Ellie's Story

by Emma
- do not use without the author's permission.
- as edited by SirJeff.

Chapter 1

Ellie stood in full tack in front of the house waiting to take her master's daughter on a tour of the grounds. She chewed slowly on the bit between her teeth and swished the tail that had become so much a part of her. Her lovely buttocks were marked from the whipping the young daughter of Master John gave her three days ago. Now she was anxious and ready to take Marcy on another ride. Now she was subject to the whims of a nineteen year old, and there was nothing that she could do about it.

It was just a few months ago that she was a self-assured legal assistant who was in control of the whole office. The last thing Ellie remembered was leaving the club, alone...

She shivered just a little, realizing that somehow she was now naked and her feet hurt. Slowly she tried to straighten but she had been fastened to a ring in the floor by the collar she wore around her neck. Beneath her waist a padded bar held her rear in the air, exposed and open to anyone who happened by. Her feet seemed to be held apart by something but she couldn't see what held her open.

Just then, two men wandered into the room and began to casually run their hands over her body. One pinched her nipples which hardened with the casual contact and then weighed each breast in his hands. She tried to scream but a strange whinny sound emerged as one of the men ran his hands over her sex and tugged gently at the pubic hair.

"This will have to go. I'll get the barber." one said.

The other replied, "Yeah, he'll cut that. She had the injection that will partially paralyze her vocal chords so she won't be able to speak. So far the only other modifications are the collar and the hooves. She'll soon adjust." He continued to caress her rump and then abruptly he rammed his thumb into her anus.

Ellie tried to pull away, scream and then resist the unwanted intrusion, but trussed as she was couldn't dislodge the thumb. "She'll need to be loosened up a bit too."

One of the men pulled Ellie's head down and hooked the ring in her collar to a shorter chain in the floor. Now she stood, naked, bent over a padded bar with her arms secured behind her back, open and waiting.

"Morning, Adam," said a new voice. "This the new mare?"

"Yeah, she just arrived and we need to get her ready for training sessions by tomorrow. Can you clean her up now, Pete?"

"Sure. What do you want? Just the usual?" Pete replied. With a quick nod of his head, the one called Adam slapped Ellie's rear end and walked out.

"Okay, let's get you clipped." Ellie felt his presence but had no idea what he was intending to do to her. What is clipped? she wondered as she felt the blood rush to her head hanging nearly upside down.

Then Ellie heard the click of scissors being opened and closed. Pete pulled a section of her hair and carefully snipped it close to her head and then reached for a handful and snipped that too. "This will be yours again soon my beauty." Then she heard the buzz of an electric clipper and soon her hair was a simple strip about three inches wide down the middle of her head, creating a mane. The barber clipped the front short so it stood up and let the mane get longer as it cascaded down her back.

"Almost done." Pete said as he stroked Ellie's back. Then she felt the scissors at her mons. She screamed, he's cutting my pubic hair, but of course only a whinny and snort was heard.

Pete spread the shaving cream on her pubic hair and pulled the straight razor out to clean her. The razor would be lethal, but he was experienced at stripping a pony of all her hair below the neck. Slowly he dragged the razor across her womanhood until she was completely stripped of all body hair. He began to run his hand over her clit and shove a middle finger into her.

Despite her fear and anger at being restrained like this, Ellie pulled away and began to squeal, but this did nothing to stop Pete. Just then Adam returned and Pete pulled away from Ellie.

"Smooth as a baby boss." he said and started to pack up the gear. Meanwhile Adam lengthened Ellie's tether and began stroking her mane. Slowly, he ran his fingers down to her nipples and squeezed just enough for her to squeal and try to pull away, but that didn't stop him.

"Now just a sample of what's to come so you will obey." Ellie felt the crop burning a pain into her rear end. She reared up as much as the tether would allow and neighed with the pain just as the second blow landed. When the third blow rapped against her butt, Ellie sagged with resignation. There was no escape. She was tethered by a thick collar around her neck, her feet were immobilized by heel-less boots that ran up her calves, her arms were laced together behind her back and her voice was stolen. She had only to submit to avoid punishment and that's what she would do. At least for now.

Adam, realizing that for now she was his, began stroking her again. He lifted a water bottle to her lips and gave her a quick drink. This time he stroked her slit, slowing his fingers when he felt her response. She was wet even after that beating. He circled her clit and felt it grow as Ellie followed his hand trying to maintain contact. She stamped her hooves and pumped in time to the pressure of those questing fingers. Laughing, Adam pulled his hand away.

"Not yet. You haven't earned a reward yet." he chortled as he moved across the room. Ellie heard him rummaging around but she couldn't turn her head to look. Soon she felt him wrap a thick belt or corset around her waist.

"Now, I'm gonna unhook your tether but you will stay still." he instructed Ellie and then he tapped her butt with that vicious crop. She stood still waiting. Slowly, Adam tighten the thick belt around her waist until she was nearly in pain; she pawed the ground with her foot and took a step forward. Retribution or punishment was instant. Adam wacked her bottom with the crop once, twice, three times, until Ellie stilled.

Adam pulled her forward. "Now it is time to begin training." He just walked forward and Ellie had to follow. She shifted her weight forward onto her toes to keep her balance and walked after Adam until he stopped and hooked her tether to a long pole. Then Ellie was pulled forward by the ring in the collar around her neck. If she slowed, she was risking falling and being dragged so she kept walking. She tried to look around her, watching for someone to help her, but the thick collar kept her from turning her head. Then she lost her focus and that whip snapped against her buttocks so she concentrated on walking and keeping that torturous whip still at Adam's side.

"Lift your knees," yelled Adam. He grabbed a whip and flicked her backside until Ellie lifted her knees and kept the right pace. Then he sat back to watch her first workout.

Ellie's life as a pony had begun.

"How long can he keep me at this," Ellie wondered as she trudged in a circle aware each moment that if she slowed she would be pulled down by the machine and choke herself. She was getting tired after only a dozen revolutions, but Adam flicked the whip again and the sting on her rear end made her jump and keep going.

Just as she thought she couldn't take another step, Adam reached up stop the pole and unhook her. Adam held something to her lips and pushed it into her mouth. It was a bit of apple. Then he patted her bottom. "Not bad for a first try," he murmured, and then stepped back to keep her moving. Ellie continued to trudge around that circle, stopping often for a drink, to catch her breath or for Adam to push a tidbit into her mouth.

The two stepped into a dark and cool barn. It seemed a relief to Ellie, after the hot sun and marching in a circle for what seemed like hours. She sweated and her breathing was a bit too labored, but Adam ignored her distress and hooked her collar tether to a ring hanging from the center of the room. He unhooked the corset at her waist, then walked away out of Ellie's line of sight. She heard him rummaging around behind her and then felt a blast of cold water hit her back. Adam hosed Ellie down from her mane to her hooves and laughed when she tried to skitter away from the cold stream of water. She couldn't escape him, tethered to that ring. Finally, he stopped but then the real torture began.

Adam grabbed a sponge to clean off the sweat and dust from the workout. Just as he began sponging Ellie's body off, in walked John who, although Ellie didn't know it yet, would become her master. Slowly Master John circled Ellie as Adam scrubbed her skin then once again hit her with the cold water from the hose. As Adam stepped back, Master John stepped forward and looked Ellie in the eyes.

He casually unhooked Ellie and led her to a platform at the side of the room, bending her over a padded bar and rehooking her tether to a ring in the wall. Once again Ellie stood bent at the waist, immobilized with her feet spread keeping her open to questing fingers. Master John began his inspection by running his hands over her legs and thighs.

"She will develop muscle quickly, Adam," Ellie heard him say, "but you'll have to keep her at the walker for much longer that you did today. Also, pick up her pace."

"Yes, sir" Adam replied.

Next Master John began milking her breasts and pinching the nipples. He pulled her nipples until they formed hard buds and Ellie whinnied in pained pleasure. Despite her attempt to pull away, Master John kept up the kneading of her breast until he knew they would be sensitive.

"Do you think we need to make this one a milker?" he asked Adam.

"No sir, but she might make a good breeder if she takes to the training like I think she might."

"Yes, she's already wet from manipulating her breasts." Master John moved his exploration to Ellie's shaved pubis and circled her clit with his finger. Slowly, he stroked her, pumping his middle finger in and out of her. Ellie fought the intrusion, wiggling her buttocks and trying to step back but Master John kept at her.

"You can't escape me, little filly. Just let this happen," he said as he increased the pressure on her sex and slipped a second finger into her. His thumb steadily stroked her clit as he continued to finger her cunt. Ellie couldn't stop herself; she was going to cum on his fingers. As she climaxed, she neighed loudly and the spasms squeezed Master John's fingers.

"That's a good pony." Master John said as he gave Ellie one last pat on the buttocks and wiped his fingers on her thigh. "Yes, this one might be a real prize, Adam. We will begin modifications now. Start by inserting a stretcher for the night and set up something with the blacksmith for tomorrow."

"What will you want done tomorrow?" Adam asked as he pulled open a drawer. Ellie squirmed and pulled at the tether but she couldn't move. Master John casually began stroking her back trying to calm her.

Ellie was terrified. What are they talking about--modifications and what is a stretcher? she wondered as the casual petting of her lower back did seem to calm her somewhat.

"To start the septum and nipples. Then we will see about clit and labia later." Ellie shuffled as far as her tether would let her, but Master John continued to stroke her. Then Adam stepped back into her line of vision, and he put that restricting corset back on her waist, tightening it until Ellie could barely take a breath. Master John grabbed two more tethers from the bar and hooked both sides of the corset to them, stopping her from moving at all.

"Okay Adam. Insert it" Master John instructed. At her rear passage, Ellie felt a slippery finger inserted. Once again she whinnied in protest but Adam continued probing her. Although it didn't hurt, she was uncomfortable with anything inserted in her anus. No one had ever touched her there. NO ONE. Slowly the finger was withdrawn, but her ordeal was not over. After Adam withdrew his finger, Ellie felt a pair of hands pull her buttocks apart and a thick, cold object was pushed against her protesting anus.

NO, screamed Ellie, but of course it came out as just a loud squeal. She tensed trying to keep out the intruder, but Master John kept up a steady pressure. Inevitably, the object was inserted until a ridge pushed it deeply into her rectum. She tried to push it out but it wouldn't move. She shifted her weight from foot to foot and wiggled her buttocks but it stayed firmly lodged in her. Although is didn't hurt exactly, it stretched her and she felt as if something was pushing her forward, but she couldn't escape.

Whack! Master John gave her one firm slap on the butt, then said, "Put her down for the night, Adam. She'll get used to it and settle down."

With that Adam unhooked Ellie's tethers and pulled her toward a half door like she had seen in a barn as a stall door. He pulled open the door and drew Ellie inside what could only be described as a horse's stall. Reaching up he once again hooked her collar to a ring on the wall but with enough length for her to curl up on the bed of straw and old blankets in the corner. He left her there with a full water bottle hanging from the wall.

Ellie had no choice; she sucked on the straw in the bottle and waited. She was going to be a pony girl.