Lady Meiko's Pony

by integral
- do not use without the author's permission.

Megan was the sort of person whose mouth should have been sown up at birth. When she wasn't spreading rumours and whispering behind people's backs, she was thinking up one-liners and put downs to show how superior she was to everyone else. After all she'd been a cheerleader, a home coming queen and president of her school sorority; so anyone who crossed her path was more or less dirt. If someone did make trouble for her, however; there was always Daddy and his train of lawyers to smooth things out and make sure she always got her way.

It never occurred to her just how much of a disappointment and a continous source of embarressment to her father she really was.

Not until she inadvertantly crossed the path of the diminutive Lady Meiko, that is.

Megan thought she was being clever comparing the tiny woman to 'Wee Jimmie Krankie'. It never occurred to her that the term was as accessable via Google in Japan as it was anywhere else in the world. Nor did it occur to Megan to wonder why such a dominutive young woman like Lady Meiko was being treated with such reverence by those around her.

Until it was too late.

Megan hasn't been seen since. At least, not her face, anyway. Nor has anyone reported her missing, not even her father; who seems perfectly happy that she's no longer discomforting him with her antics and who instructed one VERY loyal attorney to tell her just that.

As for Lady Meiko, Dominatrix Extraordinaire; being small is not without advantages, especially when it comes to owning a pony who is proportionately on the same scale to her owner as a real pony is to a normal sized rider. As such Megan the ponyslave can haul her Mistress around her beautifully appointed estate in her scaled down carriage all day long without ever being tired out - And she does... because she doesn't have a choice - does she?