a western style skirt with a matching vest over her silk blouse. She also wore a real Stetson on the back of her head. The other woman with them was the most interesting, she was naked, not even shoes. She was tiny, less that five feet tall, and she had shiny black hair. As they got closer Erin could see that she also had a black collar and matching wrist and ankle cuffs. The other woman held the end of a leash from the tiny girls’ collar. Wendy had Nana with her, Nana was very interested in trying to sniff the tiny girls pussy or her butt, and whichever was the best target. The tiny girl was constantly turning and twisting trying to keep her pussy and butt away from Nana, and keep the leash from getting tight. Wendy stopped and scolded Nana, and made her leave the girl alone.

Wendy spoke first, “Hi you two,” to the girls. To the grooms she said, “I need to talk to both of you, so please hang out here for a few minutes. Ok?” They both nodded, and Paddy said, “Certainly, Miss Wendell.”

“Erin, this is Miss Evangeline Davis, Miss Evie, to everyone. She wants to be your first customer. Actually she wants to everyone’s first, right Evie?”

She smiled, “Yep, I sure do. I hired Chloe first, Eh Chloe?” Chloe nodded. “I feel a need to be first, and I pay top dollar for that privilege.”

Wendy said to Erin, “She does pay well, she wants to hire you for a weekend, she has a campsite reserved for the first weekend you will be out of training. That’s in three more weeks.” She was telling Erin and Paddy that Erin would not be released before then. Erin nodded slowly. “I know you really don’t care for the butt-plug tail very much, but Evie will pay a tip, to you, of five thousand dollars a day.” Erin caught her breath, She was glad she had the tongue bit in place right now. She started to shake her head, and tears welled up in her eyes. The tears started to run down her face. She wanted to do her best for Wendy, but that tail was just too much.

“Erin, you get the tip, that’s five thousand a day,” Wendy said softly. Erin tried to take a step back, but Paddy’s lead stopped her. Wendy said, “Maybe I can get her to go to six a day.” Her tears continued to fall quietly. She just stood there not moving.

Miss Evie broke the silence, “Tell you what, I really want you, for that weekend. I’ll make it ten thousand day. Does that help?”

Erin nodded. She would do it; she had to do it for thirty thousand dollars. Chloe had been trying to get a better look at the tiny girl with Miss Evie; Every time Chloe got closer the little girl would duck behind Evie. At six feet and one inch Chloe must have appeared as big as a horse to her. She was afraid to let Chloe get too near. One misstep and she could get trampled. If she got too near Nana, the dog would put her nose between her legs.

“Let me introduce you to my pet,” she pulled the leash and pulled the tiny girl out in front of the girls. “This is Ione, I don’t know if you’d call her a miniature or a toy. I got her a few months ago in Hawaii. Ione tell everyone here all about yourself. How tall you are and how much you weigh, all the stuff everyone is too polite to ask.” Evie nodded toward the two grooms, “Those two ponygirls couldn’t ask for water if they were on fire,” she said.

Ione stepped forward, “I’m four feet and five inches tall, and I weigh sixty-five pounds. I’m nineteen years old, my measurements are 24AA-14-25.” As Ione spoke Erin could see that she had two tongue studs, they were gold and looked like little spires sticking up through her little pink tongue. One was in the middle where most studs are placed, and the second was halfway between it and her tongue tip. She stepped another step forward, her little nipples were pierced and had a tiny gold bell dangling from each nipple. There was also a tiny chain with a bell dangling from between her smooth pussy lips. On her left breast, Ione was tattooed in tiny letters, but it was along the left side, not across the front like Wendy’s ponygirls. Her right breast had a tiny tattoo on her areola, just below her nipple, ED. As she turned Erin could see the end of a butt plug as it protruded from Ione’s tiny anus. She didn’t seem to mind, Erin guessed that was just part of being Miss Evie’s property. She looked very Asian; she had black hair and dark, almost black nipples, her skin was almost transparent, her nipples glowed in the sunlight. Her skin was several shades darker than Chloe’s groom, Xian. Even though she was so under sized, she was perfectly proportioned, her almond eyes were very pretty, and she was a beauty, just real small. Nana had walked quietly up behind Ione and took this opportunity to lick her between her legs from the back, Nana’s big tongue slurped all the way through and Erin could see when it came though to the front and then pulled back licking Ione’s hairless pussy and anus all in one slurp. She yelped, and jumped and tried to get behind Evie, her bells swinging and tinkling as she jumped.

Evie laughed, and pulled Ione’s leash, “Did that tickle, a little bit? You know she won’t hurt you; she just wants a little taste. Come on back out here, Ione. Erin when we go for the weekend Ione will be your groom that will be Friday afternoon and night, Saturday all day and Saturday night, and then Sunday ‘til about noon. I’m going to bring Ione here for three days of groom training. After the classes I want her to work with you and your groom for a while, so she can learn what she needs to do for you.”

Wendy spoke up, “That will be my decision, If she passes my groom training, I’ll see to it that she has a chance to work with Erin, and probably a couple of others, too.” She looked at Ione with some concern; her ponygirls care was her responsibility, morally and contractually. Ione looked mighty small to her.

“Thank you,” said Evie. I’ll bring her back here on Monday, a week before we go out for the weekend. We are going to head out. I’ll see you in two weeks, when I drop little Ione off.” Evie pulled on Ione’s leash, “Let’s go tiny.” As they walked away, Wendy turned to the two grooms, “That’s what you can buy when you have more money that god,” Wendy said to no one, “Listen, I need to make sure that I have someone to help cover all of the girls, so if one of you gets sick or hurt, I’ve got coverage. I want you two to change girls for tonight and tomorrow morning. After they go to their training class, you can go back to your regular stalls.” Paddy nodded, he held out his lead to Xian, she took it and gave her lead to Paddy.

As they turned to go inside, Wendy said, “Xian, hold on a please, I need to talk to Erin a minute. Please bring her around onto the dock in back.” She started to walk around the stable, toward the rear of the building. Xian followed with Erin. When they got around to the rear of the stable she led Erin up onto the dock. It was about three feet high, and put Erin’s pussy on the same level as Wendy’s face. Wendy motioned Xian to bring Erin closer to the edge, up to the rail running along the edge. Wendy reached carefully between Erin’s pussy lips. She touched Erin’s clitoris, her clitoris was about an inch and a half long and rounded, and it was the same size as her little finger’s last joint.

“Erin, Elaine told me about this,” she said as she rolled it between her fingers. Erin squirmed and wriggled a bit. On your first night Glenda and Bart were supposed to check for this,” she continued rolling Erin’s sensitive flesh between her fingers, almost absently. Erin started to breathe hard and moaned a little. “They were supposed to get you pierced then, we’ll have to get you pierced right away. Elaine didn‘t say anything, because at first she figured that Bart and Glenda had been told not to pierce you. You’re going to finish your team training tomorrow, so we will get you pierced on Thursday.” Wendy was still rolling Erin’s clitoris, she began pulling gently, too. “That will give you three full weeks to get healed before you go out with Evie.” Erin started to get very wet, she was lubricating heavily, Wendy seemed to suddenly realize what she was doing and that her hand was getting wet, She let go and pulled her hand back suddenly, looking for something to dry her fingers on. Wendy looked at Xian, “Please take real good care of her tonight, you know what I mean.” Wendy turned to go, she felt a little bad for Erin, she didn’t mean to get her all turned on and then leave. She was just intrigued by her big clitoris.

Xian let Erin stand there for a few minutes, “Come on let’s go inside, and get all this equipment off.” She led Erin toward her stall. As Wendy walked away Nana was trying to lick her fingers, Wendy kept pulling her hand away, to keep Nana from reaching it.

When they got to Erin’s stall, there were several people in the hall outside her door; they stopped to watch as Xian started unhooking Erin’s bit. She took the bit out of Erin’s mouth, she held on to the end of the long tongue stud. Erin put her tongue out so Xian could take it out of her tongue; she stood still and kept it out so Xian could put the small stud back into the hole. She unbuckled Erin’s bridle harness, and pulled it off Erin’s head. After she unlaced both pony-hands and hoof-boots, she released Erin’s French-braid. Xian ran her fingers through Erin’s hair so it all came free. Then she went to the gate to the wide hallway, “Come on, and lets get you washed up.” Erin was reluctant to follow; she motioned Xian to come back.

Erin leaned close to Xian’s ear, “Are you going to give me a complete bath now?” She whispered while glancing at the people in the hallway.

Xian smiled, “Yes, We can’t wait for them all to leave. Let’s go ahead, after I get started you won’t even know that they’re around.”

When they got to the bath stalls, Erin found that there were quite a few people hanging around, watching as grooms were bathing two other ponygirls. Erin had seen them before, but her training had kept her away from them around the stable. Erin’s bath stall was empty, as she walked toward it the stall door beside it opened and the ponygirl inside stepped out. She was not quite as tall as Erin, probably five feet, seven inches, even all wet her blonde hair was very curly. She was tanned from the sun, but her skin was golden not brown. Her nipples were a soft and puffy pink, with smaller nipple rings than Erin’s. Her name Shia tattooed on her breast, and CP-CW on her belly almost matched her eyes. She smiled dreamily as she passed Erin. Obviously a very satisfying shower, Erin thought as she passed.

Erin’s shower was very satisfying, too. She had been so turned on by Wendy that just having Xian’s hands washing her turned her on all over again. Xian’s style was a little different that Elaine’s or Paddy’s, not that Erin was all that much of an authority on the subject. Until she came to Wendy’s ranch she had never had anyone masturbate her regularly, nor so clinically. The grooms were so impersonal about the whole procedure, to them it was just part of the bath process. Xian put her hand, palm up against Erin’s pussy and then put her two middle fingers into Erin’s vagina. She only put the first two joints in, so it was only about two inches, then she squeezed and relaxed. The effect on Erin was electric, she climaxed within the first minute, and a second time almost immediately after. Xian let her lean against the back of the stall, with the water running for a few minutes. When she was almost composed, Xian shut off the water and helped Erin step out of the stall. Erin noticed that several people were watching closely, but she acted as though she was alone.

As Xian dried Erin she whispered to her, “Let’s finish your hair back in your stall.” She ushered Erin down the hall, and back to her stall. Erin noticed that several people followed quietly, most were women.

Erin had her dinner and read a book for the rest of the evening, and Xian cleaned her tack. At 8:45PM a loudspeaker announced that the stable would be closed soon and that all guests must make their way to the front doors. Bt 9:PM the stable halls were empty. One of the handlers, came through and checked all the doors, He stopped and looked in at Erin, but didn’t say anything. After he left and Xian heard the door locked behind him, she said. “Wow! You’re getting famous. You are probably the hottest girl that has been through here. You get turned on by just about anything.” Erin just looked at her as she spoke. Xian continued, “When you get your clit pierced, you’ll have a little chain and bell, then you’ll really be turned on all the time.

“That “Miss Evie’s” little bitch was quite something, wasn’t she,” Xian asked. She was thinking about the chain and bell that had been hanging from Ione’s tiny vulva. “Do you suppose she had a clit big enough to pierce?”

Erin looked up and asked, “Don’t you like her.” Erin smiled as she feigned innocence.

“No. I think she is an abomination to all Asians,” she said vehemently.

“But what else could she do? At four feet nothing she can’t do much else, maybe get a job putting little screws and bolts in packages in one of those places for handicapped people,” said Erin. “She’s not really handicapped, just really, really small. I don’t do anything; I just sort of live here like a pet. To anyone who comes by.”

“I don’t know,” Xian said thoughtfully. “You have a job here, and you do this like it’s a profession, with a contract and real income, those people who come by, have to pay a lot of money to treat you like a pet.”

Erin was quiet for a few minutes, “Yeah, I guess I do. This whole thing has been getting me so turned on, and I get wet here between my legs,” Erin glanced down toward her lap, “I guess I liked this so much that I forgot about the real part.”

Xian looked up suddenly, “Come on, it’s time to get you tucked in, You’ve got that team training tomorrow, and you have to be able to get it all done, because Thursday is already planned for you.”

Erin and Chloe did very well all morning, so Lisa decided to try doing some speed exercises after their lunch break. When they started running, Lisa had told them to be careful and to do their best to achieve smoothness, and that speed would come from proper form. As the afternoon progressed they did better and better, until they were both running as fast as they could, Lisa felt like she was flying. They stayed out until 8:PM; they came into the corral to a crowd. Paddy and Xian were both there waiting, but Wendy was also there. There were also several people from Wendy’s office there, too. Erin was just a little anxious, she had been so turned on and lubricating all afternoon that she had a big patch of road dust clinging to her pussy and the insides of her thighs. Pecos, Glenda, and Marlene were also waiting. Glenda and Marlene both came over to unhitch the girls, they were turned over to their grooms, and they all went to where Wendy was waiting.

Wendy looked around, “Any customers around? Please take out their bits, I need to have a few words.” The grooms got busy as Wendy continued, “You two have just broken all of my training records, I’m really proud of both of you. What I came here to tell to you about is that I have started a new service, team pulling. We will take several people and their belongings to a new section of the campground. It’s almost finished, and I intend to open it for business in about two months. The trip to the nearest campsite is ten kilometers, about six miles. Are either of you…actually I need you both, as a team, interested?”

“I would like to work with Chloe, We haven’t ever had a chance to talk, but we’ve sort of hit it off with each other,” Erin said.

“Oh Yeah, we really do good together,” added Chloe. “I love to pull with Erin.” She turned to Erin, “ You are so neat, and fun to pull with. I’ve tried this before with a couple of others, but I never hit it off with any of then like I have with you.” She leaned forward and kissed Erin on the cheek.

“All right, Let’s get these two washed up and ready for bed. It looks like our Miss Erin needs some special attention,” said Wendy as she leaned back and looked at Erin’s sticky, dusty pussy. When she saw Erin’s discomfort she said, “Erin, I hope you know that everyone here is really very jealous of you. We all think it must be heavenly to be able to get turned on so easily. Just having the nerve to work here naked all the time is quite a feat, but to be so turned on by it has got to be a bonus. Let’s go,” Wendy started for the gate.

Erin stopped her, “Wendy, I need to talk to you,” Erin looked around at all the people, “in private. Okay?”

Wendy pulled her to the side, “Of course, let’s go over here, by the stable. What’s wrong, you look like something’s wrong.”

“I’m worried about tomorrow, and I’m afraid of what will happen after that. I get so turned on and I’m wet so much, if I have a little chain dangling from me there, I won’t be able to control myself.”

Wendy smiled, “You don’t have to control yourself. That’s why all of this happens now, your grooms and handlers are your control, WE are your control,” Wendy looked around toward all of the people in the corral. “You don’t have to decide what to wear and what time to get up, you don’t even decide where to run or how fast. When you stopped having to be in control, you started letting loose and you started being turned on so much of the time. All of these people from the office came here to see you because you are a star. They all wish they could be so personally free. To be able to get so turned on that you just walk around all wet is special. I am jealous, too. Please go ahead and get pierced and enjoy it, walk and run around all turned on, and remember very few others get to enjoy their time like you do.” Wendy turned and walked toward the others in the corral, “All right, everyone who is supposed to be working, let’s get back to it. All the rest, let’s break this up before customers start coming back here to see what’s goin’ on,” she said pleasantly. Wendy turned toward Erin, Erin nodded, she looked down at the dust clinging to her pussy and thighs she smiled, she looked back to Wendy and nodded again.

Erin gets a new hole.

Elaine came to Erin’s stall just as Paddy was getting her around to go to Bart’s tattoo shop. Paddy had already taken her out to the dip tank; she would have to stay out of it until the piercing healed. The chemicals would really set off any raw flesh. Elaine told Paddy that she only needed to wear hoof-boots and pony-hands, her bit and bridle was not necessary. Elaine said she would take Erin over to the shop, since this should have been done during the first week she should be there with Erin, now. They went over to the shop, Bart was ready for them, and he had the tools all laid out on the counter nearest the last chair, of four.

This time he spoke directly to Erin, “Come on in, and sit in that last chair. I’ll have to take a couple of measurements to get the correct ring size. Then we’ll get started.” Erin sat in the chair Bart indicated, there were straps on each chair arm. Erin was careful to keep her arms in her lap; she didn’t want them to be strapped down. Bart came back with a tray of tools covered with a towel.

“Erin please put your arms up the chair,” he said.

“Please, I don’t want to be hooked down.”

“When I pierce you, it might hurt a bit, I can’t have you moving around, or it could screw up the hole and then your ring would be crooked. Miss Wendell has already told me that you were a friend of hers and she wants this to be perfect, not just real good, perfect. So put your arms on the chair. Please.”

Erin raised her arms over her head, and then dropped them onto the chair, she was not happy to comply, but she did as Bart asked. He looped a strap over each wrist and pulled them snug. There was a waist belt, like the seat belt in a car, and four leg straps, for each ankle and lower thigh, just above each knee. The chair was an automatic recliner, Bart picked up the controller. As he manipulated the controls the chair tipped back, the ankle rest moved nearer, and the thigh straps pulled her legs apart. Now she lay there completely open and helpless. Bart had a wire loop that he put inside Erin’s pussy lips, which held them apart so he had access to her clitoris. Bart called it a lips spreader. He had on a pair of surgical gloves, they felt strange to Erin, and the whole procedure was very clinical. Bart had a couple of tools Erin felt him handling her clitoris, but she couldn’t see what was going on.

He leaned back, “I’ve got you all measured, now for the finish.” She felt a sharp pain and then it became an ache, she could feel a pulling as Bart fitted the ring through the hole he had just pierced in her.

“That’s it, all done,” Bart said, as he released the straps on Erin’s wrists. “Tell me something, did Glenda really put a two inch measure thirteen and a half inches into you?” Erin nodded without saying anything. “Wow, no one has ever been measured that deep here.”

“ Now will you tell me something?” Erin asked. Bart nodded. “Why did they measure me there?”

“Well when we first started Miss Wendell would put chastity belts on some of the ponygirls; some of the customers wanted it. You know more control. The part that went through their legs had a dildo that went up inside. Now we don’t do that anymore. I think there are still come of those chastity belts around, so Lisa, excuse me, Miss Lisa, wants the measurement for her records. Right now you have that record.” He re-checked the ring; his fingers were very gentle on Erin’s pussy. “This is just what Miss Wendell wanted. You have a very big clitoris, it was easy to find the center and poke a hole right through it.” Bart released the rest of the straps, Erin relaxed her legs, but her knees felt weak and shaky. She also realized that she was getting wet, too. Bart was still looking at his handiwork; he was holding her clitoris with between his finger and thumb, “Damn! “ he said, “you’re getting all wet.” He let go of her clitoris quickly, and pulled his hand back. He reached back to her pussy, to remove the wire lips spreader.

As Elaine helped Erin to her feet, she said, “Come on let’s go on back to the stable, you can lay down for a little bit. While we were here, Paddy was getting things set up for you in the training stable; it’s not open to customers. So we’ll try to keep things nice and quiet for you, for a couple of weeks.”

“Erin you’re probably going to be kind of tender for a few days, and you’ll hurt for about a week to ten days. You will be all right after that, but it will be three weeks before you’re all healed up. This tissue heals than any of the other parts that you’ve had pierced,” Bart said as he gestured toward her nipples, “Especially faster than them. Nipples probably take longest to heal, sometimes as long as six weeks. I’ll check on you tomorrow, I’ll come by to make sure you are healing properly.”

“You won’t have to, if I have any sort of problem, I’ll come by,” replied Erin.

“Yes I do have to, Miss Wendell has ordered me to make sure every day, you have a deadline so there is no time for a problem. She also assured me that she could get particularly unpleasant if you don’t heal perfectly. A hematoma could cause your clitoris to get shriveled on one side, and go crooked. Miss Wendell would be most unhappy if that happened. So, I’ll come to you, every day.”

Erin nodded as she left with Elaine, “See you tomorrow.”

Erin was really sore for the next few days, and true to his word Bart came to see her every day. He checked her new ring and then sat with her from 11: until 11:30 every morning. Then he left to go back to his shop. Erin acted like this was unnecessary, but she really liked his attention. When he appeared at her gate, Paddy let him in and Erin went to her cot and laid down for his inspection. He had his pussy lips spreader; he put it in place and checked her clitoris. He was done in about ten minutes; he stayed there to talk for the rest of the time until 11:30, then he would take the spreader out and go back to his shop. Erin didn’t really mind when he left the spreader on her for the extra time. She was there to be controlled and she got to lay back and enjoy the attention. Wendy was in control of her, and Wendy had put Bart in charge of her pussy.

After two weeks of recuperation, Paddy moved her back to her home stall. Erin thought of that stall as home, she liked being back there. The ranch was busy over the weekend, lots of campers and plenty of customers taking a tour of the stable.

Erin’s new Groom.

It was Erin’s first morning to go back to work, She had all of her tack on and Paddy was leading her out to go running with Chloe. The ring though her clitoris now felt like it had always been there. She no longer had any little twinges of pain. Even the little ache that had come at the end of the day had finally stopped. While Paddy was leading Erin to the training corral to get more team running with Chloe, Erin looked toward the ranch office and saw Miss Evie’s dark blue Lincoln pull in to one of the parking spaces in front of Wendy’s office. She got out and pulled Ione’s leash out. Paddy took Erin into the corral behind the training stable, Miss Evie and Ione were lost from sight, and she went running with Chloe. They pulled Lisa across the ranch for the rest of the day. Miss Evie stepped back and naked little Ione got out, Miss Evie snapped the leash to Ione’s collar, and they started to walk toward the office. Miss Evie lead the way and Ione followed along behind on her leash. Miss Evie opened the door and they went in, she just needed to drop Ione off for her groom training, she had to hurry because she had a plane to catch. She had to go to New York for some business meetings, she would be done and back in time for her reservation with Erin.

Wendy was waiting for them to arrive; she had her receptionist usher them right in to her office.

After their greeting Wendy looked at Ione. “Ione, are your collar and cuffs locked on you? Do you have a way to get them off to wash underneath?”

Ione said, ”No ma’am, I’m always locked.” She looked around at Miss Evie; she also looked around for Nana.

“Evie, groom work is kind of dirty at times, She will need to take off the leather cuffs and that collar to get washed.”

Miss Evie looked at Ione and then back to Wendy, “I have everything for her in this bag right here, I’ve brought a couple of little dresses and a couple of pairs of shoes, too.” She held up a valise. She set the bag on the edge of Wendy’s desk, she was careful to keep it at the very edge. She would not like someone to come into her office and put his or her bag on top of any of her paperwork. She opened the bag and took out a small blue box that rattled as she picked it up. When she opened the box she took out a little chain that looked like a big bangle bracelet, with a small padlock on one end. She motioned for Ione to come closer, Evie took out her key ring and unlocked Ione’s collar, she put the collar she had just taken out around Ione’s neck and locked it with a click. She used the same key to unlock the leash and transferred it to the new collar and then used it to unlock the cuffs on Ione’s wrists, she handed Ione the keys to unlock her ankle cuffs. When she was done she handed the keys and cuffs to Miss Evie. She dropped them into the bag, she handed the keys to Wendy. Wendy put them in the top drawer of her desk. Miss Evie handed the end of the leash to Wendy, she turned to Ione, and bent to give her a very passionate kiss, Ione hugged her around the neck very tightly. Miss Evie straightened and turned toward the door. She said “Good Bye,” over her shoulder as she went out the door.

Wendy called down to the training stable, and had Lisa send Glenda up to the office to take over Ione, and take her to a room in the Groom Room, the area set aside for the grooms private area. Arraignments had been made for Ione to have a room there, and a couple of the grooms were assigned to help her get situated. Glenda was ready for Wendy’s call; she had been keeping alert for Miss Evie’s arrival. She was there within five minuets of Wendy’s call. She went in through the private entrance.

“You rang?” Glenda asked when she went into the office.

“Here please take Ione, take her to Bart’s office first and have him check her over, and take that butt plug out of her.” She had noticed the end of the plug protruding from Ione’s little anus. Ione smiled at Wendy, as Wendy gave Glenda the key ring with Ione’s leash key on it.

“Please don’t take the collar off me,” Ione begged.

They went to Bart’s shop, when they got there Bart was finishing up a tattoo on a ponygirl, Denise, this was elective, she had wanted a tribal tattoo across the small of her back. Ione stood next to Glenda when she sat in a chair by the phone, “Don’t you want to sit down for a few minutes, Ione?” Glenda asked.

“No thank you, I’m all right,” she answered. Glenda remembered about the butt-plug, in Ione’s anus. Glenda took Ione over to the sink in the back of the shop.

“Turn around for me, please,” she said to Ione. When she did, Glenda took hold of the end of the butt-plug, she pulled and twisted and took the butt-plug out of Ione. She dropped it in she utility sink. She sent Ione onto the bathroom to wipe off. When she got back she stood beside Glenda and handed her the end of her leash. When Bart was done with the Denise, she looked the tattoo over and then pulled her top down over it. She was on her off time, so she wore clothes over to the shop, so she wouldn’t have to wear all of the tack. Denise was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that left her shoulders bare, the arm openings were quite large and left Denise’s sides bare clear to the bottoms of her ribs, she also had on a very short tan denim skirt, so short that it just barely went past the bottom of her bottom. She wore a pair of sandals on her feet. Denise was so very used to being naked, she didn’t care that her clothes didn’t cover her very well. Bart thought she was very sexy, since he was used to seeing her naked, her revealing clothes were enticing. Ione came over after he finished up Denise.

“Hi Bart, how are you doin’?” she asked. Her little bells jiggled and tinkled. “Miss Wendell wants you to check me over before I start the groom class, tomorrow.”

Glenda was surprised, “Do you know her?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did the little tattoos on her boobies,” he said. “Her owner liked the way Miss Wendell tattoos the names on each ponygirl.” He turned to Ione, “Get up on the chair and lay back, and I’ll check you out.” Denise was interested in Ione; she was looking her over closely. She wasn’t hard to check, she was naked.

“How big are you?” she asked Ione. “You really are tiny.”

“I’m four feet and five inches, and I weigh forty-seven pounds, and I’m nineteen years old,” Ione smiled at Denise, “My measurements are 24AA-14-25. Are you a ponygirl?” she asked her own question. Denise nodded. “Then why are wearing clothes?”

“I came over here to get a tattoo of my own, and I didn’t want to wear all of the tack, because my groom was busy. It’s too hard to open the gates and doors without help, so I just put this on.”

Ione was interested in Denise’s name tattoo, “Can I see your name tattoo.” What she didn’t know was that if anyone asked a ponygirl to see her name she was required to show it. Denise stood up and pulled her top off over her head. Her name Denise was tattooed in an arc on the top of her left breast. Denise also had a circle of the same color around the outside of each areola.

“Oohhh, nice,” said Ione. She touched each tattooed ring, tracing each ring completely with her index finger. She looked to Bart, “Can you do that to me?”

“Sure, do you want to match your name?” he asked. She nodded enthusiastically.

Denise had been looking at Ione’s tattoos, “What’s that ED, on your areola for?” she asked.

“That’s for Evangeline Davis, I’m her pet. Some people have pet dogs or cats, she’s real rich and has a pet girl.”

“ I know Miss Evie,” Denise said. “I pulled her around all day, and she made me wear a butt tail the whole time. Does she make you wear a butt plug? ”

“Yeah, Glenda just took it out and put it in the sink, over there,” Ione nodded toward the sink. “I have to stay naked all the time too. I always have a collar locked on, like this one,” she pulled up her chain by the lock. Glenda still held the other end of her leash. “Miss Wendell made her take the leather cuffs and collar off while I’m here. She was afraid I’d get infection under them. All the dust and dirt from being outside all the time here.” Wendy had told Glenda that she had to keep the leash on Ione while she was in a customer area. Just like a ponygirl, either clothed, or on a leash.

“What about if you go to get something in a store?” Glenda piped up.

“Well I can put something on to go in a store,” she answered. “I can’t wear any panties or a bra underneath though.”

“Does she always keep you on a leash, too?” Denise asked. “Did I see you two here about two weeks ago?”

“Yup, that was us. I was the one on the leash,” Ione laughed. She held her little bare chest out to Bart. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, as small as you are it’ll only take about five minutes each,” He answered. He was almost right; it took about fifteen minutes for both. Bart used his finest needle, and drew a very thin line around each areola. He looked a her pussy when he was done with the tattoos, “What do you have pierced there? He asked. “Do you have a clitoris big enough to pierce?”

Ione laid back and open her legs for him to have access to her pussy, “No, I had my triangle and my nipples pierced about two years ago, Miss Evie put the chains with the bells, on me.” Bart had a real small pussy lips spreader; he fitted it into Ione’s tiny vulva. The spreader held her open so he could check her over. He checked for inflammation and infection at all three of her pierce sites. Bart noticed she was starting to get wet, she was lubricating from his checking.

“Ione you’re getting wet,” he said. “Does this happen a lot?”

“Yeah,” she answered, “Miss Evie makes me get a towel to sit on at home. She has some antiques that I’m not allowed on.”

“Yeah, some people don’t let their cat on the sofa,” Denise observed seriously, She couldn’t keep her face straight, and started to laugh, her laughter was infectious. Soon they were all laughing, Ione the hardest.

Glenda said, “Ok we have to get a move on, I’ve got to get Ione down to the Groom Room. There is a spot there for her. We just had to wait for Paddy, to get done with Erin; today he’s going to get Ione all settled in. How long before she can get in the dip tank?”

Bart looked up as he removed the lips spreader from Ione, “As small as these tat’s are, she could probably go right now. They won’t discolor, but they might sting a little. You should probably wait until tomorrow afternoon. Give her twenty four hours.”

As Glenda took Ione toward the door she said, “Denise, don’t forget your top. I have to bring Erin back over here later, Bart. After Paddy gets her washed up this evening, Miss Wendell wants permanent rings and bells on her. I got them in this morning, they are real nice, little round gold bells and chains.” She led Ione out to the Groom Room it was near the ponygirl stable. She unlocked the door, and they went inside. The door was kept locked, even though it was posted

“Private Residence. Not Open to Public”

Paddy was in the lounge waiting for Glenda and Ione to arrive, he was finishing a cup of coffee. Glenda left Ione and her bag with him and headed out to the training stable. Paddy took the end of the leash from her and just stood there holding it for a few minutes after Glenda’s departure.

“Paddy, Is everything all right?” Ione asked.

“Oh, to be sure, I’ve taken care of horses, dogs, cats, and now ponygirls, but I never believed I’d have to look out for a little pet girl. I was just wonderin’ about what to do next,” Paddy related.

“How about a cup of that coffee, for starters,” Ione suggested. Paddy got her a cup, and put it on the table. She got up into one of the chairs on her knees, so she could reach the tabletop and her coffee. After a couple of sips she put the cup down, “Thanks, Good coffee.” She was completely at ease and unselfconscious as she knelt on the chair sipping coffee. Ione stayed naked all the time when she was home with Miss Evie. Miss Evie’s great wealth allowed her to hire numerous people as housemaids, other domestic help, Ione was naked whether any of them were present, or not.

Paddy had collected himself as he realized that he only had to get Ione settled, he did not have to take care of her, like he did Erin. He wanted to get Ione a settled and get back to Erin’s stall; he had a ton of work to handle. She had just gotten all healed and back to her “work” this morning. He looked up to see Wendy come into the room.

“Miss Wendell, what can I do for you? Do you need somethin’? I mean I’ve never seen you here before. Is everything all right?” He asked.

“You can start by getting me a cup of that coffee. Hi, Ione. New tattoos?” Wendy asked. Ione nodded slowly, she saw that Wendy’s appearance here was not part of the normal procedure. She sat in the chair next to Ione and opposite Paddy’s chair; he was up getting her cup of coffee. “Ione where are the keys for your leash?”

“I think Glenda put them in the bag.” Ione nodded toward the valise with her things, it was on the floor by the door where Glenda had left it. “I’ll go get it,” she said. Ione got up and retrieve her bag, she brought it to Wendy and got back onto her chair. Wendy opened it and dumped it on top of the table.

She picked out the key ring, and picked out the same key she had seen Evie use to unlock Ione’s leash earlier. She unlocked Ione’s leash and reached for the lock on her collar.

Ione pulled back, “Please don’t take my collar,” she begged. Wendy shrugged and put the keys down on the table. She began looking through the rest of the things that had been in Ione’s bag. She picked up several little dresses; they were of silk in very pretty colors. She held them up, she could see that each of them was very small capable of only meager coverage. One dress was just mesh net, it could be no protection, neither from eyes nor the elements. She picked up a small case, it was held closed by a spring latch. When she opened it she saw several tiny butt-plugs each in it’s own pocket. “You sure have a bunch of these,” she counted them silently. “There’s ten here. Why do you have so many?” I thought Evie made you wear them.”

“She does, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it,” Ione smiled. “Do I have to wear clothes all the time around here?” she asked.

Wendy smiled, “Does this look like the kind of place where we require any clothing?” While Wendy was looking at Ione’s dresses Paddy had returned with her coffee, she took a sip while she watched Ione. Before Ione could answer Wendy said, “When you are outside in a customer area, if you are naked you must have your collar and leash, with someone on the other end of the leash, or wear clothes. Those are the rules here, if it’s one of the ponygirls they either have to have tack or clothes.”

“If I have on one of my dresses, can I still wear my collar?” Ione asked. Wendy nodded

“Here try one of these dresses on, not the net one.” Wendy said. “ Paddy I came here to talk to you about something important that has just come up within the last hour.” She looked at the dress Ione had picked out a red silk one and nodded. She had taken charge of Ione; it was obvious to her that Ione was not willing to be responsible. She got down from the chair and put the dress on over her head, it was very short stopping about an inch below her pussy. The bell on the end of her chain was visible below the hem. The top had thin shoulder straps; they looked almost too long letting the top drop so low that it stopped just above her nipples. The top was cut low between Ione’s breasts cut about halfway to her navel. As she moved about the dress uncovered first one breast then the other. She turned and spun it the middle of the floor as she modeled.

“Ione, I need to talk to Paddy for a few minutes, if you decide to go outside be sure to wear clothes,” Wendy turned back to Paddy. “My Head Groom and Training Director just left, she had a family problem in England, and I need to replace her fast. You have done so well here in the short time you’ve been here, I think you are my best choice for the job. It pays quite a bit better than your groom job; it’s actually double your current rate. You have shown that you know that ponygirls and horses are just about the same to deal with.”

“I don’t quite know what to say, um what about Erin? She and I have hit it off. Well yeah, I can do it. Actually I have run stables before,” Paddy finally answered. “I know that if you are payin’ twice the money it’s probably three times the work.”

Wendy laughed, “Yes it probably is, like any management job, all of your own work and any responsibilities the your employees don’t want, or won’t take. You will have some trouble; Elaine thinks she is getting it. She has already told me how she will reorganize the training stable. What do you want to do with the training stable?”

“Is anything wrong with it?” he asked.


“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” he responded.

“One more thing,” Wendy handed him the Ione’s little case of butt-plugs, “put one of these in Ione for me.” Ione picked up a small green pack of lube from the things on the table and handed held it out for Paddy. When he took it she turned around and lifted the rear hem of her little dress. She arched her back to give him better access, and waited for him to push it into her.

As he selected one of the butt-plugs and opened the lube he said to Wendy, “Ok, but this isn’t one of my regular duties.” He applied a glob of the lube and gently pushed the butt-plug into her. Ione wriggled as the butt-plug slid into her, she gave a little gasp when the widest part passed through her anus. “Ok, walk around a few steps for me darlin’, to get it settled in,” he advised Ione.

When Erin and Chloe got back to the stable with Lisa in the sulky, Xian and Glenda were waiting for them in the corral. Pecos came out and unhitched the girls, Xian stepped forward and put her lead on the ring on the end of Chloe’s bit and Glenda snapped a lead to Erin. They both lead their girls to the stable and their stalls. When they got inside Erin looked around for Paddy, but he was not there. Glenda removed Erin’s bit and held the long end of her tongue stud, she picked up Erin’s little stud and held it out until Erin stuck her tongue out for Glenda to change the studs. Erin started looking around for Paddy, she couldn’t say anything to yet because there were several customers out in the hallway, but she was worried. Glenda finished with Erin’s tack and released her French-braid. She ushered Erin to the bath stall, and opened the gate for her; Erin stepped in and noticed that the floor was wet. This was the closest that she had come to meeting the ponygirl who shared her bath stall.

Glenda turned on the water, “Do you want it hot?” she asked. Erin nodded. Glenda adjusted the water and Erin nodded when it was the correct temperature. Today was the first time Erin had gone out to run on a trail since she had been pierced, so Glenda had to take extra care to make sure she washed all dust away from Erin’s clitoris ring. After she finished washing Erin she pressed her hand over Erin’s pussy and slid two of her fingers between her lips, she continued to slide her hand back until she could slide those fingers up into Erin’s vagina. She inserted her fingers into Erin as far as she could. She pressed harder then she pulled her hand down until she had more space and put her other two fingers into Erin and pushed up again. Now she had all four fingers and most of her palm inside Erin, she turned her hand so her thumb was pointed to Erin’s front. Glenda curled her thumb up so she could press Erin’s clitoris. She clenched and unclenched her hand and pressed with her thumb. It took Erin about five minutes to start to climax, Glenda relaxed her hand and stopped pressing with her thumb. Erin moaned, she said “Nnoo” softly. Glenda began her ministrations again until Erin almost had another orgasm. Again she stopped, until Erin moaned again, she started again this time she didn’t stop, Erin had an orgasm, then another almost immediately after and then a third two minutes later. After she got Erin dried and back to her stall, her dinner was there waiting. Erin sat down and ate. She was quiet, she had rarely had three orgasms like that before, she was enjoying the afterglow as she sat and had her dinner. After she was done eating Glenda had fresh hoof-boots and pony-hands to put on her, she didn’t put a bridal or bit on Erin, but she put one finger to her lips and shushed, Erin nodded. Glenda picked up a box that had been setting on the end of the counter; she led the way over to the tattoo shop.

Bart opened the door and let them in, he smiled at Erin, “Please have a seat in the last chair.” He turned to Glenda, “let’s see her jewelry.” Glenda handed him the box. He went to one of his counters and put the box drown, and opened it. He laid out the items; they were already sterilized when they were shipped. He turned to Erin; she placed her arms on the chair so he could put the straps over her wrists. After she was strapped down he brought the packets over to her chair. Bart put on his gloves and then put the lips spreader in the vulva, spreading her lips so he had unrestricted access to her clitoris. He removed all her three rings; both nipple rings sand her clitoris ring.

He held up her new nipple rings, “These are segmented rings, that means that instead of a little ball like your old rings they have a ring segment or arc that goes into the open space. The ones you had we call CBR”s, for captured ball rings. Once in place these will look like a solid rings. These are gold plated titanium,” Bart held up a small pair of pliers, “I’ll have to use these special pliers to open and close them with.” He looked ay Erin, “You have to be very still so I don’t slip with these pliers, OK?” Erin nodded.

Bart opened the rings and put the large portion through her holes, he put the ends of the chains to the bells on the rings. Bart used the pliers to fit the last segment of each ring in place, just before he released each ring he put in a tiny drop of “super glue” and made sure each segment was perfectly straight and then moved to the next. When he was done he stepped back to survey his handiwork.

“Well what do you think?” he asked Glenda.

“They’re real pretty, aren’t they? I think Miss Wendell will like this.” She replied.

Erin looked down as best she could, trying to see what had been done to her. Bart released the all the straps holding her in place.

She sat up so she could see the rings and bells better she smiled and nodded.

Bart said, “Lay back, I need to get my lips spreader out.” Erin lay back on her elbows, Bart removed the spreader and stepped back so she could get up. Erin stood and walked to Bart’s full-length mirror, she stood there looking at the way the bell looked as it hung on the chain from her clitoris. The chain was about two and a half inches long. It felt exotic and swung around as she walked, causing jiggling sensations. Erin wriggled and shifted, this was very stimulating, and she was getting wet from the constant jiggling of her clitoris. The new nipple rings were also having an effect, the rings were the same size, but the chains were just a little longer, and these bells were slightly heavier. Glenda ushered her out and back to her stall very quickly, Erin didn’t get a chance to ask about Paddy. By the time she walked back to her stall, she was all wet; the juices had come out onto her thighs.

When she got back in her stall Paddy was there, she rushed up to him and put her arms around his neck, she didn’t know what was up, but she could tell that things had changed. The closing of the stable was announced as Erin and Glenda were coming in, so Erin knew that she could talk to Paddy now.

“What’s going on? Why is Glenda here? Do you like my new jewelry?” She stepped back and jiggled her chest so the bells tinkled.

“Ok, first things, first,” said Paddy. Glenda started to speak up, Paddy held up his hand and she stepped back a step and stopped talking. “You have a new groom, you have already met her. I’ve been reassigned, to the groom office and the training center. Glenda had wanted to be your groom ever since you got here. So when I had to move she took the job, because she wants to be here and take care of you. And number three; those are beautiful.” Erin looked around and noticed that Ione was there sitting on one of Erin’s stools. Ione jumped down and came up to Erin, her little bells jiggling and tinkling. She had taken off the dress and had the leash locked to her collar. She smiled up at Erin. Erin held out her arms to Glenda so she could untie her pony-hands. After they were off, Glenda untied the hoof-boots, so Erin could get them off.

Erin stepped up to Paddy, “I don’t know what to say, I guess Wendy promoted you today,” Paddy nodded. “When did you find out, did you know this morning?”

“The head groom quit and had to go to England this morning, after you and Chloe went out. If I had known I would have told you. There was already a bit of a crisis and I couldn’t meet you at the corral. I asked Glenda not to say anything so that I could tell you myself. Oh, and Elaine is gone. That was the crisis.” Erin turned quickly and her nipple bells jerked around, she looked down at them, she turned to Glenda.

“Can you get these off me, please?” She asked. They were bothering her and she did not want to have that distraction.

Glenda shook her head; “they’re permanent, always with you. That’s why I wanted to be your groom. You are the sexiest ponygirl we’ve ever had here. I want to help you learn how to enjoy every aspect of it.”

“Were these bells your idea?” Erin asked Glenda.

“No, Miss Wendell ordered them. She wants to see how far you can go, too. Looks like you need to get washed up before you go to bed,” Glenda nodded toward Erin’s juicy pussy.

“I’ll help,” Ione piped up. Paddy looked at her, then Erin. Erin shrugged, and nodded. “Miss Evie gives me showers sometimes, and there’s this maid we have that works in our bedroom, sometimes she gives me baths, and sometimes, when Miss Evie is away we take showers together. So I know what to do.”

Paddy had to get back to his office so Erin, Ione and Glenda went down to Erin’s bath stall. Glenda got the water adjusted and Erin went into the stall. She turned so that her hair didn’t get wet; the water sprayed on her below her waist, and rinsed her pussy. Ione got some of the soap from Glenda, her little hands went between Erin’s legs easily. She washed Erin’s thighs and fondled her clitoris. Ione was intrigued by Erin’s big clitoris, to little Ione it seemed huge, it lay across her palm, she grasped it with her hand, not just a couple of fingers. Erin moaned softly, Ione was getting her really turned on, and it hadn’t been very long since Glenda had been doing the same thing. She told Erin to turn around so she was facing away. Ione reached between Erin’s legs she washed her anus and then forward to her pussy from the rear. She pushed her hand between Erin’s lips, and pressed her fingers into Erin’s vagina, Ione pushed harder her whole hand went into Erin. Ione pushed her hand farther into Erin; her arm was in nearly to her elbow. Erin leaned, she held onto the rails around the bath stall. Ione withdrew her arm back to her wrist and pushed it back into Erin. She closed her fingers into a fist and continued pushing in and pulling out. After a few strokes Erin cried out, if she hadn’t been holding on she would have fallen. While Glenda was behind Ione she saw the end of the butt-plug protruding from Ione’s anus. Glenda began pressing and pulling on the end gently. Ione was panting and moaning she was writhing as she pushed her arm in and out of Erin Glenda kept up her pressure. When Erin climaxed, Ione climaxed, she leaned against Erin’s stall. It took them both a few minutes to recover. Ione pulled her arm out of Erin; she picked up some more soap and washed off with it.

In Chapter One: Erin discovered her extreme sexuality through subservience. When she surrendered personal control to Wendy, she lost all control, and she found that everything in her life caused intense sexual response.

Ahead in Chapter Two: Ione flunks out, Miss Evie is not pleased! Erin is mated, but to whom or what!