Pony Girl Tigerpet

by Alex Bragi

Part 1

It hadn't been twenty-four hours since she had become her master's pony girl. Her 'tail' still felt strange and uncomfortable jammed into her tight little ass, but what could she do? He had ordered her not to remove it. She had answered his advertisement in a local newspaper. It said: "Attractive broadminded female wanted for unusual sex work". No problem, for some time now she had been thinking, why not get paid for something I enjoy so much?

The interview had been straightforward to begin with, name, age, interests, etc. It wasn't until after the pay had been mentioned that he informed her she would be required to wear some kind of kinky pony costume. For that kind of money, plus her keep, if he had wanted her to dress up as Santa's little helper and fuck all his reindeer she would have done it. Damn it, as a waitress at a bar in the red light district, she didn't earn that much in a month. An agreement was reached, and she had moved into his lovely ranch home the following day. Everything would be fine, but just to be certain she would keep her regular job for a few weeks longer. She would sneak out to the bar at night, be back a few hours later and no one at the ranch would know.

"Sure, I will quit immediately," she had cheerfully lied to her new master.

She had to work that evening, but as she soon discovered, even her longest skirt wouldn't cover her new tail. It hung down from under the hemline, swishing against the back of her thighs, and so she had tucked it into her panties and trotted off. Soon, if everything went according to plan she really would quit her waitress job. She would stay at the ranch for a few months, earn a lot of money, and move on. It had been her plan to work and travel across the country, and although she had no formal qualifications, an attractive young woman like her never had difficulty finding work. Vivacious and blonde, with beautiful eyes, and a lovely body, she was a young woman people enjoyed being around.

The bar was in the rougher side of town, frequented mainly by cowboys, farmhands, and their women. The pay wasn't good, however it hadn't taken her long to realize low cut blouses and high hemlines opened wallets. Smoky and noisy, it always got louder as the evening wore on and the men drank more. That was always her best chance at getting heavy tips. As she chatted, flirted, and served drinks she would bend right over, giving everyone a good long look at her ripe tits, and letting them almost fall out of her partly open blouse. Often her short tight skirt would ride right up her hips, and another customer, almost always a man, would playfully slap her ass. More generous tips!

On this particular night it was busier than she had expected. The other girl she worked with hadn't turned up and there seemed to be more customers than usual, and so she had been far too busy to think about the day's earlier events. She had almost forgotten about her tail, and hadn't been aware it had dropped out until, leaning over a table, she felt someone tugging on it. Startled by the sensation, she spun around to see a tall and ruggedly handsome man grinning down at her. He wore a shabby cowboy hat, a checked shirt, and well-worn chaps. His sharp blue eyes sparkled with amusement against his tanned and leathery face as he announced, "Well will you look at this boys, we got ourselves a pony girl!"

She felt her face flush with embarrassment. Her immediate reaction was to move away, but he was too fast. He was an experienced cowboy, used to dealing with wild and spirited mares. She was no match for his swift hand. Before she knew it he had her pinned face down on a nearby table, then tapping the toe of one of his dusty boots against the inside of her ankles he had pushed her legs apart.

"Easy now girl," he whispered, the hardness of his body now resting against the warm softness of hers.

His soothing tone made her relax; that however was a big mistake. Within seconds he had slipped a leather bridle over her face, and buckled it firmly behind her head. As he latched leather reins to it, she felt a hard metal bit pressing against her mouth and tongue. Keeping a firm grip on the straps, he then ran his free hand up under her skirt to stroke the insides of her thighs.

She struggled to pull herself free as he slipped his fingers inside one leg of her panties to feel her wet cunt, but his strength totally overpowered her. She tried to protest as he gently pinched her swollen clit, but the bit in her mouth muffled her voice. Glaring angrily around the room she heard the men whistling and cheering, and several of women nearby laughing.

"Good girl," he told her, pulling on the reins and forcing her away from the table then down onto the floor on her hands and knees. "I've been breaking in wild fillies for over ten years now. I've yet to come across one I can't train to my ways."

Someone handed him a crop, and he grinned as slapped the back of her legs and couple of times with quick sharp strokes. The stinging pain made her flinch. She kicked one leg back as high as she could manage, but her efforts were in vain.

"Don't make me have to use this too often now little filly," he warned.

Again she tried to protest, but her muffled cries were rewarded by another sharp and stinging slap as he refused to release her.

How long will marks like this last, she wondered? It was then as she began to worry about exactly how she would explain the welts to her new master, that she felt a tug on her skirt. It was followed by the sound of fabric ripping, then another tear as her panties fell around her knees and onto the floor. She gasped - the night air felt cool on her wet and warm cunt, as she realized the lower half of her body had been completely exposed.

A sly thought occur to her, maybe I should just co-operate. She hadn't had a fuck all day and she was more than really for a man now. As she turned her head to look back, the bulge in his trousers revealed the cowboy had a good hard cock tonight.

Noticing where her eyes were focused, he walked around in front of her, jerked on the reins and forced her head and face upwards. He grinned as he unbuckled his belt and then unzipped his trousers, slipping one hand inside to pull out his cock to let it drop in front of her. Oh yes, she had been correct, he had a full and throbbing erection. She felt a familiar tingling between her legs as she moved towards it. Unable to control herself, saliva began dripped down her chin as she tried to take it into her mouth, but no, it was useless. She wanted so much to take that lovely big cock into her mouth. Again she tired, this time she managed to get her the tip of her tongue past the bit to taste his precum, but nothing more. So long as she was wearing that damned bridle she wasn't going to be sucking any cock. Her disappointment amused him and he laughed out loud, telling her, "Only good little pony girls get treats."

Frustrated and angry, she let out a loud huffing sound as she hit her fist down on the floor, however that only served to entertain those watching even more.

Several of the men standing around also had their cocks out and were now stroking themselves. The sight of them made her crotch even wetter, as she began to feel the warm throbbing sensation of needing to be fucked.

"Good girl," he reassured her, moving back behind her to stroke her smooth thighs and ass, while still keeping a tight grip the reins. His hand then moved down under her tail to probe her velvety cunt. As he slid his fingers in and out, warm wetness tickled down the inside of her thighs.

"I think this little filly is in heat boys. She needs fucking real bad," he smirked, putting the emphasis on 'real'. And he was damn right!

The next thing she knew he was kneeling between her spread legs, pressing his hard cock against her cunt, but making no attempt to enter her.

Fuck him! Why isn't he fucking me? I need a good hard cock now, she thought, shivering silently with frustration at the delay.

She pushed her hips back, but he just laughed and pulled back. She shook her head in frustration, causing her long blond hair to fall around her face. She tired to reach down and touch herself, but as she did he jerked sharply on the reins again.

"Not yet little filly girl, not until I'm ready to take you."

Her whole body quivered.

Unsure of what to do next she closed her eyes, and let her head drop down.

Suddenly his cock rammed into her wet sex. It felt so fucking good she was sure she would climax almost immediately, but her pleasure was brought to an abrupt halt by another sharp and stinging slap to her ass.

"Not yet little filly, not until you feel the reins loosen," he told her, pulling her head back, and forcing her face up. Closing her fists tightly she thumped them on the floor several times, however he chose to ignore her and continued to fuck her as he pleased. His cock felt so good it was almost impossible for her not to climax. She wanted to release herself badly, but the threat of another slap forced her to hold back. Her whole body was now damp with a cool sweat and she heard her heavy tits slapping against her flesh with each thrust.

Fuck I can't possibly hold on any longer, please don't make me do it, she silently pleaded.

It was just then, to the cheering and shouting of the many watching, that she felt the reins loosen. Her cries were muffled as her whole body shook and quivered from the sensation of his cock spurting his hot seed inside her. She closed her eyes and let his bulging cock fill her with heated pleasure - a climax that seemed to shake her entire body. He slumped over her for couple of minutes. His breath was hot and heavy on the back of her neck. She felt her heart pounding as she remained down on her hands and knees, inhaling deeply, trying to regain her breath. He then pulled his cock out and stood triumphantly behind her. Looking around the room he held up the reins and announced with a grin, "Ok boys, who wants to be next?"

"Oh yea, I wanna a ride of that sweet pony for sure!" Another much younger man called out as he stepped forward; his fully erect cock out and ready as he then knelt down between her legs.

The crowd cheered and whistled.

"Rider her cowboy!"


His cock slipped easily inside her dripping cunt.

Fuck him! I'm not ready for another fuck just yet, she thought as she felt his balls slapping against her ass.

His inexperience became obvious when he carelessly he let the reins drop. She jerked away, kicking him in his belly and causing him to tumble backwards. As he fell awkwardly on the floor with his legs spread wide and his cock fully exposed, everyone howled with laughter. He scowled, then stood up and brushed himself down, mumbling under his breath as he moved away.

A couple of the others managed to mount her, but none fucked her with the same power and force as the cowboy. She couldn't remember the last time she felt such a magnificent climax. The others were just boys, he was a man.

Hours later exhausted and wrapped in a horse blanket she stumbled to her car and drove back to the ranch.

The following morning she woke early. She felt a little stiff and sore and wondered why, and then she remembered the previous evening's events. Oh, what a night it had been! Now, the last thing she wanted was for her new master to find out what she had been up to so she had crept in ever so quietly. Fortunately for her, the stables where she slept were quite a distance from his room. It was large house by anyone's standards, complete with servants' wing. Set on sprawling grounds with lush paddocks and gardens, it was very different from the tiny flat downtown she had shared with the two other girls. It was a lovely place to live.

Now the stables were not like you might think. They were not designed for four legged ponies. No, these were for the master's lovely two-legged variety. Each spacious stall had been well appointed. A large bed to the side of the room set very low to the floor, a couple of pieces of occasional furniture, and a large bathroom towards the back. He had been generous with their accommodation; as a very wealthy man, he could afford to be. He could buy just about anything he wanted badly enough, and so he did. Two other pony girls lived at the house.

Turning her head on her pillow she remembered she was still wearing the leather bridle. She had meant to remove the stupid thing before going to bed, but had simply been too exhausted. She had intended to do it even before getting back, only she had been unable to unfasten the silly buckle. So, she had fallen asleep with her tail in and the bridle on. Sleep had come easily that night, regardless of the uncomfortable pony gear.

Sitting up in bed she considered the previous evening's events. At first she had panicked when he had slipped the bridle over her head, and his nasty crop sure had stung her poor little ass; however, it had all be worth it to feel his huge throbbing cock inside her later. Maybe this pony thing is a fetish a number of men in this town enjoyed. It was after all a town deep into the rural area, not at all like the city where she had grown up. Or maybe some of these men have been around horses too long, she though with a smirk.

She was certain her master would not approve of his new pony girl enjoying being fucked by other men, and common workers at that, but he would never have to find out. Besides, she may have allowed the first one to fuck her, but she felt quite sure he would have been proud of her the way she bucked the others as they had tried to mount her. The sight had amused those watching, sufficiently that most had jerked off within a few minutes anyway. She hadn't really been interested in any more men that night once that cowboy had fucked her. Why his big hard cock... she giggled softly and mused - a cowboy who's hung like a horse.

Sleepily she slipped off her bed and knelt on the floor. Again she fumbled around with the metal buckle behind her head, but she couldn't seem to unfasten it. She began to worry. Her new master would surely come looking for her soon. She heard footsteps outside, and then looked up to see her master standing there in the doorway, but who was that standing next to him? Fuck! It was the cowboy from the previous night. Had he told her master she had sneaked off to the bar last night?

"Yes, I thought you would be surprised to see Roy here my sweet little pony girl," her master said, his lips curling into a thin smile. "I have hired him to train you. He is one of the most experienced trainers I know. Of course I will be watching your sessions from now on. I want to make sure my money is being well spent, and it will please me very much to observe." Then turning to the cowboy, "I see you have bridled her already Roy."

The cowboy didn't reply. Remembering his time with her, he simply smiled and licked his lips as he stared down at her lovely nakedness.

As the two men stood side by side she couldn't help be notice how different they were. Patrick, her master was older, a slim almost thin man, immaculate in his grooming, with dark slightly graying slicked back hair. His clothes were well tailored and looked quite new. Here was man clearly unaccustomed to manual labor. The cowboy on the other hand was a big man. His shoulders, chest, and neck were thick and muscular, his face tanned and weathered, and his light brown hair tussled and unruly. The clothes he wore, jeans and boots, were casual and looked scruffy next to her master's. Clearly he was a man who made his living working hard with his hands and body.

Patrick walked over to the side of her stall and sat down in a large comfortable chair. He opened a small silver case he was holding, took a cigarette out and casually lit it. Inhaling deeply, he leaned back in readiness to watch.

"You may begin Roy," he said with a wave of a well manicured hand.

The cowboy strolled over to where she was kneeling, and stood beside her.

He was a tall man, yet she had the feeling even if he hadn't been she would have still felt his masculine dominance over her.

"Get down on your hands and knees girl" he ordered, pointing his leather crop to the floor.

She glanced across to her master for his reaction, however her hesitation only cost her a sharp and stinging slap to her bare ass. Her body jerked as it struck. She glared angrily up at him and then dropped down to all fours.

Roy reached down and picked up her reins, giving them a quick jerk to gain her full attention.

"You will remain on your hands and knees at all time when in my presence. You will not speak. You will stamp your 'hoof' on the floor once for yes and twice for no. You will not touch yourself without permission. That sweet little cunt is for the use and pleasure of others now", he told her, tapping his crop between her thighs, and adding, "Obey me and you will learn fast. Give me any trouble and you will be punished. Is that clear girl?"

Her mind raced, trying to think how she could outwit this man. He may have been a great fuck last night, but today his arrogance was just plain irritating, however, rather than suffer another slap, she hit her fist down on the floor once.

Who the hell does this man think he is, ordering me about like this? She thought, I'm not his property. If he thinks he can 'train' me to 'his ways', he had better think again. I'm not a horse or pony, even if I did agreed to wear this stupid gear.

"That's a good girl" he smirked, stroking the side of her lovely face with his fingertips, but as he did she swung her head around and sunk her teeth into the side of his wrist.

"Fuck!" He hissed, as he jerked hand away.

"I warned you she might be a fiery one Roy," her master chuckled.

The cowboy held his hand to his mouth for a moment, and then he grinned and told her, "I think I'm going to enjoy taming and training a frisky little filly like you."

Once again he pulled on her reins, he wanted her closer to the bed, but she resisted. A couple of quick sharp slaps to the back of her thighs convinced her to obey. He wrapped the leather straps tightly around the bar at the end of her bed, and then moved quietly behind her. She tried to turn her head to see what he was doing, but the reins were tethered too tightly. Again and again she felt the sharp sting of his crop on her ass and the back of her legs. Sharp strikes that left stinging, burning welts on her soft flesh. She closed her eyes tightly and braced herself, determined not to make a sound. Not because she feared further punishment, but because she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of hearing her cry out. Again and again he used his crop to lash her with his full force. After several minutes he stopped. Her ass and the back of her legs felt like they were on fire. Tears had now formed in her eyes and were trickling down her cheeks as she quietly sobbed and sniffed, head lowered. She could hear him breathing heavily behind her. It had taken quiet an effort to whip her ass like that.

"Good little pony girls don't bit. Are you going to behave, or do you need more convincing?"

Reluctantly hit her fist on the floor.

Leaving her tethered to the bed, he leaned down to her, gently stroking the hot welts on her ass and legs with his rough hands. He smiled as spoke. "You know I don't like having to hurt pretty little fillies like you. You're going to be good for me now aren't you?"

Again she hit her fist on the floor.

Little wonder the old man had to have this one, Roy mused. Her skin was smooth and the color of light honey, her legs long and lean. Her hair, soon to be trimmed into a mane, was long, soft, and golden. Gently he pushed his hand up between her thighs and under her tail. Her cunt felt warm and wet to touch.

Fuck it, I can't believe I'm getting paid for doing this, he thought smugly.

He stood up and leaned over her to release the reins from the bed, leaving the tip of his crop on her ass. "That's it girl, keep your ass nice and high. Now show Roy how you move with your head up nice and high."

Keeping a firm hand on her reins and the crop ready and resting on her ass, he watched as she crawled around him.

"There, that wasn't so hard to do now, was it? Good little pony girls get treats" he explained, grinning and pulling something out of his pocket. It was a rubber dildo. He held it in his hand and beckoned her come closer, offering it to her. The sight of it made her hot little pussy tingle and she lunged toward it, licking at the soft phallic toy. He reached down and stroked her hair with his free hand, but then suddenly pulled the dildo away.

"That's enough treat for now", he told as he threw it to one side.

She shook her head in frustration. That served to amuse both men. "I see this one is a hot little cock lover," Roy observed, looking across at Patrick and smirking.

Slowly he stroked his hand down over her back and ass. He had a gentle touch that she found both soothing and arousing. She relaxed, but then felt something being placed on her back, and a strap of some kind being pulled around and under her belly.

"Easy girl, it's just your saddle," he whispered.

The saddle was fashioned of black leather; it was too small to sit in, however that was not its purpose. Two solid leather handles were fitted to the sides of it. As she was soon to learn, it was designed so her ass could be held firmly in place, while she was fucked from behind.

"Now let's make sure this is all fitted correctly."

She heard the sound of his belt being unbuckled and his metal zipper opening. Remembering back to the previous night, she hoped he had another good hard erection, and that he intended to use it on her. He picked up her reins again and tugged lightly on them as he moved behind her, before taking a firm grip on the handles. She felt his hard hot cock pressing against her wet and warm sex - teasing her. Glancing over at her master, she could see he now had his own cock out and was slowly stroking himself as reclined back in the chair and watched. Frustrated, she tried to rear up, but he gave her ass another quick, sharp slap with his crop.

"Down girl," he told her tugging on her reins again. "You'll get fucked when I'm ready."

Again he pressed just the tip of his cock against her. She tried to push her hips back to ease his cock inside her cunt, but his grip was too strong on the saddle.

"This little filly is hot, she needs some cock real bad," he quipped, and both men chuckled.

A low moaning sound escaped from her, and her long blond hair fell down around her face as she again shook her head. Her cunt was on fire. Her whole body was now covered in a damp perspiration. She wanted his cock now! She wanted to speak... to scream out and tell him how much she wanted him to fuck her. That she would be a good little pony girl, and do anything he asked if only he would give her a good hard fucking right now, but the bit in her mouth made her words muffled and inaudible.

"Nice and still now little pony girl. Keep your head high and let your master see that desire in your eyes."

At that time with his hard hot cock resting on her warm cunt she would have done just about anything for him - anything at all. She held herself still for what felt at least a half hour, but in reality was only perhaps only two or three minutes.

Then suddenly and without warning he rammed himself deep inside her. She moaned as he plunged his cock in and out. Each thrust seemed to penetrate her deeper. The night before, when he had taken her, she had thought perhaps he was the best fucking fuck she had ever experienced; now however, she was sure of it!

"That's it girl, take it all." Then leaning over her, and pressing his muscular body down against her back and shoulders, he added in a whispered tone, "Remember what I told you last night when I fucked you. You don't cum until I release your reins."

Holding her head firmly in place, and not allowing any slack in the reins, he fucked her hard and fast with his huge throbbing cock. She heard the slapping sound of his heavy balls hitting against her wet cunt, and his breath, as it became heavy pants. She wanted to rock her hips back to meet his thrusts, but he held her firmly just where he wanted her to be. He was in total control of her pleasure.

Her mouth dropped open and a whinnying sound escaped her lips, as he fucked her like he was a wild stallion mounting his mare. At last she felt the reins loosen and she knew she would be allowed to climax. He released his grip on her saddle. Rearing up, she felt his hard cock jerk and then explode inside her. The hot rush of his seed caused her whole body to quiver in a wave of raw pleasure.

When they had both climaxed, Roy pulled back. He rested his ass on his heels as he wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. His chest pounded and his breathing remained heavy. Yes, she had been broken in, but now he knew she would need to tamed and trained.

Her master was pleased. "I think I'll call this one Tigerpet, Roy," he said thoughtfully nodding his head as he rubbed his handkerchief over his sticky hands.

And so she began her journey as a pony girl.