Deborah of the Steppes

by Contrarian
- do not use without the author's permission.

Author's note: This story has elements of fantasy, non-human, female submissive, abduction, ponygirl, and non-consent/reluctance. There are also mild bondage, punk and catfighting themes.

Chapter One: Taken

The High Priest looked at the human women as one by one as they were targeted in the glowing portal.

The ground cracked with energy, as he moved the focus of the gate to each of the women who would soon be pulled through to his world.

First was the image of a pretty blonde fixing her hair while sitting in her parked "automobile" adjusting her lipstick, then the image in the shimmering portal switched to a striking redhead talking on a "cellphone", her plainer friend standing with obvious impatience beside her. All were near enough to the rift-points for them to be pulled though at the right time and all were in sufficiently secluded locations.

There were only a few minutes before the proper alignment of his world's two moons was over and the portal would close again for months. The electric crackling built to a crescendo, filling the ground.

Then, with a flash, it was over and the gate lay dormant again. But with him were now a dozen scared women: stunned, shivering and naked on the hard earthen floor.

With a motion by the red garbed alien Priest to the waiting guards, the women were swiftly enveloped by tough hided hands.

Iron shackles and leather gags soon bound screaming mouths and pinned their helpless, flailing limbs.


Deborah was thrashing and cursing into the tight leather gag around her moist lips. Her face was pressed to the cold packed earth floor by powerful arms. The young marketer's arms were bound shackled behind her.

Her light brown waves fell over her face, obscuring her vision in the poorly lit room. Around her she could hear muffled sobs and moaned pleas in a dozen voices, as well as harsh instructions from their captors.

She could not understand the bizarre language which they were talking; it was completely unlike any she had ever heard.

Watching from the side, Claudius grew very excited. In the days before, the 25 year old warrior had finally passed the last of the tests. He was now a Warden and allowed to select his own Human woman.

He was strangely drawn to the very tall, large breasted pale human woman, with long, light brown hair.

She was taller than the other earth women, even without her ponyboots.

She was also a little heavier than the other women captured, perhaps seven stone. She carried the extra weight on her wide hips and jutting ass, as well as her pale, freckled D cups.

She was also over twice as tall and far heavier than the primitive clay colored human-like aliens holding her down.

One by one his friends choose younger, more slender human women and snickered and ribbed him on his choice.

But in the end the Priest reassured him:

"Though her breasts are too large and her thighs a bit fat, she is very spirited and resisted more fiercely than any the others. If you can break her she will be a fine choice."

The Priest came with a noxious blue liquid, the first part of the rite. Yanking the gag away from Deborah's mouth and forcing her upright, he forced it down the struggling 28 year-old's throat.

"That begins the binding. You must break her now; there will not be another chance. "

Nervously, Claudius climbed the rope ladder to above and outside the 15 foot wooden wall of the large outdoor breaking square.

He was strong, but Claudius could see that the elixir was taking affect on the human female. She was getting much stronger now, unable to stay still, the exhilaration and charge of energy taking her. Though her face was perhaps not as pretty as some, she was actually quite pretty, with deep brown eyes. Her skin was like milk, and she had a high round ass atop impossibly long legs.

The young candidate approached the woman, pulling out his rapidly swelling member for the breaking ritual.

Deborah, the woman, strained hard against the two short guards on her sides holding her still by her manacles, forcing her into a kneeling position, her pretty face pressed on the dusty floor. She was kicking hard, getting stronger and wilder by the minute as the potion worked its effect.

Claudius's cock had now swollen to its full hardness, 14 inches long and thicker than the human girl's wrists. It was a tad small by the standards of their people, but terrifyingly huge to human women. It was covered in hard ridges and bumps.

He felt nervous at his own danger, especially as she gained the pony-strength from the potion. But he also felt her fear. It was sad that they had to go through the binding, but without it they would never be strong enough for the Steppes, and never bond with their rider.


The buxom woman was still held face down, her huge white ass pointing upwards. Her pussy lips were much larger than normal and, like most of the human women recently, she had only a small tuft of hair above her thick pink folds.

Claudius could make out some the human girl's language though he could not speak it. He heard her exclaim, as she rubbed free of her gag.

"No... no fucking way you are putting that in me, you gross little monster. It's as big as a baseball bat. If you touch me I will rip your fucking head..."

But in it went, in a sudden piercing thrust. "Arrrgggh. Ff-fuck you!"

He large eyes, wide as saucers, her nostrils widened, and her kicking became wild thrashing. "Ouch, you crazy motherfucker. Get it out. Ouchhh"

Then with a signal, the two handlers at her sides released her and sprinted for the safety of the rope ladders.

The Priest looked on intently. He hoped Claudius could stay inside her long enough, that he would in the end break her.

The binding potion would take at least 30 minutes more to reach full effect...


Claudius sat still as the Priest mended his badly twisted wrist. He was covered in scratches, his eye bruised, but he would mend. Sweat dripped from his ridged brows to his stomach.

His good hand rested on the shoulder of Deborah, as she sat submissively at his feet, her hair a dirty disheveled mess, her jutting breasts and ass a criss-cross of dark welts from the long leather crop now softly tapping her shoulder.

Even 10 minutes after Deborah had finally broken into an earthshaking orgasm, gushing forth a hot liquid wave for the first time in her life. She was still trembling as small orgasm after orgasm rocked over her.

The former rising star in the marketing department though back on the previous half hour -- the intensity of the memory flooding over her.

The rush of strength, his entering the ring, and then grabbing her. Her being released just as she felt his rock hard cock split her in two.

Try as she might, Deborah could not break his hold, his impossibly strong hands entwined in her think brown curls, forcing her head down. The whole time her pussy was screaming, on fire from a cock twice as large as any she had every experienced pushing inch by inch deeper. She did not know what the foul blue liquid contained, but it made the cocaine she had once took seem like powdered sugar.

Deborah Cohen could only come before by herself in the bath, but he was so powerful, taking what he wanted, she felt so... so helpless, so owned. The burning pressure became a fire, at the same time she became ever more exhausted from her struggles. Her wild kicking, scrambling and bucking could not loosen his iron grip. And always that damn crop cutting into her ass.

After 20 minutes, she suddenly did not resist him anymore, and as tears rolled down her face she just stopped moving, and thrust her ass up into him, to allow him to piston into and out of her as he wished.

The whipping stopped and a minute later she burst out screaming into the overwhelming orgasm she feared she could not have. She felt him tighten and his penis jerk as his copious fluids filled her. Her female ejaculate ran down her sweat covered legs, mixing with his thick semen as it streamed from her abused pussy.

Feeling completely a woman, it never even occurred to her to resist him as he led her out of the high wooden corral.

Chapter 2: The Chase

It was hot, as the noon sun beat overhear. Sweat slowly dripped from her thick golden hair, past her green eyes, stinging slightly.

As she looked across the wide, low grass covered plain. As everywhere she had seen in her months on this distant planet, it was as if a sea made of gently undulating hills and wide grassy stretches. It was only occasionally broken up by small knots of lush trees, or by fresh, crystal clear streams.

A bead fell past her tanned neck sliding between her huge, leather clad breasts. It made its way down the tight lines of her toned stomach, past her loincloth to the trimmed yellow patch Master Claudius left above her womanhood.

Claudius, her new master, stood beside her, looking through a worn brass spyglass. Even as she squatted, the weird, crop bearded alien man came only to Deborah's shoulder.

Deborah still hated him, but found her hate growing slightly tempered by understanding. She saw the villages of his people that were burned by the cruel doglike riders who raided them often. She saw the relief when he rode her into one to protect it.

She knew she would escape someday soon, but that strange blue potion had changed her in many ways. She had lost entirely her ability to speak, the best she could muster were small soft moans. She had changed physically too, she felt boundless energy and, while never that athletic before, now she could run for hours on end. Even carrying her hated master on her back.

The downside of the energy was an almost insatiable horniness. She was so overcome with lust she could barely sit at times. And even worse, after that first night, she could not make herself come, no matter how hard she fingered her soaking pussy. She tried the banana like fruits of the trees here. Nothing. Lose the banana, it sounds a bit ridiculous... if you do want to put something in, just say objects

The only thing that relieved her, since that day, was his hard touch, the throb of his weird rough penis and the wash of his thick sperm. She had never cum so hard or fucked any cock so eagerly before.

She did run away the first week, but with the lust building each day, unable to sleep for days yearning for release, she crawled back exhausted, stripped and offered herself to him in begging tears.


After hours of scanning the plain and small groves of trees, her master started hopping excitedly. The small man-creature grabbed his lance and his crop and, roughly grasping her collar, pulled himself onto her back.

"Now Deborah, we have the evil bastard, that whom we have been chasing this long times." He muttered, brokenly in his crude, almost barbaric English.

And then he leaped up onto her back, his crop already lashing her wide buttock and she leaped down the small hill and sprinted after the pair.


They had been chasing them for an hour, and Deborah felt her every breath was acid. Her Master, usually stern but rarely angry, was in a rare rage. His meter long crop, thin and wicked, had seen more use than the ever before. Her ass was a mesh of red welts, her muscular thighs and lithe waist showed signs of his will as well.

She cursed her over-sized breasts, even in the felt soft leather of the harness; they bounced mercilessly with every stride. She worried that her over-sized, fleshy curves might lead her to let down Claudius.

She saw that the Woman-steed she was chasing was finally tiring.

The meter tall twisted creature on her shoulders swung a cruelly barbed whip.

The woman under him was also human, like her. She was 8 or 9 years younger than Deborah's own 29 years. She was covered in wild tattoos and her lip, ear and brow were pierced. Her hair jutted upwards in a pointed blue mohawk and her dark eyes flashed crazed anger with every swing.

And with that they finally caught them. Deborah felt a sudden jerk as Claudius leaped from her saddle harness and then she crashed into the girl ahead of her and they tumbled to the ground kicking and slapping at each other.