Banished 5

by Jensen Denmark
- as edited by SirJeff
- do not use without the author's permission.

Synopsis: As about 100.000 youngsters every year from the states, Debbie is sent to a behaviour modification facility by her parents in order to adjust her way of life. This is her story.

A stubborn horse

It was Brian’s turn to start level two. I remembered when I entered the stable the first time. The nameless boy welcomed us as always. Paula was tied up elsewhere, so it was my task to break the news to Brian. In fact it was the first time where I functioned as a junior staff member. I was regarded as an honour and also mandatory for me if I ever should advance to Level four. The eyes of the guard rested on me. Would I serve as an example or would I disrespect the rules of this small society in favour of a friend?

Inside the stable we stopped at the walker. Like me Brian couldn’t believe his eyes. “What is this? You can not expect me to use that – that thing!”

“Yes, we will.”

“I won’t!”

I signalled the guard and the boy. They held him while we changed the cuffs to an arm binder. Then we marched him over the bath room, where I washed his breast while the boy shovelled a ball gag in Brian’s mouth. I took some alcohol and cleaned his nipples. I pointed to the enlarged copy of the contract and showed him the tong I was going to piece his nibbles with. He tried to scream when he understood, what I was going to do. A second guard came over and helped the others by holding him tight. I could see the fear in his eyes and the sweat covering his body. But there was no turning back. I had to be hard in order to show the staff that I serious.

He gave a cry when I pierced the first nipple and began to sob. Tears ran down his face. A small whimpering sound came from him when I did his second nipple. It was a nice work. Two rings came in and we took him back to the walker and connected chains to the rings so he was no other choice but to follow along. I gave him an hour in the walker before I let him go to coffee break.

After a sip from the coffee he turned his tearful eyes towards me. “Why are you so evil? I thought that I meant something to you.”

“When you progress in the program, you will know. I am now a junior staff member. If you don’t comply with the program, I would be punished because you are my responsibility.”

“But I am your friend. That must mean something.”

“It does mean something, but we can not rise above the rules. That is what brought us here in the first place. We have to learn how to follow the rule put upon us by parents and the society. It is a hard lesson, but it is necessary.”

“It is unfair.”

“Perhaps – but you will benefit in the long run. Do you want more coffee?”

He nodded. When asked whether he wanted the gag back in before he resumed the training he also said yes. The piercing must still hurt, so perhaps he just needed something to bite on.

He managed to do 4 shifts in the walker before I called it a day.

The next day he agreed willingly so I spared him and he was connected to the walker the normal way. However, he was very tired, so I put a ball stretcher and some weights on him.

Paula came by. “You are doing fine, but beware. I think you need to be reminded that you are not a graduate yet.” She called a guard over. “Debbie needs an hour in the walker too.” I did not protest. I knew that supercilious conduct was a danger that I had to avoid. Some level three students were known to be too hard on the new ones and they had to be put into place.

Still, I was surprised when I got a ball gag in my mouth. The explanation for that came at once when Paula clamped two weights on my nipples. I avoided crying out, but instead I bit very hard down on the gag. She was not finished. Two clamps were put on clitoris. It made me sob. It hurt beyond imagination. I toddle around like a small baby. Oh, it hurt.

Then the walker was started and I had to go along. After a while the pain settled and I got to look on Brian. He was gagged but it seemed that he was smiling. We walked and walked for an hour, before the guards decided that it was enough. I had learned my lesson. I had to be firm but not unreasonable.

The best thing ever

Brian’s training was going fine and he had earned his tail. Man did it come as a surprise for him. It must have been in august. I had lost track of time. Anyhow it was time for harvest. Paula decided to team me up with Brian. All dressed up with bit gag blinkers we pulled one of the carts while student from another line worked in the fields.

14 days it took before we were finished. I enjoyed staying so close to Brian and he also smiled back to me regardless of how heavy the load was. Even the day it rained and the road was muddy, he managed to give me a smile. Paula was over us that day. She had a small whip and my buttock was very reddish due her lashes. Brian was not spared, so we had to smear each others behinds when the day was over.

We got to talk and slowly we bonded. Had my parents not interfered, we could have experienced lovely things long time ago. We seemed to belong to each other. Of course I had to be careful that I did not slow his training down, but I managed to balance it.

One day I was watching Brian on the walker, when I got a surprise visit from the head master. I thought that I was in trouble and lowered my head at once.

“Raise your head and look me in my face. You know about the school policy. Always look at people when you are talking to them.”

“Sorry Sir. I was not thinking.”

“I am here with happy news. I have spoken with your parents and with Brian’s too. They had agreed to a controlled interaction between you two, if it is monitored and done under very controlled conditions. Do you consent?”

I nodded. I was both scared and curious. I had been how Patricia and Joe did. I had difficulties imagine how it must feel. “I consent!”

“Because Brian is a male, he also will consent. I don’t even have to take that gag ball out of him. Males always consent.” Then he left.

So it became that I the following day was strapped down onto the bench. Paula gave me the isolation hood on. It had a built-in gag ball, so I was silenced effective.

I could feel how they touched me down there. Then it suddenly came - a tickling sensation. That is how it felt. It was so good. I started to breathe heavily and I could feel the sweat running down over my body.

Then something entered me. It must be Brian. It hurt a little but then it started to feel very good. Soon I was in heaven. I had never felt so in my life. Then he stopped but the tickling sensation continued. Suddenly waves of pleasured rolled through my body. I grunted and panted. It did not stop, but then I must have passed out because the next thing I experienced was that Paula was in front of me. I was still wearing the hood, but she had removed the blindfold. She padded me on my head, but then she moved behind me.

I shocked when I felt a lash from a whip. What was she doing? Then something else was put inside me and it started to shake. I received three more lashes and somehow it started to feel nice once again although it was mixed with pain. But then I was shocked once more when I felt someone licking at my private parts.

It was almost too much. Then pace of the thing going in and out of me went up. Then the waves of pleasure went over me again. I cried from lust.

I continued to sob after they had released me. Paula was concerned. “Did we go too far?”

“No. Paula. But these last months had been one new experience after another. All those things in life, I took for granted – all my values – has been altered. What you did for me today, was something which I forever will be grateful for, but it is just too much. I need time to think.”

“OK. I will put you on a cart going to the motel tomorrow for supplies. It will be hard, but also a kind of preparation for you, so you can share your experience with later group therapy session.”

“Share it??”

“Yes. That is mandatory. But that is enough for now. Let me free you so you can shower.”

Forbidden feelings

Four weeks had gone since my bonding with Brian. The daily routine never changed. I longed for yet another encounter with Brian, but I knew that I had to earn it.

One day the head master came with a note from Paula. It stated that she had graduated and she wished me good luck. I did not know and that is how it is. Only the graduates and those students which perform at the graduation ceremony know who is graduating. That is a security precaution which should prevent former graduates from bonding. The head master did of course not know what Paula had told me, but still I felt alone and abandoned. From the very start I had been so lucky to have two good mentors. Both Susan and Paula had meant so much for me.

I found a quiet place where I sat down and cried. I must have sobbed there for almost a half hour before the head master passed by accident.

“Why are you crying? It is not suitable for a level three student. You should be a positive role model for the new students - not a cry-baby. Snap out of it or you risk dropping to level two.”

I cleaned my tears away. He continued to look at me for a while - then he spoke. “I think you need a positive experience just now. You are so close to level four that you should smell it. Let me help you. Report to the guard at the stable and ask for a special felt trip.”

When I went to the stable I found the guard waiting for me. “Need extra motivation?” He had an odd smile on. He guided me into the bath room, where I was issued an arm binder and a blindfold.

For a moment I stood in darkness - then I felt it. Someone inserted a butt-plug. No big deal, it must be the tail. However, something was inserted in my love channel. It was lubricated but I was not wet so it hurt a little. Then the blindfold was removed. Brian was there too, they must have called him. We were followed to a cart where the guard fastened our harnesses to the cart. Of course we had both blinkers and bit gag inserted.

Then we were off for a long ride. Our pace was steady. Running with both holes filled was odd. It gave me a kind of sensation. The guard did not seem to be busy. Suddenly, I felt the things inside me vibrating. I turned my head and observed that Brian also was experience something. We slowed down and was rewarded a lash from the guard’s whip. “Don’t slow down! I have a remote control. I control the vibrators.”

We continued to run. I panted because my body was teased by the vibrators. It did become wet down there. Brian’s breathing sounded troubled. I turned my head and discovered that he penis had become rigid. But I was not allowed to enjoy the sight. A lash hit my behind. “Don’t turn your head.”

However, the sensation increased and I had difficulties to maintain the pace. I was rewarded with lashes numerous times. Brian had his own difficulties. Suddenly I heard a grunt and I saw that semen dropped down on the ground while he continued to run.

I felt the sensation built up in my back. My vision blurred a little. Then waves of passion ran through my body. I had to stop. I could not breathe. The guard gave me one lash after another and I forced myself to walk. Oh. I was so sensitive down there. The pleasure was succeeded by pain. Our pace increased. After 15 minutes of running my body began to be filled with lust once more. I was trying to catch enough air in order to maintain our speed.

Suddenly he pulled the reins and we came to a stop. The vibrators were stopped. It was a time for water. Brian was exhausted. “Please stop. I can not go any further.” The guard did not reply but kept giving us water. The gags went in once again. He had a surprise for us. First he gave Brian a ball stretcher on. Then he connected some weights to the rings on Brian’s Breast.

It was my turn. I closed my eye. I knew what to come. It was time for the nipple clamps. I bit hard on the gag, so I managed to avoid screaming from the pain. However, tears running down my face betrayed me. “Are you trying to be brave? Open you eyes and look at me. You are doing so fine!”

He got back to the cart and we took off once more.

We hadn’t run for more than 1 mile before I was overpowered by lust once more. The pain from my nipples, the sensation from the vibrators was almost too much. I panted and grunted whenever we had to pull extraordinarily. Once again my vision blurred and the guard tried to push me by giving me several lashes. I lost track of time. It was as I somehow disconnected from my body. My running was automatically, but my mind was not at it.

Brian was also suffering. I got a glimpse of his face and I saw he was in pain. Luckily we were approaching the campus. I saw the main building at a distance but I can not remember that we passed the gate. I woke in a haystack inside a box where I found myself covered with sweat. The vibrators were gone and I had got a butt plug inserted in my behind, my legs were covered with dried up fluid and I had to stagger in the bath room to a get shower.

That very day I was pushed to my limits. They had taught me that I could go further that I found possible, if I just allowed myself. Yes, of course I was still sad that both Paula and Susan were gone, but I have found out that I was not dependent of them. I could stand on my own feet.

The final leg

The next morning the head master informed me that I was on Level four. I worked almost full time as a junior staff member but of course also a lot of my time was devoted to my academic. It was a kind of deja vu for me.

Almost every one of them showed the fear of the unknown. The shock of breaking the very first rule, they ever learned from their parent, who is: “Never walk with a stranger”. A rule-breaking ordered by the parents. It was a kind betrayal done by their parents toward them. That feeling is a great concern by us, because any progress in the program can only take place, when they either overcome it or accept it. Not all children can understand that they had a problem to fix. I didn’t.

The eyes of the staff always rested on me. Some of the students made me feel sorry for them, but I knew that they were here for my own good. I told myself to be firm and follow the rules to the letter. At the same time I remembered the sympathy Susan received me with. It was a fine balance between applying the structured environment on them and not cause nervous breakdown. All the school wanted was to help the parents to bring up children that used their potential to the fullest.

Brian was one of those underachievers. He was a taker rather that a giver at the program. It was so difficult for me use the whip on him, but I had to. I loved him and it hurt me to see, that he slipped back into self pity about missing out on parties and his former life back home. I knew that my time here at the campus would come to an end soon, so I asked the head master if he could perform at my graduation. The head master knew about Brian’s problem and allowed me to train him but warned me not to hurt him seriously. He that Brian’s problem would be hard to solve and had his doubt about me training him after I personally had pierced him. I assured him that I cared for Brian and there was not any kind of grudge between us.

So I had Brian taken for to the gym for dance lessons. Lorna had been a good teacher for me and I remembered her pedagogical way of teaching.

Brian entered with a face which showed a lot of pain. When I asked him why he had such a look in his face, he complained about his corset and the lacing. “I can not breathe. It is unbearable.”

“You have to adjust. Life is about adjusting to new conditions. You are simply not ready for any kind of change and that is a very important characteristic to possess if you want to move on in society. It is my graduation you are training for and you can only think about yourselves. You are a taker. You want and want. You don’t give anything back. Now DANCE!”

I gave him a lash with the bullwhip which struck him in his lower stomach. He sank to his knees. “Please stop. It hurt so much.”

“I struck you on your corset. It is made of leather with steel bones. There will no lasting scars - Up on your feet again!”

He raised himself up. It was difficult because he still had cuffs on because he was such a difficult student, but he managed. We trained for an hour before he took him to the walker. After lunch we continued our training.

It was after a one of those long days with mixed training and exercise, that he stole a chance to give me a kiss. I blushed. “Well. Brian. We can not have that. You know that being together is strictly forbidden unless it is done very controlled.” I gave him a lash with my whip but that only made him smile.

Oh. He was so cunning. Once again he had chosen the easy road. I went to the head master who praised me for coming to him. Most of the campus was covered with surveillance cameras and they had observed his kiss and I would have been up for punishment if I hadn’t reported it. I properly have been dropped a level or two. Instead they allowed him to find a suitable punishment for Brian.

The next day Brian arrived at the lacing room where I waited with some of the guards. After he was hoisted, I took charge and began to tug at the laced with a guard.

Soon the well-known rhythm of the student grunting whenever we tugged was heard. When we were finished we got him down to 18.5 inches. We lowered him He was panting and was only able to walk very slowly. I was not finished yet. He had to make an impression to my family because they would be present to my graduation. So we gave him a matching posture collar on. In fact it was a kind of head harness. It had straps going around his head so he had to look straight out.

Then it was off to training. I kept a strict regime with him. Brian was one of those males that had to be controlled for their own good. It took me a week to get a useful result with him. His buttocks were covered with red stripes so we had to wait a second week before he could be showed to the public.

He had been silenced towards me since he got the new corset on. On the last day before I left the campus in preparation for the graduation, he finally spoke to me again. “Before you go, I just want to say that I don’t hold any grudge against you. I don’t agree with your decisions, but I accept them and would love to see you when we return home, if our parent’s allows it.”

I could only nod. I knew that I had made a difference with him. He stating that he will seek his and my parent’s permission showed me that he was on the road to become a better person.


Graduation takes place outside the campus. A few days before we are moved to small cabin where we are given time to write our graduation speech and try out gowns and suits for the male part.

I got a beautiful blue gown. My stay at the campus and long-term wearing a corset had given me a slim waist of 17 inches. Although we had corsets underneath, it was odd not being in a uniform. The hall had been prepared and we were lead in and placed beside the podium. I saw my parents sitting at a table and wave to them. Our head master came on stage and spoke to us about dignity, self-confidence and how we have been worked on an entire new outlook on us selves.

It became the dancers turn to come on stage. Brian performed so beautiful. My eyes caught tears. It was so emotional. When they were done, the dancers were hooded so they did not observe the secret part of the graduation ceremony.

Then it was our turn. I was first. I came on stage and took the word.

“When I first arrived here, it was with a mixed feeling of fear and anger. I was in denial and could not recognise the reasons for my parents sending me here. I was on a negative path towards isolation and low self-esteem. I took my life back home and my parents for granted. The program stripped me of my old defence, attitude and facade. Here in the program I found myself. I have worked and now I know that I have to hold myself accountable for my new goals and behaviours. I would like to thank my parents for sending me here and of course also the school for adding towards my healing.”

My father entered the stage and a guard rolled a bench on the podium. The headmaster took the word.

“Based on the century-old tradition of Taoist Dong Lung Gong, your father will give you a spanking for good luck in the future. One lash per year of age is given. Please take place on the bench.”

I was a little nervous but I could see that my father was also sweating. It was a twist neither of us had reckoned in. The guard cuffed me to the bench strapped me down. My gown was lifted so everyone in the hall could see my underwear. I blushed. The guard offered me a bit gag and I took it. They gave my father a sign to start. The first lash was very light, which cause the headmaster to tell my father that it would give me both good luck in the future and a symbolic kick into adulthood. So he started over again.

“One!” I was a shock. I moaned but tried not to scream. The head master whispered to my daddy. “It was good. Try not to hit her twice at the same place.”

“Two!” “Three!” “Four!” I received a firm spanking. It hurt, but it was also a kind of relief. I had so much grief hidden inside me. I missed my family, my home, my old school. Now every lash brought me closer to my departure from the school.

“Fourteen! Fifteen! Sixteen!” I sobbed and my behind hurt so much. My father was panting. It had been hart on him too. While I was released the headmaster called my mother on stage. We were standing toward each other, when the headmaster urged us to hug each other. “A lost child has returned. Please welcome your daughter into your family.” We all hugged and cried. Then we left for our table.

The other graduates went through the same procedure. When they all had been finished, the dancers were freed and performed yet another act. Then we ate and celebrated until midnight where we were picked up by busses. My parents had booked a room for me at the motel and I feel asleep almost at once.

The next morning my father showed me that he had bought some of the corsets I had worn. I knew it. I had to care of our lawn back home. I did not mind it, because I had learned that I - in order to live on my own at some point - would have to take on even more chores back home. I had matured. I was ready to go to college and even universities. We left Jamaica that evening.

You may ask me what became of Brian. Just after they had performed the last act, I kissed him before he had to go back. I promised that I would wait for him.


It had been 5 years since I left Meditation Inlet. Brian is here with me and we are living together. We got married a month ago. Brian graduated 3 months after me. I was allowed to go to his graduation ceremony and his father even gave me permission to give him a lash with the whip. We got to dance and even spent the night in the motel together. Of course without sex but our parents arranged for us to live together in my parent’s basement as any other couple.

Some will think that is kind of odd, but the only thing that had made our neighbours wonder is the weekly moving of the lawn. Every second week it is me that have pull the lawn mover in full harness, blinkers and bit gag. Brian guides me with the reins and of course I also earn a lash or two if I am naughty.

Next week it is his turn to be harnessed and I get a chance to use the whip.

Another side-effect from my stay is that I have to use a corset all time. My back hurts if I try to go without. Brian also uses a corset when he is working.

In the start I had difficulties bonding with people, but Paula visited us and gave me therapy. I am also in touch with Susan.

Some have asked me if I hold a grudge against my parents for sending me there. I will come to that. You have all read about the children returning home from a program saying that it had saved their lives. I used to think so in the start, but Paula’s therapy made me overcome it. Today I think that would have done as good as I did without the stay in the program. There is just one thing I couldn’t have done as good without the program. I control Brian. It turns him on to be harnessed and cuffed by me.

Unfortunately my parents got hurt in a traffic accident, so I have to send them to a nursing room. Where did I put the brochure? Oh, here it is “Abu Ghraib nursing home” – seems like a nice place.