Martha's Story
The Sequel to Amelia's Story

by Coachman
- do not use without the author's permission.

Chapter 7

I was held in The Clamp as it was known for the rest of the day and the night.

Unable to move my body below the waist, I could only lower my brow to the floor, supporting myself on my elbows and doze in short periods. I don’t think that I have ever experienced discomfort at that level before or since.

Morning came and it was Poppy who came to release me.

Stripped once more, she harnessed me with my bit, bridle, wrist and a neck collar which had a chain attached to it, and a pair of black high heels before leading me by the chain from the cellar.

I hobbled across the yard rather unsteadily, leg muscles cramping due to their inactivity for almost twenty four hours as I tottered on my high heels behind her.

She led me straight to the shower room, where a peasant stood, waiting for me.

Thank God for that, I thought, for I could feel the sweat and dried fluids from the previous night and all I wanted to do was wash it all from me, as well as my aching muscles.

The other ponies had been there a long time before me.

Poppy handed him the chain and he almost dragged me off my feet as he pulled me across to the side of the room.

From a hook on the wall, he took down three more chains, clipping one each to my bit rings.

The other, longer chain, he clipped to my wrist collars after pulling my arms behind me, so that my wrists were together. He looped the chain onto a hook hanging from the roof, and then pulled on a rope which drew my arms up behind me, forcing me to lean forward.

My bit chains hung down my back, over my shoulders.

He stood in front of me, and with a grim smile on his face, he slowly undressed.

Standing naked in front of me, I saw his rampant organ reaching out towards me.

I twisted on my chain, but that only upset my balance and put more strain on my backwards bent arms.

He giggled and took his organ in his hand, waving it at me as it got larger and larger.

Still giggling madly, he moved behind me and took hold of my rein chains, pulling back on my head.

He stepped up behind me until I felt his thighs against me. His organ lay up between my buttocks and he gave small, sharp thrusts against me as he tugged on my reins. My arms moved upwards as he lifted the hook, making me lean further forward which also meant my buttocks became more accessible to his by now wet organ.

He grunted and moved. I felt his sex against my bottom and before I could do anything, he gave one fast, hard thrust and I felt him slide inside my back passage.

I screamed and screamed as he twisted against my buttocks, feeling him drive deeper and deeper into me.

He pulled harder on my reins, pulling my head back so far that I could hardly breathe and all the time he drove again and again into me, each thrust going deeper and deeper into me.

Then, suddenly, realising that this was inevitable, I relaxed and allowed him to do what he wanted with me.

My body was no longer my own, just as my future was in the hands of my Owner, as was my very soul.

He slipped out of me and I felt him searching further forward between my thighs. I moved to allow him entry there as well and it was then that I had a second climax at the same time as I felt his fluids rush to meet my own.

All the time, Poppy had been standing watching.

At last my tormentor slipped from my body and I felt once more warm fluids run down the inside of my legs.

He slapped my buttock hard and then my arms were lowered and released.

Seconds later, he dragged me to the showers and still naked, he soaped and washed my body, his fingers searching once more between my buttocks and thighs.

I have never felt so humiliated and unclean in my life, even after a shower.

Once my ordeal was over, Poppy led me, my head hanging low with the embarrassment of having been watched by my captor, back to my stable and once more being harnessed for work.

It took me a long time to get over my punishment; I thought for a long time that the other ponies were talking about me behind my back and that they were aware of everything that had taken place.

I asked Daisy one morning and she assured me that none of what had taken place was known by anyone other than the staff and that the ponies would never be told.

At that news, I cheered up considerably.

From then on my life seemed to change.

I was given more shooves and different harnesses as well and it was only after I wondered how and why this was happening, that I was told by William that I had a new Owner and that she was more interested in my appearance than Miss Black had been.

My shooves ranged from leather covered, which looked really realistic and full length, laced leather shooves, fitted with metal ankle bands which could be used for hobbling as well.

For a week, I wore a pair of shooves which were fastened to my ankles by a riveted ankle band.

These were different inasmuch as they offered almost no support to the ankle. My feet were slid into the top of the shoove until the ball of my foot settled on a support inside the casing. Then a front strap was riveted to a wide ankle strap at the front holding the whole arrangement in place.

Even the sound they made as I clip-clopped around on them was different to that made by the more usual shoove. Actually, from that point of view, I preferred these ones. By the end of the week, I was sorry to lose them.

As I have said, my harness changed quite regularly as well and some of them were wonderful to wear, very

‘girlie’, if you know what I mean.

Made from fine leathers, they were sometimes embellished by gold or silver ornamentation.

Several were no more than a web of leather straps with ornamentation added, and I loved these, as they showed of my figure and the firmness of my breasts as I trotted proudly for my new Owner.

But here, I seem to be getting ahead of myself.

I had a new Owner for several weeks before I found out about her.

Miss Black and the others just stopped using me and I did wonder why. Was it because of my intransigence that day or was it that their circumstances had altered?

But the day William told me that I had changed hands somehow did not come as a surprise.

I was however, curious to know who my new Owner was.

I was not kept in suspense for very long.

One morning, shooved and glooved, and harnessed obviously for leisure, I was tethered to a sulky being drawn by Eden, and driven by Fleur.

We set of at an energy saving trot to the castle, enjoying the fact that I was not harnessed to the shafts for a change. It was just so nice to be able to look around me as I trailed the sulky on my loose reins.

I heard the birds singing and the leaves, now turning to brown and gold rustling in the still warm breeze. I knew that shortly, the weather would be cooler and that meant that our regime would alter as well; or at least, I hoped it would. I did not look forward at all to be run in the harness that we were wearing now.

My shooves beat a steady clip-clop on the hard track as we travelled along, Fleur using her whip lightly on Eden to keep her at a steady trot.

She said nothing during the whole journey, not even a word of encouragement to Eden and she did not look back at me at all.

The castle appeared before us and there stood a group of Members and guests awaiting our arrival.

Fleur drew us to a gentle and controlled stop in front of the gathering before dismounting and introducing Eden to them.

Most of them showed more interest in me and I preened myself in front of them, flicking my haunches to move my tail, scratching my shooves on the hard earth and tossing my head to make my long, beautiful blonde ponytail swirl around my shoulders as my metal bit rings clinked as I moved.

This they found amusing and it was Fleur who stopped my display with a quick stroke over my flank and the order, “Behave yourself, Rainbow”.

One of the Members took Eden’s reins from Fleur who then loosened my reins from the sulky and led me towards the courtyard and servant’s entrance.

With a swirl of my ponytail, I followed, as docile and obedient as a ponygirl should be, but pleased to get a titter of laughter from the assembly which earned me a hard jerk on my reins from Fleur.

Through the Servants Hall where Marietta was again on duty, I was led, shooves clattering on the stone floor, then horror of horrors, through the heavy door into the Holy of Holies, the Members area.

How was Fleur allowed to do this? What was ahead? Was all this for my new Owner? I had to believe that it was the only reason I would be taken through that door.

Along a narrow passage and up a flight of stone stairs, we went, until Fleur led me through another door which opened onto a sumptuously furnished hallway.

She tapped carefully on a door then opened it and led me through into a bedroom. Actually, it was more than just a bedroom; it was a lady’s boudoir, obviously furnished at vast expense.

Standing beside the four-poster bed, stood a lady dressed only in her underwear, bra, panty and suspender

belt in the most beautiful black lace, which showed off her figure to perfection. Attached to the suspender belt by pretty pink satin fasteners was a pair of sheer black stockings. On her feet she wore a pair of high heeled black shoes.

I gasped behind my bit at the sheer luxury of what she was wearing. Ooh, how I would have loved to own them myself.

At her throat, a string of pearls matched at her wrist with a pearl bracelet and in her ears, pearl studs. All, of course they were absolutely perfect and priceless.

She was aged about late thirties, I would think, with beautifully coiffed, titian coloured hair, swept up to the back of her head.

Her make-up was impeccable, beautifully applied, her lips perfectly shaped and accentuated with the most delicious shade of red.

She stood, fingers on her suspender belt, her eyes half closed, mouth slightly open and stared at me.

Fleur dipped in curtsey.

“Madam”, she said, “Your latest purchase, Rainbow”.

“Thank you, Fleur”, she answered, then took a few steps across the room to where I was standing, eyes lowered. So this was my new Owner.

She was gorgeous.

No, she was beautiful.

Her long fingers slid up to my chin, lifting my face so that she could see me properly.

“Rainbow”, she murmured, “You are now mine”.

Obediently, I dropped to my knees as I had been taught, placing my glooves on the fronts of my partly opened legs.

“My, Rainbow, so well done”, she said and clapped her hands.

To Fleur, she said, ”Hold her here for the rest of the day, and I shall come down to the stables tomorrow morning to get to know her properly.”

“Certainly, Madam”, replied Fleur and curtsied again.

“One more thing, Fleur, please tell Robert that he was right, she is just what I am looking for and she seems well worth the £75,000 she has cost me”.

My God! Do we change hands for as much as that! We must be worth a lot to them if they pay that for us, I thought.

Back down in the courtyard, Fleur tied my reins to the hitching rail and left me to my own thoughts for a while. I found it really hard to comprehend that a woman would buy or sell another woman as though she was a mere chattel. But, considering everything, I suppose that is what we really are, nothing more than a chattel to be bought or sold on a whim.

The following morning, I was showered earlier than usual and told to apply make-up.

After that, I was harnessed and part of my hair was ‘spiked’ in the centre of my head.

Robert oversaw the transformation and did tell me that I was to start training for the Gala’s that morning.

My new Owner, who Poppy had told me was Miss Phyllida Morris appeared shortly afterwards and taking the chain attached to my throat corset, led me from the stables out of the farm and into a field.

“Now, Rainbow, you will get down on your hands and knees and then you will balance on your right knee and left hand. You will hold that position until you hear my whip crack, then you will change to left knee and right hand. Each time you hear the whip, you will change back and at the same time you will pivot on your right hand, so that you will turn in a circle as you move. Do you understand that”, she concluded.

I stamped my shoove and nodded.

“Down, then”, she ordered and I obeyed.

“Now then, you must reach your free leg out as straight as you can and at the same time your free arm as well”.

I nodded my head in understanding.

The whip cracked and I lifted my arm and opposite leg as ordered, finding it very difficult to maintain my balance as I reached them out as far as I could.

A tap on my buttock, and, “ Leg out further, rainbow, a lot further”.

That day was absolute Hell, but eventually, by mid afternoon, I was at least performing most of the movements to my Owner’s satisfaction.

She finished off the session with some lunge rein trotting, which delighted her no end at the way I performed for her.

Actually, I found this a lot better and easier than what I had been doing.

She left me with Poppy and told me that she would be back the following morning for more rehearsals.

Her final act was to offer me a piece of sweet apple on the palm of her hand.