The Mayor's Daughter

by experimenter73
- do not use without the author's permission.

An Excerpt from Chapter 16

"I see you've discovered your new tack, princess." He spoke as he began to lead her to the ladder-thing. "Let's see how everything fits."

Jessica shook her head, trying to pull away, but his grip was far too strong. In a moment's work, he had her bound arms pressed against the ladder-device behind her. She cried out into the gag that held her mouth so widely open as he lifted up on her bound arms behind her back and then slid them between the first and second rungs. She was forced up onto her toes by the rung as it pressed in harshly into her armpits. Her bare little toes splayed against the hard floor as she strained to keep the pressure off her sore shoulders.

Her captor lifted the first piece of leather off the top of the pile and Jessica immediately cried out with fear. It was not the long, slightly triangular piece that he now held that scared her, though. Rather it was the new white pony boots that were now revealed below it. He moved around her, the chain on her ankle rattling as she squirmed against the wooden rungs while he came to stand behind her.

"Unless you become a draft pony again, you'll be happy to know that you won't have to wear those mittens any more." He spoke as she felt him draw her arms into the long pocket of the leather device.

He pulled up on the leather sheath behind her until her arms were both fully within it, her hands forced to ball into fists at the rounded base of it to avoid crushing her fingers. Her breath quickened as his hands drew straps over her shoulders, crossing them between her breasts before drawing them back to the top of the thing.

She felt him reach inside it and cut away the vinyl strapping around her elbows, breathing a sigh of relief as her arms came apart behind her. The sheath over her arms, though still restrictive, was at least not as tight as the vinyl had been. At least it wasn't until he began to tighten it. She looked back over her shoulder, shifting nervously on her toes, as he pulled the leather sheath's laces tighter and tighter, whimpering as her arms were imprisoned almost as tightly together within it as they had been by the tape.

"A perfect fit, princess." He chuckled as he finished with the laces and she whimpered as she felt his hand play softly across her breasts, thrust forward from the pressure of her new bonds. "And I love what it does for your other assets as well."

Jessica could only watch as he picked up the next piece of leather from the pile. This one she quickly recognized as a corset, though she'd never worn one before. Her belly tightened up nervously as he wrapped it around her waist, pressing the firm leather into her flesh. The leather was encircled by six matching belts from its top to its bottom, and she watched as he began tightening each of them.

Grunting as the belts forced the corset tighter and tighter into her waist, Jessica's breaths grew shallow with each pass through the six of them. Each time he reached the top or bottom, she would know that they could not be tightened further, but he would begin again, making another pass through the belts, tightening them even further beyond belief. When he finally stopped, she realized that she could not keep deep breaths at all, and she looked in disbelief at the shape of her compressed waist.

And then he held another piece of leather, moving this one to wrap around her throat. She whined, a high-pitched and desperate sound, as she felt it close into place like the one she had previously worn, forcing her head up and cupping her chin. The helplessness began to settle in over her once more as she realized that her life as a show pony would be even more restricted than it had as a draft pony.

"Now that I know you so intimately..." He whispered in her ear as she felt his hand glide over the lips of her pussy. "I find myself not wanting all of you out there for everyone to see. You won't hold my jealousy against me, will you?"

Jessica tried to speak, but could only whimper, drool slipping out over her chin, with her mouth forced open wide by the metal gag. And then she jerked against the rungs behind her as she felt him spreading her nether lips and slowly forcing something inside her. She choked, nearly gagging, as she shook in her bonds, feeling the intruder penetrate her slowly. When it was fully and uncomfortably within her, she felt something else, a leather strap, press down over her pussy. She winced as it was pulled up behind her, splitting her ass cheeks. The firm leather pressed against her, holding the invader within her pussy.

As she felt her unchained foot lifted and slipped into the waiting boot, Jessica broke down into full-fledged sobs. She had known that they were coming, but the return of that insistent press to her foot, forcing her onto her toes, was too much for her to bare. She gasped, panting for breath, as she felt the boot tighten around her ankle as he cinched it closed, and then heard the tell-take slick of a lock. Her chest heaved with her sobs as she was consumed by her crying while he moved to her other foot, removing the chain on her ankle and pressing the second boot into place.

"One last piece, and you will be perfect." He spoke, almost soothingly.

Jessica groaned as he unbuckled the straps from around her head and carefully removed the metal gag from within her mouth. She closed her lips slowly, whimpering as she felt her jaw protesting the change. She heard him moving, but could not turn her head to watch what he was doing.

"Please, I can't breathe." She pleaded softly as she took the shallow breaths under the corset's strict enforcement. "Can you loosen it, just a little?"

Ignoring her pleas, he moved behind her, and she felt him wrapping a series of leather straps around her head. In moments, she could see that her previous head harness was now being replaced by a matching one in white. She opened her mouth obediently as he lifted the metal bit into place and hot tears stung her eyes as she was forced to bite down on it once more to resist its gagging drive toward the back of her throat.

"Now, I believe that you need some time for quiet reflection, princess." He spoke softly to her, and she cried out through clenched teeth as he tilted her forward to lift her bound arms off the ladder-device.

Jessica clattered forward as he held the ring on her collar, stumbling as she readjusted to the pain and torment of the cruel boots. She cried out as he turned her abruptly to face the ladder. Bending her forcefully, he thrust her upper body between the second and third rungs of the device, and then she screamed as he yanked upwards on her bound arms behind her. Hot tears spilled from her eyes onto the floor as she felt her hands pulled up almost straight up and down above her, and then heard the sinister click of a lock as they were bound in place there.

Jerking in her bonds, Jessica could only stare at the floor as she felt him kick her feet wide and then lock her ankles in place against the wooden device. Her thighs trembled from the wide spread as she was forced to remain bound painfully forward by the pressure on her arms behind and above her. The change in her position, legs so forcefully spread now, caused the invader to shift painfully inside her, filling her.

"When I return, we'll begin your true training, princess." He hissed, and she tensed at both the touch of his hand to her bare ass and the change in the tone of his voice. "Then the real fun can begin."