The Involuntary Master & Ponygirls Series
Volume II Stories of the Rancho Wilson de Pacifica.

by Baron R.W. Lewis
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- as edited by SirJeff.
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Part Four "Temporary Separations"

Sub story: Careful what you wish for?  

Wilson, Robert was the first to awaken in the arms between his "girls" reviewed the results of the sting auction, which will generate enough of a finder's fee alone to get the government to grant title to this Ponygirl Factory Farm. So the rehabilitation effort can begin. Reviewing the twenty some odd FBI grooms and other personal, thinks yes there will be maybe one or two more Master's, like Agent Nancy Fisher volunteering.

But Robert wonders what future will Agent Kathryn Fortuna choose? Will she treat this as a onetime event or just maybe give vent to the potential he sensed from within herself. Wilson, Robert thinking I hope for the soon to be Pony Linda's sake, that choice will include her, now that that elder ponygirl Master is out of the picture. In the next stall as Pony Sac, the FBI agent has surrendered to her altered libido, replying to Linda's question, "are you now my Pony Sac soul mate or are you my soul mate Master Kathryn?" My heart is ready to accept you as either, or both for by next week I will be Ponygirl Linda.

The confused FBI Agent answers, Yes my pony we are now bound, but in what soul mate way I do not know yet.  

The next stall over Master Nancy Fisher is starting having a long talk with her pair of "girls" over what their future is to be together. A talk about that future is very pleasing to Ponies Amber and Brownie.  

During the next months of pretrial defense lawyer motions by those arrested auction night, the finder's fee and reward negotiations are conducted for Mr. Wilson. Agent Kathryn Fortuna fully resumes her duties with the FBI. Her, Linda and Master Robert only have contact when both are required for court proceedings, which Agent Fortuna appears to keep such contacts very limited, and only by her request to have some time alone with Linda, which is respected. Unfortunately, Mr. Wilson prediction about the FBI Washington Bureaucracy being tainted was correct, were it not for the seventy-five ponygirl traffickers in custody and the two hundred million in cash and assets seized in this one Mop up-Sting auction the case would have vanished into the so called X-files Office. Plus a leak to the media about this operation helped somewhat to keep it in the public eye.  

Additionally with the bonus that Wilson, Robert has been fully publicly cleared in the matter of the disappearance of his wife Perlita, as Linda expected the morning after Agent Fortuna left the Farm, Master Robert found a lonely crying ex-trainer Linda in her stall. He asked her but one question "are you prepared for your final stage?" The former ponygirl trainer Linda replied with a question of her own, "Sir was it you who knocked me out and pronounced this judgment on me for my sins?" To which Master Robert answered, "Yes when I killed the male staff members excepting Mr. Vet, it was justice, not revenge, but if I had killed you outright Trainer Linda that would have been revenge and we both know vengeance is mine said the lord God."  

Linda shook the tears from her eyes, stood up tall and proud saying, "Yes I am prepared, and shall we go and complete my ponygirl transformation." Where upon seventy-two hours there was no longer a human persona known as Trainer Linda, but simply a penitent Ponygirl Linda awaiting the return of the soul mate of her heart. That soul mate was dealing with her now deeply conflicted beliefs; Agent Fortuna more often than not wished to again feel the nightly warm body of Pony Linda next to her as she slept. It was not the same every morning in her shower, for Agent Fortuna could not resist duplicating the sexual part of the morning Pony Sac routine with masturbation, however no matter what Kathryn did, she found there was no way she could bring herself to final climax. As she remembered Master Robert's statement the first time in the morning he brought her arousal to a climax echoes in her memory, "I cannot have you Pony Sac distracted and frustrated."

Which is now the constant mental and sexual state FBI Agent Kathryn Fortuna finds herself sexually in.  

It is unfortunate for them all for shortly after five of the worst foreign ponygirl traffickers posted the insane level of bail bond; they jumped it fleeing the country. This fact the higher corrupt FBI Bureaucracy attempted to keep from Wilson, Robert but Agent "Mistress" Fisher who had moved to the Ranch to be close to her pair of "˜girls"™ alerted Master Robert.

His reaction was to call a meeting of the few FBI grooms who are volunteering on their own time to work on the now Rancho Wilson de Pacifica, the results of that meeting was these FBI contacts suggested involving the other agents from the sting auction operation.

These agents when told about the danger were ready, able and willing to assist in the protection of one of their own, an action which will be sooner than thought possible.