The Cavallo and the Trainer IX

by Kanashii
- do not use without the author's permission.

Chapter 12: The Sensuous Breaking of a Soul

This other ring Valerio led me to was very much like the ring Furio had hidden up in the vast Pine Barrens, only this one was much larger, indeed it was full sized. I could see in the soft dirt where horse hoof prints mingled with human pony footprints. After running and walking for nearly an hour outside in the cold air, my feet were sore and cold. I could only stand there my shoulders drooping as Valerio tied me to the inside fence post and then turned and began to gather some items he must have earlier bought into the ring.

“Since you are new and your feet have not toughened up and since the weather is turning colder you will be shod.” He held up a pair of leather moccasins. I nearly shivered with gratitude and gently nuzzled him as he quickly towel dried the sweat off me, then after wiping off my feet put on each moccasin and laced them tightly around me.

He ignored any advances of friendship on my part, or just absentmindedly pushed away my face and growled “Basta! Steady!” if I tried to nuzzle or nibble him lightly. He left the waist cinch on but unhooked my hands from the belt as he slipped on a padded nylon harness that crossed over my breasts, across each shoulder and then went down between my legs. It looked to be a training harness very similar to what I had first worn with Furio, as had several “D” rings on the shoulders and the back. It fit my body perfectly and he carefully adjusted each of the straps. He now unhooked the bit from the bridle and hooked another one into my mouth. Again, this one was nearly identical to the smaller ‘sweet bit’ that Furio used on me, only this one had longer shanks on the bit and had had areas for two sets of reins.

Valerio hooked the first set of reins to the bridle and then putting tension on them hooked them nimbly to the harness around me via the “D” rings. These were called ‘side reins’ and were designed to keep a horse or ponygirls head at a specific headset so I could not toss their head or turn it unnecessarily. The second item he hooked up was a thinner lunge line with a curb chain that ran through the bit and under my jaw.

Once he had me hooked up he grabbed a lunge whip and sent me out along the rail at a fast trot. He often liked to lay that whip against my ass or upper thigh, although he was not doing it as harshly as he could have. “Get used to the touch of a whip Allegria.” Val said with a confidant and strong voice, “Many riders find it arousing and pleasurable to lay the whip to the ass and flanks of their ponygirls and boys, so you will be getting a much heavier taste of the whip than Furio gave you.”

I moaned deeply, just like a tired horse but he only chuckled darkly and then continued to put me through my paces. “Trotto, passo, galoppo,” he tested me in all the commands Furio had taught me… “Sinistro, Destro, Indietro (walk backwards).” After about 15 minutes he pulled me up and now switched out the lead rope with a second set of long reins and stood behind me. He now worked me in the ground schooling which I was also familiar with. “Passo Elegante!” he ordered.

The elegant ‘Spanish Walk’, my mind hesitated… I knew how to do it on all fours as he had taught me yesterday, but now up on two feet I had no idea…

“Andare!” he barked (go!) using the two long whips he roughly tapped my hips; left, right, left… “Just like yesterday my dear.” He confirmed, “Take that leg and raise it up and out as though you are trying to point with your toe. Knee to your waist and then slowly extend your lower leg as high as you can to level out with your knee and point with that toe.”

It was much harder to do on two feet. As tired as I was and as new and awkward as this gait felt on two legs I often wobbled or tottered on my one leg. He would give me a hard quick lash with the whip and then allow me to move faster. The Passo Elegante was easier to do the faster one could do it, basically like ‘goose stepping’, but the idea was eventually to be able to do it as slow as one could.

Finally he eased up on me and bought me in to the center of the ring where he placed a water bucket on the ground in front of me. He then took out some very thin leather knee pads and quickly wrapped them around my knees. Over my hands he slipped on what basically where like leather mittens that laced up around the wrist, similar to ‘dog boots’.

“Giu, down.” He pointed and I obediently sank down to my hands and knees. “You may drink and rest as I prepare you.” He idly said as he began to slip off the training harness and the side reins. So far Valerio had not been overly harsh and in fact was a pretty fair trainer. But my heart sank none-the-less, for he was not very soothing or kind, not like Furio was. Never did he say “Good job or molto bene” or any other encouraging or kind words. Nor did he pat or stroke me soothingly, he was just very matter-of-fact and indeed I felt at that moment more like a horse than I had ever felt. I was simply an animal and a beast of burden to him and nothing more.

With a soft sigh I lowered my head and drank deeply of the water as I realized how thirsty I truly was. Still I was sweating deeply, not used to so much work and training. I saw Val approach me again and this time he had what looked like a very thin cloth pad and also something that resembled a very small, thin racing saddle designed for humans. Basically it was a flat leather pad with English stirrup irons attached. A padded leather girth ran underneath that tightened up right below my breasts along my rib cage. I was both aroused but also regretting what I knew was coming next. I knew he was going to be riding me now and while I normally loved being ridden on all fours, as sore and exhausted as I was from just my earlier 2 hour work out I was not looking forward to what the 155 lb Valerio was going to put me through.

“My, my.” He paused a moment as he was switching out my reins to a much smaller set of riding style reins. “Is that some regret and unhappiness I see in those eyes Allegria?” he seemed to smirk for a moment, as if my unhappiness pleased him, “Not to worry, in time you will look so forward to being ridden by anyone that you will be practically begging for it, no matter how tired and exhausted you are. But for now…” he finished up adjusting the saddle and reins, “The fact that my riding your tired and aching body displeases you, amuses me greatly. It’s not like you have any choice, never does a horse have a choice, do they?” he was not expecting any answer to his question and then just strode off further down the ring to set up a series of bright orange traffic cones and also grabbed a shorter leather riding crop.

He returned to me as his dark eyes seemed to pierce mine, “I have been looking forward to this, trust me.” Again his smile was that of a shark, “So rare is it we get a good female riding pony and you will be ridden a lot, I guarantee it.” He now swung his leg over my back and then slowly lowered himself down onto me until his full weight was on me. “Settle that back girl!” he chided and bounced his weight a bit. “Unless you are moving, a rider wants to feel your back loose and bending around them like a comfortable saddle.” Again he ground his weight into me and I immediately relaxed my muscles allowing my back to bend like a U beneath him.

He sat calmly on me for several long minutes as he gathered up the reins and slid his weight side to side and up and down on my back until my muscles were loose and fluid beneath him. “Very nice.” He finally said as he patted me once on the shoulder. Now he picked up his feet and expertly slipped them inside the stirrup irons as I felt his whole weight now totally upon me. “By the way,” he said almost as reading my mind, “If you drop me, you will pay for it. I will crop you and lash you until you are standing on all fours again, so I suggest you keep on holding my weight.”

I gulped and shuddered beneath him as I felt his booted heels digging into my thighs signaling me forward. “Walk on, mare.” He rode me towards the cones.

For the next 15 minutes he rode me through those cones on a variety of courses that only he knew in his mind. I could only blindly respond to his sharp pulls on the reins, the shift in his weight or the sharp tap of the crop on either my shoulders or ass as he maneuvered me around his course. After 12 minutes, as if sensing my body was at my limits of bearing his full weight, he would get off of me briefly allow me to rest for 5 minutes and then once again sit down on me.

I had to admit, he was good in his skill. Obviously he was used to ‘reading’ a horse or human pony through his thighs and ass, because he always seemed to sense when my muscles were trembling with utter exhaustion of his weight, when I was close to collapsing beneath him no matter how I fought it. He would then dismount, allow me to rest, water me and then remount me again.

The worst came near the end of our training session, he finally pulled me to a stop and had me merely stand perfectly still beneath him. “Do not move no matter what.” He quietly warned. “I told you that some riders enjoy punishing their steeds, enjoy laying the whip on them and so I will slowly build you up to be able to tolerate it. You are to stand still and not move at all until I free you.”

And then he merely sat me and began to lash my naked ass with that crop as he cracked it against my ass cheeks. I knew he could have been a lot harsher in his punishment but it was not pleasant or enjoyable to me in the least. I snorted, hunched up my back and groaned in pain as he struck me over and over with that crop. “Relax that back!” he growled and then slammed his weight down so hard against me it caused my breath to come out with a harsh grunt from my lungs.

He sat quietly a moment on me as my ass burned and stung from his punishment of me. Even though I knew he had not left any permanent marks, I also knew my ass was probably bright red from his stinging lashes of me. Now he began to expertly flick that crop against my shoulders and thighs with a steady but accurate rhythm. This time I was actually able to slowly put the fear of it deep within my mind and realize he was being fairly gentle in what he was doing. It was merely the fact that I had never experienced the taste of the crop/whip that was causing me to fight it mentally.

“Much better.” He stopped and his hand ran along the areas he had just struck. “Good girl, Allegria.” Even that simple praise from him sent a trill of total arousal and happiness throughout my aching and tired body. “I know you are exhausted my mare but I will give you a choice.” He chuckled a moment as he felt my muscles trembling beneath him. “Let’s see how much of a ponygirl you really are. You can either nod your head up and down and I will dismount and take you inside or…” he paused a moment as his hand trailed across my shoulders almost playfully, “Or, you can carry me of your own free will the 40 feet over to the gate where I will untack you there.”

Oh I was so exhausted! My muscles screamed wanting to rest, wanted to feel his weight off of me! But my mind, my soul was aroused and never wanted him to get off of me; my heart craved his weight and the feel of him atop me, dominating me. With a deep breath I clenched that bit in my teeth and drawing on every last reserve I plodded on towards the gate, placing one hand and knee in front of the other. The 40 feet seemed like 3 miles, but yet I could sense his happiness and pleasure atop me and this gave me the strength to proudly carry him.

We arrived at the gate and he immediately got off my back. “Stand up,” he ordered, I was almost to weak to comply but he pulled me to my feet as he pushed me back against the fence post, his hands holding me up by the bridle on either side of my cheeks, his dark sensuous eyes boring into me. “I am very pleased with you.” He spoke honestly to me and I could see the truth of his words in his eyes. “Both Furio and my father were right, you do have this in your heart more than anything.” He released my bridle and now began to caress my face and my shoulders as he still pressed me against the fence. “Per me sei unico.” He spoke briefly in Italian, “You are my special one, Allegria. While you are here you are my favorite ponygirl.”

He stepped back a moment and dug around in his pocket until he pulled out one of the imported peppermints like his father carried. He held it on the flat of his palm while I took it gently from him and as I did, he caressed me kindly. “You will be well rewarded for your hard work.” He smiled, “I think you will enjoy your reward; however I suggest you take a nap when you can. I know Lena wants to ride you after lunch.” He must have sensed my hesitation because he added almost gently, “Allegria…A horse cannot choose its rider. A horse just is a beast of burden to be used however a Master or Mistress wishes. You will have to get used to a variety of people using you. The pleasure comes from serving in whatever capacity you are asked to. Do you understand?”

I snorted gently and nodded my head up and down. “Good,” he began to take the saddle and riding gear off me now. “I will give you a heads up, my sister is an excellent rider, but she will feed on any dislike you have for her. It only arouses her more and will make her harsher with you. Be obedient and she will treat you fairly and grow bored with harassing you. Besides…” Val paused as he gathered up the tack and harness then slipped a lead rope onto my halter, “She will be leaving in 4 days with Carlos and a few friends of hers to compete at a horse show in Virginia. So if you just hang in there, she will be out of your hair soon enough.” He played a moment with the cornrows in my hair, “Did Carlos braid you up like this?” he asked.

Again I nodded my head up and down and then gave a hearty shake of my body, happy to be free of the confines of any saddles or harnesses.

“He did a nice job; it looks well on you my Percheron mare. You know, I was the one who picked out your breed, by the way.” He added with a sly wink, “One of my very favorite horses when I was a teenager was a Percheron cross mare who had a broad comfortable back, it was so very comfortable to ride. I rode her bareback often and she and I often competed in low level dressage. She was quite a jumper as well.” After that Val turned and led me back towards the stable his normal rough and abrupt personality returning to the forefront. I suspected that like Furio, Val was one to only show his true feelings and kindness in private.

My reward was even better than I could have imagined. First Carlos had given me a quick wipe down with some warm sponges to clean off any sweat or dirt on me, then after that he led me to yet another room I had not seen yet. It seemed almost like an examining or medical room, and I surmised this was probably where any medical care or procedures were done to the human ponies. There was a large examining table near one wall, but there was also a smaller and thinner massage table near the other wall. It was the massage table Carlos directed me to. Once atop it, he first rubbed me down with a bracing liniment that seemed to instantly relieve the soreness and aching in my muscles and joints. After he used the cooling liniment on me, he now got some warm oil and climbed atop the table so that he could sit astride my back as he began to work the oil into my skin giving me the most wonderful and soothing massage I had ever had in my life.

For the longest time he sat atop my body on the massage table as he worked on my shoulders, upper back and arms. I could also tell by the growing erection in his pants he was finding sitting atop me just plain arousing as well. Finally, almost reluctantly he got off me and finished massaging my ass, legs and then the front of my body as well. Even though he groped me several times, it was done much more elegantly than Daniel did, almost sensuously. “Very beautiful mare you are.” He would croon in his Spanish accent, “I love to caress your breasts, to feel your body beneath my fingers.” Maybe it was the accent that reminded me very much of Furio, or maybe just his more elegant nature, but I was not wary of Carlos like I was of Daniel or Lena. “Tomorrow, I shall ride you myself mi agradable yegua.” He smiled pleasantly almost seductively.

“But for now, Valerio said to give you an extra treat for lunch and for you to rest. Signora Lena will want to ride you herself in the main ring in 3 hours.” And then he led me back to the stall. I was given something that resembled one of those energy bars people use when they exercise a lot and after drinking a large dose of water I relieved myself in the trough and then sank exhausted but content onto the mattress to rest. I noticed both my neighbors, Ribelle and Falla were not in their stalls and vaguely wondered where they were. Perhaps working and training as I had been doing.

It seemed I was awakened only a short time later by that roguish and tall Daniel. “Up, up Allegria, time to get you ready for Lena.”

Immediately I clambered to my feet and approached him allowing him to slip my halter on and secure me to the cross ties. My muscles were still mildly sore and stiff, reminding me of having exercised far too hard, but I could not even imagine what my body would feel like had Carlos not done his magic with his soothing and healing massage.

Surprisingly after a quick wipe down, I was outfitted only in the leather knee pads, leather hand mittens and a bridle. No saddle was put around me. I was led to the same indoor ring I had been in just yesterday for my testing and could already see Lena inside. My heart dropped and I was somewhat surprised at her attire. I had been thinking that she would have been dressed in riding gear, but instead she wore what looked almost like running shorts, the high leather boots with the blunted spurs and a short halter top that showed off her lean, young and hard body. With a quick nod at Daniel she ordered him “Leave the mare in the ring and leave. I will bring her back to the stables when I am done, and close that door behind you! I don’t want to be disturbed, understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He answered respectfully and then hurried out of there. I heard the main door slide shut behind him.

I stood there, my mouth going dry despite the sweet bit clenched between my teeth. Lena strode into the ring with a sexy and dominant walk a riding crop swinging back and forth in her hand. “We are going to get to know one another most intimately.” She seemed to smirk down at me, even though she was not any taller than me. I could not help the tremble that coursed through my body and somehow I didn’t think she was going to be anywhere as merciful with me as Valerio had been.

“Down!” she ordered and that crop swung with a deadly accuracy and caught me right on the side of my stomach. I yelped and immediately dropped down to all fours, a tear unconsciously rolling down my cheek. I had wanted to desperately rub the stinging spot the crop had lashed me, but I dared not to!

I could see Lena’s shiny boots circling around me and then to my surprise I saw her slide off her tank top and then her shorts until she was utterly naked except for her boots before me. Her body was gorgeous and toned, but I did not want to look at her, did not want to even imagine what humiliations she had in store for me.

“Since you are not so thrilled with women riders, you are going to get to know them most intimately, learn to show better respect to them.” She crooned in a not so nice way.

She swung her leg over me then and sat down naked against my own naked back. She felt so much more different than when Furio rode me naked, the smoothness of her, the feel of her neatly trimmed bush against my back as she slowly began to grind herself into me. Instinctively I bent my back as I remembered Furio and Valerio’s lessons to me.

“Well at least you know something right.” She said with an arrogant attitude and now took her booted feet and slowly drew the spurs down my arms, then shifted and slowly raked them down my thighs. She was not spurring, not harming me, but the implications were clear. It was at this point purely a dominance thing, a sign of what she could do to me if she wanted.

I unconsciously trembled with humiliation as I realized I felt wetness against my back where she was sitting atop me. She was beginning to get totally aroused by using me and humiliating me in this way. She grabbed my shoulders and now began to grind and pump against my back even faster, dry humping my back and I could feel her hot wetness coating my back even more as well as smell her musky female arousal. “Oh yes, I am so going to enjoy using you my bitch mare!” her voice was rough with arousal. She stopped rocking and grinding on me then and grabbing up the reins she squeezed her thighs against my sides and gave me a swift dig with her spurs into my thighs.

Thankfully she was light, so I would not tire as fast beneath her as I did her brother Valerio. At first she allowed me to walk as she steered me towards the rail to ride me around the ring. The whole time we walked, I was totally aware of her wetness beginning to blanket my back like a saddle of lubrication. She almost seemed to enjoy my humiliation at her arousal on me. “You should be pleased when any Mistress or Master arouses themselves on you, stupid beast.” She taunted me, “And I will arouse myself on you several times. If you are smart you will obey me implicitly, because if you do not, I will strap you down so tightly to a table that you can barely breathe, and I will still ride your body and cum on you and then I will beat you unmercifully. I warned you I can be a bitch!” She grabbed my hair roughly then and gave it a hard yank back so my back bent even further under her. “Now trot!” she commanded and dug those spurs cruelly into me.

I did my best to ‘trot’ on my hands and knees, for the first few minutes it was not to hard but since I had already been worked hard today and since she liked to drive that crop against my bare ass, it was hard to keep up the pace of a trot beneath her. With each jarring step I could feel her smooth ass cheeks slapping harshly against my back. I knew she was an elegant and skilled rider, but she was purposely letting her weight drive into me, her ass slapping roughly against me punishing and humiliating me. I could also hear her breathing growing more intense and deeper and the wetness growing more where she was sitting on me. A few times I tried to slow down, begged and prayed she would let me stop and rest as Valerio had but she only spurred me harder or whipped me harshly with that crop.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Her ass cheeks slammed down against my back as we trotted round and round the ring. The sound seemed to grow louder the wetter I got beneath her slick juices. Now my own sweat mingled with the juices of her arousal to make a nice slippery surface for her to grind and ride on and she thankfully finally pulled me into the middle of the ring, but she made no motion of getting off of me.

“Arch that back!” she ordered and I did, humping my back up like a cat arching it’s back, “Now down, bend it beneath me like a U!” she instructed. “Up, now down, arch, now bend!” And so she decided to ride me this way. “Now I am going to cum all over you bitch mare and if you interrupt my rhythm you will regret it.”

She got me into a rhythm of arching and bending my back precisely at the speed and style she liked and she now rode and ground herself on my bare back like a demon possessed. I could hear her moans and feel her wetness as she ground, slid and pumped her cunt all over my back. I could feel her wet bush, her clit, the folds of her pussy grinding, crushing and smashing into me as she rode and masturbated herself atop me. She threw her head back and I could hear her harsh moan of passion as she came on me, felt her orgasming atop me as her juices flowed even faster on me actually lathering and dripping off me. At first I had been utterly humiliated and completely turned off, but now…now, something had clicked deep within me as only a female can understand and I felt myself become totally aroused at the thought of her using my body to masturbate on. The fact that as her steed I was bringing her this pleasure, I was finding it as arousing as when Furio would ride me to orgasm. The feel of her juices pouring over me and coating me, the musky scent of her sex and the way she was grinding and pounding viciously atop me was driving me to orgasm as well.

I dare not break stride in my arching and bending beneath her as she continued to ride and grind herself into me to yet another orgasm, but I could also feel my orgasm beginning to course over me. I had no control over this primal feeling of lustful heat as my nipples tightened and I could feel my clit throb with the arousal of this whole situation, my own juices now flowing down my thighs.

“Oh fuck yes!” she moaned as she rode me harder, “Feel me cum on you bitch, use your back to pleasure me!” her sultry and commanding voice seemed to rock my soul as I obeyed her implicitly wanting to please her, wanting her to use me until I could no longer stand.

Finally after several long minutes she stopped moving and sat there breathing raggedly atop me. I could feel the quivering and weakness in her own body, actually feel her clit throbbing against the groove in my back. I took a chance and hoping it would please her, I began to once again walk towards the rail, allowing her body to slide and rock against the juices she had flooded my back with.

“That’s it, my bitch mare.” She grabbed my hair roughly, but I could sense she was also pleased in my instinct and desire to please her. “Walk with me on you, let me feel you beneath me until I am ready to cum on you again.”

We walked a few minutes until she pulled me up a moment and then said, “Passo elegante! You are about to find out exactly what is so pleasing to a rider about this move.” She said with a sexy but dominant laugh.

The Spanish Walk…This one I knew well, especially on all fours. Right arm up, elbow even with shoulder, point out…Now bring down, left rear leg move, now repeat with left forearm and right rear leg. As she rode me naked through this slow but elegant dance I could feel her sexy ass and pussy sliding side to side on me, across the strong muscles of my back and I knew exactly why it was so arousing to a rider. “Keep walking bitch mare.” She was breathing ragged again and she turned loose my reins and now clenched her slender but powerful legs and ass against me as I felt her grinding and humping my back as she slid side to side, forward and back. Just feeling her getting off and cumming on me was driving me to another orgasm as well.

I was so caught up in this whole erotic and sexual dance with her I didn’t even worry about my exhausted muscles, the pain of my exertion was pushed to the far corner of my mind in favor of sexual arousal. Within about five minutes I could feel her tighten and then cum atop me again, this time she nearly screamed with crazed lustful passion! This must have been her 4th or 5th orgasm and I knew it was my 3rd. I only wished that she would have been fingering me to a deeper level of pleasure or that one of the men had been pumping and thrusting into me, but for now, I was content to feel this powerful, dominant woman use me however she wished.

Finally she pulled me to the center of the ring and then slid all over my back as she coated me in her musky juices of arousal. She reached behind her and slid her finger into my aching and aroused pussy and she could feel my own copious juices. “Guess you must not mind a woman riding you so much now, huh?” she nimbly turned around so she was now sitting astride me backwards and began to finger my cunt as she again ground herself on my back. “Want a woman to make you cum, my bitch mare?” she questioned almost in a sultry tone, “Then arch and relax that back again for me, let me cum on you yet again as I make you cum.”

I was more than happy to comply as I felt her fingers expertly probe my hungry cunt. Arch, relax, arch, relax…I moved my back up and down in the rhythm she liked as I felt her finger flick along my clit and rub my sweet and wanting nub, then she inserted two and then three of her fingers into my tight hole as she pounded her fingers deep inside me, like the fucking of a cock.

I felt my own orgasm building like an uncontrolled crescendo, a deep moan of thankful arousal and wanton lust escaped my lips as she rode me into her own orgasm and made explode in orgasm beneath her. My cry of lust and passion almost sounded like a mare in heat.

Finally, my body exhausted beyond its limits simply broke and collapsed beneath her. I dropped to my elbows but she had already gotten off me. “Lay on your back, my bitch mare.” She ordered me.

It seemed almost impossible to obey I was so weak with pleasure and exhaustion but I used every last ounce of strength to fling myself over so I was now laying flat on my back, my chest panting in ragged gulps. I knew I was not allowed to talk, but I hoped and prayed she would be able to see the gratitude and arousal in my eyes.

“Oh yes…” she now stood astride my stomach glaring dominantly down at me, “I think you are liking this just fine. I see I have broken you into a complete and utterly helpless heap.” She moved up so she was standing nearly over my tits and ribs then kneeled down and sat on my stomach as she continued to grind into me and coated me even more with her juices. “I don’t think you could even fight me if you wanted to. You are so weak I could do anything I want to you.” She chuckled in a dark but sensuous way. “I think it’s time you showed your rider and Mistress, just how thankful you are, my little pony.” And with that she now moved herself up and over my face. I could see her dripping cunt, wet thighs and ass right over my face. I was stunned, never had I ever done anything like this with a woman, never had I had any sexual feelings for a woman, but at this moment in this instance I was just lost in the fog of total arousal, my mind filled with a heady haze of primal lust and passion.

She now sat down on my face and I was instantly surrounded by the heat of her body, her scent and wetness all over me, encompassing me. I also realized that if I wanted to breathe I had better start licking that pussy of hers, as she had my mouth and nose buried deep inside the folds of her cunt. Being that I had a bit in my mouth there was no way I could have bitten her if I wanted to and I was also far to weak and exhausted to fight her. But I didn’t want to fight her; I wanted to show her my gratitude, to pleasure her even more.

I began to thrust my tongue up into her folds around her labia, circling her clit bringing her pleasure, and she rewarded me by letting me breathe.

“Yes, that’s it my pretty bitch pony.” She moaned as she now began to ride and grind on my face, “Lick and drink from your Mistress, pleasure me and let me feel your gratitude.”

I pleasured her with my tongue as only a woman knows how to do to another woman, tonguing and pleasuring her until I felt her orgasming again. She sat down hard on my face with her full weight, smothering me with her cunt, her juices flowing over my face as she ground down and came atop me. At that point I was so tired so used; sated and smothered I finally passed out beneath her.

I was barely aware of someone’s strong arms carrying my soaking wet body into that large shower room, as smaller fingers undid the bridle from around my head. I could barely hear Daniels southern drawl and then Carlos’ answering elegant Spanish accent, but I could not concentrate on their individual words. Warm water cleansed my entire body as their hands soaped my body and shampooed my hair, but still I could smell her, the scent of Mistress Lena deep inside my nostrils, and it still fucking aroused me.

I was carefully dried off and my hair was brushed out and then tied back in a short ponytail. Again I was carried by Daniel’s huge strong arms to my stall and laid down on my mattress. As tired as I was, it felt like the most comfortable bed in the world.

I heard her voice then, Lena’s and I knew she was next to me. My eyes struggled to open in the harsh florescent lights of the stables.

“Easy, easy.” She said. Daniel was half holding up me in his powerful arms and Mistress Lena put an icy cold water bottle to my lips. I drank thirstily, sucking down the water as if my life depended on it.

“You do put your heart and soul into it, don’t you?” Lena laughed. She was fully dressed now in jeans and a T-shirt, and she was still the dominant and strict rider she always was, but I sensed I had passed whatever test she had put me through and in fact was very pleased with me. “I can see why Furio likes you so much, mare.” She pulled the water bottle away from my protesting lips. I was still so thirsty, still wanted more of that sweet water!

“Nuh uh.” She chastised me firmly, “I don’t need you getting colic or vomiting it back up. You were ridden hard and into total exhaustion, you get to rest now.” She stroked and caressed my naked shoulder lightly a moment and then I could feel her breath along side my neck and cheek. I could feel her lips closing harshly over mine in a deep kiss that I returned back to her with equal passion. “You did well, my little bitch mare.” She whispered quietly into my ear and I don’t think even Daniel heard her words. “I so very much enjoyed our ride; maybe we will do it again when I return from Virginia.”

And then she stood up and was gone. I was dimly aware of Daniel laying me down and gently tossing the cotton blanket over me. “You sure were rode hard and put away wet.” He chuckled in a deep voice a minute as he too then left the stall and slid it shut behind him.