The Involuntary Master & Ponygirls Series
Volume II Stories of the Rancho Wilson de Pacifica.

by Baron R.W. Lewis
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- as edited by SirJeff.
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"Where I lead, you will follow. It is done."
"That you will use this body to serve your Master. It is done."
please "Allow your Master a place in your heart. So it is done, now and forever."
{Voluntary self pledge of the Involuntary Master and his Ponygirls}

From the close of The Involuntary Master volume one:
When the FBI response squad arrived not in a few hours, but belatedly after seven hours later in the dusk after Wilson, Robert's call to Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Kathryn Fortuna, she found Master Robert Wilson asleep on both Coffee's and Jenny's laps, as his "Girls" were also asleep sitting beside each other upright holding themselves that way with one arm around the others shoulder, legs tucked under them in a kneeling position. Robert's cape on Coffee's shoulders, his highland flock coat on Jenny's shoulders also and both clearly his ponies outside free arms and hands at each cheek of their Master. Pony Coffee on the right, Pony Jenny on the left their three heads together asleep.

Part One "Undercover Consequences"

Sub story: "Foundations"

Special Agent Kathryn Fortuna age 30 had entered the FBI eight years ago upon receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Law. Followed by being an Honors student of the FBI Academy at Quantico has been rising through the field agent ranks, now heads up the Southern California Regional FBI sub-unit investigating Human Trafficking.

Never did SAC Fortuna expect what she now found, thanks to a total middle aged amateur with no investigative training or experience, a person of interest in a federal multiple missing persons investigation no less. Here was the Ponygirl Factory Production Farm the FBI has been unable to locate for years since the first rumors of its underground existence surfaced. Even when there was solid indications it did exist as a result of her independent raid earlier this year on a small Ponygirl Ranch with a herd of a dozen, sited inland of the central Santa Barbara California coast, the Washington FBI Office Bureaucrats just right after Mr. Wilson's telephone call ordered that case suddenly without explanation closed. There were additional instructions that all files concerning ponygirls were classified weird enough to be transferred to what the FBI called its "X-FILES."

(Yes, same as the fictional TV show, this "X-File unit" was due to the freedom of information act had been exposed) Agent Kathryn was angered that the Bureaucrats in Washington had never been supportive of her efforts combating human trafficking in Ponygirls, now appeared to classify her anti-trafficking investigation effort the same as UFO's and space aliens.

It was her based on a solid professional record, which first enabled her to pull off the that independent central California Pony Farm raid, now bootstrapped on the results of that action, Special Agent Fortuna asked for volunteers, in the local office, bypassing her supervisors to organize this "MOP UP" operation. Agent Fortuna was pleased by the overwhelming response of her co-workers for this "MOP UP" operation. From the start Agent Fortuna sensed the negative reaction from those same Washington Bureaucrats once she reported that Wilson, Robert was involved, the feeling in her gut told her, that an Official FBI Memo of denial for his assistance request was forthcoming.

Wilson, Robert now rested from his nap; awake was clearly in a bittersweet mood, glad that in the Prince of Foxes persona role as a ponygirl Master was able to reclaim his wife now Pony Coffee and additionally claim the young Pony Jenny Carson as his new harem pride of ponygirls. Bitter that they are now muted, only able to speak in whispers and so mentally conditioned, imprinted into no longer what you can consider being human girls fully able to live independent lives without him, their Master. Wilson, Robert speaks to Agent Fortuna just after her response Mop up squad completes its preliminary crime scene report briefing, telling Agent Fortuna thank you for finally being here and can I consider your delay due to your supervisors?

Agent Fortuna replies you are correct Mr. Wilson; I am at a loss to explain why my FBI Superiors higher in the Bureaucracy responded so negatively, once I reported your involvement. It seems lately my Superiors in Washington are even more displeased, with my solid results. This time they will have to recognize the magnitude of this criminal human trafficking inside the United States.

To which Robert replies, I would not expect any praise, instead Agent Fortuna likely this entire mop up operation will be buried, maybe forwarded to what's that TV show's nick name for the FBI's Office for the weird cases, oh yes the "X-FILES." Kathryn's face at this comment flushes in anger, thinking Mr. Wilson is right, has given how this Ponygirl Factory Farm Case was suddenly closed earlier. Robert continues to speak, unless there is something like a batch of human pony traffickers physically in custody, which would be impossible to sweep under any rug.

Agent Fortuna asks what just are you suggesting Mr. Wilson? I and this volunteer squad here on my authority, without higher approval, that what we physically have here is not enough volume of evidence, which can be overlooked and effectively which will all be covered up.

Robert says, Yes that is what I believe will happen, the circumstances of my Coffee's and then later Conductor Jenny Carson's kidnapping, ponygirl transformation and lack of federal response seemed strange to me, why were the Amtrak and TSA bureaucrats more reactive than normal to assist the local cover up? Mr. Wilson continues to point out, agent Fortuna the simple answer is like those two dead local sheriffs (pointing to the covered bodies) being involved, likely there are others higher in the law enforcement bureaucracy, your own chain of command connected in some way to ponygirls who became concerned and have acted in their own self interest. Which is why a sting "Undercover Ponygirl Auction" should be arranged, the physical volume of evidence available from that operation which could be obtained from the one scheduled here for Sunday after next, best we use just your volunteers and I am sure many of these ponygirls will help. After all I witnessed their rage being taken out on the Vet who muted and ringed them.

Agent Kathryn asks how you can suggest that these victims continue being ponygirls for one second more, I am sure all they want to do is to return just being normal girls, sure they are handicapped as mute's, no longer having a loud voice, but they can once again be just girls, living a normal life.

Robert slowly just shakes his head, replying Agent Fortuna you just do not understand; simply these girls are how to directly state it, "once a ponygirl, always a ponygirl." These victims will just be what they are now, both physically and mentally; I hope that their families and friends can accept adjust to put it kindly, to these girls new lifestyle. Not to say that they cannot as ponygirls have a fully functional life of satisfaction, with joy and a chance for love. My fear is if those corrupt bureaucrats involved will use their influence with relatives to have these ponygirls locked away; their own families misunderstanding and wrongly advised will isolate them permanently in an intuition.

Agent Fortuna reacts: Mr. Wilson are you suggesting the girls, these victims could be locked away in an intuition without hope for life? That"-that's so cruel, but I can believe it, Mr. Wilson you just may me realize it is being done right now. In an earlier ponygirl farm raid there were three girls who were taken, kidnapped into a ponygirl training stable at age 12, by the time we got to them over six years later at age 18, it was decided they were so mentally damaged, beyond recovery they were placed on a FBI preapproved volunteer private Ponygirl Farm. Among women I can still barely believe who volunteered, no desired to become such human livestock. Mr. Wilson is what you appear to be saying is that these ponygirls rescued here, along with those earlier three eighteen year olds I rescued and have been placed can still have a chance at a satisfactory human like social life? Unlike the Owner-Master of that FBI approved Ponygirl Farm who gives them no hope, all he does is promise to treat and care for them as ponygirls, no better than his other voluntary human livestock.

Robert still in his bittersweet mood, voice tone states to SAC Fortuna you just gave me another reason why I have to get title to this place. Once I do, SAC Fortuna will you personally promise that you will do what can be done to get those three young ponies transferred here. Where yes they will be ponygirls, but here with me, I will not so readily give up the hope that they will have a chance at human social rehabilitation, to function in human society. Which they never will be given that chance where they are now, plus I promise you to educate the families and friends of all these human ponies here how to adjust to their new persona. Just to be a little practical, the twenty percent informant's fee of the sting auction money would make a good negotiation chip to have the government grant title outright of this place to me, then everyone can stay here until they are rehabilitated to live openly in human society, just as my two "girls" will together with me.

The personal History of Agent Fortuna was when she was in her second year of high school lost her mother who was a lovely woman in her mid-thirties. Kathryn's mother was kidnapped by a European Mafia criminal ring operating at international airports in Europe during an overseas business trip, a human trafficking ring which supplied merchandise for private slave collectors, snuff film producers and brothels, where drugs were used to induce the women kidnapped into sexual compliance.

It was the third fate that befell Agent Kathryn Fortuna's mother, for the mother's sexually abused; drug over dosed dead body was discovered during a random joint local police Interpol brothel raid a year later. Since that discovery Kathryn Fortuna, with a black hate has been on a personal crusade against this evil of human trafficking and today without knowing it, Kathryn has come upon another individual Wilson, Robert who just may truly understand her hate and deep personal motivations. Agent Fortuna quickly polls her volunteers about setting up this Undercover Sting Auction, for all the volunteers this is why they all jointed the FBI, to combat evil, not a single agent refuses or asks if this operation will fully inform and receive higher approval.

Honestly, SAC Fortuna informs them "no" this will be a convert independent operation for security reasons, you saw the two dead dirty sheriffs" bodies those to say there are not others higher in law enforcement if not in our own FBI chain of command involved. By this time Robert Wilson's story of how he came rescue his ponygirls and ended up having to alone combat the staff of this Ponygirl Farm has been talked about and spread fully to the FBI raid squad. It was only after SAC Fortuna informed Mr. Wilson that the FBI response squad has volunteered to be auction staff that the Ponygirls found themselves gently herded into the Folic Paddock by both the FBI squad assisted by Ponies Coffee and Jenny.

Only the ponies in recovery from their final stage mental conditioning Amber and Brownie are not present, standing up on the paddock fence, Robert loudly addresses the gathered Ponygirl herd. He first thanks them for listening to his earlier words that afternoon on justice, he is again asking for their help to bring about more justice, if not the opportunity for a chance for a brighter future for themselves. Robert explains about the sting auction, we need to have you just be yourselves as bait ponygirl merchandise at a fake sting auction, I will give you fifteen minutes to whisper among yourselves, for questions look to my "Girls" they have already volunteered, Coffee and Jenny are beaming confidence in their Master. The other ponies sense this confidence and react positively. Robert also points out the Auburn Haired FBI Agent Kathryn Fortuna to the herd who will also answer any operational detail questions about this sting operation.

During the fifteen minutes FBI Agent Fortuna is peppered with whispered questions, with how and will we be protected? What will happen to us after the auction? One or two asked will they be allowed to return home. Lastly one ponygirl asked Agent Fortuna will you go undercover joining the bait heard as a ponygirl also. Kathryn noticed that question was whispered again and again about the assembled herd of ponygirls.

When Robert started to step up on the fence to again to speak after the fifteen minutes, over a dozen of the ponygirls gathers around them whispering to Coffee, Jenny. Making a repeated whispered request, it was more like pleading all with their eyes on Agent Kathryn Fortuna to join them posing as an undercover ponygirl? Whispering they would feel so much more assured with the FBI's Agent's presence among their herd. Special Agent Fortuna has in her FBI career posed as an undercover prostitute, both street and as high class call girl thinking this cannot be any more dangerous or demanding than that duty assignment, turns and looks up at Wilson, Robert nodding her head in the affirmative and announces loudly yes, I will do my part.

Surprisingly, Wilson announces please give us a minute then steps down off the fence to speak directly to Agent Kathryn Fortuna. He then directly asks the FBI Agent are you sure? I am now speaking as a Ponygirl Master directly to you female FBI Special Agent Kathryn Fortuna, if you agree to do this, it will not be a dress up walk through act. You will use the next eight days, being personally trained by me. Agent Kathryn Fortuna to not only to be able to trot onto the auction stage, but move, react and appear at a distance as a ponygirl. I believe this can only be done with your full cooperation, Agent Fortuna understand you will fail any close inspection as a ponygirl, but at a distance you can do it. Starting right after we brief the volunteers, you are to follow my instructions without question, is this clear?

At first Agent Fortuna was shunned by the serious tone in Mr. Wilson's voice and with the hardness in the "is this clear" statement. But Kathryn saw the need in the eyes of those victims who had been forced to become ponygirls. She saw their desperate need for reassurance and this was Kathryn's chance to again directly combat the evil which took her mother.

Robert seeing the Agent's determined look, first had the FBI Agent step up on the fence with him to announce her going undercover among them as a temporary ponygirl. Followed by his announcement we are all going to use the next eight days to train for this together, we all have a role to play.

After that the entire herd one-by-one came and thanked Agent Fortuna for joining them as a temporary ponygirl whispering their pledge we will do our best and help you. The volunteers on the FBI Raid Mop up squad who respected the professionalism of SAC Fortuna, also promised to do their jobs at which point Robert designed most of the female FBI agents present as grooms, with only a few of the older stable appearing married male agents, who had families to have direct contact with the ponygirls. The younger male mostly single agents numbering a third of the raid mop up squad were assigned to be used in the roles of security and farm labor.

It was clear at the end of this briefing Wilson, Robert was now in defacto-command of the FBI Auction Sting operation. So with Ponies Coffee, Jenny present Robert led FBI Agent Fortuna into the Main Stable Tack room. Robert with a hard stare at the FBI Agent asked in the same serious tone; FBI Special Agent Kathryn Fortuna last chance to back out, otherwise from this second forward until the Monday, Tuesday latest after the auction your total cooperation is required.

Agent Kathryn Fortuna had reviewed the FBI case files of Robert and Perlita Wilson, had seen which his included restricted army service record, the secret FBI personal files complied on Mr. Wilson. Agent Kathryn wondered based on the information in those records how except for the crime statistics, anyone could think such a man would be a person of interest, again without realizing here is somebody who could understand her own hate, motivation. Asking, ok what do you want me to do?

Wilson, Robert replied Agent Fortuna first; you are not to speak and if possible try not to make any human word or speech like sound. Second Coffee you have the basic ponygirl training waiver for Agent Fortuna's to become Pony Sac's signature? Yes Agent Fortuna the name you will only answer too from me is Pony Sac. This is a waiver which you agree to be trained in the outward basics of appearing to be a ponygirl. Nothing physically or mentally permanent will be done to you, no muting, no rings, no painful branding marks and no permanent hooves or butt tail. Just the physical basics to act and move like a ponygirl in full tack and harness. Until Monday, or Tuesday after the Auction I am your trainer and temporary Master.

Agent Kathryn Fortuna reviews the short three single side page waiver, finding it as Mr. Wilson stated signs and pushes it back toward Mr. Wilson. But both Coffee and Jenny intercept and sign as the witnesses before picking the document up to be copied and filed.

Robert then simply says Pony Sac until after the auction I am to be your trainer and temporary Master, you are instructed to mentally think of me as such. We begin with you stripping! Fortuna involuntary voices "what!" To which Robert steps over to the tack locker and picks up a bit ball gag. Saying to Pony SAC; this is your only verbal warning; your total cooperation is required. I have instructed you not make any human word or speech like sound, if you fail to appear to be a ponygirl, your failure will endanger everyone here. Pony Sac you know better than us civilians being undercover is dangerous, if it was just you and me alone that danger I would accept, but not for my "Girls" Coffee and Jenny, or any of the other volunteer bait human ponies here, including members of your FBI squad.

So, shut up and strip yourself bare, so you can be outfitted in your Pony Sac tack and harness. If you think you will have a problem with controlling your speech open your mouth and accept the muting bit gag.

Agent Kathryn knows he is right, she knows ponygirls are nude only wearing human livestock tack and are rarely are not muted. She is well aware to give everyone away by making a sound, saying something at the wrong time; it could endanger all of them and the entire operation. Once stripped bare, Agent Kathryn Fortuna standing embarrassed turns to directly face her new trainer-Master with mouth open to accept the offered bit gag, Robert inserts the bit ball gag strapping it tightly about her head sealing her mouth. He after sealing the bit gag turns to the tack locker and starts to set out the ponygirl tack harness she will wear until after the auction. After being so equipped Robert leads Pony Sac to what will be her assigned stall.

It was for Kathryn as Pony Sac her first undercover human ponygirl training day and night; alone in the stall she now revisits the question, why did I allow myself to do this? She now is bare except for the ponygirl tack; her squad was at first shocked when she was led openly by a leash, so much that two of the female FBI grooms asked if she was ok. Agent Fortuna remained silence it was Master Robert as she had been instructed to think of him, her trainer answered, by throwing the question back at them.

"Have you asked the same of your assigned volunteer civilian ponygirls who are outfitted no different?" Embarrassed they admitted they had not, to which he asked and "WHY NOT?" after all they are all not only volunteers, but victims desperately seeking assurance that they still have a future. Robert further stated to them: suggested just maybe in to future you could volunteer to do a week as a human pony, it could give you some real insight.

So, Agent Fortuna now Pony Sac with her mouth sealed tight only able to make noises in her throat and through her nose wearing boots that make her feet appear as hooves, the body tack that not only exposes but enhances her genitals, ass and breasts. Both her arms are in a uniglove to each other half way up her back at the base of her shoulder blades, there is a collar around her neck, with a single ring in front which the leash was clipped used to lead her to this stall. It was a good thing that Master Robert gave her little warning when the last item of tack was inserted, which was her temporary ponygirl tail plug, an item Agent Kathryn had forgotten about and would have not allowed if she could have, Master Robert explained all ponies have tails and this is a required part of your ponygirl toilet training control program, unlike the others be thankful it has been well lubricated. The FBI agent does not feel any great discomfort as that rectum plug slides between the ass cheeks, in one smooth firm push temporarily stretching open the rectum to seal around the smaller diameter ridge of the tail plug, Wilson had selected the perfect size of butt plug one which the agent's ass could readily adapt.

Lastly Pony Sac is stabled just like all the other ponygirls here now per Master Robert's instructions paired two to a stall. Many of the ponies have a favorite stall partner and are delighted that they are now able to share a stall that favorite. Master Robert has selected for his own reasons to pair the new ex-trainer Pony Linda, with Pony Sac. Trainer-Master Robert informed Pony Sac that her stable mate is in a full human ponygirl training conversion process because of her own circumstances. The Agent is to learn Pony Linda was the last of the victims of Mr. Vet's pony surgery, earlier this very day, which Master Robert has taken pity and will with compassion complete her transformation training.

Pony Sac was surprised that Ponies Coffee and Jenny remained in the same barn assigned to the stall next to hers" on one side. Agent Kathryn thought, no expected Master Robert would at least allow them the use of his bedroom, up in the main house. Well in a way he did for that very night after finishing with her. Agent Kathryn Fortuna awake and standing being still unused to having hooves and not the use of her arms, unable to sleep on the piled straw in the stall saw when Master Robert took a futon into that stall next to hers" and soon over the gap of the shoulder high stall partitions Kathryn heard happy noises and whispers.

It was to those happy sounds Agent Fortuna from that stall that she finally laid down on the fresh clean straw in her stall. Kathryn looking across the stall to Pony Linda wonders what training methods will Mr. Wilson, as a ponygirl Trainer-Master use both with her and the one sharing this stall. Surely he will not use the same traditional simple sadistic physical beatings from what she learned as an FBI agent as the preferred breaking method like the human Ponygirl Farm that she raided earlier, used. Here at the Ponygirl Factory Training Farm this form of physical breaking abuse appears not to have been used. This human livestock production facility the agent had managed to realize, used something more evil, methods that when beyond the cosmetic surgeries, there was hints that advanced brainwashing techniques were being employed, it was with these and many other thoughts Kathryn Fortuna of the FBI, training to pose as Pony Sac had a fitful first night attempting sleep on her bed of straw.