Making and Breaking (a ponygirl)

by Dirk Dirker
- do not use without the author's permission.

Chapter V

For feeding I modified her gag by using the small screw at its side, so that Laura was be abled to use her jaw bit better. But I didn't give her much slack and I had the cane with me at all times, so that she didn't even think about trying to talk human. She seemed to understand that, since she just kneeled down while I filled the second small trough with cooked rice and vegetables. It is deeply degrading for every girl to eat like this, just diving in there with her head and swallowing the food only half-chewed, but Laura didn't even try to complain. One reason for her good behaviour was the training and the beating she just got, the second reason was definitely that she was more than just hungry, more like close to starving. I let her eat until she had a small ball-belly which looked weirdly sweet on her thin body and made me smile again. I wiped a ricecorn from the tip of her nose and pat her cheek after she had finished. Her eyes were a bit glassy, maybe from the drug in the sugar that already started to kick in, maybe simply because she was so full now.

Was that good?

Wh... whee...

Good girl. Turn around.

She did so and I checked her arms again everything was in place, the straps as tight as before but the circulation intact. She moaned a bit as I touched her forearms.

They are a bit stiff, aren t they?


don't worry. They look okay. Lie down a bit and get some rest. I'll check on you later.

She did so, still bothering to make sure that I couldn t see her small, rose-coloured cunt as she slid to the ground. The attempt was sweet, but it also made me think about how much longer I would be able to keep myself from taking her for the first time. It would be too soon right now, no question about that. But I still wanted it badly. In order to not show her what I was thinking about I smiled at her as friendly as possible and then left her alone in her locked box.

We trained some more in the afternoon, and there was no more resistance at all it was so fascinating that I had to stop myself from grinning like a lunatic all the time while Laura trotted around the pole, training her style. She was exhausted but coped well with it, the food giving her some new strength. After every third round she had completed without a mistake she earned another piece of sugar. For every mistake she earned a strike with the cane. She was covered with red marks by now, but she didn't seem to notice them much. And she didn't try to free her arms anymore, just kept trotting and training and following my orders.

This is how the day continued until I locked her in again, ate dinner, worked a bit in my home office. I also called some friends, just to let them know I was still there, made some plans for visits and parties, the usual stuff you do to keep your life going. Yes, I have always been quite a reclusive person, but I still have some friends and I didn't want them to wonder about my changed behaviour.

Later I returned to the stables. Laura was lying on one side in her box, sleeping deeply, even snorting. Her lips trembled around the bit from time to time. I opened the door carefully, walked over and knelt down next to her. My hand touched her shoulder and I stroked her a bit, then couldn t stop myself from touching her left breast, one of my fingertips on her nipple. It hardened fast and I smiled a bit more as my hand traced down her body, stroking her belly and mons. She didn't have much pubic hair, but What'she had felt as soft as warm summer moss would. My finger slid beneath it, reached her lips and I stroked these as well, as carefully as possible, in order to not wake her up. She mumbled a little in her sleep with a tiny bit of drool dripping down from her bit. I nestled my fingertip just so lightly between her pink lips until I could feel her clitoris.

I rubbed it gently, carefully, my other hand now playing with her nipples again. I took my time, enjoying the magic of this moment and I was a bit amused as well as a bit astonished when I started feeling the slightest amount of wetness beneath my finger. Laura moved a little and stretched in her bondage, inhaling deeper. Then she opened her eyes, looking directly at me. Her glance was clouded by sleepiness and she was visibly confused. She didn't move. She just watched me, a little enquiring and a little shy at the same time.

Just when I moved my fingertip a last time to take it away did she twitch and shudder, producing a helpless mewing sound, I got up and she still kept her eyes on me. Her face flushed. She stayed silent.

And I didn't say anything either, just smiled at her and filled her trough. I would have loved to take her now, just force her to accept me. To break her in.

But breaking in a girl like this copperhead would be more complicated and more faceted than doing it to a horse. And so I just fed her once more, gagged her properly again and left her in the stables for the night.

Chapter VI

I trained her the next day and the three days after it. The greatness of it all didn't fade. It even improved, because was easy to see how Laura changed in even these few days. She was unhappy of course, still scared and feeling humiliated and degraded. But at least she slowly started to become used to it. The sugar wasn t the only aspect in this by far, but it definitely helped the drug made her more compliant like I had hoped it would, calmed her down noticeably and made her more accessible for commands. At the same time it took some of her worries away, like a good antidepressant should. It was not strong enough to completely change Laura by itself or make her like what was being done to her I was pretty sure she d still use every possible chance to escape but it eased things up for her. The effect would increase some more over the next weeks and months and I was quite curious about how she would turn out in the end.

For now, she moved with much more routine. And the drool that was constantly dribbling over her chin and had bothered her a lot in the beginning was now something which she didn't seem to register anymore. Her nakedness still had to be scary to her, but when we trained a bit longer the next day and I realized she needed to pee, I decided it was time for another test: I told her to pee right where she stood and she complied, just got into a crouch and emptied her bladder. Of course she had a tortured look on her face while I watched her pissing, but that look was much less intense than I would have expected. And when I gave her the same command some hours later she obeyed with even less reluctance. After that it became routine until she started crouching down by herself when she felt it was okay, and relieved herself without much thinking anymore.

I used one of the hidden light-sensitive cameras to check in on her at nights. Sometimes she got up and tried to free her arms, to open the box, to climb over the walls, to get rid of the bags that made her hands and fingers useless. When she failed to achieve anything she sobbed or cried. In the third night she didn't even bother anymore to try.

When she cried during the training on Monday I made her stop her trot and hugged her I patted her head and back and kissing her salty cheek.

Shhh. It s okay, who s a good one? Are you a good one? You are, arent t you?

Wheee! She sounded deeply distressed, but at the same time like a girl who indeed does want to be a good one . And why not? It meant less pain and less punishments, more stroking and more sugar. I gave her another lump when she had calmed down.

You are doing great, Copper. We'll clean you up a bit on one of the next days, what do you say? It s time I take a bit more care of you. You are great, Copperhead, you are doing very fine.

Wheee! She stomped a foot, the gesture so sweetly helpless that I couldn t do anything else but chuckle. Of course she would have loved to be cleaned, of course she had come to hate her own smell by now. She had been trained hard for days and only been cleaned with straw from time to time. She was sweaty, grimy and filthy, emanating a sweet, musky and salty odour. I liked it that way because it constantly reminded her of her situation and because it increased her beastly appearance and added to her dehumanization. But I was ready to make some confessions in order to win a little more of her trust.

I know, yes you d love to get cleaned properly. I smiled. Warm water and soap, soon. I promise. I stroked the side of her left breast, which made her jerk only a bit I had already done it repeatedly during the last days and she was slowly getting used to it as well to the unprotected peeing. But when I touch her breast this time, the tip of my thumb also streaks her nipple. It erects within seconds and she bites hard on her bit. I keep watching her as I draw my hand back slowly.

Okay, get into position. Let s try another three rounds. And one ...and two... good pony, very good, keep going!

The doorbell rang just when Copperhead was back in her box for the evening and I had returned to my living room. Activating my security system I saw another young girl at the front door, but this girl I knew: She was nineteen, blonde, slim and well-trained, had green eyes and bronze-coloured skin, blooming breasts and a long, slender neck which every boy would love to touch and kiss. There was a winning smile on her face, the kind of face that can drive any male mad within seconds. It was my niece Hannah and she waved at the camera as if she knew I was looking at her right now.

I buzzed her in and welcomed her in the lobby. She threw her rucksack to a corner of the room as if she owned the place.

Uncle! What's up, how was your week?

Pretty okay. And yours? We hugged and I patted her back like I did when she was a child. I constantly needed to remind myself that she was still a teenager. She already behaved like a woman who knows how she can influence men. Given some more time to practice she would wrap them all around her pretty fingers.

Hannah has always been quite precocious. And she has always been quite a wicked character since she got old enough to spell the word. She normally stayed in the countryside during summers, in exact the same boarding school Laura attended as well. But where my new pony seemed to be quite the shy and introverted type, Hannah tended to be surrounded by flocks of friends and followers who jumped over each other to fullfill her wishes. She was kind of a princess, no question, and she was the sort of princess who would gladly watch two men duel and kill each other for her entertainment. My stepbrother has spoiled her and he knew she was spoiled, but it was already too late to change that by now. And frankly, I liked my niece. I had found out that she visited some dark chatrooms and websites on her laptop during last summer, toying with guys and enjoying chats about bdsm, bondage, all that stuff. Maybe the taste for it flows in our family somehow, even though she and I aren t related by blood.

I took her to the kitchen, where Laura sat just some days ago. She drank her lemonade quickly and we chit-chatted, teasing each other with jokes. I sometimes got the feeling that Hannah liked to flirt with me, but I wasn t not a hundred percent sure she was a teenage girl and with teenagers you never know.

And you won t believe what happened in school, uncle. A girl has disappeared. As if the ground opened up and swallowed her!

Really? A friend of yours?

Naah. Hannah made a face and took another sip of lemonade. Just some girl, not a friend. I didn't even like her.

Why not? What was the problem with her, didn't she enjoy jumping through your rings?

Very funny! Another face, but a good-mooded, sarcastic one. She was a new girl and you know, she let everyone know that her family has money and how good she is at math and so on. And she hated it here!

That was something Hannah couldn t understand, of course. She had known this area for years and enjoyed every summer here. It was her playground, her kingdom.

Well, and she somehow crossed you. I can see it in your wicked little eyes. I smiled a bit when Hannah shrugged. Admit it, she did something that pissed you off.

Dont talk so dirty, I m a teenager! Well ... I wasn t prepared for a test. And do you think that mean bitch would have helped me? No way! She scored an A, I scored D plus. She was just a bitch.

That reaction started a line of thoughts in my head: I have known Hannah since she was born and I knew more about her wickedness than even my stepbrother did. This situation did represent a chance, a great chance even. It was risky, but I didn't think it was too risky, compared to the possible gratification.

Why are you smiling like that? Uncle? Hey, why are you smiling like that? Do you know anything? Hannah nearly jumped across the table. I guess she knew many of my different ways of smiling and had recognized this version instantly.

I have just had an idea. But the idea could get you into trouble. You d have to be a good liar for it.

Hah! I convinced Dad that I need a motor roller to be safe when I travel home! She laughed, emptied the lemonade, looked at me with intense curiosity. So yeah I can lie like a master and you know it. I just oddly can never really lie to you for some reason and I hate that!

Well, you may hate it but I on my part am quite thankful for it. I bowed forward across the table, kept my voice down as if I was sharing a secret with her. I knew that Hannah was already on the hook.

If you went to your principal and told her that you saw Laura on Friday afternoon. And if you further told her that Laura wanted to take the train and later hitch-hike home because she was homesick would they believe you?

Hannah's eyes widened and she stared at me in disbelief for a moment. Wow. I didn't mention the girls name, Uncle...

I know. So, would they?

She thought for a moment, hesitating. She asked curiously but without much empathy for the disappeared girl: Is she alive?

Yup. But I won t tell you more. I need you on this, it would be a great help.

Wow. Is she ... Hannah looked around as if there might be a red-haired girl standing right behind her suddenly. Is she here?

She s nearby. And I'll show you what happened, but only if you help me. I don't want people to search the whole countryside and I don't want the police to send dogs and whatnot. If you tell them she left for the city many of my problems will be solved.

She was shocked. But just a bit. And she recovered extremely fast: It took only seconds until I received a nod and a curious, nearly feverish smile.

I can do it, yes. And yeah they will believe me, no problem.

Good. Start your motor roller, drive back home to school and tell the principal that you didn't say anything until now because you didn't want Laura to get into more trouble. And come back here tomorrow, okay?

I don't even have lessons tomorrow, I can be here in the morning!

Be here around nine then. Fair?

Hannah grinned. It was the grin of an ambitious young pirate who had just been invited to plunder her first galleon.