Pony Girl Tigerpet

by Alex Bragi

Part 3

Roy gazed down at Tigerpet as she leaned over on all fours and ate the last of her cereal from the bowl, her lovely bare rump high and her full breasts almost grazing the floor. Two weeks ago she had come to the ranch as an untidy bar maid. Now she had been transformed into a lovely well-groomed pony girl.

How long will this one stay, he wondered. The last pony girl to leave Patrick's ranch had chosen to move on after only a week, the lifestyle just simply didn't suit her. Usually they stayed longer and it wasn't uncommon for a girl to stay at a ranch for several years. Others, like Quinn, came and never left. She now helped train the pony girls. Rarely seen without her crop, she believed in the same strict training and discipline she had been given.

He secured a plume of red feathers to the top of Tigerpet's bridle. Soon she would be presented to her master, Patrick, in a ceremony to be witnessed by many. He wondered how he would feel about seeing 'his Tiger' fucked by another man. Alas, she didn't belong to him; he was merely her trainer.

Roy had begun his career years earlier training real horses. Breaking in the pony girls was far more rewarding than the four-legged variety, but not altogether that different. He always maintained you just needed to let them know who's charge. At first he had been reluctant to discipline them, but then, as he soon realized, they all needed to feel the sting of a crop, it was a necessary part of their training.

Time and working outdoors had weathered Roy. His skin had become leathery and tanned, and his arms and shoulders strong and muscular. Despite the fact that he had aged, however, his masculine ruggedness gave him a certain appeal few women could resist.

"Is she ready?" A smooth feminine voice behind him enquired.

Roy inhaled the sweet familiar scent for a moment, before turning to speak to the leather-clad woman behind him. Although no longer in her youth, Quinn was still a strikingly attractive woman. Tall and slim, with dark hair no longer trimmed in a mane but pulled back in a knot at the back of her head, her loveliness and confident manner were alluring, and her aloofness a powerful intrigue.

"Yes, all ready."

"Here you'll need this," she told him, offering him a leather strap.

Roy took it and latched it to Tigerpet's bridle before giving it gentle tug.

Tigerpet nodded her head contentedly and, crawling beside him, followed him into the main arena.

Maybe in the original design of the house this room would have been used as a ballroom. Large, with a dark polished floor, and a spectacular chandelier hanging from the ceiling, that's probably exactly what it had been intended for. Now however, it served as her Master's entertaining area where he and his friends would gather to exhibit their pony girls, and demonstrate their various training techniques.

As Roy led her into the room they were met with the sweet smell of leather and sweat. Twenty or so men and women sat around on sofas and lounges, each of them with their pony girl or girls tethered close by.

Master Patrick sat on the opposite side of the room, chatting with his friend and neighbor, Master Doug whose two pony girls, Silky and Satin, sat either on side of him. Tanned Silky, with her smooth platinum mane and tail, contrasted nicely with Satin's fair skin and dark mane and tail. Both wore bridles and saddles of black leather with shiny silver trims.

Roy chuckled as he remembered back to their last visit. Doug had made the mistake of paying too much attention to Silky, stroking her mane, and playing with her tail. Satin had become jealous and bitten Silky's shoulder. She had tried to bite her again, but their master had stepped in. A couple of sharp slaps to her rump with his crop calmed her down. Now however, he preferred not to chance placing them sided by side.

On the other side sat an attractive and well-dressed woman in her late thirties - Mistress Alana. As always, her only pony girl, Lacey, knelt close by. To the others it seemed Alana treated her more like a pampered pet than a pony girl. When the food trays were being passed around, the other pony girls would be required to remain still and wait to be fed later in the stables. Mistress Alana, however, would cause many an eyebrow to raise when she would hand feed her little Lacey whatever was being offered.

Unlike the other long limbed pony girls, Lacey was petite. Her eyes were big and green, her mane and tail a warm chestnut brown. She had certain timidness about her, especially around people with whom she was unfamiliar. Ever mindful of this, her mistress would constantly stroke her, and whisper words of reassurance.

Although some did keep pony boys, none were ever present ceremonies like this. Extra precautions would need to be taken with stallions, they tended to be stronger and generally more aggressive, especially around the pony girls. And so it was easier to just not include them.

A hush fell as Roy and Tigerpet entered. A few whispers could be heard as he proudly paraded her around the room, giving each guest an opportunity to view her before leading her into the center of the room. Her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared. She gave a curious look to the wooden holding pen that had been set up.

Her left flank itched. She lifted her hand to scratch it, but the lovely silver hoof mitts secured firmly around her wrists restricted her fingers. Glancing up at Roy, she then gently rubbed up against his leg instead. He smiled and leaned down to gently pat her ass.

Broadminded as she was, this had still seemed a little odd to her at first. However, over couple of weeks she had been surprised at how naturally she had taken to her new role. Yes, she must always try to do her best, not so much because of what she was being paid, but for Roy, her trainer. She must always try to please him. Good little pony girls got to suck his lovely big cock, and to be fucked good and hard. Bad little pony girls got their asses whipped with his nasty crop.

Patrick stepped forward. As always he looked immaculate, with his slicked back hair and fresh shirt, and his leather chaps had none of the worn look of Roy's. He leaned down to pat Tiger's head, then traced the side of her face with his fingers; they felt soft and smooth, not at all like her trainer's rough hands.

"You've done a fine job with this one."

"Thank you, it was a pleasure, Sir"

"You may place her in the holding pen now. It's time for her branding."

Branding? She had seen those on the other pony girls, but never in her wildest dreams had it occurred to her that she might be forced to have one. Fuck it! She began to panic. I never agreed to that! Now if that bastard thinks he's going to mark me, he better think again.

She reared up, and tired to shout, but the bit in her mouth muffled her protests.

Roy grabbed the strap attached to her bridle, and keeping a firm grip, forced her down again.

"Easy girl," he told her, holding the strap with one hand and the top of her saddle with the other. This one had bitten him before and he wasn't about to chance letting her do it again.

Still she resisted, shaking her head so her mane fell down across her face as she tried to pull away. Roy reached over in an attempt to swat her ass with his crop, but she managed to avoid his swing by swerving her body to one side.

Several of those watching grinned and sniggered.

This was not at all the way Roy had planned for it to be. He forced a little smile to mask his anger. He would deal with this willful and disobedient filly later. For now he would remain calm and in control.

"I see you haven't cooled any of this one's fire," Patrick quipped, laughing as he jumped clear.

Just then Mistress Quinn stepped forward.

"It looks like you need a hand here, " she told Roy, making not attempt to hide her impatience.

One quick sharp slap of her crop to Tigerpet's ass caused her to jerk forward towards the opening. A second forced her to jump forward and inside the holding pen. Before she was able to move back, she found herself enclosed with her strap tethered so tightly to the bar at the front she could barely move her head.

Enraged and frustrated she began to kick back against the wooden gate. The racket startled poor Lacey. Her mistress frowned at Tigerpet then slipped her arms protectively around her precious little pony girl.

"Can't you control that damned pony of yours Patrick? Can't you see she's upsetting my little one?"

Mistress Quinn obviously believed she could do something, and so she did. She slapped Tigerpet's ass twice more, leaving more red and stinging welts on her now tender ass.

Roy shook his head and then stepped forward, stroking her back and mane to calm her down as he whispered words of reassurance.

"Easy girl, it isn't that painful. Besides it's a honor for you to wear your master's initial."

Not convinced she continued to struggle, pulling hard on the strap. Not that painful! How the hell would he know, Tigerpet thought.

Between her muffled protests and kicking, she didn't notice what was happening behind her, until suddenly she felt a searing pain in her left buttock. As the hot branding iron pressed against her skin, she smelt flesh burning - her flesh! Her whole body convulsed, she let out a loud muffled cry as tears began to well up in her eyes. Mistress Quinn had performed one of her favorite duties.

She had been marked, branded like an animal! Her mind began to race. He's got no right to do that no matter how much fucking money he's paying me. And who's going to pick up the cost of having this thing removed later? She wondered. Then something far more devious occurred to her. I can sue him for disfigurement. That bastard's going to pay and pay big.

"There that wasn't so bad now was it?" Roy told her, leaning over the side of the pen and rubbing a soothing ointment into her skin. It felt good, and immediately eased the pain.

Roy stared down at the letter 'P', now glowing on her lovely round rump and he began to fantasize. How good it would look with just one extra stroke. Yes, a nice little letter "R' instead.

The gate of the holding pen opened. Tigerpet shook herself and crawled back out.

"Hold her right there," Patrick told Roy. He then moved around behind her and tapped the inside of her ankles indicating for her to open her legs. Tigerpet however wasn't in a particularly co-operative mood after her branding, and so she ignored him.

"Spread," he told her, but again she chose not to.

Several of those who were watching found her disobedience amusing, and could be heard whispering and chuckling.

Roy stepped around her. "Spread," he barked, giving the back of her thighs a couple of quick sharp slaps. The sting convinced her to obey and reluctantly she spread her legs.

Patrick then knelt down behind her.

Tigerpet heard the clinking of his metal belt being unbuckled. She wanted to turn around and take a look at his cock. She wanted to see how big it was, and how hard it had become, but Roy, now standing in front of her again, refused to loosen her reins.

Slipping his hand inside his trousers Patrick pulled out his already erect cock. He stroked it gently with his fingertips a couple of times as he looked down at himself with pride as he told her, "Now you're going to get what you want, my sweet little filly."

Roy lifted her tail and dropped it to one side to give her master full access to her soft pink folds.

Patrick pressed just the tip of his cock against her cunt. He smiled and licked his lips, then told her, "All of my little pony girls love to be fucked by their master."

His warm cock head felt good, and as the pain of her branding and the sting of Roy's crop dulled, she began to feel aroused at the idea of being fucked by him.

Taking a firm hold on her saddle with both hands he pulled back and with one thrust rammed his cock deep inside her. "Ah yes, this one is good and tight," he observed, closing his eyes and savoring the moment.

Tigerpet let out a low satisfied moan as he rocked his hips backwards and forwards, sliding himself in and out in an almost mechanical motion. He had a good-sized cock. However he lacked the pleasure skills she had previously enjoyed with Roy.

After just a few minutes he sighed, pulled back, and then withdrew his cock. A trickle of her warm fluids combined with his milky semen ran down the inside of her legs and she realized he had finished.

Patrick stood up and smiled as he waved to his audience.

Several clapped and cheered, while others offered compliments.

"Well done Patrick!"

"You've got that one well tamed."

She hadn't climaxed! Didn't he realize she wasn't yet satisfied? Tigerpet shook her body in wild frustration.

"See how she quivers with pleasure," he commented to Roy, casually leaning down and patting her rump. "I know how to please my little pony girls. Now take her away and clean her up, and bring her back to me."

Roy nodded and, picking up the strap, turned to lead her out of the room. Five days, five whole fucking days she had gone without being sexually satisfied.

I'm quitting this stupid job tomorrow, she told herself. I don't care how much I'm being paid.

As she crawled along beside Roy, the insides of her thighs rubbed against her swollen clit. If only she could use her hand or her fingers to touch herself. Looking up she tried to speak. She wanted to tell Roy she needed more; that she needed something or someone to rub her throbbing cunt, however Roy simply rewarded her muffled words with a rough jerk to her strap.

Upon returning to the stables he tethered her to a pole near the troughs. Then raising his crop he struck her ass with full force. "Don't you ever try another little stunt like that ever again," he warned her, his features now twisted with rage.

Tigerpet jerked as the stinging lash burnt across her buttock. She struggled to free herself, and immediately felt several more stinging lashes in quick succession. Within minutes her rump and back were covered with raised red welts.

Bad little pony girls get punished, and she had been very bad. Dropping her head she sobbed and whimpered as she realized her self-inflicted predicament. He had to whip her, she knew that.

Roy paused and took a deep breath. He looked down at her and ran his finger gently through her mane.

"I know it's difficult for you girl, it always is at first, but you must learn to obey," He felt she had been punished enough, and now regretted hurting her like that. He stroked her back and added, "You know I don't like having to whip you, Tiger, really I don't."

He continued to caress her until her tears subsided.

"Well we had better get you cleaned up," he murmured.

He filled a bucket with warm water and then knelt beside her, lifting her tail and gently rubbing a sponge over her velvety folds. Tigerpet responded by moaning and pushing her self back against his hand.

"You haven't climaxed yet, have you girl? " He began to feel that familiar stirring in his groin as he teasingly added, "I think Tiger needs more than a wash doesn't she?"

Frustrated beyond words, which she couldn't express anyway, she hit her hoof down on the floor to indicate 'yes'.

"Would Tiger like Roy to give her a nice hard fuck?"

Again she hit her hoof down, and shook her blond mane.

Why does he always have to tease me like this? Why can't he just give me what I want? She asked herself in frustrated silence.

The answer was simply, he needed to be in charge, and he needed her to know it.

Roy moved behind her. She heard the clicking of metal as he unbuckled his belt, and a few moments later she felt the smooth hardness of his cock pressing against her. She tried to rock her hips back to take more of what she needed so badly, however he had a firm grip on her saddle and wasn't about to give it all to her just yet.

"Tiger's going to be a good and obedient little pony girl now isn't she?"

Yes of course she was, and she slammed her hoof down to confirm it. She was so aroused she would have agreed to almost anything just to get his big hard cock inside her.

"There's a good little filly, hold it right there, nice and still now. Show me how good and obedient you are," he said, as he held her saddle and reins.

Roy grinned and then pulled back for a moment before plunging his cock deeper inside her wetness. Her body jerked forward from the force of his thrust, she tensed but then relaxed again as he stroked the side of her leg.

"This is what you need isn't it girl?"

He withdrew almost all the way out. She felt a warm trickle of her own wetness running down the insides of her thighs, but before she had time to even try to move her hips back, he had rammed his cock in again. A soft low moan escaped her as his balls slapped against her sopping cunt in rhythmic motion, in and out, seemly deeper each time.

"You know my rules girl," Roy reminded her, "you don't cum until I loosen the reins."

Tigerpet closed her eyes, and wondered how the hell she was going to manage that for more than a few minutes. Her cunt tightened in readiness of climaxing, however she managed to relax her body sufficiently to obey. Her pleasure became almost unbearable, until at last she felt the reins loosen, and panting like an animal in heat the warmth of her orgasm filled her with sweet relief.

Keeping a firm hold on her saddle Roy thrust his hips forward forcing his cock into her wet cunt again and again. Sweat began to form on his brow and trickle down his face, and with one final jerk his hot seed shot out.

For several minutes he remained slumped over her, his chest heaving and his heart pounding as he regained his breath. As he lifted himself up he noticed how sweaty she had become. Her tail was now quite damp with a mixture of feminine wetness and cum.

Roy knew that when they returned to the arena she would be docile and well behaved.

Patrick might have stuck his cock into her cunt, he thought smugly, but I fucked her!

Roy then washed her down with warm soapy water, taking extra care with to be gentle with her freshly seared brand.

Later as he led her back towards the main arena they passed a large full-length mirror in the hallway. Tigerpet caught her reflection and, holding her head up high and proud, shook her silky mane back before taking a moment to admire herself. Then staring at the letter 'P' now clearly burnt into her skin, she began to fantasize about how it would look with just one extra stroke.