The Cavallo and the Trainer XIV

by Kanashii
- do not use without the author's permission.

Chapter 17: The Price of a Soul

Finally it would be the day of the competition that Furio finally came to her stall very early in the morning. He looked tired and exhausted, a five o’clock shadow across his handsome face, his eyes heavy with weariness despite his usual dress in the neatly pressed pants, a dark shirt and his leather jacket. Already there were grooms and trainers all over in here, many tending to their horses or giving last minute instructions to handlers and steeds both. In fact all the chaos seemed to make Furio happier, he worried less he would be overheard.

“Buon giorno, bella Allegria.” He pulled her close to him crushing her against his body as he caressed her and breathed deeply of her scent. She in turned breathed deeply of his masculine and comforting scent, felt her heart and soul melt at his touch and voice. For several moments he said nothing to her at all, just held her tightly to him as if her presence were as comforting to his heart and soul as he was to her. “Listen close to me.” He finally spoke and motioned her down on the bed where he sat next to her as if giving her a massage, his sweet baritone voice whispering along side her cheek. “I no care how you do in the show. Already I am proud of you, more importantly you are my cavallo. Mine alone, no matter how you do in all this.” He paused and rubbed her shoulders a moment. “After the show, after the Holidays in the middle of January I will be leaving the states to go back to Napoli, you will be staying here…”

Now Allegria’s head did snap up, a look of complete panic in her eyes. She felt she would throw up on the spot as her soul seemed to break in two. “No!” she dared to speak, dared to forget everything, “Furio, no!”

That quick his hand closed roughly around her throat silencing any more words from her. “Tenere la bocca chiusa!” he hissed, “Shut you mouth, silenzio! Let me finish.” His eyes bore into her with both anger and also something else.

Slowly he released her throat and put his fingers against her lips warning her to stay silent and well behaved, especially with so many people around. “You will be staying here until I am ready to leave to Italy, and then, you will be coming with me.” His eyes now softened as he finished explaining.

She blinked for a moment letting his words sink into her brain and heart. He was taking her with him! He would not abandon her. Quickly her tears of sadness now turned to happiness. She began kissing his hands and arms in gratitude in love.

“Bella Sarah, listen to me.” He used her human name. “I owe many favors and now must work for someone else, but it is Ok. I want to go back home to Italy, back to the farmlands outside Napoli, back to the Mediterranean air. You will like it there, trust me. Maybe I even ride you naked on the beach eh?” his face softened in one of his warm smiles he reserved for her.

She had no more tears to shed and just nodded happily her eyes filled with such love and respect for her Master.

“Omerta,” he leaned in and whispered the word to her, she had heard it of course in gangster shows and novels, “It means you never discuss anything, you don’t guess, you don’t talk about, even if it goes on in front of you, and you never question me about anything. You just let me care for you, you understand?”

She looked him directly in the eye and nodded clearly, as she barely mouthed the word “Yes.” letting him see the deepest part of her heart and soul, her total honestly and loyalty to him.

“Ok, good.” He seemed to visibly relax. “Very good indeed. Now, no more talk of such things. But…” he glanced once around, then one more time leaned in close to her “I have found a way to help you friend Ribelle and Carlos Delgado, but you keep omerta about it. No even tell Ribelle.”

Again she kissed his cheek and nodded her understanding. She allowed one of her hands to come up and caress his cheek and then grab lightly at his ponytail as she pulled his face close and her lips crushed against his. They finished the kiss and he briefly swung astride her back a moment sitting on her there within the stall. “So very nice,” He said.

“Ti amo, bella Sarah.” He said as he leaned down and kissed her red hair a moment and then nimbly swung off her and left the stall.

Her heart pounded in happiness as she watched him stride off out the stables in powerful steps. A short while later Lena came in dressed in elegant western riding gear, a sequined shirt, neatly pressed jeans, chaps the whole works. The riders, trainers and grooms took a human pony show as seriously as any horse show, and after overhearing the bet been Lena and Dr. Warrington she knew much money was often exchanged over bets and the competition itself.

Lena fed Allegria half of an energy bar and caressed her body, “You’ll do fine my horse.” She said in her confidant manner, “Don’t sweat about anything, just do exactly what we do in training. Listen to me, your rider and to my commands. Don’t try and second guess me, just respond to what I signal you to do.”

Allegria nodded her head and nibbled alongside Mistress Lena’s attractive neck.

“Sweet and sexy my little pony, however we have a lot of work to do to get you ready.” About that time Daniel entered the stall and he had what looked like red hair extensions and a pony tail made of red hair. It had a small plug at the end that entered her anus and a harness that connected to her saddle would hold it in place. First the red hair extensions were nimbly woven in to her red hair by Daniel and then an elegant black and turquoise western bridle with a long-shanked curb bit was fitted over her head and carefully adjusted.

Next the butt plug of the red ponytail was lubed up and gently inserted in her ass by Lena herself and a lower crupper placed on her. Daniel and Lena worked as a team getting her ready and all around her, Allegria could see that the same controlled chaos was going on in the other stalls around her as the other ponygirls and Trevello were also being prepared by multiple grooms and trainers. Next door she could see poor Ribelle being prepared for her events by one of the teenaged male grooms and thankfully Carlos. It seemed as long as Carlos was there that the young man dare not abuse Ribelle too harshly.

Allegria’s attention was drawn back now as Daniel came in with something that looked like “half” a Western saddle or more like a bareback bronc rigging at a rodeo, with two small western stirrups. It had a horn and a slope, a cinch around her lower chest below her breasts where the stirrups were attached to and then a slight rise in the back.

It was designed so the human back could move and flex and give the illusion of a bulky western saddle without having a true, stiff, restricting western saddle on her.

Lena was completely in business - competition mode now and while she wasn’t harsh she wasn’t talking or paying much attention to Allegria either. Instead she was meticulously double checking the tack, the straps and brushing out Allegria’s long mane and tail. “You got her from here Dan?” she asked the tall groom, who grunted an affirmative as he continued putting on special pads on Allegria’s knees and hands. Lena was now putting on her spurs and a show number on both her and Allegria’s thin saddle pad.

Allegria noted the knee pads Daniel was fastening on her were different from her usual ones. They were designed to be able to allow her to slide when doing the sliding stops, with a slight lip at the edge so her knee could grip the arena floor when she did the 360 spins. She had trained with these so she knew how to move her body with them on. The hand pads were the same leather type mittens/booties that laced up around her wrists.

“Ok, riding Western Reining competitors out now!” a ring steward yelled down the hall in a loud resounding voice, “Western competition on two legs on deck!”

“Go kill ‘em Lena.” Daniel drawled as he handed Lena an elegant and short quirt and pulled his own western hat down low over his forehead as he grabbed Allegria’s reins and began leading her out the stall.

It seemed like utter pandemonium to Allegria and she was so glad to just be in hand of the trainers and handlers. All she had to do was be a horse and give her heart to the competition, she had the easy part.

She was stunned when she got to the indoor ring; the bleachers were packed with people of all types, the ultra rich in elegant tuxedos and suits to the more western casual types in designer jeans and expensive custom made cowboy boots. Trainers, Masters and Mistress’ from indeed all over. Daniel had now handed Allegria over to Lena who stood next to her and patted her warmly. “Easy mare.” She spoke as she adjusted her own hat and belt buckle, “You’ll do just fine. Make me proud.” She patted Allegria’s bare shoulder with a black leather gloved hand.

They got in line behind a large heavyset ponyboy stallion who was built like a linebacker and behind them Allegria suddenly heard a woman’s elegant British accent. “So this is the mare I heard about?”

“Hi Sasha, yes this is the girl.” Lena said and Allegria caught sight of a beautiful and elegant black skinned woman, in her hand she held the reins to a tall white male pony stallion that was lean and hard. He had long ultra blonde hair that was nearly down to his mid back, and a blonde pony tail to match. Apparently when competing all the human ponies were given pony tails either attached to a harness or embedded in their rear entrance. Allegria was sure this was Dr. Warrington’s wife.

“She’s short and compact for a 4-legged reiner.” Sasha Warrington gave a harsh but critical eye to Allegria, “But it will be most intriguing to see what she can do. My new stallion here is undefeated in reining.”

“So I heard.” Lena replied cool as a cucumber with a slight smirk on her face. Allegria’s respect of Lena shot even higher. Then with a curt nod of her head Lena turned her attention back to the ring. A ring steward opened the main gate and one by one the human ponies trotted out on two legs with their rider at their side.

Allegria did exactly what Lena ordered and simply followed whatever Lena told her to do, not thinking of anything else. They were third in line and apparently they had to make a one loop trot of the ring with their riders so everyone could get a good view of the competitors. Then after their courtesy loop they all lined up at the far end where the human ponies now began dropping down to all fours.

Since they would be the third contestant out, Allegria had time to stand there on all fours and discreetly glance around as Lena stood next to her. Allegria could see several judges against the far wall of the ring near the middle, all of them dressed in fancy western gear, clipboards in hand. Several ring stewards here and there about the ring to assist and to make sure things moved smoothly. Allegria marveled at how exactly, this was like a real horse show. No different at all, except that the horses were human men and women practically naked except for tack and tails on them. It seemed for this event the idea was to make the tail and ‘mane’ of the ponygirl or boy look long and full, she noticed all the stallions had on longish hair extensions just like her. Although she somehow had a feeling that the Warrington’s champion reining stud had the real deal, a gorgeous blonde mane of hair like Fabio.

Allegria was very aware that she was the only mare in the four legged reining events. Most of the men were either stocky built or else very long and lithe to be flexible. Their riders a mix of both Mistresses and Masters, in fact she noticed that Carlos was about two horses down from them riding some stallion Allegria had never seen before, probably for some other house. She noticed that all the riders seemed fairly petite and light, obviously so the human horses would only have to carry the lightest amount of weight while doing the intricate maneuvers so it wouldn’t slow them down. Lena was a light but powerful woman at only around 5’2 and around 105 and Allegria found her quite easy to carry.

Now Allegria’s attention was focused on the first competitor out in the ring as he did the same moves as Daniel had demonstrated that day in the ring with the real horse. Allegria was surprised at just how well the human male was able to copy the horse’s moves, including a nice 5 foot slide. It was the spinning in the 360 that really got the audience revved up and got them to clapping and cheering for the competitors, and just like a real horse it seemed the fast the spin the better it was and the more the audience cheered.

She gulped once and began to chew nervously on the silicone coated curb bit in her mouth. Allegria had no idea how she looked when she performed, so she could only watch numbly with growing nerves as the first contestant finished his moves and the judges consulted with one another’s. He was ridden out of the ring and back to the end of the line where his rider got off his back.

Allegria noted then that there was actually a loudspeaker that announced the number of the rider, the name of the horse, the rider and the owner. Again just at like a real horse show. Contestant number two was now out in the ring doing his run, the overweight linebacker who for a heavyset man moved quite well. Her anxiety was growing by leaps and bounds; she began to paw the ground a bit nervously expending energy. As he was getting near the end of his run, Allegria suddenly felt weight getting onto her back as Lena mounted up, pulling her hat down low and adjusting her feet in the stirrups. “Easy mare, calmarsi.” Lena soothed in a calm voice and shifted her weight slightly, lightly touching her spurs against Allegria’s inner arms. Not to harm or hurt her, just a subtle dominance and almost as a calming signal. At that moment Allegria’s nerves seemed to melt away as she felt Lena’s warm heat and weight against her back. The confidence and control of her powerful and sexy rider infused her with inner peace. Lena would be in control now, and all would be Ok. As contestant number two now began heading to the gate to get back in line, Lena leaned forward in the saddle and whispered to Allegria’s ear. “Furio is out there. His heart will be riding on your back along with me.”

Allegria now felt love and pride surge through her veins and heart at the mention of Furio’s name and Lena’s special words at the exact time she needed them. “Contestant number 121, ‘Allegria’, owned by Master Giunta and ridden by Lena Moradelli.” The loudspeaker blared as Lena touched her spurs to Allegria’s arms and moved her out at a fast walk into the ring.

Allegria paid no more attention to judges, audience or anything else anymore. It was just her and Lena. Allegria poured her heart and soul out into the moves, beneath Lena first the quick dash to the center and the sliding stops one in each direction, and then the 360 spin. Lena neck reined her with one hand, held onto the saddle horn, her spur lightly digging in Allegria’s arm urging her faster and tighter in her spin, just like Daniel had ridden that powerful quarter horse.

Like the day of her branding Allegria just felt adrenaline surging through her like liquid energy and fire. Lena felt so light today upon her back, almost as if she was weightless, but her quiet confidence came through the reins and her warm sexy ass loud and clear.

Arching her back in a graceful leap Allegria now spun as her red mane and tail flew elegantly behind her. She was dimly aware of a roar from the crowd of excitement.

She felt Lena lean back and now shift her spurring to the other arm, the reins pulling her back and now to the left. Almost on a dime Allegria nimbly arched her back in mid air and begun to spin the other way, faster and faster her mind in a haze of ecstasy and endorphins. There was no dizziness only a pervading high that rode her soul as if indeed Furio was alongside Lena on her back.

She was dimly aware of Lena now pulling back on the reins, her weigh deep in her back, the spurs no longer touching her arms as she squeezed her thighs along Allegria’s ribs and began to ride her at a comfortable sitting trot out of the ring. Allegria could feel the thunderous applause and cheering within the very marrow of her bones, crashing around her like a wave of sound, as the audience went wild. The ring steward opened the gate and as Allegria trotted smoothly past Sasha Warrington she could see an angry fire in the woman’s eye as she sat astride her blonde headed stallion.

Once Allegria was out of hearing range of Sasha Warrington, she heard a gentle chuckle from Lena and a quick pat to her shoulder. “Well done Allegria, well done. Bet the snotty bitch won’t talk to me for a month now.” Lena pulled her up and easily dismounted.

Allegria and Lena patiently waited while all the contestants made their run, and then just like at a real horse show the judges called in the horses and riders that would be given ribbons back into the ring. Allegria was one of the six called back in, along with Sasha Warrington and her stallion. The 6th through 4th place ribbons were handed out, and apparently as was custom, the top three riders would be awarded their ribbons after one more quick demonstration of their reining capacity.

Allegria was up first and again she and Lena went through a quick set of spins and then stood at attention in front of the judges as Allegria stood straight and square on her hands and knees Lena astride her in perfect conformation. Carlos was called out next for his demo and then Sasha and the stallion for her demo. Allegria knew this was not uncommon, it was done at real horse shows as well to build up excitement and to give the crowd their monies worth.

Now the head judge stepped forward as a ring steward came up holding a third place ribbon and elegant crystal trophy. “In 3rd place. Number 143, Carlos Delgado aboard Sunny Blue, owned by House Carpathia. With a total score of 170 points.” The judge spoke into a microphone as Carlos rode his steed forward beneath him, the steward handing him the trophy and pinning the ribbon to the stallions halter. With hearty applause washing over them they went back in line.

“In second place…” the judge paused as the steward now came forward with an elegant red ribbon and a silver plated trophy, “With a score of 185 points, Number 136, ‘Alexander’, ridden and owned by Sasha Warrington.” Even though the crowd gave her a thunderous applause both Lena and Allegria could tell her smile was forced and perturbed.

“And our first place winner in the Western reining, with a score of 195 points…” Already the crowd was going absolutely nuts with applause, whistling and cheering. It was the first time they had ever seen a mare win this event and with such a high score to boot. “Number 121, Lena Moradelli aboard ‘Allegria’ owned by Master Giunta.”

Allegria was barely aware of the sharp kick Lena had to give her to move her forward. She was simply stunned by all this. The ring steward was fastening a blue ribbon to her bridle and handing Lena a large gold plated trophy. All the contestants were now riding their steeds out of the ring, and as Allegria and Lena were heading towards the gate along side Carlos and Sunny, Sasha rode up along side Lena. “You interested in selling that mare?” she glared daggers at Lena.

“She’s not mine to sell.” Lena said politely, “You would have to talk to Mr. Giunta, but I am fairly certain she is not for sale at any price.”

Sasha whipped Alexander sharply with the quirt as they moved out at a trot leaving Lena and Carlos in the dust. “Guess she is a sore loser.” Carlos muttered something in Spanish with a wicked laugh and wink at Lena, “Congratulations boss, you did some fine riding, and Allegria was as good as I knew she would be.”

Once outside the gate Lena dismounted and Daniel was there to take Allegria back to her stall. Now she would be rested, the hair extensions taken out, cleaned up and prepared for her next class in two hours which would be the Weight Pulling, Mare division.

The day was pretty much a blur to her, she was either competing or resting and being prepared for the next class. She was proud to see Falla had bunches of 2nd and 3rd place ribbons decorating her stall. Lucciola had two large first place ribbons on her stall door, and Allegria now had a first place from her western reining, a second from her weight pull (the large black girl Rakasha from house Chana had beaten her out by a 10 pound heavier pull. Allegria’s highest pull of 5 was 870 lbs on a wheeled sledge, and Rakasha’s was 880.) And a 6th place ribbon from her two legged Dressage event.

Ribelle’s stall had two fourth place ribbons and one 2nd place ribbon on it. But still Allegria could see the strain on Ribelle’s face from worry. So nervous she wouldn’t even eat no matter how hard Carlos soothed her and tried to get her to eat her lunch and dinner.

Trevello as well has several first place ribbons on his stall door from both his endurance race and his jumping events and tomorrow he had his weight pull events against the massive elephant-like Hassan.

Allegria had only one last event and that was tomorrow morning, the 4-Legged ridden dressage where Carlos would be riding her. That evening the Moradelli’s had sent Allegria a steak dinner with pasta as a reward for her win at the western reining event.

Furio had stopped by her stall to eat his dinner with her, even sneaking her in some wine to enjoy with her steak. He glanced over a few times at Ribelle but she was usually always attended by one of the Amir’s cruel grooms or handlers and so there was nothing Furio could say to her, nor would he until he knew the deal was for certain done.

“You did so well, mio cavallo.” Furio stroked Allegria’s shoulders and back, “I so enjoyed watching you spin around like a tornado, eh?” he laughed and his eyes were light. “You think you can do that with me on you?”

She glanced up at him with her usual playful spark in her eyes, nuzzled him and then curled up and rested her head on his lap. Her stomach pleasantly full with delicious steak, pasta and wine.

“Furio,” Valerio’s voice startled Allegria and made Furio glance up. Next to Valerio was the imposing looking Turi Pontecorvo. “A distinguished friend of ours wishes a word with you.”

“Of course,” Furio immediately got to his feet and without another word or glance towards Allegria exited out of her stall with Valerio and Don Pontecorvo.

Tonight would not be an easy night to sleep. The visiting grooms and such stayed until nearly 1:00 am with several of the main horses in here, and the ponygirls themselves were far to wound up to sleep properly, especially as various Master’s or Mistress’s traipsed through the stables sipping champagne or wine and chatting with the Moradelli’s about the human ponies or training methods, or simply congratulation one another. Finally around 1:30 and exhausted Sebastian and Daniel shut down the main lights to the stalls and Allegria tried to lie down and sleep. She knew the processions of grooms; owners and riders would be back bright and early around 5:00 am to start readying the ponygirls and Trevello for the next day of competition.