by J Lewis
- do not use without the author's permission.

Synopsis: A tale of bondage, submission, voyerism, bdsm, etc,etc,etc.

Somewhere on the West Coast, then again, maybe its the East Coast, theres an obscure talent agency specializing in the Fetish field.  Signing young, naive female talent, molding them to the point of abusing them, theyre good at what they do and reap the benefits.

Chapter One: The New Girl is Introduced to the Company

Stepping in, allowing the door to lock behind him as it swings shut, he walks over to the studios darkened area toward the rear corner of the talent agencys home office.  Spreading the curtain covering the two way mirror as he adjusts the volume control leading from the acoustically designed room, he smiles to himself, more then pleased as he surveys his latest acquirement going through her preliminary training exercise in the intentionally stark cubicle set up with the latest inconspicuous video/audio equipment.

Positioned in front of a full length yellow curtain draping the back wall, shes practically naked with a black horse bit between her yawning lips forcing a fixed smile, an odd appearing smile.  Her youthful body glistening from head to toe beneath a glaring light centered above her as she labors with her ongoing routine, the grunts echo through the speakers above the background cadence as she contorts to her instructions.  Barely leaving the floors surface from the balls of her spread feet every few seconds, her globular breasts springing, swaying, bouncing upwards only to flatten back down across her thrust out chest beneath the stretching pony-girl style regalia of silver O ring buckles and narrow black leather straps crisscrossing her nude form, shes obviously straining to jump up and down in a cumbersome series of a modified version of jumping jacks, up and down, up and down with her arms bent at the elbows above and behind her head, her fists clenching behind her neck, both wrists shackled beneath her disheveled hair to the fetish gears matching choker collar.

Glancing further inward and over toward the side of the specially modified cubicle, his assistant Melinda sitting on a tall stool, legs crossed, pad in her hand resting on a knee, from the expression on her face its obvious shes into conducting the exercise, enjoying mentoring their fresh, new girl as she barks the cadence out loud and clear to her.  Kind of surprised shes not naked herself, wearing whats for her is just a mundane outfit of a dark woolen low cut sweater and black leather skirt above her knee length boots matching her black horn rimmed glasses, he again focuses back on the struggling girl as he reaches out, hits the red button illuminating the signal on the inside wall.

Continued grunts emitting from the glistening cinch bit, the woman childs contorting breasts tangling with the encircling straps leaving discoloring crimson streaks beneath the curvatures of those pendulous mounds for one so young, its obvious shes more then just uncomfortable as the bottom pair of the outfits shinny new stiff leather straps framing the folds of her labium appear to be chafing that sensitive flesh between her bare thighs as her pubic mound glistens, either freshly shaven or even possibly waxed, being so smooth.

Damn, he cant help thinking to himself how shes even more then hed imagined when she walked into his studio the very first time just the other day, a good looking big tittied kid, but a kid just the same he thought then.  But, now seeing her in there naked, that crisp new leather harness taut anywhere you look on a body to kill for, he can only imagine what the future holds for how they can use her.

Seventy-nine Eighty Stop, stop for now and maintain that pose, and keep your feet spread while you take a short rest And keep those shoulders back, too Further!   Melinda instructs in an almost scolding tone as she notices the red blinking light, stands while slipping the glasses further down across the bridge of her nose.  It seems hes finally arrived and hes monitoring you right at this moment Ill just be a couple minutes or so, you should make good use of em before we continue.

Melindas voice coming over louder, more pronounced with the last couple orders, finally, just the girls rasping breath breaks the silence over the speaker as obviously nervous, even appearing frustrated, she exhaustingly obeys while her eyes turn toward the mirrored wall, raises toward the red light flashing above it.  Her legs noticeably quivering as she inhales, exhales, arching her shoulders further back as ordered, her heaving breasts stretch outwards and apart between the taut, encircling straps as they glisten in the glare of the heated lamp.

While awaiting Melinda, he continues watching almost mesmerized through the mirror at the semi-shackled girl.  Stunningly gorgeous to him in her erotic state, her dark eyes appearing hazed beneath her disheveled auburn hair as shes virtually squinting through the beads of perspiration, her feet pointing somewhat apart, her pert nose practically flails between the large gleaming silver O rings on either sides of her cheeks gripping the black leather horse cinch thats clenched so tightly between her teeth.   Yet, those almost too perfect to be natural tanned breasts of hers standing so upright still remain the epicenter of his attention.  Large, yet firm and almost symmetrical mounds with silver dollar sized areolas just a shade or so darker spread flat and high, the nubs of her perfectly centered nipples beading with the dampness gleaming from her intentionally exhaustive workout, he follows the enticing mounds slowly rising, lowering above the erratic hollowing beneath the arch of her protruding ribcage before he slowly scans further down her nude, evenly bronzed form.  Her sternum shimmering, the dimpled curvature of her belly button collecting her moistness, the gentle slope of her pubic areas partially concealed beneath the straps scraping between her inner thighs forcing the naturally spread slit to breach even wider.  The exposed nub of her clit visible, appearing puffy if not swollen between the compressed folds of her labium; her thighs quiver in gentle spasms, separating above her spreading knees.

The insulated door dividing the rooms swinging abruptly open, he regains his awareness, glances toward Melinda stepping through and shutting it behind her.  As she approaches him she too glances back through the mirror while letting a hand slip across the glass surface.  Taking in the view, she grips his hand in her free one.

Ive been working her pretty hard for the last couple hours Shell have sore tits for a week the way theyve been flapping around.   Melinda grins as she senses his fingers tightening around hers.  Damn She does look good in that skimpy leather outfit you wanted her in, doesnt she?... All hot and sweaty And boy is she nervous, confused as hell Doesnt know what to expect from me next, squat thrusts, sit-ups, push-ups Now to really work those tits, shes well into doing a hundred jumping jacks.

Ive told you Men sweat, women glisten.   He smirks, shaking his head as his eyes remain peering through the glass.  Anyway, nothing quite like a young girl like her, a kid in a womans body, sexy as hell And what a rack for that slender frame Damn, even bigger then I imagined.    He continues as he watches her through the glass.  Yea, tight ass, slender waist and big tits She must feel like she carries around a pair of grapefruits all the time.   Another squeeze of Melindas hand, nodding, he rasps.  Sorry Im a little late She been following your instructions okay, huh?... She having second thoughts, at all?

Shes been kinda struggling, not too happy with what Im kinda forcing her to do.   Melinda answers.  Cant say much with that bit in her mouth though, but she sure gives out some agitated groans and moans, youll see it all when we edit the videos The outtakes will really make great teasers for our clientele And believe me; well be rolling in the profits with this girl for a long time if everything goes as I know it will And best of all, Im certain shell just make a perfect submissive, full fledged sub for us on top of everything else.

Maybe she should have examined her contract a little closer then, huh?   He grins, thinking of how excited she was when he told her he just might give her a try when she showed up wide eyed at the agency with an add in hand and a couple unbuttoned buttons on her skin tight blouse.

Maybe she shouldnt have agreed so enthusiastically to contribute to our fetish portfolios, agree to our training without really going over the fine print.   Melinda smiles.  Then again, Ive got her pretty well under control, shell submit to far more then she realizes at the moment Yea, shell learn.   Melinda continues as they both continue to gaze through the dark glass at their young prot g , her body shimmering beneath the intentionally hot lights.

Then you think shell break in Submit quickly to do even more then the contract shes signed to do standard light bondage, sexual penetration with condoms, all the usual mundane stuff thats been beaten to death in the industry, pardon the pun.

Oh, absolutely Shell accept some serious discipline; I can just about guarantee it Just give me a little more time with her, I can feel it.   She smiles.  Yea, maybe its about time to abuse her a little more then she thinks shes signed up for Let her get a sense of the normal obligatory pain at first, and then go from there Maybe work those tits a little harder shes so proud of to start with Those nipples are just begging for attention with some nice serrated clover clamps Maybe her clit

Wow! On her first session?   He retorts with an obviously doubtful shake of his head.  Think you should really be pushing it?... Shell go for it so soon?

Hey Take a closer look at that tight little cunt down there beneath those wet straps between those thighs Her slits already moist, and not just from sweating.   She retorts with a grin.  Excuse me, I mean perspiring Shes obviously a she.

Really?   He nods, reflexively focusing between her glistening legs.  So you think she could be a natural Maybe, just maybe already with a serious kinky side huh?... And to think, for someone so young, naive Hot Damn!

Hey, first of all she needs our contract even more as she wants it, the money she thinks she can make.   Melinda retorts.  And remember, shes alone out here, all alone What family she has back where ever shes really from doesnt even know where shes at And, I know as well as you that shes got a fake ID with a phony date of birth   Yea, she might just be a kid but she knows her bodys what shes got going for her, and shes really, really proud of it, especially those tits and ass Believe me; she thinks they can get her anything she wants.   Their discussion continuing, she adds.  I knew that when I helped with fitting that outfit on her I could tell she actually kind of liked the looks of it even though she tried to give that obligatory shocked expression when she first saw what she was expected to wear for her initial session today Then she kinda got off actually while I was fastening it up on her, adjusting the straps, buckling them across her naked body even after she acted confused, irritated when I told her she had to strip in front of me to strap it on, yea, I knew better.   Still glancing though the mirror as she speaks, her hand sliding across her own breast, cupping, manipulating through the sweater, her voice becomes a tad raspier as she continues.  She couldnt really hide her responses to my hands, my fingers all over her, and I mean all over Like I said, her pussys wet for more then just one reason, I just know I tell you shes actually a kinda freak, a pain slut deep down inside I just knew it from the time I felt her body trembling in a kind of anticipation by the time it came to the wrist bindings to the back of the choker.

I wondered howd that go... I mean letting you shackle

I used the contract.   She butts in as she glances toward him.  When she acted like she wanted to hesitate having her hands shackled behind her head I just told her it was part of the fetish gear she had to practice modeling in and she didnt have a choice, or she could hit the door I knew she wouldnt quit, and shes too naive to know any better.

Well then, I guess Yea   Ill go with your instincts Lets see how serious we can get tonight.   He nods back, the thoughts of whats to come even more stimulating then how damn hot she already looks out there right now.  Go ahead and push her as much as you think you can Not the real nitty gritty bondage S and M stuff though with those Japanese clamps you like so much, thatll come later when we use the proper equipment back at the estate once were really sure shes in line with what we want to do with her.   Glancing back toward the other side of the glass, he continues.  Okay then, give me a little private show   Go get her tits bouncing again like when I came in and interrupted Smack em with your hands, hurt em some; youve got long fingernails, use em on those puffy nubs Hell, try to humiliate her too; she already looks nervous as hell So, go ahead and give those nipples the attention you want, young tits like those are always resilient.

A knowing nod, a smile.  Thats better, I know you all too well I know just what you want, trust me I just might have a pleasant surprise for you before Im done with her tonight.   Her hand slipping from his, reaching up and slipping the glasses off, sliding the sweater above her head, dropping it as she slips her skirt down across her hips, the boots, no underwear, now basically naked herself she grins toward him as she shakes her short cropped hair loose.  Her thirtyish body impressive in its own right, nipples hard as rocks on perky, still firm breasts, a toned, well maintained frame, stepping back into the cubical she smiles again while tugging the door shut behind her.

Okay Jodi Ready to continue?

Her hazed stare, head barely twisting as she obviously eyes Melinda undressed, a muffled, almost confused grunt through the cinch, Jodis body noticeably quivers as she tenses in her creaking straps without uttering an answer.

I guess that means yes, huh?   Melinda smirks as she steps close but off to the side knowing Jodis exhausted as much as confused.  Reaching out, allowing her thumbnail to trace along the side of the strap wrapping around, disappearing just beneath the fold of Jodis breast, allowing a fingertip to flip up over the thrust out mound from its rounded bottom upward, to circle the darker circumference of the flatly spread areola, she allows the tip of the nail to probe into the stubby nub, to flatten it into the trembling yet firm titflesh.  Ignoring Jodis muffled grunt, a slow twist of the probing finger sinking in over a knuckle deep, another twist back and forth before allowing the nail to slip back away, she smiles while she watches the whitened indentation disappear as the nipple again protrudes outward.

Time to go to another level Maybe practice a little sadomasochism, know what that is?   Melinda smirks.  Involves some pain But then again, could be some pleasure too, if you allow it Yea, lets start right here, this firm titty Incredible how high, so symmetrical a youthful tit can be for being so prominent.   Cupping the other breast, she allows it to bounce up and down between the leather straps a couple times in her spreading fingertips as Jodi again quietly moans while barely resisting.

On the other hand   Thumbnail, forefinger pinching together as Melindas voice momentarily trails off, the nails curling menacingly inward, firmly onto the hardening nipple, she scolds in a harsher voice.  Hold still now   Dont move, and keep that tit pushed out here Its time to really see what youve got in you If youre really what were looking for and maybe, just maybe can fill our next spread for a very discerning sadomasochistic magazine with just you as the model.

Glancing back toward the mirror, a knowing smirk as she feels Jodis breast quivering, hears her sobbing grunt but still senses hardly any resistance, she slowly presses the tips of her fingernails inward, curling, pinching toward one another into the tender flesh.  A twist, a counter clockwise twist in reverse, a tighter grip and she lifts, tugs the mound outward forcing Jodi to tiptoe on the balls of her spread feet.

Thats it Thats the girl Its okay to respond to the pain Feel it, experience it You can moan, whimper, even cry if you want Itll make the spread so much more authentic and appreciated if you react properly to the situation.   She continues. But for now When I let go I want you to finish that last exercise for our guest behind the mirror I believe we reached what?...  Eighty, yea eighty, that means theres twenty more to go Now I want you to really give these titties a workout this time, really make em dance, understand?

A serious pinch before letting go, the sound of Jodis rasping grunt of pain mixed with uncertainty, the spewing of saliva from the cinch dripping off her chin, Melinda smirks as she steps off to the side, nods.  Do it Now get back to the workout before we got interrupted Bounce those tits nice and high Do it until I tell you to stop!... Now push those tits out here Ready, set Go!

Squinting as she sighs, bowing her knees while she arches her shoulders, a hesitant jump with a more noticeable grunt and her breasts briefly elongate upward, stretch between the crossing straps and O rings forming the black leather and chrome X across her chest.  Both breasts nearly touching her chin before she cranes her neck back as much as she can in the collar, the twin mounds flapping back down as her feet regain the floor, she nervously glances toward the mirror, toward the reflecting image of her naked body being humiliatingly exposed to whomevers behind the glass.  The dark nipples spreading apart, jerking together before the firm melons jiggle to a brief standstill, a second jump followed by a third, again the stiff leather scraping into her bare skin, each leap brings a grunt, the sound of titflesh smacking together, smacking across her glistening breastbone.

Her thighs already bordering on raw from the abbreviated workout being painfully aggravated along with her sore clit, she jumps again more gingerly, grunts again a little louder.  Tears tracing down her cheeks, chin forced high, the black cinch stretching the corners of her lips as her exposed brilliant white teeth gnaw into the leather, the perspiration again lathers, glistens from head to toe beneath the sizzling heat lamp above her.  Another, yet another clumsy skip as the toes of one foot remain on the floor, her breasts swaying side to side as often as bouncing, her fists clench white knuckled behind her neck, her bound wrists twisting at the secured eyelet on the back of the leather choker, the rest of the skimpy paraphernalia gleaming, concealing virtually nothing to the imagination.

Stop!... Stop it!... Stop!!!   Melindas voice harsh, scolding as she steps forward, Jodi jerking to a standstill as her breasts sway, jiggle, flatten between the straps, again only her rasping breath breaks the quiet as Melinda slowly steps back and forth from one side to the other slowly shaking her head from side to side.

Push those tits out here Now!... And spread those legs wider if you want to even have a chance of not having that contract torn up right now! Looks like youd rather be practicing for the S and M shoot.

Trembling, arching her shoulders, pushing her chest outward Jodi nervously obeys, inhales a whizzing deep breath.  Blinking through the mounting moisture from her eyes, tiptoeing on her spreading feet, she glares blurry eyed toward Melindas approaching fingernails, both hands reaching out, the thumbs and forefingers curling ominously together.

Push em out here Place em between my fingers Do it and stop thinking, just react to my instructions Just react, react girl!... Or well be done, and youre back on the street with no future.

Moaning between rasping breaths, pressing her breasts outward, feeling the straps burrowing into her aching flesh, Jodi glances downward, reluctantly aligns her spreading breasts with Melindas nails.  Hesitantly pushing forward as her fists anxiously twists behind her neck, watching the bright red painted nails slipping across both damp nipples, glancing almost pleadingly toward Melindas blank expression, she feels the hard, sharp nails encircling, pressing together.

You just dont seem to be enthused enough, Jodi You seem to need some motivation, and not just on these nipples.   Her voice still icy, her stare likewise, Melinda gives equal tweaks, twists to the nubs between her fingernails.  Actually deep down The way youve been acting I think you might want to be disciplined like a child, a little girl You probably like the feel of your titties being hurt, dont you?... Admit it, at least to yourself!   Another tug, a harsher tweak, she can sense the nipples pulsate, throb in her fingertips.  And, how bout that clit of yours?... Didnt think I forgot all about it, did you?

Her grunts muffled, both mounds stretching outward, Jodi tiptoes, arches forward.  Head slowly twisting from side to side in the chafing collar, saliva drooling off her chin, tracing across, between her contorting breasts, she reflexively twitches, jerks as the pain sears through the tortured nubs.

Yea Ive got an idea.   Melindas voice quieter, patronizing, she grins.  Yea How bout that clit hiding down there being pinched like these nipples?... See how that feels, see if thats something you want to experience.

Eyes widening, glaring downward, seeing the fingernails slipping away, her breasts springing back in their firmness, smacking together as they center to a standstill between the straps, Jodi watches the tips of the painted nails tracing beneath her sternum, sliding into the curvature of her ribcage, tracing across the bottom O ring just below her bellybutton securing the pair of straps in place before disappearing down between her raw thighs.  Drooling, shaking her head from side to side, her labium being spread, the already sore folds chafing against the edges of the pair of leather straps parting her straining legs, her moans take on the character of pleading grunts.

Wheres it at?... Now I know its down here somewhere Come out, come out wherever you are.   The voice teasing, the nails probing, flicking, Melinda searches for the nub in the moistness of the parted lips of Jodis sex even as she positions herself not to block the view from behind the mirror.  Rubbing, pressing the sensitive flesh inward with her thumb, slipping the index finger into the tight slit between the straps, squeezing, tugging, she again enjoys the feeble sounds of Jodis rasping grunts, her even more audible groans as she centers on the swollen nub.

Okay There it is!... Now, thats better.   Melinda smirks as she glances back into Jodis squinting eyes as she menacingly fingers the throbbing nub between her nails.  Wanna see how easy it is to make it bleed Ready?   Finger, thumb tightening, the smirk still on her face, she leans closer to Jodis wildly widening stare as she rasps.  Should have worked these tits with a lot more enthusiasm then you did, huh?... Maybe youll work em a little better now Then again, how bout Ill give you another chance, change up again Maybe youd rather have your tight little pussy masturbated in front of our guest Get off, rather then being hurt?... Hows that sound to you?

Eyes wide, chest pounding, finally a hesitant nod, partly confused, partly of embarrassment, even of relief, Jodi glances toward the mirror, lowers her head in acknowledgement.

Melinda smiling while craning her neck forward, cupping Jodis breast with her free hand and lifting it up and outward, sliding her tongue from between her own parted lips and twirling the tip across the dark oval surface of the areola, she allows her warm breath to flow across the moist, glistening mound as it bulges between her fingertips.  Flicking the tip of the chosen nipple back and forth, pressing inward, sensing the reflexive response of the shriveling nub Melinda also begins to gently manipulate Jodis clit with her other hand, her finger, thumb tugging, twisting ever so teasingly back and forth in miniscule strokes instead of pinches corresponding with the flicks of her curled tongue. 

Listening closely to the wall speaker, seeing Melindas naked antics, Jodis spontaneous responses through the mirror, he briefly smiles to himself as he nods an approval to his own reflection.  Jodis bare flesh glistening, beading across her other still exposed breast, narrow streaks of moisture trailing, circling beneath the thrust out melon, he admires the youthful form arching, trembling beside Melindas glistening body, firm, not as big busted as Jodis, not as boyish in the hips but still top shelf.  Knowing Melindas bisexual, again he smiles again knowing full well her thought process, her intentions and her expertise in sexually manipulating both genders.

Melindas hand probing between Jodis spreading thighs with mounting enthusiasm, precisely pinching, tugging the responding clit outward, pressing her face close to Jodis, Jodis head twitches back and forth in front of her crossed arms as she glances time and again toward the mirror through her blinking, squinting eyes.  Over the next few erotic moments turning to minutes of Melinda massaging, manipulating that glistening, contorting body while time and again whispering something into her ear, Jodis body obviously responding more and more until its in a constant state of erratic spasms, he watches Melindas free hand finally reaching up, unsnapping a side of the cinch as she turns with a smile toward the mirror.  Her other hand finally stopping stroking, masturbating Jodis clit to an obviously nearing climax, Melinda pulls the wet horse away as she rasps.  Go ahead Tell him what you want Tell him what youve been mumbling for Now!

Fu fuck me!... Oh yes!... Fuck me, please!   Jodis voice rasping through the speaker as she squints her eyes shut, tiptoes on trembling legs, tries unsuccessfully to press her knees together across Melindas fingers, her eyelids again parting, gazing hazily toward the mirror, she moans, arches forward, jerks back, arches forward again trying to ride Melindas fist, get it pumping again as she blurts out.  Fuck me Ohhhhh Please Someone in there fuck me Please Please!... Ohhhh!

Melinda smirking toward the mirror, nodding toward Jodis incredibly erotic body glistening, shuddering in short spasms in the dampening black leather straps, again redoing the cinch, she rasps.  Want to come on out here and stick that cock of yours in her? Help her finish her orgasm Thats obviously what she wants now, you heard her!   Glancing back toward Jodi, another teasing tweak of her swollen, twitching clit causing her thighs to again noticeably quiver, her knees to bow, she presses her lips across Jodis ear, whispers.  I just might want you to suck my pussy too after we let you get your orgasm, okay with that, girl?

Feeling the painful but somehow now immeasurably pleasurable pinch, succumbing to reflexive jerk after reflexive jerk of her hips as her fists clench behind her matted hair, her eyes rolling, neck craning as her naked body spasms, Jodi cant help herself from acknowledging whatever shes asked to do while again tiptoeing from foot to foot.  Yeeees! Huh hu Oh Yesssss O Okay, okay I will, I will!... Yesssss!

Thats what I thought.   Again releasing the puffy nub from between her manipulating nails, watching Jodis quivering breasts streaking with perspiration, Melinda cups her own breast, teases her own swelling nipple with a playful pinch.  Maybe Ill let you suck on my titty too, see if you can satisfy another woman with your lips and tongue as good as I can after we let you cum, huh?... Then again, maybe he wont come in and finish fucking you until you orgasm first Dont want that, do you?   A hesitation, stepping back with a grin as she slips her shimmering hands free after a final tweak, Melinda again glances toward the mirror, back toward Jodi, again toward the mirror with a smiling, knowing nod.

Her breath rasping from her flailing nostrils, her bare flesh rippling, glistening beneath the heated lighting, both nipples still showing indented bruising on her jiggling breasts, again squinting straight ahead her thoughts are no longer of confusion, embarrassment, but the hope that shes not going to be denied an orgasm.  Inhaling, exhaling, her womb pulsing, clit throbbing with each heartbeat as the door beside the mirror swings open, she spreads her feet wider apart, thrusts her hips outward in frustrated eagerness.

To be continued...