The Involuntary Master & Ponygirls Series

Volume 1 
R.W. Lewis @ebook digital November 2009 
- not for sale, distribution, provided as a preview fansub to Sir Jeff’s Ponygirls {subject to editing by Sir Jeff} without the author's permission. 
Author invitation to illustrators’ artists for collaboration on this preview project and others

“When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. And swing!” -quote by Leo Buscaglia 

Volume 1 Ending Part Six Bounty Hunting

Sub story Collateral Justice 

                                           Robert climbs back to the seat of the buckboard and tells the “Girls” he is going to ride the wagon brake down the slope so let’s take it slow and not let this loaded wagon overhaul you. Pony Coffee’s human memories from Perlita have nothing about Master Robert being an experienced teamster; today he has totally surprised her. Pony Jenny smiles her trust of this Noble Ponygirl Master driving them. They move down the slope without problem and once again on the flat remaining road into the farm complex he has them trot along at a slow 2 mph pace which they find that they barely have to apply themselves to pulling this loaded buckboard. 

There are three Pony Farm staff employees at the storage building, two grooms and one Trainer that the Boss has assigned them to off load this week’s Friday supply delivery. They are first curious, who the black caped and suited teamster who is driving the buckboard. When the Boss told them Trainer George and Groom Miguel where assigned to pick up the supplies. Further, the three members of the staff have never seen such pair of draft ponygirl animals perform at such a high level as this draft pair are now doing. The three farm staff recognize the draft pair as the one’s their Farm Boss was just training this last week, the new Ponies Coffee and Jenny. The staff watching them approach was like watching a pair of show ponies doing dressage, not just plain draft animals. While pulling the loaded wagon instead of dragging their hooves, heads downcast in labor. This pair of ponygirls were in a high stepping synchronized right hoof-left hoof slow effortless appearing trot, prefect posture with solid level shoulders, two pair of breasts pointed front and forward. All heads up and bar bitted true smiles radiating joy at being driven by the dark suited, caped teamster in whose hands were their reins. 

So enamored by this rare draft livestock dressage show, Robert is able to drive right up to have the three staff members closely positioned to the right of the bench of the buckboard. They hear him, as they see him lightly pull back on the reins, commanding the draft team, halt-halt my “Girls”, please stay calm and still no matter what you are about to hear and see. 

Robert wraps the reins around and sets the break lever to his left picks up his walking stick with his left hand after twisting the sword release and draws his right hand inside the cape.The man with the Collar I.D. Trainer Bob steps up and asks where is George and Miguel and what the hell are you doing driving our livestock? With the two grooms a half step behind him on both sides. 

(Robert) Well George and Miguel had something unexpected occur and I must correct you, those pair of Girls are not your livestock. I do have a question for you, were any of you involved with the taking of Pony Coffee here off the train? The Groom whose Collar I.D. was Groom Juan, answered yes I was, she really looks, works real good being old as she is.Trainer Bob demands what do you mean those ponies are not our livestock, our merchandise? 

Robert as he begins to stand up answers, Pony Coffee’s human name was Perlita Wilson, I am Robert Wilson her legal husband, you are kidnapers, you mutilate, you assault and to use your terms, are Rustlers. Under the old code of the West, I, Pony Coffee’s legal Master who you just admitted rustling find you guilty and may god have mercy on your souls. 

Robert in motion as he spoke, jumped on Trainer Bob with both feet knocking him back and down shunned. As Robert rode Bob’s chest down with his short sword free, he stabbed Juan on the left side puncturing two chambers of Juan’s heart. The remaining groom on the right he subdued with the ASP baton in his right hand. Before Trainer Bob could react, he too was quickly stabbed twice first in the voice box at the throat, then in the chest which cut the main right artery to his heart. 

The ASP subdued groom as he attempted to scream, found his voice box also punctured by Robert’s short sword. The entire takedown lasted less than twelve seconds, the dying 3 minutes more hurried along when Robert using the arches of his high heeled Victorian ankle boots to step on and crush the three wind pipes through it all his “Girl’s” remained calm and still, hearing but not seeing the action behind them. 

While Master Robert dragged the three bodies out of sight into the storage building, Pony Coffee whispered as best she could with the control bit in her mouth her the human memory about Master Robert and his service in the army, before they were married,

“Pony Jenny Master was in the army, Perlita did not believe when Master Robert told her he had army special combat training, I do.” 

Robert assessing five down only ten to go I hope, time for the Main Building this time of morning likely the staff of two there and the longer I can delay using my pistol, the longer I have tactical surprise. 

He then unharnessed his Girls from the buckboard; telling them from here on, I want you to be able to take cover, too bad I cannot for cover reasons now free your arms. Once free of the buckboard, Robert removed the shock collars, wondering how I missed that earlier which left their mouth bits or their rings the only places left to attach a lead leash. He then walked them to the Main House, Leashes attached to their bits seeing chairs on the front porch he ignored the hitching post for livestock. Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny at first balked at being led up the porch stairs, but he firmly ordered them up the stairs and you are to sit in the porch chairs until I return. They for the first time in days sat down in a chair, as they watched their Master enter the front door of the Main House. 

Inside straight ahead was a hall leading to the back of the House, to his left there was the stairs to the second story and to the right, across from the stairs was a double door, one of the doors was open and he could see a person sitting behind a desk working. 

He arranged the cape to cover his right side and his right hand that now had one of his combat knives. Robert walked into the room which is used as an office silently closing the door behind him. The man, who looked the part of an accountant at the desk looked up, asked who are you and what do you want.Robert replied I am here for information about the Auction and get a possible presale inspection of what being sold. What is the normal gross for your Auction sales? 

The man at the desk says about 25 to 35 million gross, this auction should clear 50 million with the full quality inventory available, but still who are you? (Robert replies) What of you you’re the first one here, I have seen that does not have a Collar? Is that because you do not have anything to do with the livestock? 

The accountant answers, I do the entire Farm’s administrative paperwork. I am allowed the use of the livestock from time to time; right now I will get to play with two new ponies after they are finished with the third stage final conditioning mental reprogramming this week. Again I ask who are you? I am Master Fox, in a deadly calm reply, here to reclaim what was mine that your Pony Training Factory Farm stole, unfortunately for you to keep and protect what is mine, you must die. During this statement Robert closed the distance between them and muffling the startled paper shuffler’s mouth with his left hand after dropping his walking sword stick, stabbed the man with an upward thrust of the army combat knife in his right hand just below the sternum, puncturing a lung and a pumping chamber of the heart. 

As he was arranging the body to appear to be sleeping at the desk he heard noise of someone coming down the stairs on the other side of the office double doors. Robert took position so as to be able to move opposite which of the double doors opened, as he picked up the walking stick sword. When the door started to open he moved and seeing the figure of a female staff member enter he used the walking stick sword as a cub bringing it down hard on the back of her head knocking her down and out. Using some more of his tie wraps, one of the ball gags to bind her and noted her I.D. Collar Trainer Linda, leaving her on the floor has he searched the rest of the main house. In the kitchen he added the Pony Farm’s cook to the body count, which presently stands at 7 killed, 1 captured. 

Returning to the front door, at the front door on the other side Master Fox hears angry voices, demanding why are you ponies are sitting on the porch and not tied to the hitching post? Robert opens the front door stepping out on the porch and see’s four men whose collars I.D.’s them as two grooms and two trainers. Robert loudly announcing they are where, I their Master ordered them to be, since I do not see a Master’s Collar among you they will remain seated. 

One of the bolder Trainers said wait that’s the Old Pony Coffee and new Pony Jenny the Farm Boss himself is training them. They have no Master yet, guys we have a real Rustler here. You know what we do to Rustlers here in the West. The other three voice their agreement yes let’s hang him, kill the Rustler! The four Pony Farm Staff are surprised that the caped, black suited Rustler smiles in response to their threats, replying I am glad we all agree Rustlers must die, just that I’m not the Rustler you four are. Pony Coffee’s human name was Perlita Wilson. Robert is interrupted by the same bold trainer, saying so what, we took her transformed her into a ponygirl. Sure, we did it, the surgery, the training and the shock treatment which means because of our investment she is our livestock now. Plus HA-HA! There are four of us and only one of you. 

(Robert replies) Well that does not leave me much choice, to finish my sentence, the reason I am Pony Coffee’s Master, is that she has been mine for over twenty years, I am her husband Robert Wilson and the only one, as he pulls out his pistol, here armed. The four men not expecting an armed rescuer freeze and die, as four shots in quick secession ring across the Pony Farm complex. Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny now have directly witnessed what their Master Robert is prepared to do to protect them and free the others trapped here. The staff body count now stands at 11 killed and 1 captured. 

Robert as Master Fox, in short order poses the four bodies in the chairs on the main house porch, then steps inside and shortly returns carrying, a now stripped nude Trainer Linda over his shoulders, in a fireman’s carry. Master Fox picks up the Girls leashes commanding them firmly to come as he walks them across the complex to the Farm clinic. 

In the main stable, the indoor training center, the Clinic, farm Smithy and one paddock the four shots have been heard, the remaining six permanent employees, the Boss, the Vet, the black smith, a trainer and two grooms since the shots happened in such a short burst, they assume it’s one of those illegal hunters they have on the property from time to time. As for the over three dozen Ponygirls in training who the longest has been on the farm for 5 months, the shots are the first they have heard and begin to wonder if there is something going on. 

At the entry of the clinic Robert asks his Girls to wait outside, draping and not tying their leashes over the clinic hitch bar. He enters the clinic with the still unconscious nude Trainer Linda over his shoulders. Mr. Vet and his tailed ponygirl nurse aid in white do not know what to make of the black cape and suited person with a nude Trainer Linda over his shoulders. Robert puts Trainer Linda down on a surgery table and tells the Vet here’s a priority ASAP, right now pony operation for you. 

Mr. Vet says but that’s Trainer Linda! Robert replies I’m a special visitor a Master that has an interest in this one, to be settled soon. Have you not used, or operated in the past on staff as source transformation material?

Well, for my own reasons I think Trainer Linda would make a fine Ponygirl for me to personally train. So, Vet do what you do best, knock her out, mute and ring her, to process Trainer Linda to become Ponygirl Linda, as she has done to others. The pony nurse in white uniform with a tail without awaiting Vet orders injects the sedative, to which Mr. Vet tells her thank you my very efficient pony nurse; prepare the instruments we will have to eat a late lunch if we eat it at all today. Robert then thanks the Vet and I will check in later this afternoon and by the way what were those shots? 

Mr. Vet replies sometimes we get an illegal hunter but the sheriff, along with one of his deputies should be along shortly to handle it. Robert exits the clinic leaving Trainer Linda to become muted and ringed, as her first step to becoming a Ponygirl. Wondering is this justice, turning her into likely what she has forced others to become? Am I really going to train her, asking himself again, is this justice? 

To Ponygirl Coffee, Perlita’s human memory of how Master Fox would look when he had done something he really did not want to do, Master Fox had that same look right now. When he looked into her eyes she saw that he knew what she was thinking, Master Fox voiced what he just ordered done to Trainer Linda, the same process she had done to others, asking if both his Girls thought a is this justice?

His Girls could only give him the quizzical look of how could they know but you are our Master now, your will is our will, as they came and stood close snuggling him and he put his arms around both of them and gave them a hug. 

He then looked out over the complex paused to plan out the next move, seeing the operating Smithy he started toward that Smithy. The Blacksmith working in side stepped out and asked as they approached what’s wrong one of the ponies threw a shoe? Who are you? Robert twisted the sword release on the walking stick and without a word in one smooth motion drew the sword and punctured the blacksmith’s voice box at the throat. Then with the Blacksmith falling on his back into the smithy Robert stepped on the blacksmith’s throat, crushing his lynx and wind pipe. They then backed out of the smithy closing the doors behind them. The staff body count is now 12 killed, 1 captured. 

Master Fox then led his ponies toward the Main Stable, passing quickly the Indoor Training Center Building windows. As they passed the Training Center, they spotted the Boss, one groom with their attention on the six ponies on the treadmills. They entered the main stable finding the ponies for those staff he had accounted for in their stalls, close to thirty of them. Looking around they came across one of the grooms, again the groom did not realize death had come for him, which cleared the Main stable. The Ponygirls that witnessed that’s groom’s death were now huddled back in their stalls scared and whispered the warning to each other that death himself, for that is what the Black formal suited and caped Wilson, Robert as Master Fox appears to them, has come to the Ponygirl Factory Training Farm.  

It was then the other ponies noticed in amazement that there was the older Ponygirl Coffee and the newest Ponygirl Jenny close by the side of that black suited figure without fear. In the tack room Robert found plain Ponygirl collars without the shock feature; he removed their head blinder and bit harness, the binding gloves that pinned their arms, as their forearms dropped useless to their sides, because of being pinned for so long it would be minutes before they could again move them. Robert placed plain tack collars with a lead ring on them with short one meter leash, he let loosely hang. He then asked them to circulate and whisper to the other Ponygirls they were in no danger from their Master. Just ask them to stay out of the way for it likely will be over shortly after lunch. 

One of the items of information Robert picked up earlier from the administrator/accountant’s desk in the Main House Office was both rosters for the Ponygirls and staff employees. A review showed all but five ponies accounted for, including the six in the training center and that only the Boss, Mr. Vet, a Trainer and a groom were left to deal with, along with the unlisted local brought and paid for outside sheriff security. Who per the Vet will be responding to the sound of his four shots. Shorty before the mid day lunch break a hungry trainer brought three of the five unaccounted for ponies into the Main Stable. The Trainer was doing Show Pony training dressage with them and was in a hurry to eat lunch, which enabled Robert to quickly add him to the body count. 

With Coffee and Jenny circulating among the ponygirl livestock, informing them that they are in no danger from their Master Fox. That he is here not only to reclaim us, but free you. Many ask what being free means to a Ponygirl? Are we not just livestock created to serve a Master? To which Coffee and Jenny being now Ponygirls themselves, conditioned by the same shock programming had no answer. All they could do for now is repeat,

“You are not in any danger from my Master Robert the Fox, it will all be over soon.” 

In the training Center, the Cowboy Boss, the Boss of the this Pony Farm is feeling uneasy, there is something about this Friday, something about the Farm that does not feel right. He first noticed this feeling right after the burst of four shots; he tried to dismiss them as another illegal hunter nearby if not on the Pony Farm property. He of course has made a call to Captain Heinz, their local pet, brought and paid for sheriff, requesting that the Captain come out and look into those gun shots. 

The Captain never to miss a chance to visit the Farm and have a personal sex play secession with a Ponygirl or two will be along around the mid day break. Which will be soon, as the Cowboy Boss turns to standing down the three ponies on treadmills he was monitoring and correcting. Once prepared with the hobble spreader bar at the knees and leashed, the Boss hands the three ponies over to the groom telling the groom return these six to the Stable for the mid day watering and snack, see you in the lunch room up at the main house in a few minutes. 

The Boss has just sent another one of the Farm’s staff to join the others, the Cowboy Boss, the Pony Factory Training Farm Boss, responsible for the kidnapping, mutilation, rape, enslavement, human trafficking and brainwashing of a few hundred girls the last seven years here at this Farm is soon to be alone facing judgment, justice. 

It is the mid day break time on the Pony Farm; Robert just has added another of the staff to the body count which stands at 15 killed and 1 captured.

Only the Boss, Mr. Vet of the Pony Farm Staff and whatever local law enforcement in the pocket of this Farm is left before it will be finished, for the ponygirl nurse aid does not count as staff, but as another victim. 

Robert exchanges the clip of three remaining rounds of his M1911A1 hand pistol, now with one in the chamber and a full seven round clip has 8 rounds to expend, which Robert expects will have to be used and that one round may make the difference. 

The Boss after exiting the Training Center looks toward the Main House where the staff dining room is, seeing four of the staff sitting on the front porch assumes that cook has not started to serve lunch decides to check on Mr. Vet. He walks the short distance to the Clinic on this side of the complex and walks in on Mr. Vet as he is inserting the clitoris ring and about finished in record time on a Ponygirl operation. 

The Boss first thinks, must be another staff member acquired local girl. That makes three total in the last three weeks which could draw to the Ponygirl Factory unwanted attention. At least gives me something more to discuss with Captain Heinz, how much and how often we can round up livestock locally. 

Mr. Vet says please tell the cook I will be only a few minutes late, was able to do this one in record time, the vocal cords are cut, so she been muted and just finished with the rings. Subject should wake up around dusk and being who this subject is, you will be able to skip the Ponygirl Monitor exposure, and that Master will be able to start training after only one day of recovery. 

The Boss was about to ask why skip the mental monitor image shock step, when he spotted the neck I.D. Collar Trainer Linda. Exclaiming that’s Trainer Linda!

The Boss demands, Mr. Vet who had you do the Ponygirl operation on Trainer Linda?  

Mr. Vet replies why the Master who brought her in, wait come to think of it, he did not say? That Master only said that he then his reasons. That he had known about in the past we have transformed staff. That was enough for me to turn Linda into a ponygirls. After all, the entire Farm staff knows we sold a young groom or two as donkeys for a price in the past, why is this female any different? Just what did this Master look like, the Boss demands? 

Mr. Vet as he is finishing up the Linda pony operation gives a full description, adding the comment this Ponygirl Master looked like a Noble Victorian Gentleman right out of history, he not only acted in a manner, but looked as if he was a Ponygirl Master. Gave me no reason to doubt what he said. 

So, Mr. Vet asks, Boss what about Linda? The Boss replied, what do you think, now that she is muted, as a Trainer she is finished, where muted and ringed she has value as a Ponygirl. Who knows that Master maybe real, at the worst we just may get her pre-sold at the auction next week for delivery after training, so take her to the stable, have her outfitted in ponygirl tack and put in a stall when done. Report back to me after you are done. With that the Boss left the Clinic with his uneasy feeling growing by the second. 

Captain Heinz first cursed his assignment to this remote posting by the sitting County Sheriff after being passed over for promotion in favor of a politically connected contributor to the reelection campaign a little over five years ago. Now as he was driving with Sgt. Lewis who he introduced to the perks of providing outside security to a Ponygirl Production Farm under a year ago, he blessed his luck. Now he made small regular donations to the County Sheriff’s campaigns to ensure he would not be transferred from this posting. It was not the cash from the Farm that provided him an off the books owned by a shell corporation multi-million dollar home on the coast, or all the other material property with a sizable offshore seven digit bank account. It was these regular visits to the Pony Farm and the free sex secessions with the fresh ponygirl livestock he prized most of all. Knowing when the time to retire he would find and buy a small private island so he could keep a rotating ponygirl herd of three to five of his own. 

So, thank you illegal hunter for giving me a reason to visit the farm today. After next week there is a scheduled Auction. The Farm will have a lot of livestock to choose from and enjoy today. Sgt. Lewis is in for a first time perk of this posting, as they turn up the entry road, over the low rise and drive down into the Farm complex. 

The Boss from the front of the Clinic spots the dust trail of the plain unmarked car coming down the entry road, must be Captain Heinz, hope he brought that Sgt. Lewis he said was needed for proper outside security, raising the cost of that service. Well today they will fully earn what I pay them. With this unknown Master loose and those four shots heard earlier means the staff likely has been involuntarily reduced. He has not dreamed what has happened and what is about to happen. 

In the Main Stable, Robert has cracked open one of the doors enough to get a peek outside, he sees the Boss appear to be looking toward the road, like someone is coming. Instinctively, Robert feels the moment which will decide whether he has been successful, that he, his ponygirls Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny will have a future together. 

A future he did not seek a future that was chosen not only for him alone. But this chosen future is now shared by one who once was his human wife, one who was once a future late college coed, both now his “Girls”, his Ponygirl Harem. The alternative of failure only offers’ his “Girls” a future of slavery and pain, which is why Master Robert the Prince of Foxes will not fail, he has the most powerful human motivation driving him; 

“Ponygirl Master Robert the Fox has not one, but two living Treasures to protect.”

Robert Wilson is a person who takes his relationships and obligations seriously, during the Ceremony this morning when he took his “Girls” nose rings into his hands to lead them. To him this obligation as their Master was to lead them safely and protect them.  They are now at his sides, Pony Coffee on his right, Pony Jenny to his left. He puts his arms around them and hugs them both tight; with their arms now free they now having regained enough control of their forearms to return the hug holding him as tightly as they can. With tears he kisses them both softly on the lips. Then says, Coffee I vowed to Love you for better or worse, Jenny I ask your forgiveness for my harsh words about this judgment you did not deserve and hope you will make a place in your heart for me. Now as he releases them, gently pushing them away, telling them, my “Girls” your Master Fox asks you to stay out of the way, do what you think best to stay safe and the two of you do whatever you can to remain together. 

Robert saw the unmarked car park in front of the Main House porch and the Cowboy Boss of the Farm move quickly across the complex to greet who was in that car. Robert armed himself with his walking stick sword ready to be drawn and with the cape covering his right side, his M1911A1 U.S. Army service pistol concealed in his right hand, before he pushed the door open to step into the moment of decision. 

In his right ear was whispered, “I who was once Perlita your human wife, now your Ponygirl Coffee ask only that my true Master Robert my Prince of Foxes please return so I may serve and Love.” 

In his left ear was whispered, “I Ponygirl Jenny forgive your words Master Robert, please return for you have a place in my heart to fill.” 

Robert as Master Fox stepping out into the moment of decision, felt kisses on both his cheeks and in that instant called on all the combined powers, those he found in the void, the motivation to protect these two living treasures and now the force of two ponygirls love for their chosen true Master, he now had supporting him. Doing not only his best, but what is required. 

The dust raised by the car concealed Master Fox’s exit from the stable, not that it mattered for the two sheriffs’ and the Farm Boss were not looking in that direction. 

The Cowboy Boss of the Farm greeted Captain Heinz telling him, I think we have more than an illegal hunter today. The Captain replied, well you now have two armed sheriffs and I do not think it’s anything we cannot handle, after all even criminals do not mess with law enforcement officers when they can avoid it, brings so much trouble in response. Sgt. Lewis on the porch side of the car has gotten out, walked up the stairs onto the porch while saying hello to the staff seated there and getting no hello in return really looks and calls out;


Sgt. Lewis is joined on the porch and as the Captain and the Cowboy Boss stare at the four bodies seated in front of them; behind Master Fox crosses the open space to a position to the rear of the car with a clear line of sight to Sgt. Lewis on the right, Captain Heinz in the middle and the Boss on the left in front of him with no cover, whereas he can duck down behind the car for cover. 

The Boss is first to speak, four bodies-four shots a short time ago and thought it was an illegal hunter. Captain Heinz says from the dried blood and the color of the bodies I guess 1-2 hours at the most. Sgt. Lewis says who would have thought a serial killer out here, this is not an illegal Hunter. 

When from behind them the voice of death spoke, “You are right, a Hunter yes, but not illegal” 

Sgt. Lewis instantly grabbed for his service revolver holstered on his right side, pivoting fully around to his right, as he did so three shots rang out, two of the three hitting Sgt. Lewis the impact of two .45 caliber slugs at close range knocking back onto one the body occupied chairs killing him. 

Captain Heinz trapped with a gunman behind, a body seated to his front and two live ones to each side all he could do is drop down onto the porch, he pulled his service revolver and fired blind behind in the direction of the voice emptying his revolver. In which one of the wild shots grazed the gunman’s left arm. Three more shots came from the gunman during Heinz’s blind fire one of three hit home. 

Captain Heinz was out of luck the .45 caliber round entered his head from the right temple and exited above the left ear, blowing a hole through the Captain’s brain, killing him instantly. The Captain’s gun arm jerked as the brain was destroyed throwing the empty service revolver toward the Farm Boss. 

The Farm Boss reacting to Sgt. Lewis movement pitched himself to the floor of the porch to the opening on his left. From there he saw the Sergeant get hit, fall and stop moving. Next he saw the Captain’s Heinz head nearly blown off. Then the Captain’s service revolver landed right next to his hand, he could clearly see the gunman, he had a clear shot and saw blood on the gunman’s left arm. 

The Boss grabbed the revolver at his hand raised aimed and thought at this distance I will not miss. He pulled the trigger, just as the seventh shot from the gunman slammed into his chest, knocking him back to a sitting upright position on the porch. 

The Boss next felt the revolver kicked from his hand, as he looked up at the black figure standing on the porch in front of him. The Boss saw Mr. Vet was right, he’s right from a movie, or central casting that called for an 1890 Victorian Noble Gentleman, right down to the white silk cravat, a True Ponygirl Master. The Cowboy, with the I.D. Collar “The Boss” cloaked out the question, “Who are you?” 

The Victorian Noble Ponygirl Master replied with one word, as he raised his pistol and before using his 8th round, the last in the chamber, “Justice.” 

It was done, Master Robert the Fox became simply the man Robert Wilson again. He was sick with the killing he had done. Turning and holding onto the porch railing, leaning over the railing he vomited out what little contents were in his stomach. Robert next reloaded the pistol with a fresh 7 round clip, hoping asking, please God! No More! 

He then started to shake as he walked back to the Main Stable, half way across the open area he heard the screams of a man, screams that sounded like that man was being ripped apart alive. Robert in a lurching run revealing his exhaustion headed to the open Main Stable door. 

Pony Coffee, Pony Jenny after kissing their Master watch from the open Stable door, as the gun fight begins outside, behind them the voice of Mr. Vet they hear yelling, “What the Hell, What is going on?” For Mr. Vet can see what is happening outside through the open stable door. 

Seeing Mr. Vet holding his latest nude, mutilation ringed ponygirl surgery victim and alone, Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny are filled with a rage that no human female will ever know or understand. There is the man who took their voices, the man who mutilated them with rings the man which started the destruction of their humanity. There stands the one who physically opened the door to Ponygirl Hell. Which they still would be in, were it not for the lone Master outside fighting to protect them from that Ponygirl Hell with his very life. 

Jenny spots a hay pitch fork used to clean out the stalls and grabs it, Coffee sees a rake hanging on the post just outside the one of the stalls, she steps to the post and grabs the rake. Mr. Vet confronted by the two enraged Ponygirls who were among his recent surgery victims drops the nude, muted and ringed Linda to run. 

Only to find his escape is blocked by his other ponygirl surgery victims in that main stable, yes their arms are pinned behind them, but like real horses these Ponygirls have metal shoe hooves that can be used as weapons. Mr. Vet is soon kicked to the ground and is in the process of being slowly, painfully kicked, stomped to death and nothing in this world is going to stop this herd of enraged surgery victim ponygirls from claiming his life in revenge. 

Where it not for Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny when the other Ponygirls saw the I.D. Collar on Trainer Linda on the stable floor nude where she was dropped, it did not matter to this herd if she also was a ponygirl surgery victim. Once they recognized her as Trainer Linda the herd also wanted her life. Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny seeing the fresh mutilation rings, knowing it was their Master instead of killing this trainer, like the others he instead placed her in the hands of Mr. Vet asking them earlier was this justice? Their rage was replaced with pity, yes this was justice only if Linda lived as a ponygirl and clearly their Master wanted Trainer Linda to live.

That alone was reason enough for Coffee and Jenny to protect this newly processed ponygirl. But as the herd of Ponygirls gathered around them seeking the death of the former Trainer Linda and who did not care if she was now to become a ponygirl, the herd whispered we want her life now their whispers of rage hissed! 

Robert reached the open stable door leans against it to catch his breath, his damaged heart, and body at its physical limit he is a few minutes away from collapsing due to exhaustion. There are two groups of encircling Ponygirls the smaller group in the back is breaking up and joining the one closer to him, for the man’s death screams have stopped, for remaining there is only a lump of broken bones and pile of bloody flesh. 

The nearby group is shaped like a donut, where is a clear hole and there he is proud to see his “Girls” protecting ex-trainer Linda who now will be ponygirl Linda, his “Girls” understand the concept of justice and just killing Trainer Linda out of hand for revenge, is not justice. 

Robert draws the pistol points it to the ground outside and pulls the trigger, the lone shot induces silence into which he speaks. As he shaky step by shaky step, walks toward the center of the parting herd of ponygirls. Stating; “It is over, all the trainers, grooms, the staff of this Factory ponygirl farm have been judged and sentence carried out! You are all now free Ponygirls! Earlier you asked my Girls, Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny what freedom means to a Ponygirl.” Robert raised his arms under which his “Girls” came to help him stand. 

“Freedom for a Ponygirl means you choose your Master! Why let yourself be sold to a stranger who could care less about you, who only sees you as property. Instead do what my Ponygirls, my “Girls” were free to do; they choose me to be their Master. Today you witnessed what a Master who cherishes his “Girls”, views them as living treasures to be protected, not just property to be abused. As for the Trainer Linda, her sentence is to experience what she helped put you through, you want to kill her that’s revenge, make her live as you now have to live, as a Ponygirl that is Justice.” 

Then he asked; please my “girls” help me walk over to the buckboard and with Coffee under his right arm supporting, Jenny under his left arm supporting they helped him to the buckboard across compound where they left it. Leaving Linda, the last victim of Mr. Vet and this farm where she laid, alone on the stable floor where the herd of ponygirls retreated and left her undisturbed. 

At the buckboard, Robert as he sat down against one of the wheels asked Coffee please find the box with the blankets and use one to cover Linda. Jenny please fletch us all some of the bottled water I do need a drink.

Robert after a drink of water, at last was able to call FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of human trafficking, Kathryn Fortuna, hello SAC Fortuna yes this is Robert Wilson. 

FBI SAC Kathryn Fortuna was not prepared for what Robert Wilson was about to say next. SAC Fortuna I require your assistance, well five kilometers east on a dirt road, the only road east from the Olivine Track Siding of the Amtrak, between Oceanside station to the north and Solana Beach station to the south there is the Pony Girl Training Factory Farm. Yes-Yes the one that the FBI never could confirm. Require medical assistance for forty Ponygirls, yes 4-0 girls who are now Ponygirls. Also a full CSI crime site investigation team, better bring two CSI and busses for nineteen bodies, yes the body count is 1-9 bodies. Recommend keep the local county sheriff in the dark out of the loop. Two of the bodies are county sheriffs, both dirty as they say in the movies, a Captain Heinz, commander of this sheriff’s division and a Sgt. Lewis there maybe others. 

Last I intend to claim all rewards, recognized there are girls here that have a posted rewards if found, well I found them and any assets the government seizes as profit produced from a result of criminal activities I will claim the customary 20% finder’s fee. Captain Heinz alone likely to have many assets with a sizable offshore bank account, and SAC Fortuna once you are here the records show there is a Auction Scheduled for next week, Auction gross is 25 to 40 million dollars, there is a chance to sting some buyers of livestock, human traffickers with a undercover auction. Ok, going nowhere, will nap until you get here, hope before dinner time remember have about forty Ponygirls that require care and yes there is only me, my “Girls” Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny. 

Thank you for asking, I just have a gunshot graze on my left arm, more upset that my prized Victorian suit and flock coat will require repair both Perlita Wilson my wife and Amtrak Conductor Jenny Carson are now Ponygirls, sorry you cannot speak with them now, this Farm first ponygirl procedure was to operate and mute them. Again thank you, we three will manage, after all the vows were “for better or worse,” and appears Ponies Coffee and Jenny are yuri bonding, no, suggest you look the meaning up in the dictionary. Ok hope to see you and your FBI squad shortly. 

My “Girls” to ponies Coffee and Jenny please whisper around there are still two ponies not accounted, their names are Amber and Brownie. To which they whisper back we know them, for they shared our stall, they are now in that small building on the east edge of this complex, finishing the same final conditioning and programming we experienced. Robert asks should we get them out? 

They both whispered, Master likely they are conditioned already, they were close friends before they were here, better leave them be, to lessen the mental shock until later this afternoon then it will be safe, to pull them out.  

Robert then asked; So, what do my “Girls” think about making this place the Rancho Wilson de Pacifica, our four cats would love it here and with some remodeling make a great retirement home for a Master with two Ponygirls. Please think about it, right now your Master needs a nap, who volunteers the first pillow lap duty for the next hour? Both immediately volunteer Master replies sorry, Pony Jenny as former wife and now senior ponygirl Pony Coffee’s lap is first hour, but tell you what Pony Jenny, you instead take the blanket to cover the new ponygirl Linda. Then please go get enough granola for all three of us. If you want feed granola to your Master by hand please feel free to do so Jenny. Coffee your lap please, I am going to stop talking now, and Master Robert was soon head on Pony Coffee’s lap asleep. 

Coffee watched as Jenny trotted off, happy to be given a task to perform by their Master. She looked down on Master Robert’s head in her lap sleeping, thinking how as wife Perlita would have never addressed him as Master, or Robert-sama. As I now always will, especially after today. Today my Master made a new beginning, starting when I heard your voice ordering that monster trainer stop beating us, following up with that simple ceremony. To calm and distract us when you first killed for not only me, but Jenny and for all the others here. You surprised me when you drove us back here, the way you were a perfect teamster, making our own new memories, new ones apart from the ones Perlita gave me. Again just for us you again instead of only doing your best, you did what was required. I saw when you drove us in, we were just like a pair of show ponies doing dressage, saw it in the eyes of the three when we as you said smiling, we go in the front door, let’s put on a real show. How Master you confided in us after what you had sentenced Trainer Linda, to be a ponygirl. Then just now I heard the pride in your voice you had for us, always calling us your “Girls.” Not your Ponygirls, or just your ponies, Master as a Ponygirl I am proud to be one of your “Girls.” 

Jenny thinking as she trotted off, even when Master has to say no, or choose who go’s first, which it will always be Coffee as senior, Master still finds a way to make me feel equal to Coffee. I know Master will be asleep by the time I get back, but to be asked to do things for him makes me so happy. I see Linda is ok and not being disturbed; bet Master trusts me enough on my own to check without being told. Jenny when she returned with the granola, yes the Master is asleep. She offers granola to Coffee, who smiles thanks to Jenny and eats a hand full. At a distance they see the other Ponygirls walk close enough to look at them, then retreat in pairs or more whispering about them and their Master. 

Coffee leans toward Jenny to whisper, Jenny even the others know we have a rare Master. Jenny replies in a whisper, yes we do, I feel blessed that Master asked us together at the same time with the ceremony this morning. I love you and envy you at the same time Coffee, for you knew the Master before as a human wife, what was it like? 

(Coffee) Jenny, Perlita was his human wife, she with her humanity is gone, I am Ponygirl Coffee just like you Jenny one of the Master’s pair of ponygirls. I will share all the memories of what Perlita was with you, but like you as a Ponygirl I never will know what it feels like to be a Human wife. Today the Master, you and I made a new memory entirely our own and not one of Perlita’s. Remember what a perfect teamster Master Robert our Prince of Foxes was driving us back here, that was our new memory just yours, mine and Master’s. Perlita had no human memory of him being able to drive a pair of draft ponies as a teamster. 

(Jenny) Coffee thank you, that memory is now even more special that it is totally ours, today it is great to know that now every memory we make will be totally ours. 

(Coffee) Yes, just like now we are sharing, ready to Love the same Master equally without envy, shortly I will gladly shift Master to your lap, Jenny my ponygirl Love, simply because it is you and no one else.  

(Jenny) Yes, there is room enough in my heart for you both, ponygirl Coffee and Master Fox. 

(Coffee) The same for me also, what do you think of the two suggestions the Master made today? 

(Jenny) If the Master wishes to live here, I pledged to have no will of my own, that the Master’s will is my will. 

(Coffee) Yes, Master’s will is my will also, besides Rancho Wilson de Pacifica has a nice sound when the Master says it. Jenny what of the other suggestion about ears, tails and butt plugs? Master made this morning driving us in? 

(Jenny)  Coffee appears we have a Master even if his will is law for the three of us, he will not be a dictator. Master wants our feelings about things, yes we have a rare Master. You heard what Master said about Property vs. Treasure, yes Rancho Wilson de Pacifica sounds nice when the Master says it, it also sounds nice when the Master says it be nice to have cute pointed pony ears, a proper pony tail and no damn butt plug put into my ass every day. 

(Coffee) Silently laughing pounding the ground with her free hand at that whisper from Jenny, when Coffee stops laughing she waives Jenny over to take the Master’s head into her lap. When the transfer is complete, Coffee whispers I going to remove the I.D. Collar from Linda and move her into our Stall that I believe is what the Master wants, later we will get Amber and Brownie and put them in an open stall so they can be together. Jenny whispers back yes, which is what also I believe the Master, wants. 

So, Jenny and Coffee free Ponygirls who today confirmed Robert Wilson the Fox is their Master, per their simple Master, Ponygirl Ceremony of this morning. 

“Where I lead, you will follow. It is done”

“that you will use this body to serve your Master. It is done”

“ please allow your Master a place in your heart. So it is done, now and forever.” 

When the FBI arrived not in a few hours, but belatedly seven hours in the dusk after Robert Wilson’s call to Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Kathryn Fortuna, she found Master Robert Wilson asleep on both Coffee’s and Jenny’s laps, as his “Girls” were also asleep sitting beside each other holding themselves that way with one arm around the others shoulder, legs tucked under them in a kneeling position. Robert’s cape on Coffee’s shoulders,

his flock coat on Jenny’s shoulders and the outside free arm and hand at each cheek of their Master. Pony Coffee on the right, Pony Jenny on the left their heads together asleep. 

And if anyone could see, the three of them were having the same dream, it was sunset on the Rancho Wilson de Pacifica, Master Fox had driven his “Girls” Pony Coffee and Pony Jenny to the crest of the low rise of the dirt road that concealed their home from being seen from the Olivine Siding, Master Fox dismounted from his one passenger, one axle covered handsome buggy and stood between his “Girls” an arm wrapped around each of their shoulders, as Master Fox held them tightly to him. They watched the sunset. Before the light vanished, today being Jenny’s turn Master Fox Kissed her first, then Coffee had her Kiss, the Master sighed time to go home. Where upon he boarded the one passenger one axle covered hansom buggy, turned his “Girls” around and like the true show ponies Coffee and Jenny were, prancing in a synchronized trot down the slope to home” 

Oh, yes both of his “Girls” have cute reshaped pointed pony ears,

true pony tail stumps from the small of their backs just above the crack of their butt cheeks to which there are attached hair falls,

extensions made from their own hair reaching to just above the back of their knees.

Swishing happily left and right to the movement of their hips. 


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