Turning Runaways Into Harem Slaves

by anonymous
- do not use without the author's permission.
- as excerpted and edited by SirJeff

Part 5 - Ponygirl Training

It was two weeks since I had brought my runaways back to my compound, to become the first slaves of my harem. Three I had installed in the stables, already transformed into pierced and branded ponygirls. Six were being kept in the dungeon that ran under my mansion, being prepared to fulfill particular fantasies or fetishes of mine. And the youngest and most beautiful, nineteen year old Isabelle, had been the sole repository of my seed for the last 13 days. My focused efforts, raping her night and day, had succeeded. My physician had confirmed that morning that Isabelle was carrying my child.

As a reward, I ordered the servants to let her sleep all day if she wished. I would not visit her for a few days, while I turned my attention to my other as yet unused slaves.

First order of business was my two virgin ponies, Pixie and Scarlett. I had already fucked their sister pony, Sable, on their first day in the stables. But although Pixie and Scarlett were branded as my property, until they were fucked by their master, ownership of virgin ponies was not completely secure.

I went down the stables and watched my trainer Thomas putting the ponies through their morning training. All three ponies were trotting in a circle around the training ring. They looked fantastic, naked and sweating in their thigh high hooves and harnesses, with their arms painfully bound by their wrists and elbows into the small of their backs. As they ran their long manes and tails swished back and forth and their tits bounced and jiggled, their tit bells jingling merrily. Their tit and nose rings were attached to a wire that ran all around the paddock, and the grooms whipped their thighs and asses to keep them running faster and faster on their hooves.

After two weeks of constant training and punishments, Sable had learned to run well. Thomas told me that he was going to start training her on a special frame this week, that would allow me to ride her safely as a saddle mare by distributing my weight away from her back. My cock twitched at the thought of a long ride through my property, feeling Sable's hips and thighs pumping beneath my saddle. Then a picnic by the river as I fucked her tight pony cunt and ass, then making her carry me all the way back to the stables. That's the way you build up the endurance of a pony, and help her develop her full talent for pleasing her master and his cock.

But as I watched my ponies run today, it was clear Pixie and Scarlett still struggled with balance, as evidenced by the blood running from their noses and nipples as their rings jerked and pulled when they stumbled. I decided they needed more direct incentive to perform properly.

I signed to Thomas to halt the training, and the grooms ran in to hold the ponies. I ordered Pixie and Scarlett to be brought back to the branding area, and Sable to continue to her session in the training ring.

Without a word to the ponies, I had the grooms remove their bits and bridles and stuff the large black ball gags they wore on their first day back in their mouths, and strap them around their heads. This soon into their time as ponies they would probably still try to use human language, which would just make me decide to have their vocal cords cut. I was not a cruel master though, so I had the gags inserted to avoid that.

I had Pixie hogtied and hoisted up on the chain fall used by the farmhands to slaughter pigs. Embedded in the dirt beneath her was a large metal hook. I had a second short chain run through the hook and attached to her tit rings. I had Scarlett's arms released, then pushed down onto her knees and put in the wooden stocks that locked her wrists and ankles into place beside each other, forcing her head down just inches above the ground and her ass and cunt high in the air.

I walked behind Pixie as I removed my thick black leather belt, about two inches wide with a heavy steel buckle. (Others prefer the whip or the crop, but the whip takes you too far from your victim to truly enjoy her pain and terror, and the crop doesn't inflict enough pain or damage for my taste.) Pixie's strong thighs were forced wide apart, her twitching virgin cunt fully exposed and vulnerable.

I did not address the ponies. This was too complicated for their animal minds to understand. "Thomas," I said, "I want these stupid cunt ponies running well as soon as possible. I don't think they are motivated enough to learn their lessons."

Without another word, I raised the belt and began beating that little cunt pony within an inch of her life. Pixie immediately began screaming into her ball gag, arching and twisting, trying to escape from my blows across her thighs, ass and her tender pussy lips. I stood only a few feet away from her, and I beat her as fast and as hard as my arm could deal lashes out.

Within a minute I began to see red as my sadistic rage took over, and I was beating her so hard and fast that Thomas stepped up and held back my arm as it was raised over my head. I shook myself and my vision cleared. Pixie continued to scream into her gag, in terrible agony from the 40 or 50 lashes I had dealt out to her stupid pony legs and ass and pussy. Blood was dripping off of her body onto the ground, from dozens of bruises, welts and lash marks.

I dropped the belt and pulled out my raging hard cock as I stepped up to her virgin cunt. I lubed my cockhead with the blood streaming down her ass and thighs, then pushed it deep into her tight hole. When I had forced my cock in until it pressed against her hymen, I grabbed her tail and twisted it in her ass, causing her to contract her tight cunt walls even tighter around my cock. I held her by the tail as I rammed through her hymen and into her virgin cunt to the hilt. My mind reeled once again at the glorious sensation of forcing open and savagely raping a young virgin pussy.

She kept screaming into her gag as I brutally fucked her pony cunt. I grabbed her cruelly by the thighs and ass, rubbing and scratching her bruises and wounds, as I pumped her cunt hard and long. My battering against her pulled her tit rings to the breaking point, almost ripping out of her nipples and tearing open her pierce holes. Over the sound of my body slapping against her, I could hear her nipple bells jingling in the same rhythm.

My built up lust over the last two weeks meant it only took a few minutes before I came hard inside her. As I pulled out my hot jism oozed out to sting her still bleeding wounds, and I motioned for Thomas to take my place.

I moved over to Scarlett. A groom had held her head up so that she had to watch all that happened to Pixie, and she was so terrified she had pissed herself. I ordered the groom to give her cunt a quick blast of freezing cold water from the fire hose used when grooming the ponies.

Then I picked up my belt and began giving Scarlett the same beating as Pixie, while she too screamed into her gag. The intense brutal lust brought out from giving that little cunt the belt got my cock hard again within just a few minutes. I got on my knees and mounted her, pushing her head down until her face ground in the dirt, as I savagely raped her virgin cunt as I had her sister pony. Scarlett didn't have to suffer the torture to her tit rings that Pixie did, but it took me far longer to cum inside her. I had been raping her for more than 15 delicious minutes when Thomas finished in Pixie. I motioned for one of the grooms to take Pixie next. I finally came in Scarlett soon after that and stood up, calling to one of the other grooms to come fuck her as well.

Thomas came up to me and offered me a beer. I thanked him, cracked it open and drank half of it in one long swallow. Training ponies was thirsty work on a hot summer's day! Then I told Thomas, "I want them both to be fucked by five men. Not the stable boys, they'll cum too fast, men that can fuck them for 20 minutes or more. Then I want them both hosed down and returned to the training ring to finish their daily runs, the same number of sessions and laps as you had planned today. Take Sable off for the day and run these two in separate rings, so that your men can fully focus on each one's gait and balance."

"Yes Sir," Thomas answered. "I was thinking of doing that very thing myself, but wanted to discuss it with you first."

"Fine. And every day until they are running perfectly, they will get the same treatment instead of a feed bag at noon." Thomas assured me it would be done.

As I walked back to the house, I could see several more of the grooms lined up for my ponies' no longer virgin cunts. I was sure Pixie and Scarlett would be much more dedicated to their training now than before.

--To be continued--