by Geetwo

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On a Friday evening, some weeks after the Horse Show, Gabrielle returned to Matthew’s apartment where, as usual, he met her with a kiss and a gin and tonic and it was only after dinner, when she was comfortably snuggled up next to him on the soft couch, that he reached down to his briefcase and drew out a sheet of paper.

The moment she saw the document and the predatory grin that lit up her lover’s face, she suspected what he was going to say and felt a powerful ripple of sexual excitement, mixed with deliciously fearful anticipation, swirl through her belly.

“Is that…Is that what I think it is?” she asked slowly.

Matthew nodded cheerfully, “Mmm, it is. If you still really want to be a pony-girl, that is, Gabrielle. It’s your choice, you know. You don’t have to.”

“But I want to, darling. You know I do. We both want me to.”

“Then it’s settled, isn’t it? There’s just one little thing,” Matthew chuckled, “This is a Bill of Sale, my sweet. It transfers ownership of Gabrielle Aston, a pony-girl, to Matthew Torrance, her new owner. It isn’t a legal transfer, of course, but if you sign it, I shall treat it as if it was. You will belong to me and I will have the right to train you in any way I choose. If you agree, sign and date it at the bottom,” and he held out the document and a pen towards her.

Gabrielle took the document and began to read it, then paused and grinned at her lover, “One pound?” she said, looking at the figure for purchase price, “That’s pretty cheap for a pony-girl, isn’t it?”

“Ah, but you are untrained, Gabrielle. I thought it was a fair price, but you don’t have to accept it if you think you are worth more.”

“I’m quite sure I am,” she retorted, then giggled, “Oh well, in for a penny, in for…a pound, I suppose,” and with a flourish of the pen, scrawled her signature and the date across the bottom of the document.

“Thank you,” he said and taking the paper from her, folded it carefully and placed it in his jacket pocket, then handed her a gleaming pound coin, “As agreed, this is what I owe you. So take good care of it.”

He paused and grinned wickedly, “You never know, one day you might want to buy yourself back from me.”

Gabrielle stared down at the shining coin in her palm and felt her nipples begin to stiffen and her sex moisten with desire to the idea of being owned by her lover.

She understood, of course, that the Bill of Sale wasn’t legally binding, but she had signed it and held the proceeds of her sale in her hand, so technically she supposed, Matthew did now own her.

Slowly, she raised her head to look up at his smiling face, “So, what happens now, darling?”

“I think it’s time my new pony-girl was harnessed,” he chuckled softly, “And it just so happens that it was delivered earlier today. It’s in the bedroom. Shall we try it on you?”

“But…But how did you know I’d agree? I might have said no.”

“Mm. You might have…but you didn’t, did you? Come on, I can’t wait to see how you look.”

As she accompanied her lover to the bedroom, Gabrielle’s excitement grew steadily higher, mixed with intense curiosity as to exactly what her harness would be like.

Her answer came in the form of polished black leather and gleaming steel buckles and chains and as she stared open-mouthed at the equipment neatly arrayed on the duvet, Matthew chuckled again, “There you are, pony-girl. What do you think?”

Stunned, Gabrielle walked slowly to the bed and inspected the pair of knee-length high-heeled boots he had chosen for her, then picked up the shining black basque, her nostrils twitching to the delicious scent of new leather and eyes wide as she felt its heavy boning.

“This is all just beautiful, Matthew,” she said softly, “It must have cost a fortune.”

“I am quite sure it will be well worth it,” he replied, “And I’m even more sure that you will be worth that pound I paid for you. Let me give you a hand to try it all on.”

Gabrielle needed no urging and quickly stripped herself naked, then sat on the bed, pulled the boots on and stood up.

“Wow,” she gasped, swaying slightly on the spike heels, “These are amazing but a lot higher than I’m used to. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to wear them for you, darling.”

Matthew chuckled, “I expect you’ll get used to them,” he replied grinning, “And they look great on you. Come on, let’s try the basque.”

Gabrielle picked it up and held the leather against her slender body as Matthew stepped behind her and engaged the heavy-duty zip.

“Stand up straight and breathe in, honey,” and as Gabrielle obeyed, he tugged the zipper upwards, encasing her in stiff and extremely tight steel reinforced leather from the top of her buttocks to her shoulder blades.

It was only as the zip closed that Gabrielle realised that the basque left her buttocks and lower belly fully exposed, her breasts pushed forwards and up by its firm support, without being covered in any way whatever.

“Oh, Matthew,” she began, but before she could say another word, his fingers slid around her compressed waist and captured her out-thrust nipples.

A wordless gasp exploded from her as devastating jolts of electric arousal shot through her body and her instinctive response sent her own hands to his as if to pull his fingers away from her breasts.

“Uh-uh, pony-girl,” he chuckled happily, “We can’t have that. Ponies don’t have hands and neither do naughty little pony-girls,” and he released her breasts to pick up a long leather tube from the bed.

Gabrielle stared at him and the leather in his hands and her belly burned with fierce heat as she saw the broad straps and heavy buckles stitched to the device.

“What the heck is that thing?” she asked wonderingly, “What are you going to do?”

“It’s called a single-arm glove and it will keep those fingers of yours out of trouble, my love,” Matthew answered with a grin, “Put your arms behind your back, please.”

Gabrielle licked her lips nervously, suddenly understanding what the device was for, “You’re going to…to t..tie me up,” she stammered.

He nodded, “I prefer to think of it as harnessing you,” he replied, “But, yes, the effect will be much the same.”

“But…But…I’ll be h…helpless. I won’t be able to do…anything.” Gabrielle protested, intensely aware of swirling heat in her belly as she visualised herself bound and defenceless before Matthew.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” he corrected her, “You’ll be able to do lots of things. You’ll be able to trot and canter and obey the reins as I train you to be a pony-girl. You just won’t have any arms. Like a real pony.”

He reached forward with his free hand and pulled her head towards him and as his lips met hers and his tongue probed her mouth with fiery passion, Gabrielle threw her arms around his neck and responded willingly, her tongue entwining with his to send still more arousal surging through her body.

At last, Matthew broke away, “So, pony-girl,” he panted, “Do I continue to harness you…?”

Gabrielle gazed into his smiling eyes, then turned and placed her hands behind her back, “Well, I am a pony-girl, aren’t I? You paid for me and it’s not for an owned pony to decide, now is it?” and she turned her head to grin back over her shoulder at her lover.

Matthew gave a great bark of laughter, then advanced towards her, “Quite right,” he agreed, “Now keep still and I’ll get on with it. Hands palm to palm, please.”

As Gabrielle complied, the one pound coin, her purchase price, slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor.

Matthew bent and retrieved it, “Careful, pony-girl,” he grinned, “If you lose this, you won’t have anything to buy yourself back from me, will you? Don’t worry, I’ll hold onto it until we sort out somewhere for you to keep it.”

“OK,” Gabrielle agreed, then giggled and suggested, “Maybe I won’t want to buy myself back, darling.”

“Maybe not,” he replied, “But I’ll keep it safe just in case.”

With that, he began to fit the leather tube over her hands and to her surprise, Gabrielle discovered that the bottom end of the tube was not, as she had assumed, open, but was a sort of reinforced bag into which her extended fingers fitted snugly.

A broad leather strap drew tight around her wrists and as Matthew fastened the buckle, she found herself bound and unable to clench her fingers or even separate her palms.

Only then did she begin to feel just a little bit nervous, as it dawned on her that she was a real prisoner and entirely dependent on Matthew.

She trusted him, of course, but even so……

“Um, Matthew, darling,” she said softly as he hurried to the bed and selected a pair of buckled cuffs, “Can we talk about this for a second? I’m not…not quite sure I really like all this and I’m a bit…well…scared.”

“Trust me, honey. I know what I’m doing,” he assured her calmly, “Put your legs together and just relax.”

Gabrielle hesitated, then did as her lover requested, her even white teeth nibbling at her lower lip as he buckled the straps firmly around each of her thighs, an inch or so above her knees.

By the time she realised that each cuff had a steel ring inset into the leather and that he had locked them together with a steel clip, it was far too late for her to protest that she did not want her legs bound….

Just how far was he going to take this, she wondered and just how much more helpless did he intend to make her?

He rose to his feet, “And now, pony-girl,” he said slowly, his lips curving into a ruthless smile that sent a shiver rippling up Gabrielle’s spine, “Time for you to feel a bit between those pretty lips of yours.”

“No,” she gasped squeakily, “No, Matthew. Please, darling. I…I’ve changed my mind. I really don’t th…think I can be a…a pony-girl for you. Just…Just let me go, eh, darling and then you can make love to me, if you like.”

“Oh, I do like,” he told her flatly, “But I shall be taking you rather than making love to you, I’m afraid. You don’t seem to understand yet, pony-girl. I own you. I bought you for a pound and I can and will do anything I like to you and with you. Believe me, Gabrielle, you are my pony-girl and you will obey me and serve me in any way I command. I fully intend to enjoy your body and there is nothing you are going to be able to do to prevent me.”

The words, so calmly spoken, brought a low moan from Gabrielle’s lips as she heard Matthew’s plans for her and realised that he was perfectly serious.

Incredible though it seemed, he really intended to hold her captive as his pony-girl and as Gabrielle’s brain spun and reeled to the implications of what that might mean for her future, he turned and snatched the bit-harness from the bed.

For an instant, she froze and simply gaped at the steel and leather in his hand, then she turned in panic-stricken flight towards the door of the bedroom.

Only to find that with her knees hobbled an inch apart, teetering on high heels that unbalanced her and with her wrists bound behind her back, her headlong dash for freedom was reduced to a slow and clumsy shuffle that would have been hard put to outrun a tortoise.

Before she had covered even a quarter of the distance, Matthew was already leaning with his back to the closed door, the bit-harness dangling from his hand and a smug smile on his face as she gazed desperately around to see if there was some other way to make her escape.

But there was none and as her frightened gaze returned unwillingly to his face, his smile slowly faded to a cold, hard stare.

“All right,” he said, “You’ve had your little bit of fun, but now it’s time to get serious. Stand still and open your mouth.”

He spoke firmly, his eyes glittering with menace and as Gabrielle read the determination written on his face, she sought desperately for some way to persuade him to set her free.

“Oh no, Matthew. Please don’t put that…that thing on me. I’m begging you, darling,” she pleaded, “Look I tell you what. How about I promise to do whatever you tell me, anything you want and we just forget about me being a pony-girl?” she hesitated, then hurried on as he remained unmoved, “You could even…even keep me t…tied up for a while if you like. It might be f…fun as I’ve never d…done it like that before.”

“Hmm,” he rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “I don’t know. I paid a whole pound for a pony-girl, you know.”

“I’ll pay you back,” Gabrielle replied without thinking, then her eyes opened wide and her jaw sagged open as she remembered…….

“OK,” he nodded, “It’s a deal. Pay me back right now and I’ll let you go.”

The pound coin winked and glittered in the lights as he spun it into the air and caught it in his hand and Gabrielle shuddered in despair, knowing that she was trapped.

“But…you’ve already got it,” she whispered hopelessly, “I can’t pay you back because you’ve already got it.”

“Yes,” he chuckled mirthlessly, “And I’ve got you, too.”

He leapt forward, seizing Gabrielle before she could move and as her mouth opened in the beginnings of a scream, he thrust the rubber-coated steel bit deep between her stretched jaws, holding it in place with one strong hand while the other tightened the first buckle behind her neck and under her long blonde hair.

Bound at wrists and knees, Gabrielle had no chance against him and as her attempts to scream and protest died to nasal whimpers and wordless grunts, he tightened further straps under her chin, over the crown of her head and around her forehead, each drawing the cranked steel bar deeper into her mouth and more tightly down over her trapped tongue.

By the time he stood back to admire his handiwork, Gabrielle was utterly incapable of intelligible speech, her lips stretched by the ends of the bit which protruded from the corners of her mouth and were attached to large steel rings pressed tight against her cheeks by the strap encircling her head.

“That’s much better, pony-girl,” Matthew nodded in satisfaction, “You’re starting to look the part and as soon as you learn to whinny properly, you will sound it as well.”

Gabrielle was terrified at what he had done to her, but she was also furious and as he grinned at her, she threw her head from side to side, fighting to eject the horrible bit which gagged her.

To her despair and horror, Matthew laughed, “Terrific, Gabrielle. Do that again. You look exactly like a real pony when you toss your head like that. That’s just what a pony does when it feels a bit in its mouth for the first time.”

That was the moment when the blonde understood that there was to be no escape for her and as the reality of her plight sank into her brain, she fell to her knees on the soft carpet and her eyes filled with hot tears of shame and misery.

It did her no good, for as she knelt weeping, her lover…her owner…buckled another set of cuffs on her ankles and locked them together, then pushed her down onto her belly and began to work the heavy leather tube up her arms.

Higher and higher, past her forearms, past her elbows, up to the middle of her biceps and Gabrielle gave a high-pitched squeal of anguished discomfort as the zip closed, clamping her arms together until her elbows nearly met and her limbs became a single, uncomfortably stressed column behind her back.

Now, when it was far too late, she understood why the device was called a single-arm glove.

Two long straps passing over her shoulders, crossing over her chest above her breasts and back beneath her armpits to buckle the tube firmly in place, ensured that there was no way she could slide the device down to release her arms and as he lifted her back to her knees, she whimpered in terror and stared numbly down at her shamefully proffered breasts, knowing that she could never hope to free herself.

“Welcome to your harness, pony-girl,” Matthew was unmoved by her anguish, “Raise your head and look upon your new Master.”

Gabrielle shook her head.

She would not….would not….give him the satisfaction.

She knew he could force her if he chose….he was far stronger and she was helpless….but she would never, never, never obey him.

“Head up, I said, pony-girl,” he demanded, but Gabrielle would not and as she heard him turn away and walk to the wardrobe, she dared to hope that her resistance would show him just how much she hated being bound and humiliated like this and show him that she would never give in to him.

Her hopes lasted for just one second longer than it took him to return to her, for as she knelt head down, she heard a thin whistling sound and a loud “crack” as a riding crop slashed across the fronts of her unprotected thighs.

Instantly, searing heat exploded through her flesh and as her neck jerked back in response to the furiously stinging stripe that blossomed across her smooth skin, a second equally hard lash joined the first.

Squealing in shock and pain, she stared in wide-eyed terror at the crop in Matthew’s hand and as he snapped, “Head up, girl. I shan’t tell you again,” Gabrielle learned that for a harnessed pony-girl, it was an act of the sheerest folly to attempt to thwart a Master’s wishes.

With her thighs blazing with furious heat, she stiffened her spine and held her head erect, her mind in turmoil as she fought to come to terms with his ruthless cruelty.

“That’s better,” he told her casually, “You see how simple it is, pony-girl. I give an order and you obey it. If you don’t, I punish you. That’s all there is to it. Now, let’s see if you’ve got all that clear. We’ll start with something easy.”

Tucking the crop into his belt, he reached forward with both hands.

Gabrielle squealed shrilly as her taut breasts were captured and as his fingers and thumbs rolled and squeezed her presented nipples, she writhed and shuddered, her blonde hair flying as she jerked and twisted against her tight bondage in frantic efforts to evade the unwanted and frighteningly powerful jolts of arousal that surged through her.

Matthew frowned, “You were not given permission to move, pony-girl, nor to lower your head. Ah well, I have something to help solve that little problem,” and to Gabrielle’s helpless horror, he strode to the wardrobe and returned with a tall, heavy circlet of shiny black leather.

“I was going to spare you this posture collar until we reached the farm,” he said calmly, “But I suppose now is as good a time as any,” and with swift, deft movements placed the collar about her slender throat.

As the collar, some four inches tall and boned with steel like her basque was clamped firmly around her neck and buckled into position, Gabrielle found her head virtually immobilised, a padded cut-out beneath her chin preventing her from turning and the rigid boning forcing her head to remain erect.

From behind her back she heard the clinking of metal and a wail of anguish leaked past the thick bit-gag in her mouth as a strong chain was clipped to a ring on the rear of her collar and tensioned until her head was arched back as far as her posture collar would permit.

Then the chain was clipped to the ring on the finger end of the tubular single-glove restraint binding her arms and she could only gaze frantically upwards as Matthew strolled around to smile down at her stringently bound form.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” he asked cheerfully and his hands descended to her breasts for a second time.

Now though, Gabrielle was unable to avoid or resist his touch and as his fingers and thumbs caressed and fondled and rolled her defenceless nipples, she could only gasp and whimper in helpless need as her tender buds began to stiffen and engorge in response to arousal she was powerless to prevent.

“The first moment I saw you, I wanted you, Gabrielle,” Matthew informed her, “I knew you’d look great in bondage and I was right. I decided right there that I’d have you as my pony-girl and it was only a question of when and how I’d do it. But then, of course, we saw that carriage driving, didn’t we and as soon as you didn’t freak out when I mentioned the idea of you pulling a carriage, I knew.”

He grinned down into her bulging eyes, his fingers never ceasing to toy with her now-rigid nipples, “And here you are, well on your way. This is only the start, of course. Soon, I’ll take you out to the farm and we can begin your training in earnest. It’s all ready for you and I can’t wait to see how quickly you adapt to the reins and the whip. I’ve estimated three months, but if it takes longer it doesn’t really matter. I have all the time in the world and it’s not as if you’ll ever be leaving, now is it?”

Gabrielle’s wide blue eyes filled with stunned disbelief as she learned that her captivity was no accident, but the culmination of a carefully laid plan and as he explained that her training would be a minimum of three months and she understood that she would never again be free, her belly gave a spasm of incredible power and she felt a spurt of hot juices gush into her sex.

Appalled by the betrayal of her body, she tried to deny the shameful excitement his words sparked in her, but her all-too-evident response had been seen by her Master and as his fingers thrust into her belly and probed the slick, wet tissues of her most intimate recesses, she could not prevent the instinctive contractions of her internal muscles or the renewed flowing of her juices as her body surrendered to the intensely shocking and erotic images her brain conjured up for her.

Unless she could somehow escape, her future would that of a harnessed pony-girl, bound in leather and steel as a permanent captive, her body at the mercy of her ruthless Master and his riding crop.

Doomed forever to a life of bondage, submission and sexual slavery.

From deep in her throat came a wordless scream of total horror as her Master wrenched a full orgasm from her quivering body and as her juices flooded down to bathe his embedded fingers in liquid heat, Gabrielle’s belly spasmed and pulsed with enormous power in the throes of her first climax as an owned female pony.

To be continued...