Katryn’s Tale 18

by Lady “B”
- do not use without the author's permission.

Chapter Eighteen

Leaving her new “mount” to his pleasures with the desperately needful female slave, Princess Najya returned to her tent. There her hand maidens removed her sweaty dirty clothing, bathed her, and redressed her for her evening’s pleasure. Quite pleased with herself for the successes of the day, she thought back as was her way on what had gone right, what needed improvement and what she had learned. Her greatest concern was the fact that it was difficult to stay mounted on a fit male slave as those in prime condition had hips that were not much wider than their waists. Other than when he had tried to throw her, the problem was never more evident than when she rode the slave up the steep bank from the bed of the Wadi. Not only had she had to lock her legs around his waist she had to wrap her arms around his neck as well creating, she was certain, a far less than Royal image.

Najya recalled that after he had reached the top of the bank and was again on level ground, she had released her hold on the slave’s neck and relaxed the grip she had held with her legs around his waist. In doing so she had suddenly realized just how tired and sore her legs had become from the past hours of riding. The Princess immediately began thinking of other ways in which she might ride slaves without the need for holding on so tightly with her legs.

As she was being groomed by her slaves the Princess thought about how that afternoon she had suddenly come upon a possible solution to the problem of riding with greater comfort. She had been idly watching the swaying rumps of the four young slaves that were pulling her chariot as she rode beside it. The answer was so obvious that Najya was surprised that she had not thought of it earlier. Females had bodies that were built much better for riding than did males. Their waists were much slimmer and their hips and buttocks were much wider. Also, they tended to carry a somewhat thicker layer of fat on their bodies which would be softer and make for a more comfortable ride. Najya decided that she needed to find a really big strong and fit female slave and try riding her as she had the big male today.

That night in her tent after dinner and twice enjoying the amorous attention of Captain Makin and with her beautiful naked body propped against the many pillows on her bed, Najya and the Captain talked about the day’s activities.

“Well, your highness, you certainly taught that big slave that you could ride him at your pleasure. You also found out that, as you had hoped, that he was strong enough to carry you for quite some time. Even I was impressed with his strength and endurance. Do you intend on riding him the next time we relocate our camp?” He asked.

“Oh, I intend to ride him a lot well before then,” she replied. “I want him conditioned so that he could carry me twice as far as he did today. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m turning him over to Rasha and Barak tomorrow.”

Barak was the Royal slave trainer who handled the strength and endurance training of all of the Royal chariot teams. Barak was highly respected by the Royal Family for the significant increases in speed and endurance that he was able to achieve with the teams, often multiplying their capabilities. Rasha, of course, was Najya’s younger sister who served the tribe in many capacities. Not the least of her duties was that of head trader when slaves were taken to sell at the markets in the port villages. Rasha oversaw most of the business affairs of the Royal Family which were numerous and profitable under her control. For her pleasure, she enjoyed breaking and training slaves to draw the royal chariots and worked closely with Barak in this effort when she had the time. She had helped in the development of the training routines and diet that so increased the strength and endurance of the chariot teams. She also thoroughly enjoyed driving those teams in races against her sister and other members of the Royal Family. The big male slave would probably not enjoy what was in store for him, but the Princess wanted the results that Rasha and Barak’s training would surely produce. She was also confident in her own ability to convince the slave to accept her decision.

“You also proved that you could control even the biggest and strongest slaves when you rode all the fight out of him out there.” The Captain said with open admiration. “I doubt that your hostlers will ever try suggesting an altered slave for you to ride again. You definitely showed all of us who was in control.”

“It was not you and the hostlers that I needed to show, it was the slave that had to learn it,” she replied. “And, obviously he did.”

“He certainly did, your Highness, but when he tried to roll over on you, I almost forgot your orders and ran out there to see that you weren’t hurt,” the Captain said with genuine concern for his Princess and lover.

“I thank you for your concern, Captain, but had you done that I would have been most upset with you,” Najya replied. “The slave had to learn that I could control him under any circumstances without help from anyone.”

“Had I not been able to convince him that I was in complete control, we could never have reached our understanding,” she added.

“I have to ask you, Princess, what sort of understanding would you, a Princess, have with a common slave? The Captain asked.

“First, he is anything but a common slave. Not only is he very strong, he is also highly intelligent,” Najya stated emphatically. “Secondly, he understands that I will be riding him from now on and I believe, now, that he will always obey me and never fight me again.”

“That’s amazing, my Princess. Will you tell me how you were able to do that, and so quickly? Also, do you think that you can trust him? He is only a slave. How did you reach this understanding?” The Captain was so impressed with the Princesses’ success that he blurted questions without giving her time to respond.

“It was really quite simple,” she laughed. “Once I had taught him that he could not prevent my riding him, I simply dismounted and talked with him. I told him that he had a simple choice to make.”

“But how did you do that?” he asked “And what choice did you give him?”

“Well, my sweet Captain, even as a man you can not have failed to notice how well endowed is this slave, I certainly know that I have,” Najya almost cooed. “Also, as a test, on several occasions before today I ordered that attractive naked slave girls be led past the pen in which I was keeping him. I observed him carefully without his knowing it, and he always responded in a very intense physical way if you know what I mean.”

“I understand,” the Captain muttered with obvious jealousy. “You knew that he was especially well endowed and that his interest in females was strong. How did that help you to, in effect, tame him in an afternoon?”

“He had just learned that I could ride him whenever I wanted whether he liked it or not,” she answered with pride. “I told him that I could do whatever I wanted with him and that he should realize that now, but that I would give him a choice. I could ride him like he was, or if he wanted to resist and fight me, I would have him gelded and still ride him, but I was going to ride him either way. He, obviously, chose the first.”

“But, my Princess, how can trust him? The Captain asked. “He is only a slave and we know how slaves will say anything they think their masters want to hear.”

“Don’t you mean mistresses?” The Princess asked, not totally in jest.

“Of course, your Highness, mistresses is what I intended,” the Captain replied, quickly. “But, still, do you think you can trust this slave? He certainly can’t be happy with what you have made of him.”

“Women in general and princesses in particular, have ways of persuasion that are most effective on males like him,” Najya replied with a sly smile. “Let’s just say that I am confident that he will always be most obedient whenever I am riding him. And, don’t be too sure that he is entirely unhappy with his situation. Now, that’s enough about that subject, there are other matters that I wish to discuss with you.”

Although she shared much with the Captain, there were many things that the Princess preferred keeping to herself. One being all that occurred in the wadi, this afternoon when she convinced the slave to accept her “understanding”. Princess Najya’s powers of persuasion were not entirely of a verbal nature.

“And what might those be, your highness?” The Captain asked as he reached to caress the Princesses’ naked right breast.

Placing her hand over his, the Princess said somewhat abruptly, “We’ll have plenty of time for that. Right now I am thinking over some of the problems I encountered on my ride, today, and want your thoughts about the matter.”

Princess Najya was an intensely sensual young woman and thoroughly enjoyed sex in a wide variety of forms. She had other lovers besides the Captain from among the most handsome male members of her tribe. She enjoyed each as her mood might dictate, and when with any of them proved, herself, a consummate and considerate lover. Najya made it very clear that, as Princess, she had every right to multiple lovers but that right did not extend to them. Fortunately for the Captain and the princesses’ other consorts, this restriction applied only to other free female members of the tribe, and not to slaves. All of Najya’s lovers were completely free to own as many female slaves for their pleasures as they could afford, or they could help themselves at any time to any from the pens that happened to strike their fancy. To the Ghazi the use of slaves for pleasure by tribe members of either sex was not considered a sexual act in the same vein as sex between members themselves.

“Of course, my Princess,” the Captain replied, quickly removing his hand. “What concerns do you have?”

The Captain was well aware as were all of the Princesses’ lovers that it was always she who dictated the terms of their sexual activities, even including when she wished her partner to play a dominant role. The men all knew the story of the one very arrogant lover who convinced himself that by forcing her into total submission he could master the princess and by doing so become in effect the power behind the crown. That former lover was now one of her gelded chariot slaves.

“Mostly they are concerns of practicality and propriety,” she said. “It is one thing for a princess to ride a slave. It is another thing to look like a princess when riding a slave.”

“What do you mean, my princess? You always look like a princess no matter what you are doing,” he said.

“That’s flattery, Captain Makin, pleasant enough, but not helpful,” Najya responded quickly. “What I need is your assistance in planning the acquisition of more slaves that are suitable for my riding. As strong as he is, the one big male would not be able to carry me as long or as far as I may need to ride. I will need a number slaves trained for riding. There must always be a fresh mount available for me whenever I need one.”

“However Captain, that’s not the first matter that I wish you to help me consider, tonight,” she went on. “First is the matter of propriety and my image when riding.”

“You had to have noticed how I had to wrap my legs around him, especially once he began to sweat,” she said. “His body became slippery, and with his narrow hips, staying mounted was a problem. Later, coming up the bank from the Wadi, the only way in which I could keep from slipping off was to lock my legs around his waist and wrap my arms around his neck. Neither of those promotes an exactly Royal appearance.”

“Perhaps you could tie a blanket to him. That would soak up his sweat and keep his back from getting slippery,” the Captain ventured.

“I thought of that, and will try it tomorrow,” she replied. “However, it still does nothing to make his hips wider or his waist more slender. Besides, the blanket is likely to slip, and not stay where it is tied on long rides. Also a blanket is liable to bunch up beneath me and give both of us sores.”

“Perhaps if the blanket had straps that went up and over his shoulders, “she mused. “But that still doesn’t tale care of the bunching. I’ll just have to try some things.”

“Next is the problem of controlling the slave; starting him, stopping him and so forth,” Najya explained to the Captain. “Tugging on his hair certainly seemed to work, today, except for when he went wild and tried to throw me off of his back. Then, he seemed almost to ignore it, no matter how hard I pulled on his hair. Still, I don’t like the way that it looks.”

“Can’t you just give him commands like you did today? That seemed to work especially well after you had broken him.” The Captain asked.

I don’t like the idea of a Princess having to speak to the slave she is riding,” she said. “It would appear as though the slave is freely cooperating and might have some choice in the matter.”

“But, Princess, didn’t you say that you had reached an understanding with this slave?” The Captain asked.

“Of course,” she replied. “But others do not need to know about it. As princess, I must always appear to the people to be in complete control.”

Najya had respected Captain Makin for his intelligence and most especially his discretion since childhood as they had grown up together. She felt safe in discussing matters openly with him that she would discuss with none of her other subjects or even her other lovers.

“Besides, this particular slave understands our speech,” the Princess said referring to the slave and the dialect of the Ghazi tribe. “That may not always be the case and I intend on having many more slaves to ride. I want to be able to control them whether they understand my speech or not.”

“With the right method or device to control them, I think that a slave could be trained for riding much faster and without having to be taught our language at all,” she went on. “That might even be better as it would demonstrate that my power to command did not have to rely on spoken orders. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Oh, of course, your highness, as you often say, “Part of being a princess is always appearing as a princess.” The Captain replied.

Actually, Captain Makin did not entirely understand, but if it was important to his Princess it was important to him.

“What was the other matter you wanted me to think about, something to do with getting other slaves for you to ride?” He asked.

“Yes, exactly,” she replied. “And if I can find the right slaves, it will also help solve one of the other problems,”

“What do you mean, Princess, just what kind of slaves are you thinking of and what problem are you referring to?” He asked.

“Females will be better for riding,” She replied. “Big strong females with narrow waists, broad hips, large buttocks and long strong legs.”

Najya continued. “As we returned from the wadi this afternoon, while riding beside you as you drove my chariot, I started comparing the bodies of the four slaves drawing it. We used my mixed sets of twins, today in case you don’t recall.”

In Ghazi often the personal identity of slaves was generally considered rather incidental. It would not have been at all unusual for the Captain not to have noticed or have forgotten which chariot team they had used, today.

“I chose the mixed team so that they would be occupied with each other while we were down in the wadi proving that I could, indeed, ride that slave. That was just in case the outcome had not been as favorable as it was, remember?” She asked.

“Of course, Princess,” He replied. “What did you observe today that you hadn’t seen before?”

“There was nothing really different today, just four young bodies, straining somewhat as they were being made to pull the load of you and two big hostlers uphill most of the way,” she said. “The difference was in my own perspective. Over the previous few hours I had learned one of the difficulties in riding a slave, a male slave, and that was the shape of his body. Watching the males and females of the team working hard, especially from behind them, I suddenly became aware of something.”

“What was that, my Princess?” He asked with genuine interest.

“The body of a female slave is made for riding,” she said. “Her slender waist and broad hips give a rider a much better place on which to sit. Also, when straining with her legs as those two were doing today, a female tends to lean forward and hollow her back, somewhat, where a male tends to keep his straight or arch his somewhat. Such a hollowing would definitely result in even greater comfort for her rider.”

“That’s it!” She exclaimed. “What I want is to find a really big strong female slave and try riding her, just like I did today with my big male.”

Najya continued, thinking out loud. “I certainly don’t plan to give up riding males as they will almost always be stronger than females, and I’m certain there is a way to make males more comfortable to ride. However, until that problem is solved, females could well be the answer. Besides, anything that makes males easier to ride will work even better on females.”

Although never allowing herself to do so with any of her other subjects, it was not unusual for Najya to talk while thinking when she was with Capitan Makin. The confidence and understanding that existed between the two, despite their difference in rank, ran very deep in both directions.

“Now,” she said, “The first task is going to be finding the right female slave and try her out for strength and endurance.”

Suddenly, the Princess was no longer thinking out loud but now actually directing her comments to the Captain. The subtle change in certain slight inflections in her voice were immediately recognized by the Captain and he knew that she would now be expecting a response to what she was about to say,

“Do we have any possibilities in the pens? She asked. “I don’t recall seeing any really big muscular females there, and I don’t think any of my subjects keeps one that I might borrow to try. Can you think of any?”

Before the Captain could answer, the Princess almost shouted, “Remember those two really tall strong girls that got away when we raided the Halim last year? They both had long legs that just rippled with muscles. I want you to catch them for me and bring them here for me to ride.”

“With pleasure, your highness,” The Captain exclaimed. “When should I leave?”

The Captain was always frustrated whenever any of their intended catch escaped from the Ghazi, especially when he had been personally involved in the chase. Along with the Princess in her chariot, The Captain had pursued the two girls in question and was still angered that they had gotten away. Both girls, sisters in all likelihood, had been well over six feet in height which was large even for a Halim female. Their strong long legs had given them speed that the shorter Captain, although superbly conditioned, could not hope to match. Najya, driving her chariot drawn by a team of four Halim males from a previous raid, had a pursuit angle on the running girls to turn them back toward her tribesmen with their lassos and nets. Had it not been for a gully that forced the Princess to veer her chariot to keep from crashing it, the girls would, in all likelihood have been caught, As it was, they had escaped with the larger of the two laughing derisively at the comparative slowness of their pursuers.

The two Halim girls were, indeed, sisters and the tallest of the pair a young woman in her late twenties. Her slightly shorter sister was still a girl in her early twenties. Both were members of the Halim Royal Family and proud and truly magnificent creatures. The taller of the two had sparked an interest in the Captain and a desire to have her as a personal slave for his own reasons.

“Ah, well,” he thought to himself. “If the princess wants those two to ride, I’m sure she won’t mind occasionally letting me ride that taller one myself; in my own way of course.”

“Well, my Princess, I am ready as I speak to go after them again,” He said. “I would be honored if you would allow me the honor of catching those two for you. “As fast as those girls could run, I can certainly understand your interest in them for riding,”

“And don’t think that I didn’t notice that you had interests of your own, my fine Captain, especially for the taller older one.” She laughed as she patted him most intimately.

The Captain blushed as he marveled at the Princesses’ insight and obvious powers of observation. “How could she have known?” He thought to himself.

“You didn’t hide your anger well at having lost her. It was clearly more than a matter of lost revenue for the tribe for you, my dear Captain,” Najya continued chuckling. “But that’s quite alright, you catch her for me this time and we’ll both enjoy riding her.”

“You read my mind, again Princess,” said the Captain. “But that’s alright as I have been working on plans for capturing those two ever since they got away the last time. Would you like to hear my ideas?”

“I’d love to, but first you have another duty to perform,” she said throatily.

Turning over and rising on her hands and knees Najya said, “Why don’t you try riding me like you plan to ride the tall Halim after you catch her?”

“Are you sure you want me to your Highness?” He asked. “Gentleness is not exactly part of the plan, you know?”

“Of course,” she replied. “Do you think that I can not handle anything that a Halim slave female can handle? Go ahead and mount me, Captain.”

“As you say, my Princess,” the Captain answered as he stepped astride the tiny princess and lowered his entire weight on to her small back.

The Princess was surprised as she settled under the Captain’s weight. This was not exactly the type of mounting that she had expected.

Not wishing to admit to any form of weakness, the princess commanded, “Go ahead, Captain, and show me how you plan to ride the Halim.”

Taking a firm grip on a handful of Najya’s long hair with his left hand he pulled back sharply, forcing her to raise her head to look straight ahead.

“I plan on riding her like this, your Highness,” he said. “Are you sure you want me to continue?”

“Of course,” she said. “I might learn something new.”

“Very well, Princess, as long as you wish it,” the Captain said.

Reaching back with his right hand, the Captain gave Princess Najya a stinging slap on her small rump while releasing somewhat the tension on her hair.

“Move,” he commanded and, responding reflexively to the slap, the Princess began crawling forward bearing the full weight of the Captain on her small body.

About average in height for a Ghazi, at about five foot five, the Captain was not a large man, but was certainly larger than the tiny Princess. He allowed her to carry him around her large tent guiding her by pulling her hair in one direction or the other as she had done earlier when riding the large male slave.

After less than a minute of riding, he pulled her hair straight back and commanded, her to stop, which she obediently did. Feeling her resentment beginning to build as her muscles tightened beneath him more so than necessary to support his weight, the Captain quickly slipped off the Princesses’ back to kneel directly behind her. Now gripping her around her tiny waist, he placed the tip of his erect member against the lips of her vagina and with a single hard thrust, entered the girl to his full length.

“However, I think that this is more the type of riding that you had in mind, am I right, my Princess?” He asked as he began to stroke.

Najya responded only with a sigh of pleasure as her entire focus was consumed with thrusting backwards and meeting the Captain stroke for stroke.

The Captain’s control was quite remarkable and it was only during the Princesses’ third shuddering climax that his body, too, stiffened in ecstasy.

As both lay panting side by side, the Princess remarked, “Any girl would love being ridden like that.”

“When you ride the Halim girl your way, I want to watch you do it,” she said without a trace of self consciousness. “I want to make sure that you demand more of her than you did of me. But then she is substantially larger than I am.”

“I will ride her as hard and as long as you wish, my Princess, he said. “ However, I doubt that you will want me riding her as long and hard as you plan to.”

“However Captain, before either of us can ride her you’ve got to catch her first,” she said. “Now tell me about this plan of yours. Are your plans for a large raid or a small one? What will you need in the way of men and equipment and, when will you be ready to leave”

“I don’t recommend a raid at all,” he answered. “It has been too little time since we last raided them. The Halim will be on their guard for a large force, and will all flee before we could catch but a few.”

“Besides, I believe that the really big girl and her slightly smaller sister are both Halim princesses, so they would be carefully protected and quickly moved away if the Halim think they are being raided,” he went on. “That didn’t happen the last time because we surprised them.”

“Halim Princesses,” she exclaimed with excitement. “I would love having a pair of Halim Princesses as my slaves. And to break them for riding, what a pleasure that would be. Do you think that you can catch both of them? What evidence do you have that they truly are princesses?”

“I have my special source,” the Captain said smiling knowingly.

“And what might that be, Captain?” The Princess asked with a very good idea what the answer might be.

“Well, many times now, I have taken one of the Halim slave females from our last raid for my personal use. You may recall the tall thin one with the light hair?” He asked.

“I think I know the slave you are talking about, but why that one? She asked. “She is thin and doesn’t look strong enough for what you seem to enjoy.”

“You would be surprised at her strength,” he laughed.

“But that is beside the point. It was something that I saw during our raid,” he continued. “When I approached a spot near their encampment there were a few rocks where it looked as though someone might be hiding, this girl suddenly came tumbling forth, scrambled to her feet and tried to run. I caught her in a few yards and was tying her for my men to collect when I looked back at the spot from which she had bolted to see our two big sisters emerge and run in the opposite direction. It seems that they had thrown this girl out as bait to distract me. Seeing one of my men approaching, I left the girl for him and began chasing the two others.”

“That must have been when I saw them and gave chase in my chariot,” the princess exclaimed.

“Exactly, and you would have caught and turned them had it not been for that gully. The two girls could cross it on foot, but your chariot could not,” he said.

“One of the reasons that I want slaves to ride,” the Princess commented then went on. “So you think that the two big girls used the other one as a distraction in their plan to escape us?”

“The important thing is that she believes that is what was done to her,” he said with confidence. “When ever I have used her I have treated her kindly and she has provided me with quite a bit of information on the two tall girls.”

“And just what have you learned from this slave?” The Princess asked.

“Unless she is lying, and I don’t think that she is, they are indeed Halim Princesses, they are both extremely arrogant and are two of the fastest runners in the tribe,” he answered.

It had been less than a generation since fierce tribes like the Ghazi had begun to raid the Halim for slaves. In response, the Halim leaders had chosen flight rather than fight as their method of avoiding capture. Halim youngsters were trained to run very fast and for long distances and continued to improve those skills especially into young adulthood when they became attractive quarry for raiders seeking slaves. If these two sisters were, indeed, two of the fastest in the tribe they obviously became even more attractive to Princess Najya.

“They certainly seemed fast and strong when we were chasing them,” she commented with admiration. “What else has the slave said about them?”

“That she hates them for what they did to her and will do anything that she can to help us catch them and make them slaves like her,” he answered smiling. “With what she has told me, I have a plan to trap them both that poses only a moderate risk and has, I believe, a high possibility of success. If you approve my plan I should be able to have them kneeling at your feet within the month.”

To be continued.