A Ponygirl Tale

by Cynetta Cynthia Cynclaire
- do not use without the author's permission.
- copyright June 2002

- 1 -

"I could do it! I'm in great shape and you know it!" Cherise was showing, but not feeling, the more than enough wine, champagne and more wine she had consumed starting early that afternoon. They had joined the other guests beside the huge, heated pool a little before four. Her date, a man she hardly really knew, beyond being a good screw, had been goading her for the hour they had ridden in the small carriage pulled by four, highly trained, experienced ponygirls.

"Look at the legs of the one in lead. Well muscled yet long and sensuous. She's magnificent and I'd not pass on the others either, especially that black."

"Why would you want to fuck a sweaty animal, Rex, when you have me?"

"They perform, all of the time, not just before a lens. They don't put on false scenes," he said.

"Has a great shape is more like it rather than being in shape." Almost falling from her self-induced inebriation, Cherise turned about unsteadily to see which of the other models had spoken.

Cherise, top model, had been set up. The jaws of the trap she was about to trigger were going to snap closed. She was a top moneymaker; mostly because of her top-heavy torso and great looks besides, but she was also at the top of everyone' (who had ever come close to her) 'Shit' list. She wasn't at the top of anything else except her own misplaced self-esteem.

"My Cherise that does sound a bit boastful. Those four are the best." Raven, their hostess, approached. Her hair, a thick waved mane matched her name.

"I'm every bit as good as they are. In fact, I'm better!" The spring was about to release its energy.

"Oh? Well I'm sure you think you are. Is there anyone else that might?" Raven, seemingly absently adjusted the narrow bands of chiffon pretending to hold Cherise's only assets in check. "I wonder if anyone else shares your boastful opinion?"

"Is there anyone who believes that this bimbo cunt could even pass as a farmer's ponygirl?" Raven, was now grasping Cherise's surgically enlarged nipples through the thin fabric as she raised her voice and addressed her guests.

"Top breed mare, that's about all", a male shouted. "A top fuck." "She couldn't even last a day," yelled a model. "Prove it!" The twelve couples soon were shouting everything they could think of to goad the bitch.

"More wine, sow?" Already incensed when the bare breasted maid curtseyed with a tray, Cherise lost any degree of control that she had retained.

to be continued...