Fire and Storm

- written by Brock
- edited by SirJeff

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CHAPTER 16 - The Mating

Once the stable had settled down and got back to normal, the Contessa called Hannah to discuss her plans for Fire and Storm. "I think it is time that we had them mated," she began. "They have been here for two years and I think the break from all forms of competition while they are in foal will do them good." Hannah asked if the Contessa had a stallion in mind. "I think Comanche for Fire and Galahad for Storm." "Yes, I have noticed that Fire and Storm seem to make for those two when we put them out for servicing," said Hannah. "Shall I make the arrangements?"

Fire realised that something was to happen to her when she was allowed to come into season. When a filly first enters the stables she is injected so that she doesn't experience a season. When the Contessa decides that a mare is ready for mating she is re-injected to allow her to come into season. When the time is right there is a ritual mating. This was about to happen to Fire. A very similar thought occurred to Storm, although neither was aware that the other was being prepared for mating.

Fire was woken in the usual way and taken to the bathing station where she was thoroughly cleansed. After she was dried, she was oiled with fragrant scented oil. Her hair, normally done in a cascading ponytail was braided and tied with white ribbon. Her tail was fixed so that gave the appearance of being docked. This also was tied with white ribbon. The harness, hoof-boots and arm restraints were white as well. Although Fire was desperate to know what was to happen to her, she had been trained too well to speak. She whinnied rather plaintively. She looked so forlorn that Hannah took pity on her and told her she was going to be mated. Fire had been serviced several times since she first arrived so she couldn't quite understand why she should be rigged out so elegantly. Unfortunately for her Hannah was too busy to have a long time with her and had told her all she was going to. Another deviation from her normal harness was the fact that her neck collar was left off and also she wasn't fitted with blinkers. This gave her freedom to turn her head and see what was happening to the side of her. Her bridle was fitted but without a bit.

Once she was harnessed to Hannah's satisfaction, she was led out into the yard. This came as a complete shock as when she was being walked round she could see rows of seats with people sitting in them. She faltered slightly but after a sharp tug on the reins, she continued moving round the yard. After completing a full circuit, she was led to a bar in the centre of the yard. This bar was at waist height and she was pulled gently by her bridle reins until she was leaning horizontally over it, with her shoulders resting on a padded bar. Once she was in position she was tethered. Hannah stroked her and kissed her on the nose, whispering that she should just relax and enjoy the experience.

Fire thought how could she enjoy a sexual encounter in front of an audience? She attempted to see who was in the audience but apart from the Contessa and Lord Peter and Lady Veronica she couldn't recognise anyone else. She thought about her old friends and acquaintances and what they would think if they could see her now. Fire shook herself, what, she mused had made her think about that. Then she remembered 'JD' Roberts and shuddered. It didn't bear thinking about that he might see her. She moved her thoughts to wondering which stallion they would use. She hoped that it would be Comanche. She didn't have long to wait, suddenly there was the sound of hooves and into her vision came none other than Comanche. He obviously had no worries about performing in front of an audience judging by his erection.

Comanche moved towards Fire and bending down, nuzzled her, gently biting her neck and ears. He walked round her licking, nipping and rubbing himself on her. Fire was starting to feel her juices flow and wanted Comanche inside her. He moved to her front and stood with his erect penis at her mouth, pushing it forward. She was frightened that he would orgasm in her mouth but he kept pushing forward so that she had no choice but to take him in. He stayed in her mouth for maybe five minutes while she sucked and licked. Just when she felt that he was going to ejaculate Comanche pulled out and started licking and biting her, he moved to her back and licked her vagina and her perineum. By this time she was so desperate for him to take her that she wanted to shout out loud, fuck me, oh please fuck me, but she was a well-trained and obedient pony so she just whinnied forlornly. Comanche sensed that she was ready for him and he entered her. For what seemed an agonisingly long time he stayed quite still, then, slowly he moved, back and forth, Fire tried to hold on to him by gripping with her vaginal muscles but he drew back right to her labia lips then just when she thought he was going to pull out he moved in again. He was moving faster now and his testicles were hitting the bells on her vagina making them ring. At the same time the movement of their copulating bodies was making Fire's breast bells ring. The sound of the bells was all that could be heard as the audience was enthralled by the action.

Fire could feel herself being brought to the brink of a climax; she tried to increase the friction by moving her rump as much as she was able and by using her vaginal muscles. Comanche was moving faster and faster until finally at the same time as Fire came, he shot his seed into her. They both let out loud whinnies which, coupled with the spontaneous applause from the audience, could be heard right through the stable yard.

The grooms allowed Comanche to stay up against Fire while he was becoming flaccid. Fire was giving little shudders each time Comanche's penis moved further from her until finally he slipped right out. Comanche was led away by his groom while Hannah unfastened Fire and clipping the bridle reins on led her to the bathing station where her harness, hoof boots and bells were removed and she was hosed down. When she was dry her hoof boots, arm binders, bridle and tail were replaced and she was led to a different stall from the one she shared with Storm. The new stall was slightly different from normal in that it had a door at the back which when opened led into a small area of grass with a high brick wall surrounding it. At the far end there was another door, which opened out onto the main stables.

Fire wandered round the yard wondering why she was there when suddenly the door at the back of the yard opened and in was led Comanche. He trotted up to her and began rubbing his body on hers. Fire immediately dropped to her knees and started licking his penis and testicles before taking his penis in her mouth. Hannah, who was watching on CCTV with the Contessa, was about to go and stop Fire when the Contessa said no, leave her; she is accepting Comanche as her mate. Comanche tried to remove himself from Fire's mouth but she nipped him harder and he stayed where he was. Immediately Fire realised Comanche was not pulling out of her mouth she covered her teeth with her lips and proceeded to suck him at the same time caressing the underside of his penis with her tongue. Five minutes later Comanche had deposited his sperm in Fire's mouth. Fire struggled valiantly to swallow all of the semen, and she was successful in her attempt.

When Comanche had recovered sufficiently he began playfully nipping Fire and rubbing his body over her. They were trotting to and fro around the yard, first one would nip or lick the other then it would be the reverse. Suddenly, without warning Fire dropped to her knees and wriggled her haunches at Comanche. There, said the Contessa to Hannah, she's letting him know that she is submitting to him and that he is the dominant one. Comanche didn't need further encouragement to mount her. They were kept together until feeding time but there was only one other mounting.

Gretchen arrived in the control room just as the cameras were focussing on Storm and Galahad. She took the opportunity to ask why, after the ritual mating, the Contessa allowed the mares to continue to be serviced by the stallions. "It's like this, the ritual mating is done solely for the benefit of the guests, and although it is perfectly possible for impregnation to have occurred, we like to give further opportunities for it to happen. It is also better for the mares to be more relaxed, hence the opportunity for them to copulate in relative privacy."

As soon as the vet pronounced both mares to be pregnant, there was no further sexual activity for a while as tests were carried out on the well being of both mares. During this time the Contessa said that provided both mares were given the go ahead by the vet they would be serviced as normal but only by Galahad and Comanche, so there would only be one pair in the field at any one time.

CHAPTER 17 - A Revelation

About a month later while Fire and Storm were being exercised the bombshell hit; they were brought face to face with 'JD' Roberts. Hannah tightened her grip on the reins and took a large intake of breath. "Good morning Mr Roberts," she said coolly. 'JD' snubbed her saying; I don't speak to jumped up pony girls and addressed Fire and Storm. "Well, well, well my beauties," he smirked, "and how are we today?" He rubbed his hands gleefully. "Now let's see, your names are Janice Malvern and Abigail Simpson are they not? No I forgot, you are Fire and Storm, silly me."

Fire took a step towards 'JD' but Hannah held her firm. 'JD' continued goading them especially Fire, saying that her stupid pride got her into this mess. If she had thought that she could get one over on him she had proved how stupid she was. As for Storm he called her a silly little girl who wouldn't be here today if she had half an ounce of sense. The final straw was when he said that they were just two sluts who had been publicly fucked; he had enjoyed watching them and obviously they had enjoyed the experience, he had videoed the event and no doubt their former colleagues would like to see it. At that point, as one, Fire and Storm lunged forward taking Hannah by complete surprise and both kicked him in the testicles. His scream of pain brought other grooms running over. Hannah got one of them to take Fire and Storm to their stalls. She didn't need to call for medical assistance as the hospital was close by and the nursing staff came running out. They quickly assisted 'JD' into the hospital wing while Hannah went to report to the Contessa.

After Hannah had finished telling the Contessa what had happened, they went to the control room to check the videotape from the area. It confirmed the actions but without sound there was no corroboration as to what was said. The Contessa decided that she had to speak to Fire and Storm but without Hannah being present. By the time the Contessa reached the stalls the grooms had calmed the mares down although they were both crying.

The Contessa spoke to them in a very gentle voice, which calmed them further. "I have seen what happened on the videotape and Hannah has told me her version. I am now giving you both permission to speak and I want you to tell me in your own words what happened." Fire and Storm, between diminishing sobs, both confirmed Hannah's account so the Contessa put them out of their misery straight away by saying they would not be punished. This was a great relief to both of them as they both remembered the public caning they had when first convicted, but especially to Fire who had tasted the sting of Hannah's riding crop when they first arrived and had no wish to feel it again. They had both been whipped during a race but that was not vicious and they accepted that as part of the race. Fire shuddered when she thought back several months when Belladonna was beaten. All the ponies had been made to be present when Belladonna had been publicly punished because she had been wilfully disobedient and violent towards the staff. She had been taken to the training area by the track and given 12 strokes of the crop.

While they still had permission to speak, Storm asked the Contessa what 'JD' had meant when he called Hannah a jumped up pony girl. They were told that Hannah would need to answer that question personally and that she would extend their permission to speak until Hannah had seen them. When Hannah arrived and was asked about being a jumped up pony girl, she said that seven years ago she had been duped by 'JD', just as they had been. She had been a cub reporter on the Daily Bugle and very keen to advance. She had been getting more interesting jobs when one day 'JD' said he could get her a promotion but that she had to be nice to him. "Well, you know what he's like, I didn't want anything to do with him and I told him he certainly wasn't getting into my knickers." Hannah went on to say that he made a joke of it and after about three months he offered her a special job abroad. "I arrived in Borg, met Elena and she guided me across the border into Murchoria where I was to meet my contact, Viktor. I met Viktor all right, only he was a policeman. I was charged with illegal entry and sentenced to five years and I was bought by the Contessa and, yes I was branded." At that point lowered her jodhpurs and showed Fire and Storm her brand. She continued, "When my sentence was finished I asked if I could stay. The Contessa asked if I would like to be a groom. Now 2 years later, I'm the head groom." Hannah paused, Then continued, "You were unfortunate, you were not supposed to be given a life sentence, but the presiding judge who normally deals with that particular court was off sick and the replacement judge is well known as a very harsh judge. The usual judge has never been known to sentence foreigners to more than seven years, except in exceptional circumstances, and by all the reckoning your crime would have brought five."

In the meantime, the Contessa had called in at the hospital only to find that 'JD' had been sedated so as to ease the pain in his groin, so she continued to her office pondering what to do.

The following morning 'JD' was walking again although still in considerable pain. He limped into Irena's office and demanded that the two mares be put down, as they are obviously dangerous. "They could have killed me," he bleated he was still feeling very sorry for himself. "First of all I have never heard of being kicked in the testicles killing anybody and secondly but most importantly there is no question of any pony being put down. The laws of Murchoria do not allow for such an event and even if they did the act wouldn't warrant anything nearly so drastic. No, Mr Roberts, you brought this state of affairs on yourself, you and you alone are responsible for your predicament." 'JD' blustered and bleated but he knew that the Contessa was right; it went against the grain to admit it. He tried one further trick. "Perhaps you'd like me to do an expose in my paper about what you get up to here?" Irena chuckled, "dear Mr Roberts you don't really think you can frighten me with that old tale. What I do here is perfectly legal in this country. I am not breaking any Murchorian law, it is the ponies in my stable that have broken the law and are carrying out their sentences." 'JD' knew he was beaten, he hadn't expected anything else but he was clutching at straws, trying to hang on to his lucrative sideline. It was about a minute before the Contessa spoke again, this time it was to tell him that if he wished to continue their business arrangement then things were going to change. He would only come to the stable on invitation, he would not and she emphasised not have any contact with any pony at the stable, whether he had caused them to be there or not and finally, and this really hurt him, he was to hand over the videotape that he had made of Fire and Storm's mating. He agreed to everything.

CHAPTER 18 - A new beginning

The stable settled down to a relatively normal routine with the ponies training and racing and when not racing they were being exercised. It was during this time that the Contessa, relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon, had a visitor. Her maid asked if she would see Mr Rashide.

When he was shown in she was completely taken aback at the state he was in. His clothes were dishevelled, he needed a shave and his hair was uncombed. His shoes were cracked and the laces had come undone.

"Irena, please I need you to help me." "I will do anything I can, you know that, tell me what the problem is." She said that knowing full well what the problem was but she needed him to say it. "I'm at the end of my tether, I just can't cope any more. I've had an almighty row with Helga and sacked her. I couldn't run the stable with her help, how can I run it without her?"

Irena said that she would get one of her grooms to go over to his stable straightaway and then she would see what she could do, in the meantime he was to stay here with her and rest. Before asking her maid to run a bath for Mr Rashide and to ensure that he went to bed, Irena called Hannah to go over to Rashide's stable and take charge until she could sort something out. Next she phoned Helga and asked her to go come and see her.

Whilst waiting for Helga to arrive she checked the capacity of the hospital wing. It was obvious that Helga had been crying but she cheered up when told that Mikhal Rashide was staying with the Contessa for the time being. "I did try to look after him and the ponies but it was very difficult." "I understand, my dear, but Mikhal has asked for help now so we must do what we can." There was a pause before Helga said she would do what she could to help. "I'd like you to go over to Mikhal's stable with Jurgen, one of my grooms, he is taking the horse box in order to bring Mikhal's ponies back here.

As soon as Hannah and Helga arrived with the ponies, Irena had them taken straight to the hospital compound where the vet checked them over. He found that all were in reasonable health but were slightly undernourished. The vet suggested that the ponies be given a supplement of mares' milk with their normal diet and he would expect to see a marked improvement within a week.

Irena left the care of the animals in the hands of the experts and took Hannah and Helga along to her office to discuss what should be done. She opened the discussion by saying, "I am hoping to persuade Mikhal to sell, but in the meantime what needs to be done? Helga, You would know better than most."

"The whole stable needs to be properly cleaned and repainted. The stalls themselves are clean, I've seen to that, but there is a general lack of purpose about the place."

"I would agree with that," replied Hannah. "The ponies living quarters are a credit to Helga, it's just that the rest of the stables have been run down. I'm also concerned that there are no stallions in the herd, so it seems that the mares have not been serviced." "I did try to get Mikhal to keep at least one of the stallions but he was too short of money," said Helga.

"That settles it, I will talk to Mikhal and get him to see sense and sell. If he will then I will try to persuade Peter and Veronica Rowley to buy it. In the meantime we will keep the animals here so that they can be looked after properly. Will you stay, Helga. They know and trust you?" Once having got Helga's agreement, the Contessa went in search of Mikhal.

Mikhal was awake when she went to him although he was nursing a hangover. Irena spoke quietly but very persuasively and in a very short time convinced him that it was in, not only his, but the ponies best interests to sell the stable. Having got that agreement, she e-mailed Peter with the proposition and received a reply back that they would be on the next plane to Murchoria.

Veronica and Peter arrived the following day with Annabel, their daughter and Simon, their son. Having heard what Irena had to say and visiting the stable they agreed that if they could settle a price with Mikhal, they would buy it. Annabel and Simon would run the business side of things but they would be in need of someone to oversee the day-to-day working environment. Helga declined the offer as she was going to look after Mikhal. Peter suggested Hannah, but Irena was adamant that she was needed at the du Brioch stables. Hannah tentatively suggested Gretchen, a situation that satisfied everyone, especially Gretchen, who was given permission to take Moonbeam with her.

Within three months of taking over Rashide's stable it had been completely transformed, the original 12 mares were fit and were winning races. There were two stallions at stud, and there were eight milkers. These were going to be used in conjunction with the Du Brioch herd of milkers for the sole purpose of making cheese which, after the initial trial had turned out to be a big money spinner.

While all this excitement was going on, another event happened, within days of each other, first Storm and then Fire gave birth to healthy foals.