Surprise! Surprise!

by Captv8td
- do not use without the author's permission.

Synopsis: Jane's friend invited her to meet at a coffee shop to celebrate Jane's graduation. The friend had a very unique way of celebrating, however. And later, even the friend became surprised.

Chapter 1: The Game Begins

Jane Collins sat expectantly in the coffee shop. It was a beautiful, warm Spring morning and she had been half-tempted to take one of the outside tables on the sidewalk. But Emily had told her that she would meet her inside. So Jane sat inside and gazed at the park across the street.

Deep inside, Jane knew that it would have been find if she had taken an outside table. But, out of respect, she sat inside and watched the lattes and cappuccinos and frappuccinos being made and served to the endless line of customers.

Jane and Emily had been close for twenty years. Jane was now twenty four and was a bona fide adult, having gone through college and two years of graduate school. She completed her last exam only two days earlier and the only formality left was to collect her diploma.

Emily Braxton was thirty four, ten years older than Jane almost to the day. They had first been introduced by Jane’s parents when Emily had been hired to babysit a four-year old Jane. Since that first meeting of infant and teenager, they had grown close and had become fast friends. It was difficult to describe their friendship, however. It was something of an amalgamation of babysitter, older/younger sister, mother/daughter, close confidant and co-conspirator.

Jane had wondered about meeting. Was this just a casual cup of coffee? Did Emily have plans for after the coffee? Frequently, they would go to a museum or for a ride in the country. Sometimes, Emily would take her to dinner, but this was far too early in the day for that. But it still had left her in a quandary about how to dress for the occasion. Should she dress up? No. That would make her appear expectant. Maybe something elegantly casual? No. That would also make it appear that she was anticipating something. And she was now a totally free, credentialed, and degreed young woman. She could wear whatever she liked and she wanted to create the appearance that she was not expecting her friend to set the agenda.

She had settled on a navy blue top with khaki shorts and sandals. She thought that this would signal that she was simply meeting her friend for coffee with no expectations of imposing on her friend’s generosity.

She had debated about the bra. What would it signal if she wore one? How would it be interpreted if she didn’t? She decided that she had obviously taken way too many psychology courses in college to even wonder about this. And she made the decision to let her 38D breasts just fend for themselves without the support of a bra.

At exactly the designated time, Emily strode through the door and crossed the distance to the table, leaning down to give Jane a kiss on the cheek and a hug. “How ya doin’, pip?”

Jane blushed as she heard the twenty year old pet name that Emily had dubbed her with early on in their relationship. “I’m great, Em,” she replied as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

“Glad to hear it. Let me get a coffee and I’ll be right with you.” With that, Emily dumped her purse on the table and headed off to the bar with her wallet. She returned a couple of minutes later with a steaming brew of something exotic and plopped herself into the chair beside Jane.

“I still can’t get over how you have changed,” she said as she reached for her purse and set it beneath the table. “I think that the first time I saw you, you weren’t much bigger than one of these.” As she said “these” she reached out and playfully poked Jane’s nearest breast, causing Jane to gasp and jump back.

But you never moved quite like that when you were that size.” She snickered as she saw the breast swaying and jiggling beneath Jane’s top.

“Em!” hissed Jane as quietly as she could. “Please! I’m not a kid any more!”

“I’ll say,” laughed Emily. “You’re really packing these days.”

Again, Jane blushed and tried to hide her embarrassment by taking a sip of her coffee.

“Okay, okay, I’ll behave. It’s so good to see you. I just got carried away. Forgive me?”

“You’re forgiven,” smiled Jane as she realized she was regaining control of the situation.

“Hugs?” asked Emily as she stretched out her arms.

“Oh, okay,” replied Jane sheepishly as she leaned toward Emily gave her a hug.

“Much better,” said a contented Emily. “So tell me what’s up. I’m dying to hear about all of your plans now that school’s over.”

And Jane spent the next twenty minutes described all of the horrors of final exams and all of the possibilities that lay ahead of her. She babbled on nonstop until she had run through every career possibility under the sun.

‘So no plans, huh?” asked Emily when the monologue had finished.

“Well nothing definite,” replied Jane, defensively. “But I have a lot of opportunities.”

“So where ya goin’ to work on Monday?”

“Em!” cried an exasperated Jane. “Don’t I get any time off at all?”

“Yep, you do,” smiled Emily. “I was just kidding. You should have some time where you don’t have to make any decisions. You should be free of any responsibilities. Lord knows you’ve had enough decisions to worry about for the past few years. And I have just the answer for you.”

"You do?" replied Jane expectantly.

"You bet I do. And I have a present for you." With that, she reached down to her purse and started to rummage around. "Just reach down here and get it."

Without thinking, Jane quickly bent over and reached beneath the table, expecting Emily to place some concert tickets or maybe even plane tickets in her hands. Instead, she felt cold steel against her wrists andheard clicking sounds.

"What are you doing?" cried a very surprised Jane.

"Hush, pip" replied Emily quietly, "unless you want everyone in the place to hear you."

Jane quickly glanced around to see if anyone had noticed her embarrassing predicament. Thankfully, everyone was engaged in chatting with friends and sipping exotic coffee.

"What are you doing?" she asked again, but in hushed tones this time.

"Helping you relax," smiled Emily.

"Relax?" asked Jane,using a louder voice than was appropriate. Emily quickly reached out and placed her finger on Jane's lips to quiet her. "Relax?" said Jane in a whisper. "How is this supposed to relax me?"

"It frees you from decisions and responsibilities" replied Emily. "As long as you are wearing those, you don't have any worries. I'm forced to make all of the decisions for you."

"Is this some kind of a game?" asked Jane as she furrowed her brow.

"Exactly," responded Emily as her finger stroked Jane's cheek lightly. "Just think of it as a game."

"You can't be serious!" hissed Jane as she started to get annoyed with her older friend. "I don't think this is funny at all."

"Take a deep breath, girl," instructed Emily. "Where's your sense of adventure? This should be lots of fun. In fact, let's get started. Time to go." With that, Emily arose and waited for Jane.

"I can't walk out of here like this. People will think I'm some sort of criminal or something," complained Jane.

"Oh sure you can," replied Emily. "Just drape this scarf over your hands and nobody will know the difference."

"I don't know about this," said Jane warily as she tried to arrange the scarf to make herself as inconspicuous as possible.

"Don't be a ninny" chided Emily. "Come on, let's go." And she grabbed Jane's ponytail as she headed toward the door, urging Jane into motion.

"Okay, okay," said Jane as she jumped to her feet. "I'll go along with the gag, but you have a lot of explaining to do."

"No problems," quipped Emily as she used the brunette ponytail as a handle to steer Jane toward the exit. "There'll be plenty of time for explanations later. Plenty of time."

Emily finally released her charge's hair but draped an arm across Jane's shoulders so that she could continue to guide the younger woman. "These puppies can really move around!" Emily said as she again playfully poked at one of Jane's untethered breasts.

"Hey!" protested Jane, only to be pushed into the passenger seat of Emily's car. Emily got into the driver's seat and then reached across to buckle Jane's seatbelt. "Now you're doubly locked up. And not a care in the world. Don't you feel better already?"

"Not really" muttered Jane.

"Spoil sport!" With that, Emily started the car and drove across town. They exited the city and, within an hour, arrived at Emily's home.

Chapter 2: The Game Annoys

Emily had inherited the old farmhouse and the surrounding property a few years earlier when her father died. The land had not been farmed in many years and now was largely woodland. The long driveway was tree lined but eventually opened up into a well-manicured yard with the farmhouse and barn and a few other structures throughout the opening.

After parking the car, Emily went around to the other side, unbuckled Jane, and then helped her out of the car. Again, she led her charge with her arm draped over Jane's shoulders to the front door. But before opening the door, she lifted the scarf that had been covering Jane's handcuffs. Then she rolled it into a band and held it up in front of Jane's eyes. It was obvious to Jane that her friend and her captor meant to blindfold her.

"Do you trust me?" asked Emily.

"Not one bit," retorted Jane.

Emily laughed. "That's okay. You probably shouldn't. But at least I know you love me." With that, she tied the scarf around Jane's head, stealing all sight from her.

"Does it get better?" asked Jane, sarcastically.

"Oh, it gets much better. You're going to love it."

Emily opened the door and led Jane inside, keeping her arm around Jane's waist to steer her and avoid any collisions. Jane felt herself being turned this way and that but knew at all times where she was since she had been in the house so many times.

"Oh. You pulled up the carpet," said Jane as an effort to frustrate her captor. She figured that if she demonstrated that she was not being confused and that she knew what was going on around her, then Emily might grow tired of the game.

"Yep. Too many blood stains," Emily shot back,causing Jane to stop dead in her tracks. Emily laughed and gave Jane a swat on the bottom. "Just kidding," she said. But it was still enough to melt away a little more of Jane's confidence.

Emily drew Janeto a halt. "I'm going to uncuff you first. Are you going to be a good girl?"

"I'm always a good girl, Nanny Em" replied Jane in a childish singsong voice, trying to mock Emily's question. "You know I am."

Emily laughed and patted Jane on the top of her head."Yes you are such a good girl."

"Jane felt Emily's fingers fumbling with one of the cuffs and breathed a sigh of relief when she felt it open. But before she could celebrate too much, she felt that arm being raised quickly and heard the ominous sound of the cuffs being clicked shut again.

"Oh my god! What do you think you are doing?" exclaimed a surprised and frustrated Jane.

"I think I'm just doing you the favor that I promised. No decisions. No responsibilities."

Jane was quickly growing tired of the game and started to pull at her binding. But she let out a loud "Ouch" when her efforts led to the metal cuffs digging into the tender flesh of her wrist. Emily had left one cuff attached to Jane's right wrist but had attached its mate toa steel ring embedded in the wall above her captive's head.

Jane reached up with her newly freed hand and ripped off her blindfold to glare at Emily. "You have a lot of explaining to do!"

"I keep telling you, but you don't listen. I explain but you don't understand." Emily reached out to stroke Jane's cheek but Jane swatted away the hand. "I already told you. I'm giving you a vacationfrom decisions and responsibilities."

"You call this a vacation?!?!" shouted Jane, indignantly.

"Of course I do," smiled Emily. "Would lashing both arms to the wall be better?"

Jane just shook her head in disbelief. "No, that won't make it better. This is fine." Then she shook her head again as she realized what she had just said. This wasn't fine. This wasn'tfine at all.

"Okay. One hand free. The other hand bound," said Emily cheerfully. "That will make it easier for you to get out of your clothes."

"What!?!?!?!" shouted Jane again, her voice rising a few octaves this time.

"Slavegirls should be kept naked. Surely you knew that," replied Emily, feigning surprise at the question.

"I'm not a slavegirl. And I think you had better let me go now. This is getting too weird for me."

"Hmmm. Not a slavegirl. Maybe I missed something." Emily furrowed her brow as if in contemplation. "Let's see. Slavegirls are girls. And you certainly qualify there." She reached out and quickly gave Jane's left breast a gentle poke.

"Stop that!" admonished Jane.

"So the real question is 'are you a slave?'" she went on. "Well slaves are people who are owned by other people. And I claimed you today. So that makes you my property. Yep, you are my slave. So that makes you my slavegirl."

"Oh god I can't believe this is happening to me," groaned Jane.

"Oh, it's really happening to you, pip. And it's great for both of us. I get a new toy and you have no worries in the world. Now off with the clothes."

"Em, please be reasonable. Let me go and we can forget this ever happened."

Emily ignored Jane's plea and, instead, went to a table, picking up what Jane immediately recognized as a whip. She smiled sweetly as she walked back to Jane and lifted the wip to caress Jane's cheek with the leather.

"You wouldn't dare," growled Jane.

"Oh wouldn't I?" responded Emily in a sweet tone. Before Jane could react, the whip wistled through the air and cracked loudly on Jane's bottom. Thankfully, the shorts absorbed most of the impact, but it was still enough to elicit a howl out of the captive girl.

"That hurt!" she cried out.

"It was supposed to hurt. Now start peeling before you get another one."

Jane continued to glare defiantly at her captor. "I won't!" she proclaimed. This was immediately followed by another whistle and crack.

"Suit yourself," said Emily as she reached back to swing the whip again.

"Stop!" shrieked Jane. "Why are you doing this? What did I do to make you mad?"

"Oh little one," said Emily who dropped the whip and rushed forward to hug Jane. "You haven't made me mad at all. I love you."

"Then why are you hurting me?" sniffled Jane, tearfully.

"Because you chose it, pip. You could have obeyed me but you chose pain instead."

"I didn't," Jane sobbed. "I never wanted to be whipped."

"Then you should just take off your clothes like a good little girl. Okay?" asked Emily as she stroked Jane's hair and tilted her head forward to kiss her forehead.

"Okay. But no more whips, okay?"

"Well no more that are not deserved," replied Emily. With that weak reassurance, Jane struggled out of her clothes until only the shoulder strap of her shirt dangledfrom her cuffed arm. Emily solved that problem by cuffing the other wrist to the wall and releasing the original one, leaving Jane standing in all of her naked glory.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my," exclaimed Emily. "Oh my how you have grown." She reached out and cupped a breast in her hand causing Jane to shrink away.

"Oh Em," whispered Jane. "What's going on? Did you go lez or something?"

Emily laughed. "No way. That would be too boring. I'm very diverse in my tastes. You might even consider my tastes eclectic."

Chapter 3: The Game Turns Serious

Jane was at a loss about what to do. A couple of hours ago, she was enjoying a carefree Spring day and waiting to meet her best friend in the world. Now she was a naked prisoner and was being groped by that same friend. She had to escape and get back to normalcy somehow. But how could she do it?

She gritted her teeth and, in a quick motion, lashed out with her right leg and swing with her free arm to catch the unsuspecting Emily off guard and send her sprawling backward. Emily grunted as she hit the floor and then shook her head to clear it.

"That wasn't very nice," she said as she sat up and grasped her knees to gaze at her prey.

"Well stripping me and groping me wasn't very nice, either," shouted Jane. Jane's whole body was tensed for action but she was also trembling, which probably betrayed her fear.

"Ooooo,I love the way your breasts bounce when you do that," grinned Emily as she remained seated on the floor. "Bend over and move your chest back and forth. I think they'll sway deliciously."

"Stop it!" screamed Jane. "Stop it, stop it, stop it! What do you want of me?"

"Why, everything of course," replied Emily. "I want everything. I want you completely and totally."

"I just don't understand," said a confused Jane.

"It's simple, really," Emily continued. "For years, I have loved you. And recently, I have wanted to own a slave. And then if finally dawned on me that you would be a perfect slavegirl for me. So I captured you and claimed you. Of course, I wanted to wait until you were finished with school. Having an educated slave is much better than having an ignorant one. And I might add a slaveboy someday. Maybe even another slavegirl. But that can wait."

"You're crazy!" Jane uttered as she shook her head in disbelief. "This can't be happening to me."

Emily remained silent but inwardly smiled as she watched the captive girl. And she congratulated herself on her catch. Jane was truly beautiful. She was taller than average at five feet ten inches, just an inch shorter than Emily. She had a beautiful almond-shaped face with aristocratic features. Beautiful green eyes were temporarily wet with tears, but Emily knew that would change soon enough.

A slender but angular nose and a well-defined, strong chin gave her face definition. She had the elegant look of a model and, when her long slender neck was added to the mix, the look was elevated to that of royalty. “My own personal slave princess,” mused Emily.

Jane’s flesh was soft, supple and toned. Jane had always been active and reasonably athletic. She was sure that her prisoner had little fat and what body fat she did have was splendidly distributed and put to good use. Emily’s earlier fondling had told her how amazingly soft and smooth and tender Jane was. A perfect specimen of femininity.

Her skin still showed faint tan lines from time spent in the sun during the previous Summer. Emily remembered how beautifully Jane tanned and licked her lips as she pictured her slave tanned to a nice golden brown. “No tan lines this Summer,” she thought.

Jane had many “best features” and certainly her breasts were near the top of that list. Full and firm and without a hint of sagging, they stood proudly on the naked woman’s chest. Again, Emily found herself licking her lips as she eyed the mouthwatering nipples that capped the breasts. Each areola was slightly larger than a quarter and each nipple seemed to be perpetually erect. Emily wondered how sensitive the delectable nubs were and made a mental note to find out in the near future.

From the chest down, Jane was a spectacular combination of curves as her body narrowed to a slender waist before flaring out to smallish, but still extremely feminine hips. Emily saw Jane’s belly quivering nervously and saw how tight and fit the girl’s musculature was. Moving downward, Emily saw the brown thatch of hair covering Jane’s mound and noticed how neatly manicured it was. This was quite attractive to Emily and left her in a quandary. She had planned on shaving off that hair but now she wasn’t so sure.

The image was capped off by two long, slender, strong legs that tapered down to delicate ankles. “Even her feet are beautiful,” thought Emily as she eyed Jane’s feet with their red, painted nails.

So far, Emily’s plan had worked perfectly. She had captured the beautiful prey and had spirited her to her home where she could enjoy the new toy in seclusion and privacy. The best part of this old farm was that it was relatively free from prying eyes. The closest neighbors were the Hopewells, a couple who had also escaped to the country from the big city, but they were at least a half mile away and rarely dropped by unannounced. But Emily’s problem was that she had run out of plan. She had devised a scheme to capture Jane. Now, she needed to figure out what to do with her.

She found the whole scene highly erotic and knew, without touching herself, that her sex was so wet that it could be considered swampy. Having a naked girl chained to the wall of your living room sent all sorts of sexual thrills through one’s mind and she wondered if Jane also saw anything erotic in the image.

But she found herself wondering why she found this so appealing. It wasn’t as if she were a lesbian or anything like that. Sure, she had fooled around with some girls in high school and, later, in college. But it had all been kind of experimental and exploratory and light. Lips and laughs, she used to call it because those scenes had been mostly filled with kissing and giggling and a little bit of petting thrown in. The heaviest it had gotten was in college when she and another girl had sat naked on the bed together and masturbated each other to orgasm.

She still enjoyed men. In fact, her current boyfriend was very good in bed. She decided that she definitely enjoyed heterosexual activities. “I wonder,” she thought, “if I should share pip with Rob? That might make things interesting. I’ll have to think about that.”

Emily gazed at Jane and saw her leaning back against the wall, looking defeated. Now she would be able to explore the softer side of sex a lot more. But where to start?

Jane’s tears had stopped flowing by this time. Emily got back to her feet and approached her girl causing Jane to tense again.

“Relax, little one. I’m not going to hurt you,” she said gently as she reached out and brushed a stray hair off of Jane’s cheek. “This will be a lot of fun and it will be exciting. You’ll see.”

“But you kidnapped me, Em,” she said softly. “You could go to prison for that.”

“Yes, I suppose I did,” replied Emily. “And I suppose I could. Well let’s just see how it goes for awhile. If it doesn’t work for both of us, I promise I’ll release you and you will be free to send me to prison. But in the meantime, you’re my slave.”

“For how long?” asked Jane, hopefully.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to play it by ear. But we should know soon enough, I would think.”

“A day? A week? How long?”

“I really don’t know, pip,” replied Emily. “You’ll just have to trust me.”

Jane groaned. “What will I have to do? What do you expect of me?”

Emily smiled. “Everything. “You’ll have to do everything that I tell you to do. That’s what being a slave is all about.”

“But what’s included in everything?”

“We’ll see. Probably some chores. I think I might like having you bathe me and dress me and serve me. I like to be pampered. And I would imagine that sex will enter into it.”

Jane gasped. “Sex with you? But I’m not lesbian!”

“I’m not either,” smiled Emily, letting her fingers trace Jane’s jawline. “But I’ve thought about what it must be like. And now we’ll both get a chance to explore it. We’ll call ourselves bi though. Not lesbian.”

“And there may be sex with others,” Emily continued. “I’ll be sure to sprinkle in enough men to keep us from thinking that we’re lesbians. And there are endless other possibilities. I read a story once where a girl was treated as a pony. It might be fun to harness you and drive you around the farm.”

Jane hung her head as she listened to her friend and consciously resisted the urge to swat Emily’s hand away from her face. She figured that she shouldn’t do anything to anger her captor in case Emily had somehow become mentally imbalanced.

“And I think that you might be a decorative addition to parties that I throw. Maybe have you chained like this. Or bound kneeling in the middle of the room. Or even have you be a centerpiece on the dining room table. Oh, the possibilities are endless.”

“You won’t whip me again, will you?”

“Only if you are bad,” Emily replied. “Well, that’s not entirely true. I might do things to you that you don’t like just to experiment or for special effects. But I promise you that nothing will be severe unless you are bad. Are you planning to be a bad girl?”

“No, Em, I’m not planning anything.”

Emily smiled brightly and kissed Jane’s forehead again. “Now you’re getting into it. I knew you would eventually. You don’t have to plan anything. That’s my job. This should just be a wonderful and exciting vacation for you.”

By this time, it was early afternoon and Emily decided that it was a beautiful day for a walk. First, she shackled Jane’s ankles together with another pair of handcuffs so Jane would not be able to try to escape. Then she released the cuff from the wall and resecured Jane’s wrists, this time behind the girl’s back. When Jane’s wrists were cuffed again, Emily removed the shackles.

“Am I going to be handcuffed all the time?”

“No, not all the time. Sometimes I might use chains or rope, although I have to get a lot better with knots if I’m going to use rope. And maybe I’ll buy a little cage for my little pet. Ooooooo and maybe some old fashioned stocks! That would make it easy to play with these.” And she reached out to tweak the twin nipples to emphasize her point. Then, to quell her curiosity, she quickly darted her hand to between Jane’s legs and slipped a finger into her, finding her just as wet as she imagined herself to be.

Surprise! Surprise!