Lenore’s New Life - Chapter II

by Long Johnson
- do not use without the author's permission.

From Chapter I: Lenore’s master sent her for ponygirl training, when her speed was discovered, she became a racer. She was sold to Jacqui, who developed her into a great racer.
Ahead In Chapter II: Lenore wins the Canadian Nationals. She meets her old Master again.

Lenore had been running for an hour. Jacqui had cut down on the distances she ran and increased the speed training for her. The next races were inside and the track was only one hundred yards long. The final was fifty laps, run in two twenty-five-lap races with a thirty-minute break between the two. She went in to the training stand, for a drink and to get her sulky hooked on. Jacqui was inside, usually she didn’t show-up until the afternoon session. Jacqui had her boyfriend with her; she was having a good time with him. She cared little more for boyfriends than she did for the feelings of a ponygirl. She had unzipped his jeans and took his penis out, when Lenore came in he tried to turn and pull his pants closed, but Jacqui laughed and would not let go of him. She held his penis with her left hand and massaged the head with her right. She turned to Lenore, but continued to hold on to her boyfriend. Lenore could only stare; it had been so long since she had been this close to a man’s exposed penis.

“I’ll bet you’d like to get near one of these,” Jacqui smiled. “If you win the Canadians, I’ll get you one of these, for a while.” She had to keep holding on to him, “If this one doesn’t straighten up, it’ll be him.”

Jacqui let him go, “Keep that out for me,” she said as she turned to Lenore. He did. He stood there with his pants open and his penis out, but his hard-on had gone away. Jacqui came over to Lenore and unsnapped the bit from Lenore’s bridle. She led Lenore over to her boyfriend.

“Lenore, would you like a little taste, to remember what it was like?” Jacqui asked slowly. She reached out and grasped his penis again, she pulled Lenore closer, “Put your tongue out and give the head a little lick.” Lenore put her tongue out and gently touched the head of his penis. The thought of her master’s use of her mouth gave her a shudder.

“Wow, you really like that don’t you?” Jacqui asked. Lenore nodded.

“Well, I guess you better win,” Jacqui said softly.

Tears streamed down Lenore’s cheeks, she felt betrayed. It’s wasn’t fair having this girl in charge of her sex life. Lenore’s pussy was wet and she wanted so much to be held tightly.

Jacqui knew that Lenore would be lubricating and very wet, but she didn’t say or do anything, she wanted to tease Lenore, unmercifully, not humiliate her, completely.

“Ok, let’s go in, we’ve done all we can. Tomorrow we leave for Canada,” Jacqui said. Even though the race was actually in Washington, everyone referred to it as though it were in Canada.

After Lenore was washed off and fed, Jacqui joined her in her stall, “We are going to drive to the little airport, north of here and fly to a private field near the race ground. There are stalls for the girls and rooms for the contestant teams. I’ll have a room in a motel that’s nearby. We’ll have two days to get used to the track and then it’s race time.” She looked at Lenore and shrugged, looking for questions. Lenore just shook her head. “One last thing, I’ll be pretty busy, watching for ringers, they like to try to bring in girls to run that aren’t really ponygirls, no numbers,” she gestured toward Lenore’s right nipple. “That’s why you have to have your number tattooed on.”

The track was a disappointment, the surface was all right but the facilities were pretty old. Lenore had to get used to the small track, but she had three days to get ready for the races. Jacqui was all over any ponygirl that didn’t want to run naked, the rules for finals US or Canadian required the ponygirls run naked.

After three preliminary races Lenore could skip to the finals, which gave her two more days off. The major difference in US and Canadian races was that the girl could only run in one class, either sulky or non-sulky, Lenore was entered in the sulky races. When the final race came up Lenore ran off with everything. After the first half, the only serious competition Lenore had pulled out. Jacqui was ecstatic; she had a temporary tattoo the she stuck on Lenore’s left breast, just where the real tattoo would be placed. The tattoo was a ‘C’, blue with a white outline.

Then it was time for pictures of Lenore with the sulky still hitched. More pictures with Jacqui in the sulky, with Jacqui holding Lenore’s bridle. The last set of pictures Lenore’s old owner was brought out to stand next to her. She was thrilled, but then his new girl came out to stand next to him. She was gorgeous, tall, with blonde hair. She was wearing very short white silk dress, one layer of white silk that was nearly transparent. Her pink nipples were visible through the dress; her nipples were pierced with gold rings thought the holes, and a tiny gold chain between the rings. He didn’t try to talk to Lenore, but the photographer wanted a few shots of him kissing her on the cheek. Lenore wanted to die. When he hugged her she got so wet that she was sure everyone there saw the results. The grooms took Lenore to the back for a bath, but they didn’t masturbate her this time. They finished with Lenore and returned her to her stall; she was there for less than fifteen minutes when Jacqui showed up take her to the plane. She had Lenore’s coat for her to wear on the plane.

“I ‘m so proud of you, their fastest girl didn’t even come out for the last half of the race, she knew she couldn’t touch you,” she said to Lenore. Jacqui’s boyfriend was there too. He had stayed away after Jacqui made him let Lenore touch her tongue to the head of his penis. He was afraid that she might make him do something more with Lenore. He knew that Jacqui had promised Lenore sex if she won. He didn’t want to be it. Lenore was so beautiful and so fast that she scared him. He didn’t have to worry; Jacqui was not going to share with Lenore. She considered Lenore her property, she had not promised her man to Lenore, just sex. They got back to the Old Mission Ponygirl School late; Jacqui took Lenore to her stall for the night.

“Don’t you want to get your sex, now?” she asked.

Lenore shook her head, “Not right now, I want to be able to do well, when I get the chance.”

In the morning the grooms came in and fed Lenore and changed her pussy rings, from the three large rings she wore when she ran to the six small rings, and then took her to the shower. After her shower, she was taken to the tattoo shop; the artist put the C in the next position on her left breast. She looked at the artwork on her breast and she was proud of it, she had the OMPS logo and the red 1, for winning the district 1 championship, and now and the symbol for this win. When she got back to her stall Jacqui was waiting for her, she had come to fulfill her part of the bargain.

“I’m here to keep my word,” she smiled as Lenore looked around. Jacqui had a bag of items for Lenore, which she opened. There were several pairs of shoes; they picked out a pair of black leather spike heels with ankle straps. Next was a pair of stockings, black of course with a garter belt to hold them up with.

“Oohh! Wow!” Lenore tried the shoes on, “These are nice. I haven’t had real shoes on in over six months.”

“When you get ready, I’ve got a couple of dresses outside where I could hang them,” with that Jacqui got up and went out. “I’ll wait for you out here.”

Lenore sat down and put on the stockings and garter belt, she slipped the shoes on and buckled the straps around her ankles. When she went out she felt naked now. She had been naked for so long that it didn’t matter, but now that she had shoes and stockings she realized her nakedness. The dress Jacqui had picked out for her was very a short, black wraparound. The front was very low; it had one snap on the waist. The top barely covered her breasts, and the skirt opened with every step. When she sat it fell open from her waist.

“I’ll bet you can get picked up dressed like that,” Jacqui leered.

“It’s a good thing I’m used to being naked, this dress doesn’t really cover much. It’s been over six months since I’ve anything on. I’m not sure I’ll know how to act if I get near an man,” Lenore laughed.

Jacqui had a small jewelry box, Lenore picked out earrings and a diamond necklace. The earrings dangled nearly two inches from her earlobes. Lenore picked up shoulder wrap and they went out. It was just the two of them, Jacqui decided not to bring her boyfriend.

“We’ve got two days off, then we start training for the US district 2 races,” Jacqui said with a smile, “in case we get separated.”

They went to a club where there was a line waiting to go inside, Jacqui wanted to go somewhere else.

Lenore wasn’t ready to give up yet, “Let’s go up by the door,” she suggested. They stood by the doorman for about three minutes, when the phone at his elbow rang. He spoke for about three more minutes, and then he took down the velvet rope and ushered them inside. Several people waiting started to complain, but the doorman suggested they could probably find another place open.

“Lenore, where have you been?” asked the maitre’de. “I’ve missed seeing you lately.”

“I had some business out of town,” she answered. He nodded. They went to the bar, and Lenore ordered two drinks, one for each of them. The bartender wanted to ask Jacqui if she had her identification, but a quick look from Lenore and he decided not to bother. They were there for about five minutes and a man in a tuxedo asked Lenore to dance, she stayed out for the rest of the evening, and then left with him. Jacqui had to turn down several offers, and she went home early.

When they got to his car, he unfastened Lenore’s dress; she slipped to off her shoulders. She unzipped his pants.

“Whoa, Be careful. I don’t want my night to be over too soon,” he cautioned.

“Don’t worry I’ll get it back for you,” Lenore answered. She licked the head of his penis like an ice cream cone.

On the morning of the second day, he delivered Lenore to the front gate of OMPS, when Lenore got out she took off his jacket and walked into the gate naked, wearing only the black spikes, and carrying her dress. Lenore turned and smiled, and then went inside. Jacqui had started to wonder if she made a mistake. Jacqui had a new respect for Lenore, that she got them into the club, and that she came back. Lenore went to her stall and went inside, she lay down on her bed. A groom came by and closed the gate to her stall.

‘Lenore, I don’t know what to do now,” said Jacqui. “I was afraid that you would not be back, that you were gone. Now I don’t know if I should keep you locked up like a race pony or what.”

Lenore just smiled, “lets keep everything just the way it was. It worked and we won two championships.”

“Ok, we start tomorrow for the Midwest’s.” Then Jacqui smiled, “Tell me everything that happened, did you get everything you needed?”

“I don’t suck and tell,” Lenore said seriously.

“Oohh, you’re so dirty, that’s terrible,” mocked Jacqui. “ And take off those shoes.”

“I’ll see you in the morning,” said Lenore. She lay back on her bunk and closed her eyes.

The US District 2 races were in Bloomington, Illinois; Lenore got a ‘2’ for winning this one. The next races were district 3 and 4 were run together, in North Carolina. Lenore got ‘3’ and ‘4’; she had six little icons tattooed on her breast.

“I’ve signed you up for the English races, I see a spot for a Union Jack icon,” Jacqui said.