Orchid Gets Put Through Her Paces

by Anonymous
- do not use without the author's permission.

We've been talking about it for weeks now, my secret ponygirl and I. Looking and giggling and getting excited while browsing gear, and bits and crops. Many an evening has been spent whispering down the phone as she squirms at the naughtiness of it all, as I put her through her paces in our imagination.

Finally, the time has come.

I can't believe how amazingly beautiful she is, nearly six feet tall in her four-inch heels, proud mane of hair bound into a tight braid, matching the color of the tail we've picked out for her. The tail she oohed and aaaahed over, turning this way and that, checking it out in the mirror and blushing and squirming with excitement. The heels barely stop her from prancing as I lead her by her reins into the playspace, all eyes on her. I feel like a king holding her reins and leading her into the room.

The X-frame, the sawhorse, the little bridle path...I lead her along and show her each one, her eyes wide, teeth clamped hard on her bit. Her harness flashes and sparkles in the light, and all the other ponies step back a little, knowing the prettiest and proudest princess of all is now in the room. I lead her around the room and let them all get a good look, before stopping to kneel and clip the hobbles between her ankle cuffs.

I lead her to the bridle path as she shuffles awkwardly, blushing furiously and tottering on her heels.

"Orchid, princess..." I whisper to her. "Once around the path. Show them what you can do. I'm counting on you. " I see her eyes roll wide with excitement and nerves, and she smiles around the bit and nods for me.

With a slap of the crop against her rear I set her on her way, tottering around the bridle path, holding her reins in my hand as I give her the crop with each step to encourage her. "That's it, princess," I encourage her, "Show me what you can do." *slap* "Step brightly, that's it." *slap* "Faster. You can do it." *slap, smack, slap* "Let's go, baby. Show them all."

Orchid moans around her bit as she steps tiny, perfect steps. She's practiced. Wants it so badly, to show off for me. With each step she gains beauty and confidence, even as her rear gets reddened. Performing for me, step by step.

At the end of the path there's tears at the corners of her eyes, and her rear is covered with little welts from the crop. She crosses the finish line in plenty of time, and I stop her, steady her...she was so far into the zone she would have just kept going. "You finished, lover..." I whisper to her, turning her around and letting the room see her beautiful marks. Hands clap, as the riding club welcomes their lovely new member into the ranks.

I hold Orchidsub's reins tightly as she kneels, begging me with her eyes. I slowly unbuckle her bridle and remove the bit as she smiles a huge grin up at me, beaming. I stroke her hair.

"My pretty princess...." I say, softly. "You're mine."