Lenore’s New Life - Chapter I

by Long Johnson
- do not use without the author's permission.

Lenore Griswald walked slowly along the pathway, the gravel crunched beneath her high-heels. She was very excited, she was wearing a long leather coat, but she was naked underneath. When she got to the end of the path, she would be at the garden party, and she would have to take the coat off. She was naked for her master regularly, she wore his collar and had his initials tattooed on her belly. She had belonged to him for two years. Lenore was beautiful with large breasts and small waist and from the running she did regularly her hips were very firm. When she arrived at the end of the pathway, she took the leash from her pocket and handed it to her master. She unbuttoned her coat, but didn’t take it off yet. Her master snapped the leash to the ring on the center of her collar, and gave it a little tug. When Lenore looked at him, he nodded and she removed her coat. Her long red hair fell to the middle of her back. She felt it as it lay on her shoulders and across her back. As she stood beside him her posture was excellent, her head held high and her back arched. Her buttocks were slender so that her pussy and anus were clearly visible from the back. She wore a beautiful, polished walnut butt plug in her anus; the protruding end was thin and didn’t interfere with her. She wore it regularly for her master. Tonight she wore a smaller one; some nights her made her wear a butt plug that held her open nearly three inches. She could only wear that for thirty minutes before it became very uncomfortable. The first time she had to wear it, she cried for an hour afterward. Tonight she would wear the smaller one for the whole evening. Her master led her through the party guests, she was one of ten different slaves brought to the party naked, wearing collars and leashes. The party lasted until midnight, then started to break up, other masters took their slaves and headed home, but Lenore’s master had a surprise for her. The party had ended and there was no one left but Lenore and her master, she looked around and saw that even the coat rack had been taken in from the garden. Her master led her toward the darkest end of the garden. Two men were waiting there for them, her master handed her leash to the taller man.

“Lenore, I have special plans for you. I’m sending you for ponygirl training, we are going to be apart for about three months,” he said gently.

“No not that long, please,” she begged.

“There several changes to make and it will take that long,” he continued. “The changes will include having your nipples, your outer pussy lips pierced. There will also be several tattoos, which I have decided on. With that he turned and walked away, his shoes crunching on the gravel of the path as he went.

Lenore ran around the outside of the pony ring, she had become a very good ponygirl. She was faster than any other girl in her group. Today she was running bareback, that meant that she was wearing only hoof-boots and pony-hands. Her red hair was braided in a French braid to appear like a tail. When the ponygirl trainers discovered how fast she was, she not longer wore a butt-plug tail. Her hoof-boots were specially fitted to her feet, they had horse shoe shaped platforms under her toes, and such firm soles that there were no heels, leaving Lenore standing on her toes. Pony-hands fit over her hands and looked like front hooves, she held a bar through the center of the hoof portion, and they laced up Lenore’s forearms.

She had been brought to the Old Mission Ponygirl School and shown to her stall, on that fateful night. It was basically a small room on three sides; the forth side was of bars. The gate was locked; her groom opened the gate for her when she was lead out. The stable owner came by and met each ponygirl; there were six others in her training class. They were led one-by-one to the tattoo shop where their tattoos and piercings were done. When it was Lenore’s turn she went proudly into the shop. Her owner – her master was called owner here – ordered her name Lenore was to be tattooed along the left side of her left breast, and when it was done her nipples were pierced and three holes were pierced in each of her outer pussy lips. The tattoo artist also tattooed OMPS on the areola of her right breast, beneath her nipple. She spent the next two weeks healing, she had no responsibilities. After two weeks she was made to attend classes to learn her duties as a ponygirl. She had expected to be very lonely without her master, he used her as he saw fit whenever he wished. Which was every day. Usually he used her pussy, but he also used he anus often, and her mouth regularly received his attention. Since she had been pierced she was given time to heal. The grooms and handlers were not allowed to have sex with any of the ponygirls. Some owners did not want that attention and others did not care if they were used or not. Lenore did not know if her owner had expressed a preference, he had given her to others occasionally, but Lenore hadn’t been given to anyone else in the last few months. She was sore enough that she appreciated the opportunity to get healed. After she had been here for six weeks she had started to feel a little bit horny. Her groom was very attentive, and masturbated her every day in the shower. Lenore was used to having sex with her owner, the cold manipulations of her groom helped, but were not the same as sex.

She started to run every morning in the pony ring, it was a quarter mile around, after she ran eight laps to get warmed up, she gate was opened and she was let out onto the big track where she ran for six to seven miles daily, and ten miles on Saturday. She had gotten leaner since she started here. She had to stay naked, but to run she had to wear a breast strap to hold her breasts up when she ran. Too much breast motion and she would be sore for several days. So a band around her chest supported her breasts.

Lenore had been at the ranch for two months when she was entered into a race with ponygirls from another ranch. She beat them easily; she had to run wearing hoof-boots and pony-hands, and a bridle with a bit. This bit was modified to stay out of her way. Her bridle had neither reins nor blinders. She was entered in two classes of races, the first was the fastest, non-sulky and the second was harness racing, with a sulky. The harness races required a sulky and driver. The bridle for sulky races had very light reins. Lenore’s first driver was a small handler, but when she won every race a new driver was recruited. This driver, Jacqui was the eighteen-year-old daughter of the OMPS owner. Lenore felt funny when she first met Jacqui she was very small and weighed about eighty-seven pounds. Lenore was wearing her hoof-boots, pony-hands and bridle with the full sized bit. Lenore could not talk because the bit had a U-shaped inner brace that pressed against her tongue. Jacqui was very cool about the meeting; she looked at the timing receipts for the last few days, showing how fast Lenore could run. Jacqui was very short; the top of her head came to Lenore’s breasts. She looked Lenore over very carefully; she examined Lenore’s breasts to see how much they would bounce up and down when she ran. She also checked her nipple rings to see if they would interfere with Lenore’s running. She wanted smaller lighter rings; Lenore’s rings were 14 ga. one inch ones, Jacqui wanted 1

ga. one half-inch rings. She had Lenore step up onto a small stand the put her high enough that her pussy was on level with Jacqui’s face. Jacqjui wanted to examine her pussy rings, she also wanted those rings replaced with smaller one’s. Lenore stood still while Jacqui lifted her rings and handled her pussy lips.

“Damn! She’s wet already,” Jacqui complained. “How long has it been since anybody took care of her?” Lenore’s eyes started to tear, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, when she saw Jacqui, she believed she would receive better care. Jacqui treated her like a racehorse, looking her over to see how fast she was and wanting changes to make her as fast as possible. Tears were streaming down her face. Jacqui ignored her crying, she was concerned with running her as fast as possible.

“You know, I’ve got an idea,” said Jacqui. “If we get three big rings that will go through two holes, one in each lip. Across like this,” she indicated by pointing across Lenore’s lips, “It would cut down on flop. They will go across and hold her lips together. It should look pretty good too. I also want to try six little buttons, one to go in each hole. I want to run her with each set next week, see which one is the fastest. Ok, I’m outta here. I’ve got a date, tonight. I’m goin’ to fuck him till he can’t walk.”

Jacqui had a second groom assigned to help take Lenore to the shower stall. This groom was female. Jacqui brought her in to give Lenore more relief. Jacqui wanted another woman to supervise the masturbation. When they got there the two grooms removed all of Lenore’s tack, and ushered her into the stall, after washing her hair they each washed her arms, legs, and body. The new groom began to fondle Lenore’s pussy. She pulled her lips open and rubbed her gently between them, when she reached Lenore’s vagina she inserted three fingers into Lenore. She directed the other groom to put two fingers into Lenore’s anus. When Lenore had an orgasm, she directed him to continue. Lenore had a second orgasm almost immediately. She continued until Lenore had a third orgasm. Lenore nearly collapsed after that, the grooms helped her out and dried her off, and after that they helped to her stall. Her dinner was waiting when she got in.

With Jacqui running her training and driving her sulky, Lenore won every race she was entered in. When she won the area championship, her owner was contacted and informed of her accomplishments. He agreed to have her continue to run for the Old Mission Ponygirl School. She was also given two tiny tattoos on her left breast. There was about two inches between her areole and the ‘L’ in Lenore. Two vertical lines of tiny banners were started there. The first one was the logo for the Old Mission School; it was shaped like a shield colored like the California state flag. Beside it was the banner to mark the championship for the western region, a figure ‘1’ colored red. The little banners were tattooed on before Lenore knew what they meant. She was not consulted about any aspect of her racing program. Jacqui came in and looked her over everyday, she checked Lenore’s breasts and her pussy lips, and she also decided to use three large rings. Jacqui liked the way they looked in Lenore’s pussy and liked the way they held her lips closed. Jacqui also got a person to massage Lenore’s legs regularly.

Lenore ran back to the start of the pony ring, where Jacqui was standing, since she had won so many races for Jacqui, she had plenty of freedom.

“Lenore, do you like the extra freedom you have been given lately?” asked Jacqui, she was not smiling. “The times for the last two days have dropped off, if you don’t get better, we’ll have to believe it’s because of the extra freedoms and privileges I’ve given you.” Lenore nodded, she knew it was because of the extra privileges. Her motivation to run was not the same; she didn’t feel the same about it. Jacqui was about to change all of that. Two days later when she had not returned to her previous pace Jacqui had some news for her.

“We will be running in the Canadian Nationals for the western region, in Vancouver in three months. They don’t hold the races in Canada, because of the laws about betting and gambling. The races are actually run near Spokane, at an inside track there.” Jacqui also told her she needed a couple more tattoos. A groom took her to her stall and put a bridle with a full-sized bit in place.

The groom took her to the tattoo shop where the artist tattooed 41

17 on her right areole, just above her nipple, curved to fit without going over onto her tanned breast, and JLL on her lower belly. It was inside an inverted triangle, the point ended at the top of her pussy lips. When Jacqui came to visit her in her stall, Lenore had all of her tack off, she had just eaten her dinner meal and she was relaxing, she had tried hard that day, but her times were not much better.

“I hope you like your new tattoos, they aren’t exactly pretty but the color matches the ones you already have,” Jacqui said.

“What will my owner say about them?” Lenore asked. Jacqui laughed, she looked at Lenore and laughed again.

“I’m your owner now. I bought you from him, the deal was closed yesterday,” Jacqui smiled. “That’s what the number I had tattooed on you means. You belong to me now. We are going to win some races.”

“There are over forty thousand ponygirls?” Lenore looked surprised.

“No, that number means more. The first 4 means us, OMPS, the 1 is this area. The same as the 1 on your boob, the

1 means the day you were registered, March 3rd and the 7 is your number. The JLL tattooed just above your pussy is my mark, that’s my initials. I’ll have an abstract tribal put on over your old owners tattoo on your belly, later,” Jacqui said matter-of-factly. She had a folder with some papers inside. She pulled out the agreement that Lenore had signed with her master that day over two years ago, when she agreed to be his slave-girl. Next Jacqui showed Lenore the bill-of-sale for her agreement, and lastly her Ponygirl Racing Association of America registration form.

“See here, I’m your registered owner now,” Jacqui smiled warmly.

“Oh, god, you look like you’re proud of this, “ Lenore was scared.

“I am, we can win everything…. We will win everything.” Jacqui was ecstatic. “Starting with the Canadians in June. From now on we’ll go back to the old training methods, you were faster that way.” Lenore nodded slowly, while Jacqui spoke. “I know you thought you were getting out of here soon, and going to find your man to cuddle up to for a while. Well, that does not do anything to make you any faster. So you’ll be depending on your grooms a lot, that’s why I got you a female groom. Does she get you off better than the male?”

“Yeah, but it’s not the same as my master.” Lenore argued.

Jacqui agreed, “Nothings the same as a man. That’s not one of your choices.” With that

Jacqui walked out of Lenore’s stall.

In Chapter One: Lenore learned she had become the fastest Ponygirl. She also found that she might never have sex again.
Ahead In Chapter Two: Lenore wins the Canadians, but does that win her sex? Jacqui has a different problem.