Banished 3

by Jensen Denmark
- as edited by SirJeff
- do not use without the author's permission.

Synopsis: As about 100.000 youngsters every year from the states, Debbie is sent to a behaviour modification facility by her parents in order to adjust her way of life. This is her story.

Earning the tail

One morning, when I was chatting through the knot with Judith, Susan entered the box looking rather official and she had an announcement: “Today you will be tested and if you pass the test your parents will come for a visit unannounced. Also you will earn your tail, so do you best.”

After I was prepared I was followed out of the stable. For some reason they did not made me wear a gag. In front of my stood a small a single seat cart.

The boy came around with a heavy leather harness which they dressed me in. I had been barefooted all time since she entered the school because it was a safety precaution against runaways. Now the boy fitted me with long leather boots. They looked kind of strange and when I took some steps, I saw that they made horseshoe shaped prints in the sand.

The final touch was a white leather hood with openings for my eyes and mouth. In the top long strips of leather was hanging down, making my head look like a kind of artificial tale mounted up there. Blinkers came on and last but not least the mandatory bit gag was shovelled in. Reins were connected to the bit. I was ready to go.

Susan took seat in the Cart and I started to walk. After several weeks on bare feet, I had some difficulties to walk in boots. However, I adjusted and after an hour it felt as I had used such boot all my life. Of course, Susan motivated me a little with the whip, but I was by nature a quick learner.

Soon Susan guided the cart to the main gate and for the first time since I entered the facility, I left the campus. We took a small gravel road after a half hour we came to a field. Susan stopped for a break. She had a of bottle water which she held in order for me to drink after the bit were removed. Due to the blinkers, I hadn’t notice much of the surroundings and when I looked about, I noticed a lot of students with pickaxes and rakes weeding the fields.

“I did not know that students were allowed outside the campus.”

“You are mistaken. Level 3 and 4 have chores in the field. Lower levels have a flight risk, so they are kept inside the campus. As a student on higher levels there are simply too much at stake, so there are no idea in trying to escape. Where should you go? This is Jamaica, if you hadn’t notice. You will end up dead or raped.”

“Jamaica?” I thought that is a remote part of Florida. I had no idea that I was abroad. (Yes, I was naïve, but I am an American and we are not taught of the world outside the States.)

“Yes. I had to admit, that I had you under suspicion of planning an escape. So I decided that I better had to disclose where you are before you do something stupid.”

I began to cry. It was my only chance of getting my self out of here, she smashed.

She hugged me and padded me. “Oh. Debbie. I know it is hard, but you could so much worse off. There are other boarding schools for so-called troubled kids and your home could have been a cement floor for months or a dog cage. Here you at least get to study normal books and not some odd bible stuff. You have not lost your chance of an education like most other kids in these facilities.”

“But I miss my home.”

“You are already on level two. Just two more levels and you can graduate. Come on! Pull your self together and start your work by earning your tail.” She inserted the gag again.

The trip continued and Susan ordered the pace up. I panted and I had difficulties to meet the demands Susan had put on me. When we could see the school, Susan yelled to me. “When you reach the white line painted on the road sprint as you had never done before.”

They passed the white line and I ran as fast as I could. I could only take so little air into my lunges due to the corset so I panted and experienced shortness of breath. I was on verge of passing out, when we reached the gate. The boy stood there with a stopwatch and he nodded to Susan. I sank onto my knees having lost my breath.

The boy came to me. “Congratulation: You have earned your tail.”

10 minutes after, I had recovered and we went to the stable were I was freed from the cart. Still wearing all the equipment, they took me into the bathroom, where two guards came over and held me tight. Susan removed the butt plug. “Now it is time for your tail. Bite hard on the gag, if it hurts.”

I felt the pain in my sphincter. I tried to twist myself loose, but it was of no use. The pain continued. It was almost unbearable. Were they going to cut me open? Suddenly it slipped inside me. It was very uncomfortable. The guards release me and Susan took me over a large mirror. I could not believe my eyes.

It was a horsetail mounted on a butt plug.

“Yes. It looks odd and it properly feels a little odd. Every morning until graduation when you are not working in school, the tail will go in and it will stay there until you return from the fields. It will come out when you go to sleep. You should be proud. Pulling a plough is a job which brings food to the school. Now you have an hour in the walker. Because you have been pushed to hard today, your body needs to calm down, before you shower, eat and goes to sleep.”

That evening I talked to Judith about me realising that I would not get out early. I resented my parents by sending me here. I was bitter. Judith tried to calm me down. “You will end up in O.P.”.

“But why did they hate me so much that they wanted to lock me up?”

“Often parents have so much going on in life and it is a two-income society so they can not create a surplus so they can connect to their own family. Out of pure kindness they instead removed threat ahead of the child’s path so it wouldn’t face them and the parents would have to debate and mentor them in overcome the obstacles. Such parents are called curling parents because they sweep obstacles away from the child.”

“Now that you mention it I have always been very much alone at my house outside school. Whenever I mentioned sport or other leisure-time activities they have had put the subject out until I gave up.”

“There you see. But eventually a child grows up and will face adult challenges like relationship, alcohol and drugs. If the child is proper raised and dressed to face obstacles, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But some parents stick to the track of sweeping problems away and would take extreme precautions and lock their child up. They would do so because they love their child.”

“They have sent me here because they love me?”


“It’s sick!”

“Yes, we are all humans. I am tired. We can talk in the morning.”

Patricia and Joe

“Debbie – Wake up”

It was Susan. As I left the box, I stood ready to be harnessed.

But Susan took my hand. “Not today. You are going to see something extraordinary.”

We went to the other end of the stable. As we walked Susan started to talk. “Remember Patricia from Group therapy? There has been some development in the case. Their parents had been in business for years and they have decided that Patricia and Joe must settle their disagreements and try to make up so they can end up being a couple in some years when they become adults.”

I was shocked. Joe had raped poor Patricia. Not in a million years would I accept a guy back that have molested me and crossed my boundaries. “How can they make up, when Joe has done such a horrible thing?”

“You will see. By the way - Have you actually seen an intercourse before?”

“No.” Why did she ask me such an indecent question?

When we arrived, I saw an astonish sight. Joe has been tied up on a trestle. He was hooded and the rest of him was naked. The boy, which always seemed to be around the stable came with an odd-looking kind of pillow. When he did unwrap it and placed it on Joe, I saw that it was a kind of protection-device. It framed his buttocks and protected the kidney area on his back. Patricia walked around and talked to herself in an attempt to gain self-confidence.

Susan went over to her and talked quietly. She padded Patricia on her shoulder and handed her a whip. It was a cat-o'-nine-tails.

Patricia moved into position. After a moment of quietness she threw the first lash. It struck Joe on his left buttock. His body shocked. Murmur came from inside the hood. He turned his head as he trying to say no. It was obvious that he was in pain.

The second lash came. His body tensed up. I moved closer to him. The hood was an isolation hood. As the third lash hit him I was sure that I heard a suppressed scream. I moved around him and stood only a meter from him. His buttocks were in fact shaking. The fourth lash hit him. His buttocks were reddish. Oh – she sure must hate him.

The fifth lash struck him. Then I noticed something that surprised me. Actually I had never seen a penis live before. I was a single child and of course I have seen pictures in school books. But his was the first that I saw live. And it became erect. The sixth lash hit him and I noticed that it looked moistly.

“Stop - It is enough.” Susan interrupted. Patricia looked exhausted. But it was not over. The boy freed Joe’s legs and gave him a pair of latex trousers on. It had a shed to the penis and after some problems with the fitting he was ready.

One of the guards guided Patricia over to a gynaecologist chair and she was strapped down on her back. Susan gave me a strange device. “It is a vibrator. I will show you how to use it. Here at school the policy is strictly Victorian age, as for sex. Before 1920 it was common for women to go to a doctor and get a cure from an illness which was formerly known as hysteria – now as sexual dissatisfaction. The doctors used a vibrator on certain parts of the patients so the women in order to fix the problem. Before we fulfil the wishes of their parents and bond them, we must make Patricia overcome the mental block caused by the rape. Let me show you how to use the device.”

Susan put a similar isolation hood on Patricia. It had a built in gag ball. Patricia was nervous. Although she couldn’t talk, her eyes told me that. I will never forget those pleading eyes when I buckled the blindfold on.

We started the work and I soon learned how sensitive certain areas of a woman’s body are. Suppressed moaning sounds came from within the hood. I had to be careful because as Susan told me, pressing the vibrator to hard against her would cause pain instead of pleasure. Something I did do right, because her body became covered with sweat.

She was beginning to shake a little when Susan motioned for the guard to come with Joe. They had cuffed his hands on his back. However there was a little problem. His penis was not erect anymore. Susan knew how to fix it. “Debbie. Let me handle the vibrator and kneel.”

I did as I was told and the guards were there at once sliding an arm binder over my arms. They moved Joe in front of me so his latex covered penis was just on level with my mouth. “Lick it!”

“But I can’t. It is disgusting.”

“You can. Lick it. For good sake - Pull your self together. You wouldn’t be at danger. You are almost 19. Several countries have set the age of consent to 18. The school has promised your parents two things: 1) You will have no psychical contact with a male. 2) You will learn how to be a good, decent and obedient wife. The service, you will provide is expected by every normal wife.”


“No but. Or you will drop a level or even end up in O.P.”

I took the latex covered penis in my mouth. It was difficult because I had no use of my arms. I licked and sucked the best I could. It tasted awful. But it worked and soon it became hard against. I could fell the warm from inside.

“Stop now. See – that wasn’t so bad.”

The guard helped me up again and the other guided Joe close to Patricia. Susan moved the stirrups so her private parts was totally exposed and helped his penis inside her. He started to work on her. Patricia moaned quietly inside the hood. I could see that Joe was excited. He was sweating and panting. It did take long a grunt came from Joe. “Debbie: See, there he came. It is called Le Petit Mort or the little death. He is in heaven. However, we must work a little more on Patricia. Often men come quicker than women.”

The guards made me kneel at her wet love-channel and Susan ordered me to lick. It did not taste so bad. It was bearable. Patricia body began to shake and the moaning sounds from inside the hood became louder. Susan asked me to stop. “She is experiencing an orgasm right now.” Patricia’s body went limp. “She passed out from pleasure.”

That evening I spoke to Judith. I was confused. I was sent here because my parents were afraid of me having a sexual relationship. Now I have seen more genitals and had been closer to a sexual act that I have been before in my life. Then Judith told me about an organisation her uncle became a part of. His parents did suspect him of drug use, which were totally without cause. The uncle was to emotional abused that he in fact became a drug user after having her about other users experience during group therapy sessions. It is normal that repeated false accusations results in the exact that kind of behaviour which all wants to avoid.

She suddenly said something, which made me think. “What if their actions had nothing to do with you being disobedient? What is they had realised that you in fact was too naive and too vulnerable to the adult world.”

“I don’t know. I am too confused.” She had upset me. I told her that I was tired and want to sleep. However, I turned and twisted in the hay. It took forever before I went to sleep.

Mom and Dad

Weeks passed and every day looked by the other. Five days a week I worked as a pony girl and two days I spent at the school working alone in order to catch up with school work. It was hard doing five days work in just two days, but I managed. After all I studied up 12-14 hours per day instead of 5-8 hours per day.

Those days I worked as a pony girl also were the same. After the painful routine of inserting the tail, I spent the morning at the walker. Afternoon I worked in the fields. I hated to pull the plough. I was very hard because our boots were not intended to the soft ground and we were often only two horses per plough. It was much better to be a part of a team pulling a carriage or a cart transporting guards or teachers.

I didn’t see Susan very often. She was about to graduate. One day a guard took me to a two-seater cart. Normally it was normal that there were a least one horse per passenger, so I found a little odd, but I had been a hard week so I did not think a lot about it.

We rode for a while a stopped in the front of a small motel. The guard came over a closed my blinkers. They normally did that when we stopped outside the school and the field so we should not encourage other people to talk to us by catching their eyes.

So I waited in darkness until I suddenly heard familiar voices. The blinkers were opened and my parents stood in front of me. I started to cry. They hugged me. Of course I had a lot to talk with them about, but still I had the bit gag in the mouth.

“Honey - We are going for a ride. Then we can talk undisturbed.”

They placed themselves in the cart and we took off. After a while we came to a small glade. They freed me from the cart and took the gag out.

“Mom! Pop! Oh, I am so glad to see you. I have missed you.”

“We too - Pumpkin. There has not been a single day, we didn’t think about you. Numerous times, we had doubt about sending you here, but the weekly calls about your progress had calmed us down.”

“It had been hard!”

“Yes, we knew that it was not going to be easy. But we had to save you from doing something that would have put you in danger. We decided to save you from yourself.”

“From what? What was I about to do that could endanger my life?”

“My Dear. Since you were a little girl, we had encouraged you to work hard in school. You were and still are very good. The world stood open for you. But it had a price. You were isolating yourself. Not that it was a problem. If you stuck to your course a place at Yale or Harvard would be in reach. Then suddenly, you became interested in boys. It was an undiscovered land for you.”

“But I was not going to have sex with him or something like that.”

“You think so and that is because you are both young and naïve. I as your father know boys always want.”

“Brian was not so.”

“We have new about Brian, but that has to wait. We could not just stand and wait for you to throw your life away so we decided to send you some place where you were protected from the dangers. We had studied a lot of different places before we decided on this one. It could solve another problem for our household too.”

“The lawn?”

“The lawn! It is big and petrol costs.”

I sat down and cried. How could they be so uncomprehending and insensitive? My mother sat down beside me and comforted you. “It is for your own best and deep inside you know it.”

I tried to pull me together. “Why have you chosen a school where I see people practicing sex? Look at my butt! See what they have done!” I held up my tail.

Father coughed slightly. “That part with the small print, I did not read. I hope it doesn’t hurt. We knew that the horsemanship program meant that you would pull the cart. Later at parents seminars we discovered the tail part and the risk of piercing or nose-ring. Fortunately, you were spared for the last ones. However, we don’t regret our choice of school. You are not falling behind your academic, which is almost always the case at other Therapeutic Boarding Schools. They don’t use violence or make your lie on your flat stomach all day long. The program makes you fit. You have lost weight.”

“It is this evil corset.”

“Not all of it. Keeping you away from the temptations was the best choice we could make. Period! Let’s stop the fight. You are not going to change our mind by any kind of manipulation. We have after all attended seminars held by the school in order to make us better parents. By the way: Your future husband will be proud of that waistline.”

I walked around a little. They acted almost brainwashed fully convinced that they had saved my life.

“I have prepared food for us.” It was mom. She had brought a picnic basket along and we sat down and had lunch. Still I was confused. My mind was racing like hell. “How do I get home again?”

“That is what we wanted to talk with you about. You are on level two now. Soon you will be at level three and you will start to train students at lower levels. That takes us back to Brian. We have been talking with his parents. Some time ago they suddenly phoned. He had not been home for some time and they thought that he was over at our place because they knew about your relationship. Of course, he wasn’t and it turned out that he was getting drunk at some bar and hanging out among some friends. We went and talked to his parents when he returned home and talked with the boy. He seems to be a nice person and if you both in the future meet in a controlled environment, we wouldn’t resist against it.”

“I did not really have a chance to know him before you made it impossible.”

“We have figured that out and therefore we will offer you a second chance to bond with him before you graduate and return home.”

“Will you send him here?”

“In fact, he will arrive in two weeks. When you return to the campus from this drive, you are on level three. We have talked with his parents and this school seems to be an excellent cure for his alcoholism. They have agreed that it is a good idea that you get to know him well. I didn’t know before, but I do business with his father. In fact, his company is an important customer to my firm and we play golf together. If you end up liking each other, my firm will benefit.”

From my talks with Susan I knew that level three will be so much better than level two. And Brian here – a part of me was scared – but I looked forward to see him again.

After a little rest, they put the harness and gag on again and I took them to the campus, where Susan received us. “Congratulation Debbie – I can see on the look of your parents that the family visit went well and that means that you now are on level three.”

To be continued...