Pony Girl Tigerpet

by Alex Bragi

Part 2

Tigerpet found it easy to relax on her hands and knees. Josh, the stable boy, had a gentle manner and she enjoyed him stroking the warm sponge down her back and ass. She shook herself and tiny droplets of water splashed him. He smiled at her playfulness and continued bathing her.

It had only been a fortnight since she had come to the ranch, and although the luxurious surroundings were very different from the tiny flat she had shared with the other girls back in town, she had settled in easily. Here she felt totally pampered. The training was easy, and apart from the occasional punishment, it took no time to get accustomed to. Now perhaps she would consider staying a little longer than she had originally intended.

Her hair had now been trimmed, and shaved back from the sides of her face, to form a lovely long golden mane down her neck. At first she had been concerned about having her hair cut. After all, how long would it take to grow back? Then, she had seen her master's other pony girls. What magnificent creatures they were. Their hair trimmed like that accentuated their lovely features perfectly. Why, she thought, I may even keep this style when I move on from here! Parts of her had been shaved, others waxed, and every bit of stubble had been removed leaving her body smooth and soft to touch.

Patrick, her master, had a rule about his new pony girls. He refused to use them until they had been shaved, tailed, and forbidden from climaxing for five days prior to their 'presentation'. For almost forty- eight hours now, she had been watched carefully. During the day, she had a couple of times become frustrated and touched herself briefly. Those little misdemeanors cost her several sharp slaps to her ass. At night, her hands were chained to a collar around neck, her legs spread wide, and her ankles secured to the corners of her bed. It was a rather uncomfortable way of sleeping, however it was her unfulfilled desires that were hardest to bear. In three days she would be officially presented, and her cravings would at last be satisfied. Her master enjoyed it that way.

Tigerpet shook her body again. Josh began to get quite wet, but he didn't mind.

She enjoyed teasing him. The bit in her mouth may have made it impossible for her to talk, but it didn't prevent her from having a little fun with him.

Josh was twenty-two years old, but his curly dark hair falling around his face and boyish good looks made him look much younger. He'd been working at Patrick's ranch for almost six months. Or perhaps, more correctly, he had been getting paid. What the master required him to do could hardly be described as labor. Upon leaving school early, he had immediately begun working with horses and ponies. He enjoyed training and caring from them. When he innocently applied for this job he had assumed it would be much the same as the others. His assumption, however, could not have been more wrong. Josh remembered back to when he had finished school before his final exams, and left home to go and work as a ranch hand.

"You'll never make anything of yourself, Joshua," his father had warned him.

Earning in a week what his father made in a month, he wished his old man could see him now.

The master had three pony girls. Tigerpet was his latest addition, and also Josh's favorite. Every morning and evening he washed and groomed each one. Always allowed to touch and fondle in any manner he pleased, only one rule applied - he had to keep his cock in his pants. That frustrated young Josh, leading him to frequently slip off to a quiet place to stroke away his desires. Now this particularly filly had caught his eye. What he wouldn't do to fuck her! He had a plan, and was sure he could get away with it, but only if he was very careful.

Smiling, he lathered the soap between his hands before rubbing them over her smooth rump. "Good girl. You like it when Joshy does your ass don't you?"

She hit her fist lightly on the floor once, to indicate she was enjoying it, and his smile change to a sly grin.

"Haven't you finished here boy?"

Josh looked up to see Mistress Quinn, the stable mistress, standing over him.

Still strikingly attractive even in her late thirties, but with a certain harshness about her, she had little patience with Josh and the other workers. Cranky and often quick-tempered, only one thing kept her at the ranch, she was good at what she did - training the pony girls. Even the most stubborn of them would always come around to her ways. They may have been able to wrap Roy, and the others, around their little fingers, but not her. Having been a pony girl herself once, she knew all their little tricks, and had special ways to deal with those who chose to disobey.

First, she would tether their reins tightly to a post, or get one of the workers to hold them, and then she would secure their legs with a leg spreader. Finally she would whip the little troublemaker's ass. Of course they would usually try to protest and squirm free, but that only made her job all the more satisfying!

Roy and the others, she believed, just didn't know how to deal with these pony girls. It took a woman to do the job properly.

"I'm just finishing up now Mistress Quinn. I thought I might take her for a little walk before dinner. She's been cooped up in the stables all day."

"Very well boy, but don't let her get too sweaty."

"No Ma'am."

"And be sure not to let her near the pony boys in Mistress Jackson's paddocks."

"No Ma'am"

Yes, the pony boys next door. Kept quite separate from the fillies, and used mainly for the pleasure of their mistress and occasionally to entertain guests, they were not permitted near the pony girls. Mistress Jackson however allowed her young stallions a great deal of freedom and it wasn't at all unusual to see them roaming her ranch unattended. Once one of them actually broken down the dividing fence and gain access to Patrick's property. Fortunately the intruder had been caught before managing to mount any of the fillies, and had been send home after a good ass whipping.

Tigerpet had seen one of the magnificent creatures a few days earlier on one of her walks. Upon seeing her he had become extremely excited and had reared up onto the fence. She had seen his big hard cock poking through the gaps, and struggled wildly to get closer to it, but Josh had dragged her back to the stables and locked her in her pen until she had settled down.

Tigerpet's such a lovely little thing, Josh thought, as he held the hose over her body, watching the warm water trickle over her. The master had named his new pet so because of her nature. She could be very fiery, and he had heard she'd been difficult to tame, but she was always good for him. A pony girl is really no different from a real horse, he mused, you just needed to gain her trust then she will do anything for you.

"Now Joshy is going to dry you, and give you a nice rub down," he said, reaching for her towel.

Patting it over her body, he then used small circular movements to 'polish' her soft skin, watching as it gained a soft pinkish glow. He took special care with her breasts, patting them gently before running his fingers over her nipples to feel how hard they were. He had seen a couple of the other Masters' pony girls with their nipples pieced. It seemed like such a pity to him, to spoil something so perfect.

After he dried and brushed her mane, and slipped her bridle on, he gently pushed her tail into her tight little ass. He gave it a light tug to make sure it was secure, then stroked the length of it, admiring its beautiful golden color. It had been fashioned from the hair trimmed from her head - like all pony girls, she had matched mane and tail. Finally he placed the saddle on her back, securing it under her belly.

"Ok now, Joshy is going to take you for a nice walk girl."

He gave her reins a light jerk, indicating that she should follow him, and they moved out of the stables and into the lush gardens. Crawling about as she was required to do took a little getting use to, however, the floors in the house were mainly carpeted, and the garden's lawns were soft and spongy. Josh walked at a slow pace, so she had no trouble keeping up. She shook her head and inhaled the smell of the fresh air and the sweet perfumed garden. After walking a little further, to a more secluded area full of heavy foliage, they stopped.

Tethering her reins to a nearby tree, Josh took a sly look around, satisfying himself that no one was nearby. This was his opportunity. Unzipping his trousers, he pulled out his semi-hard cock.

"This is what you want isn't it girl?"

Tigerpet felt as if he was offering her candy, and his childish and wide-eyed manner amused her. Actually she preferred a more experienced man. Roy, her trainer, was older and very experienced. She knew there would be trouble if she let him fuck her, but then she thought, why not have a little fun with the kid? What harm can a little teasing do?

Moving closer, she rubbed the side of her face against his cock. She tried to lick it, but the bit in her mouth prevented it, so she had to be content with brushing her lips over his hardness instead. Almost immediately his cock jerked to a full erection. Yes, his cock was big and inviting now, however, she wasn't about to jeopardize her position at the ranch by fucking the stable boy.

He knelt down next to her, slowly stroking the length of her spine. He often touched her like that, so it seemed harmless enough. His fingers then slipped down under her tail and between her legs, pressing and prodding her wet warmness. That sure felt good. His other hand found its way under her body to stroke her breasts... her nipples... her belly... and more.

Oh fuck, the boy is good! she thought, as he held his fingers over her sex. It felt as if he was holding her heat in his hand. Her whole body trembled and burned with desire, and a loud muffled cry escaped from her. It startled Josh, and he lurched back. His breath was heavy now, and his cock standing at attention, as he stared down at her.

Clearly he was having second thoughts... but not for long.

Running his fingers though her silky mane, he moaned as he looked down at her smooth, honey colored body. He wanted her so badly, but still he hesitated. The job was the best he'd ever had. What if someone saw him? What if Mistress Quinn caught him? All this and more ran through his head, but when it all boiled down, the one thing that bothered him the most was... What if I never get another opportunity like this one?

He moved around behind her, positioning himself between her legs, gently rubbing one hand up and down the insides of her smooth thighs, before once again feeling the warmth of her sex.

Moving closer, Josh's heart pounded as he rubbed his cock against her soft ass, and he inhaled her sweet scent. He had to have her now! In a rush of primitive excitement, he tried clumsily to push his cock into her cunt. She shook her ass. His cock slipped. She tried to move away. He grabbed her saddle. Her tail got in the way. He pushed it to one side. Then, holding the base of his cock and with a guttural moan he forced himself deep inside her with a single thrust. Closing his eyes, he savored the velvety smoothness for a moment, then pulling back, and with an uncontrollable urgency, he began to pump her hard and fast.

Tigerpet had been reluctant at first, but now she felt a sense of relief and near release as he entered her. She wanted to tell him to slow down, to enjoy it and make it last, but the bit in her mouth prevented it. Josh was young and inexperienced, but his cock felt so good after so long, she wasn't about to reject it now.

"What the fucking hell is going on here?" A woman's voice bellowed.

She felt Josh lurched back, or was he pulled? Either way, his cock was gone!

Startled, she quickly glanced over her shoulder and saw Mistress Quinn and Roy.

"Roy, you know the boy has been warned about this!"

"I know. I know."

"Well Patrick is going to have to be told."

Josh stood up and fumbled about, trying to get his cock back in his pants.

Mistress Quinn swung her crop back, and hit him hard across his ass and he let out a loud yelp.

"You just couldn't keep your cock in your pants, could you boy!" she scolded.

A sly little grin crept across Roy's lips as he said, "You take the boy back to the house Quinn, I'll deal with the little filly."

They walked away. Josh could be heard mumbling words of apology, while Mistress Quinn continued chastising him. As their voices faded, Roy turned to Tigerpet.

"Who's a horny little pony girl, then?" He asked, smirking and leaning down to stroke her ass and tail.

She tried to rock her body back to feel the pressure of his fingers, but he laughed and pulled them away. Burning with frustration and anger, she reached under her belly and between her legs. Her fingers had only just touched her soft folds, when she felt the burning sting of Roy's crop on her ass. She pulled her hand away, and glared up at him.

"So the little pony girl needs some cock, does she?"

She shook her head, not in disagreement, but in sheer frustration. Then hit her fist on the ground as she had been trained, to indicate - 'yes'.

He untied her reins and gave them a light tug, pulling her to one side. She didn't really need to move. Josh had no trouble fucking her from that angle, but Roy enjoyed leading her around. It was part of her training. It served to remind her of exactly who was in charge.

"Stay," he told her, now resting his crop on her ass. The crop was small and flexible, designed to deliver quick sharp slaps. One or two strikes would usually bring her around to his way of thinking. As the training progressed however, the mere touch of his crop was usually sufficient.

Tigerpet heard the sound of Roy's belt being unbuckled, then his zipper being released. Closing her eyes, she silently begged, please fuck me now.

"This is what you want, isn't it girl?" he said, pulling his already hard cock out, and then stroking it's bulbous head with his rough fingers.

Fuck yes! She slammed her fist down on the ground, and her breath became a pant as she felt the animal desire in her ready to explode. The wetness between her legs now dripped down the inside of her thighs, and her nipples tingled with anticipation.

"Then show Roy how Tigerpet begs for it." His manner was smug as he continued stroking himself.

Her minded raced. Damn him. Why can't he just fuck me? Why does he have to tease me like this? Can't he see how badly I need it? Of course he can, the fucking bastard!

Taking a deep breath, she lifted herself up to rest her ass on her heels. Then, cupping her hands to her chest, she looked up at him and began to make little whimpering noises. Her full breasts quivered against her forearms, as she bounced her body up and down, and Roy smiled in amusement.

"Good girl."

Gazing down at her nakedness, he then reached forward and cupped her left breast in one of his large hands, before gently caressing the erect nipple between his thumb and finger.

His touch sent a shiver though her whole body. Pressing her legs together, she slowly rubbed one thigh against the other, in an effort to give the heat between her legs some relief, but Roy was quick to see what she was doing.

"You know you are forbidden from closing your legs girl!" he scolded, giving the side of her ass a couple of quick sharp slaps with his crop.

Tigerpet gasped and spread her legs again, drawing on all her inner strength not to scream out as loudly as the bit in her mouth would allow. She wasn't about to do anything stupid that might jeopardize her chance to get what she needed so badly right now.

"Now get down girl. Roy knows what you want," he told her, leaning down to pick up her reins and walking around behind her, as she once again dropped down onto her hands and knees. Using the toe of his boot, he tapped lightly on the inside of her ankles, indicating to her to spread them wider. She complied, and he knelt down between her legs. Flicking her tail up, he let it fall to the side of her body. He positioned his hard cock against her warm wetness, then took a firm grip on her saddle.

"This is what you want isn't it my sweet little Tigerpet?" he said, but before she had a chance to respond, he had rammed his throbbing cock inside her deeply.

Oh yes! That was what she wanted all right. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else felt as good as his big hard cock inside her. No other man could possibly satisfy her like he did, she was convinced of that. He may have been a trainer of pony girls, but who the hell had trained him? He was the fuck of all fucks!

Time after time he pulled back, only to ram his cock deeper inside her again with a force that rocked her body forward, and caused her head to jerk back against the pull of the reins with each thrust.

His heavy balls slapped against the wetness of her cunt as he leaned over her, pumping her like a wild stallion mounting his mare.

A low moan escaped him, as he felt the velvet like softness of her cunt tightening around his throbbing cock. Even if he had wanted to, he was sure he couldn't have possibly stopped until she had milked every drop of cum from his cock. The filly was hot!

Tossing her head back, her mane fell across her face. She let out a loud muffed cry though the bit in her mouth, as the reins loosened and a wave of heated pleasure washed over her.

Open-mouthed and panting heavily, as beads of sweat trickled down his face, Roy's cock exploded, releasing his hot seed deep inside her.

A minute or so later she still hadn't regained her breath as he pulled away. He looked down at her now glistening body. His own damp shirt clung to his chest, but in this warmer weather he knew it would soon dry out. No one would have to know about their little secret.

Glancing down at his watch, he realized that it was just after five o'clock. He stood up, and slipped his now flaccid cock back in his pants, fastened his belt, and readjusted his clothing. He smoothed his tousled hair back with one hand, and then gave Tigerpet an affectionate little pat on her ass.

"Time to get back now girl. It's almost time for dinner, and there's a few things we need go over about your presentation ceremony."

Tigerpet made a soft murmuring sound as she nodded and hit the ground once.

For the time being she felt satisfied and co-operative.