by Geetwo

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Hog-tied in the boot of her own car with her body on fire with arousal that she could do nothing to alleviate, Gabrielle lost all track of time and direction as her Master drove on towards the farm where she was to be trained.

It felt like a long time since the journey had begun, but she had no means of telling and knew that the combination of her remorseless bondage, aching limbs and the persistent throbbing of her nipples and sex hadn’t allowed her much opportunity to think of anything other than her own immediate problems.

It was a genuine surprise to her to find that she was still highly aroused, because after sex she was normally too drained and relaxed to do much more than lie there and smile.

Especially after a climax of such devastating proportions as the one she had endured in the foyer outside Matthew’s apartment.

In different circumstances she would have thoroughly enjoyed feeling so sexually alive, but circumstances were not different and she was the helpless captive of a man…a Master…who had shown himself to be coldly determined to impose the most outrageous and extreme levels of sexual subjugation upon her.

If…or rather when…he lifted her from the boot and found that her body was still shamefully responsive, she didn’t want to think what he might do.

He might even think that she was….enjoying what he had put her through.

She felt her face redden in the darkness, telling herself that she really, truly hadn’t, she hadn’t, she hadn’t.

But why, then, were her nipples still hard and her sex so embarrassingly wet………..?

That was the question she dared not ask, for she feared that if she was to answer it honestly, it would leave her with no defence against her Master.

And none against her growing, previously unsuspected and deeply worrying uncertainties as to the truth about her own nature.

It was almost a relief to Gabrielle when she felt the car slow down and turn off onto a bumpier track, presumably the one to Matthew’s farm.

Almost, but not entirely, because very soon he was going to find out that she was still extremely aroused….and she was going to find out just how seriously she had miscalculated when she had light-heartedly and almost unthinkingly agreed to be his pony-girl.

A decision that was without question the worst she had ever made in her whole life and one she had a very strong feeling she was going to live to regret…..

The car stopped and as she heard him get and slam the door, the full impact of her situation hit Gabrielle like a brick wall.

This wasn’t a game she was playing with a caring and considerate lover….this was real.

She had been kidnapped and bound and was completely at the mercy of her captor.

No-one knew where she was or what had happened to her.

She had kept her relationship with Michael a secret from her colleagues at work because she had considered it was no concern of theirs and had, only the previous month, paid the rental on her apartment for the next six months.

Her landlord certainly wouldn’t worry about her until the next payment was due and with the high turnover of staff at her work, it would just be assumed that she’d found herself a better job.

It happened all the time and was simply accepted.

With her parents both dead for almost ten years, she had lived a fairly quiet life with only an occasional short-term fling to break the pattern.

Her humdrum life and lack of close friends had never bothered her….until now.

She could vanish and no-one would be any the wiser or try to search for her.

As the realisation that she was quite alone sank into her brain, she threw herself into a titanic battle against her bonds, tugging and straining with every ounce of her strength until beads of sweat sprang out all over her body and she panted for breath through flaring nostrils.

For long, endless minutes she jerked and twisted and heaved….and at the end of that time, she was just as tightly secured, just as helpless as she had been at the beginning.

Exhausted and totally demoralised she finally lay still as she was forced to accept that there was no way for her to free herself without help.

When keys eventually rattled in the lock of her mobile prison, she sucked in a deep calming breath and stared upwards seeking her first sight of the place where her new life was to begin.

The dark shape of her Master loomed over her and without a word flipped her over onto her belly, his hands busy at her ankles.

The clinking of chain came to her ears, then her ankles were released from the hog-tie and she gasped in relief as her aching legs straightened.

He lifted her from the boot and sent her down, gripping her elbows firmly until her legs recovered enough strength to support her.

She took the opportunity to look around and in the pale moonlight saw the long, low shape of a building in front of her and another, much larger, just to its left.

And all around, the dark, silent bulk of a forest.

There was no sound of traffic, no glow of lights in the sky to indicate a town and as Gabrielle realised that she was a long, long way from her home and familiar surroundings, her spirits drooped even further.

Her Master bent to release the hobble from her knees, then stood back, “The low building is my home and the stable-block,” he told her, “The bigger one is the barn where your training will begin tomorrow. I’m going in for a drink before I go to bed. You come in when you’re ready.”

To her complete surprise, he left her standing there as he made his way to the house and went inside.

Gabrielle didn’t know what to think.

Was it a trick?

Or some sort of test?

Or did he really think she would simply follow him, like some sort of tame pet?

Whatever he thought, it was her opportunity to escape and she wasn’t going to waste it.

She turned to run and nearly fell flat on her face as she discovered what the clinking of chain had been about when he undid her hog-tie.

Her ankle cuffs were connected by twelve inches of strong chain.

She might have guessed he wouldn’t make it that easy for her to escape, she thought to herself, but if he imagined she’d give up just because it wasn’t quite as straightforward as she’d hoped, he had badly underestimated her.

She wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop her.

A broad expanse of flat meadow lay in front of her and as it offered much easier going than the dark woods all around, Gabrielle walked forward with short careful steps, making quite certain that she wasn’t tripped by the chain tightening unexpectedly.

It was hard, much harder than she anticipated and it wasn’t helped by the fact that her high-heeled boots made her walk almost on tip-toe and set up an immediate dull aching in her calf muscles.

By the time she reached the far side of the meadow and was confronted by the ominous black mass of thick forest, she was already tired, footsore and almost wishing she had just followed Matthew into the house.

She was a city girl, dammit and not cut out for wandering around in forests.

It looked so…menacing, somehow and she didn’t know what might be in there, lurking in the darkness.

She knew it must be her imagination playing tricks on her, but she felt as if unseen eyes were watching her.

It was a frightening sensation and Gabrielle shivered as a cool breeze played over her naked breasts and belly, rustling the leaves and branches as if the forest was chuckling at her.

What was she doing out here, miles from civilisation?

She didn’t even know which way civilisation was and for all she knew, she might be headed in completely the wrong direction.

What if she got lost?

If the woods were as big and as dense as they looked, she might wander about for days without finding her way out.

And what if somebody was watching her and just waiting until she stumbled into their clutches?

It suddenly seemed much colder and darker and scarier to Gabrielle and she whimpered in growing panic as she imagined hands reaching out to seize her and pull her into the impenetrable darkness under the trees.

She wouldn’t even be able to scream or defend herself and in her mind’s eye she saw herself being dragged off by a gang of shadowy, faceless men intent on taking her and using her, pillaging her helplessly bound body for their pleasure and amusement.

The dreadful vision was more than enough for Gabrielle and she whirled around and stumbled back across the meadow towards the distant lights that marked Matthew’s farmhouse, her breath coming in rasping pants as struggled to reach what now seemed to her to be the infinitely more preferable and safer prospect of voluntary submission to his Mastery.

Twice, she tripped and fell, the breath whooshing from her lungs as she crashed to the ground without being able to break her fall, but each time she struggled back to her feet and staggered on, fearing to look back in case her nightmare watchers were pursuing her.

Stained with mud and grass and with her eyes wild with nameless fears, she reached the front door of the house and kicked desperately at the solid timber, frantic to be let in.

The door opened and she hurled herself into her Master’s strong arms, pressing her naked breasts against his chest as great hot tears rolled down her gagged cheeks and she sobbed in relief at her escape from her imagined terrors.

Her Master drew her inside and held her at arm’s length, a cruel smile on his lips as he inspected her dishevelled body, “So, pony-girl,” he said coldly, “You have decided to return to me of your own free will, have you? Very well, then, so be it. By your own choice you have come to my door as a full and willing pony-slave, wearing the bonds and collar of your servitude,” he paused and watched Gabrielle’s eyes fill with alarm and dismay, then continued slowly and with great force, “You are now and always will be my slave, Gabrielle and your freedom is over. For ever.”

Gabrielle shuddered to the realisation that her fear of the unknown had quite literally delivered her straight into her Master’s hands, but she also knew that she could not face the terrifying woods again.

She had made her decision, out there in the darkness and she could only hope it had been the right one because she was clearly not going to be permitted to change her mind.

He let go of her and pointed to the polished wood-tiled floor, “On your knees. Thighs spread and spine straight.”

She gazed imploringly at him, begging him to take pity on her, but his face remained cold until she sank slowly to her knees and placed her body exactly as he had commanded.

He nodded firmly, “Remember this position. It is how I require you to display yourself for me as you become the obedient and submissive slave I will make you. Now, remain still and silent or I shall whip you.”

There was no doubt in Gabrielle’s mind that he meant what he said and she held herself motionless as he strolled across the room to a leather armchair near the crackling log fire and sat down facing her, then picked up a half-finished drink that sat on a low, sturdy coffee-table alongside.

He took a sip and rolled it around his mouth to savour the full taste, but never took his eyes off her beautifully presented body and as Gabrielle felt her cheeks redden, she realised that he was teaching her to obey.

It was a strangely exciting feeling and Gabrielle felt her belly swirl with embarrassingly delicious heat as his gaze devoured every inch of her form, lingering at her full breasts and then sweeping down to where she knew her labia and clitoris must be lewdly displayed by her pose.

She wondered whether she ought to try to hide her most intimate recesses from him, but he had ordered her to keep still and the memory of her previous disobedience and the punishment which had followed were still fresh in her mind.

Besides, she admitted to herself with secret pleasure, it was rather thrilling to flaunt her body so shamelessly in front of a man.

She wouldn’t have dreamed of doing so a few hours ago, before Matthew had put her in bondage, but now he was her Master and she had no choice about what she would or would not do.

In an odd, backhanded sort of way, she felt more liberated rather than less and she thought it must be because there was no guilt if there was no choice.

She had to do what he told her and if he decided to make her show off her body, then show it she must.

With her guilty conscience temporarily stifled, she began to take an interest in her surroundings and as her gaze roamed over the thick stone walls and massive wooden pillars that supported the beamed roof, she could not help but notice dozens of black iron rings set into almost every surface.

She didn’t doubt that some were original and had been used in the past to hold farming tools and household implements….but not that many.

The others had probably been installed by her Master and it wasn’t too difficult to work out what they were for.

Or who they were for and Gabrielle’s belly glowed with a fierce heat to the certainty that they would soon be put to use in ways that she could only guess at.

He clicked his fingers, “To my feet, slave,” and as she flushed and began to rise to her feet, snapped, “No. On your knees.”

She bit down hard on the rubber-coated steel between her jaws, wishing that she dared to disobey and that she wasn’t gagged so that she could tell him exactly what she thought of his arrogance.

But she had no desire to be whipped and had to be content with a glare of frustrated impotence as she shuffled awkwardly across the tiled floor to his chair.

“Stop,” he ordered, “Display position,” and she straightened her spine and spread her thighs wide, her eyes glittering with anger as he forced her to present her body to him.

He reached down and flipped up a hinged tile and Gabrielle gulped nervously as she saw that underneath the tile lay another of the black iron rings with a short black chain and clip welded to it.

Before she could react, he gripped her head in his right hand and bent her forward so that his left hand could snap the clip to the ring on the front of her posture collar.

Bent double and with her neck chained to the ring, she screamed in fright as she found herself locked to the floor and unable to lift her head, but even more frightening was his cruel chuckle as he watched her futile efforts to free herself.

“You should be more careful,” he told her, “I do not care for my slave to look at me the way you just did. I can see that you need a lesson in humility and the proper respect that a slave must always show her Master.”

Gabrielle fought to explain that she had not known, had not meant to show disrespect, would be as humble as he wanted her to be….but it was too late and her bit-gag distorted her pleas into incoherence as he jumped up and hurried behind her.

To her absolute horror, she felt chains being clipped to her knee cuffs to hold her widely straddled and although she tried desperately to close her thighs, the chains held her with ease.

From above her came the hiss of his crop whistling through the air and as she recognised the sound, she screamed and her thigh muscles corded in redoubled efforts to escape the punishment she knew was coming.

Her Master smiled down at her weaving, jiggling buttocks and selected the spot where the first blow would land, then raised his crop, “For a first offence,” his smile widened as Gabrielle screamed again, “The penalty is twelve. Six on each cheek.”

Gabrielle froze, then lunged wildly forward as leather cracked across her right buttock to leave a scarlet stripe of scorching heat raging through her bottom and bringing a strangled wail from her throat.

Five more strokes followed in quick succession, alternating between her left and right cheeks and as her flesh was adorned with stinging lines of fire, the writhing blonde was reduced to muffled sobbing as her buttocks turned cherry-red.

Her Master applied the seventh stroke, then thrust his hand between her quivering thighs to finger the velvet softness of her defenceless labia and stroke her cruelly exposed clitoris.

Gabrielle gave a wavering scream as she felt her body invaded and her belly kicked violently as the contrast between pain and unbearably sweet pleasure overwhelmed her brain with conflicting emotions.

The eighth, ninth and tenth strokes, each followed by prolonged arousal of her engorged labia and hard-swollen clitoris sent her into a limbo of ecstatic anguish and as she spun down into a whirlpool of masochistic rapture, her glowing buttocks pressed upwards and back to meet the crop and fingers of her Master.

The eleventh stroke and its accompanying arousal brought Gabrielle to the brink of an enormous orgasm and her sex ran with the juices of her passion as the calculated cruelty of her punishment drove her beyond her limits into a world where pain and pleasure were the same and her need was a bright, white-hot flame in her belly.

“You will climax for me now, slave,” her Master commanded and as the twelfth and last stroke burned across her bottom and his fingers buried themselves in the wet heat of her sex, Gabrielle screamed her obedience and submission and her belly erupted in volcanic contractions to release gigantic tidal waves of scalding love juices.

Time and again her belly convulsed with stunning power and as her Master pulled his fingers from her body, jet after jet of her juices sprayed from the pulsing flower of her sex to spatter her flexing thighs and the floor beneath her with the incontrovertible evidence of her complete sexual subjugation.

Moaning in the throes of uncontrollable ecstasy, Gabrielle was unaware of anything but the explosive power of her orgasm and as her body and brain surrendered to the molten inferno that was her belly, her Master stood watching as she exhibited the almost limitless depths of sexual passion that could be extracted from a truly submissive slave.

Passion which he, as her Master, intended to exploit to the full……

To be continued...