- by Anne Gray & MrsKC of England

Chapter 3 - The Worm Turns!

Dianne closed the door to Anne's cell and grinned to herself. She no longer had a twin sister, just a very good money earner and two toys she could enjoy playing with herself!

Two down and one to go, she thought to herself. Oh well, I've the rest of the day off so I think I'll give my lovely pony girl a good whipping and a trot around the courtyard before dinner, then I really must get my next guest's room sorted out. I think Doggers is going to like it, she thought, with a wry smirk on her face!!


I sipped on my chilled champagne. Life had been good and very profitable for me since I acquired Joan as my pony girl and my twin sister Anne as a latex Barbie sex doll. It was six months since I opened up my new business and an awful lot of satisfied customers had passed through my premises (and through the slaves)!!

As I speak, I can see pony Joan being thoroughly tested by a tall lady in my covered courtyard that was out of the rain showers, which were part of life in England.

The lady, a fairly recent but now regular customer, always paid up front in cash and had identified herself only as Mistress Katrina. An hour or so earlier she pulled up the driveway and parked but it was a couple of minutes before she got out of her BMW.

Then I saw why; she had been adjusting the hood on her raincoat. Well it was really more than just a raincoat. It was a full-length double-breasted SBR Macintosh; the gold buttons gleamed and matched the buckle of a belt that must have been 2" wide. There were wrist straps and even a throat tab with a matching gold buckles. Anyone with a fetish for shiny black rubber would have been in heaven looking at this vision.

Once in my office she slowly spent at least two minutes to get out of it. The hood was carefully folded back then the belt released and the dozen or so buttons undone. There were three or four buttons on the inside that held the coat closed so beautifully evenly.

As it came off it revealed the most marvellous outfit. A fitted maroon leather hunter jacket clung to her upper body, stretched tautly over her bust to the nipped in waist then flared gently over her hips. At the neck a froth of pure white silk accented the colour of the jacket. As my eyes travelled down I saw a pair of gleaming black leather jodhpurs disappearing in her knee high stiletto-heeled boots.

Her kid gloved hands reached into the large bag she carried pulling out a peaked black leather riding cap which she carefully settled over her perfectly coiffed hair and settled the narrow strap under her chin. She went in the bag again and handed me the correct amount for her scheduled hour with Joan then asked if I could lend her a riding crop. I had gestured to the wall where a complete selection hung and she picked the one she was now using as she ran my pony girl through her paces. This lady certainly knew her stuff.

I must be honest, sometimes I wished I could trade places with my two sex toys, as they seemed to have adapted to their life in strict bondage and, if I didn't know better, appeared to be enjoying themselves!

They simply had to have bound sex whilst I did the running around; arranging food, equipment, bookings etc plus running the publishing company. On top of that, once every week or so, I had to doctor their water and put them out while I completely removed their outfits. It had to be done to clean them thoroughly, clip their nails and make sure the extensive bondage equipment keeping them so securely restrained was not causing any chafing or damage that would affect their value or performance.

With all this work I haven't had decent sex in over six months; a vibrator is just not the same!

Finally, the blonde lady tethered my pony by her nose ring to the hitching post and gently stroked her as if saying thank you. My pony responded with a gentle mewing sound and bowed her head. Simply getting the pony to bow her head after being whipped had taken me a few weeks but all had fallen into place with the pony now. Pony girl Joan is a class act.

I knew I would get very rich and retire within a few years then I would sell the two sex toys to a foreign buyer. I had promised my slaves their freedom at a later date...I lie so easily!


"Thank you" a voice said that startled me out of my daydreaming of future wealth. " I'm glad you enjoyed my pony girl." I politely replied. "She is a well trained pony but I think you need another sex toy to increase the popularity of this place." The tall blonde replied. "Oh, I would if I could, but these toys are very difficult to obtain" I stated, with a touch of irritation towards this lady. Who does she think she is, I wondered to myself?

"Actually, I know of a beautiful lady who could fill the gap" "Well if you do she has to be the same size as the other sex toys because I've been busy increasing their wardrobes to cater for all the weird and wonderful requests I regularly receive. In fact I've just converted another room into a leather dungeon and, at great expense, obtained a complete set of leather bondage equipment and clothing that I intend to starting using very shortly."

"I think you will be using that leather dungeon a lot sooner than you realise," replied the smiling blonde. "Not yet, I'm not sure which of my two toys is going to have the pleasure" I replied.

"Oh, I don't mean them, I mean you". She said as she reached into her bag again and moved closer to me.

My mouth opened but before I could tell this smirking bitch to leave, she settled the taser she pulled from the bag against my shoulder and triggered it. My body reacted uncontrollably and I fell out of the chair to the floor completely helpless. Within seconds I heard the familiar ratchet noise of handcuffs being closed on my wrists behind my back. I had never worn handcuffs before, only used them on my sex toys, now I realised how effective they were!!

" Hey let me go you fucking bitch." I shouted. "I demand to be let free NOW". My shouting was in vain as a set of transport irons were quickly and very efficiently fitted to my ankles. My eyes widened in genuine shock when a large black ball gag emerged from her bag. " NO, NO mmmmmph" was the last sound I made. The bitch must have had this equipment in her bag all the time she was talking to me. I have to admit it was a well-planned assault that even I would have been proud of!

The blonde then produced her mobile phone and called a pre set number. "Hi Doggers, all went to plan. Yes, very easy. Okay, see you in an hour or so, bye."

So she knew Doggers! Shit!! I had tried to trace him six months ago but failed miserably. Now she and Doggers had me!!


Just over an hour later, a large 4 X 4 pick-up pulled into the courtyard, owned only sixty minutes earlier by Dianne, but now in the hands of the new occupiers.


"Hi Doggers, I have Dianne for you" said the blonde dominatrix to the driver. "Thanks Kat, you've done well and will be rewarded," replied Doggers. "She told me she had been fitting out a leather dungeon so I'm in the process of preparing a lovely surprise for you." beamed Kat, "but I could use some help to finish up."

A smile crept across Doggers face; he could guess what type of surprise this statuesque dominatrix would have in store for him. " I hope Dianne will still be able to hear me when I see her" he said.

"JUST!" laughed the blonde; "but don't expect her to reply! "Follow me, I'll show you your new acquisitions" The lady turned on her high heels motioning Doggers to follow. My, she is beautiful, thought Doggers as he followed behind the Russian leather clad dominatrix.

Doggers had often wondered what happened to Joan never suspecting Dianne until he found that his other girlfriend Anne also mysteriously disappeared around the same time. It was easy to add two plus two coming up with four. Doggers kept Dianne under observation and noticed how she 'acquired' two sex slaves fitting the description of his friends. Finally he decided enough was enough (especially when he was tipped off that she was trying to arrange his kidnapping) and that he would take a hand in the situation. He employed the talents of the Russian dominatrix, Mistress Katrina, who had only recently come to America to live in Chicago.

Doggers walked towards the stable and saw Joan hitched by her nose ring to a rail by the porch. The pony girl was startled but immediately began to get excited upon seeing her old lover. " All in good time my pet" Doggers said, as he stroked the pony lovingly. She responded by lowering her head, just as she had been taught over the last six months; it was sheer habit now.

Doggers inspected his former girlfriend, now transformed into a beautiful leather bound pony still carrying marks on her buttocks from her training session with Mistress Katrina. The pony's harness was oiled and immaculate and he could guess the sturdy leather crotch pad was holding in two massive plugs. Doggers could smell her scent mixing with the leather.

The pony attempted to converse with him but it was impossible because she was fitted with more than just a traditional hard rubber bit. On closer inspection Doggers noticed a latex egg shaped ball fitted to the centre of the bit - it made it quite impossible for the pony to make any intelligible sound. Only the girl's eyes could talk for her.

Doggers was impressed with the way Dianne had outfitted this pony and repeated "All in good time my pet," to her. He noticed her thighs had become very muscular due to the hoof shaped ballet boots that adorned her legs. Her arms, severely strapped up in a reverse prayer and sealed in a leather arm bag, had apparently not suffered through lack of use during the past six months. Doggers even liked the way her hair was gathered on top of her head and held up with a leather sleeve in a plume.

"I'll just check on Anne, then come back to you," he said. The pony stamped her hoof as an act of anger hearing this. Doggers, without batting an eyelid, selected a strap from the selection hanging nearby and a minute later the pony was wearing a 12" hobble. "There, that should keep you in check" said Doggers. A quizzical look came from the pony as she cocked her head sideways hearing this.

Doggers looked at the Russian lady and said, " Come on Kat, show me the other toy!!"

Walking up to the door of the latex sex toy's cell he stopped and looked through the inspection glass to see Anne. He knew it was Anne but she was almost unrecognisable because of her predicament. Covered completely in black heavy-duty latex; her head was in a latex flesh coloured hood with a face painted on it giving a doll like appearance. There was a purple French maid type wig adorning her head.

To keep her quiet, an inflatable ring gag was fitted in her mouth, keeping it wide open all the time. Doggers was unsure if there were holes in the latex mask so when he opened the bolted door he remained quiet.


Doggers approached the rear of the statuesque latex toy and examined her more carefully. Clearly, Anne could not hear him (ear phones in silicone were fitted) but she must have received an electric shock to her wired nipples when that recording activated because her whole body stiffened. She stood with her legs apart to accommodate the clients; held open by a three-foot spreader bar.

So the sex toy obviously knew a client had entered the room because she received a shock each time someone opened the door; ingenious thought Doggers. Purple rubber thigh boots with at least six-inch heels encased her legs. A latex belt around the waist and a crotch strap held the obligatory butt plug and dildo in place. The crotch strap was fastened in place by a single large buckle, making it easy for a client to undo the strap and remove the plugs.

Doggers couldn't resist and undid the crotch strap. The butt plug and dildo slid out quite easily and he felt around to find that both holes had thick rubber hollow inserts fitted to allow easy access to the customer. Doggers replaced the still slippery plugs then re-fastened the strap, thoroughly confusing the latex slave! She was also fitted with a very tight heavily boned latex corset that prevented any bending. Her arms were straight out behind her laced separately into boned full-length gloves that prevented her from bending her arms even a fraction of an inch.

Her hands were in latex gloves so that she could masturbate her customer if required but prevented any finer type of touch. An 18" bar fitted to metal cuffs on her wrists. An eye fixed in the centre of the bar held a chain that was padlocked to her 4" posture collar. Doggers ascertained that this latex doll looked healthy enough but was professionally bound to allow for oral, anal and vaginal sex as well as giving a hand job to her clients.

As he walked around Anne, she suddenly jerked a little to the right. She could see him! The bound girl tried to converse with him but the massive ring gag prevented any intelligible communication. An inflatable penis gag hung around her neck so Doggers inserted this and pumped it up hard.

"I just wanted to see the complete outfit to remember it," said the man. "Now Kat, all Anne ever did was let me publish some of her great stories so she doesn't deserve this. You said you needed some help with my surprise so get Anne out of this outfit; give her a chance to clean up and then I'm sure she'll be happy to help you with Dianne. As for Joan, well we know she's a thief so let's just leave her as is for the time being. I have a bunch of calls to make and I want to check the office for records of Dianne's publishing business. Call me when you are ready"

It took Kat quite a while but eventually a very grateful Anne, with Kat's coat draped over her shoulders, was heading for the main house and the bathroom off Dianne's bedroom. After she cleaned up she raided her sister's wardrobe, selected a kid leather cat suit, matched it with a pair of high heeled boots and revelled in the feeling of being free to comb out her hair that had started to grow back then went to find Kat in the dungeon.

"I asked Dianne to wait in here for us" laughed the Russian beauty, as she opened the door to the leather dungeon. "This is my favourite room, it matches our outfits."

Anne looked into the centre of the room and saw what she presumed was Dianne. There was a female form in a very tightly laced full body suit hanging upside down and swaying ever so gently from side to side. This leather 'statue' was obviously exhausted from trying to wriggle free of her leather prison. Anne knew this was impossible because she could see that no one got free when Mistress Katrina put them in bondage!

"Let me re-introduce you to your sister." Kat motioned theatrically with her hand. "Hello Sis, I hope you are feeling fine?" Said Anne to the solid leather fixture hanging upside down. Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph, grunted the prisoner. "Well at least you can hear me," laughed Anne. "So you were going to keep me like that forever all for selling my work to another publisher? My, you are an evil sibling aren't you?"

The gently swinging leather ornament did not reply, she knew she was at the mercy of Anne and the Russian lady who had so easily overpowered her and, without breaking into a sweat, put her into her current position, hanging from the ceiling!

"I stored her like this until I got some help," Kat told Anne. "Now we can really get to work. I've been looking around this place and she's got a great stock of gear. I found these two things to start with. I've never seen one of these before but I've heard about them. I think it's called an inhibitor bar. Anyway, whoever made it scratched his name on the black metal. See, it looks like Kemy or maybe it's Kenny?"

"Then there's this. It's an old Victorian correctional corset. God knows where she found it; they used whalebone back then and this little beauty should fit from her neck to halfway down her thighs. Let's get her down and over to that bench where we can work on her."

Several minutes later Dianne was spread-eagled, naked except for the huge ball gag, on her stomach. "Let's start with this," said Anne picking up the bar. "With the 6" butt plug and 8" dildo it should make things interesting for her and, hey, we can plug this wire in to make them vibrate when we want. Then it locks around her thighs with these rings on and we can add this single leg ballet boot to hold everything in place."

With a lot of pulling and heaving Anne and Kat eventually had the device properly attached and its two thick protrusions deep inside a now well-plugged Dianne. They practically welded her legs together inside the tight leather of the boot.

The best way to get the necessary pressure on the laces of the monstrous corset was to leave her on her stomach with her arms stretched over her head. They installed a tight band around the base of each breast before fitting the stiff leather garment and starting to lace it closed. The inside of the corset's leather bra was sadistically fitted with short hard rubber spikes that would stimulate and torture her at the same time.

It took both of them pulling and working hard to get the boned leather edges of the corset to finally meet in the middle of Dianne's back and tie off the laces. The corset overlapped the boot by a good 12". They untied her wrists and pulled them back so they could work her arms, first in to shoulder length leather gloves, then wrap the fingers around rubber balls and lace the fists in tight mitts.

With straps around the wrists and elbows pulling the forearms together, their victim was ready for a heavy leather arm-binder. By the time they had that on, laced to her shoulder blades, straps over her shoulders and the outside edges of the binder strapped to appropriate buckles on the corset the only thing showing was her head and the tips of her trapped breasts.

Rolling the now stiff body over on her back they discussed how to complete the bondage. Finally they agreed and installed a hard rubber clamshell gag with a built in tongue clamp. Once, with some effort, they had it jammed behind her teeth they taped Dianne's mouth shut over the monster. Now Anne got a glint in her eye as she remembered the last six months and told Kat what she had in mind.

The ear speaker Anne had worn was inserted in Dianne's right ear and then both ears were filled with liquid latex. Now Anne produced a heavy clear plastic bag and proceeded to fit it over the helpless women's head.

Fearfully, Dianne tried to toss her head around to avoid the bag, but Anne was relentless and soon had it down under Dianne's chin where Kat sealed it with a length of duct tape around her neck. The bag was a tight fit and only moved in and out once or twice before it was tightly plastered against Dianne's face.

They waited another moment to drive home their complete control over the bitch then Kat used a sharp awl to puncture the plastic under each nostril and Anne pushed in two hard rubber tubes. The tubes were coated with rubber cement and she pinched Dianne's nostrils against them while it dried.

Now it was Kat's turn and she worked the leather discipline helmet over the plastic covered head and proceeded to lace it down the back. Eyeholes and a couple under the nostrils were the only breaks in the tight, sleek leather. Anne was ready with a heavy posture collar that had an attached gag strap plus another that ran up either side of Dianne's nose to meet at a heavy metal ring on the crown of her head.

Dianne never dreamed she would be trussed up like this, let alone by two other women! She had equipped the dungeon for her two slaves and a planned new one never realising she would be the third occupant. And, perversely, to cap it all, she was turned on and she was getting WET!

Anne and Kat picked up the stiff leather covered shape and moved out on to the porch where they stood it up and strapped it against a post. Doggers came out of the office and looked on with approval. Anne handed him the microphone so Dianne could hear all that was said, but then she disappeared for a few minutes.

Doggers waited for her to return, and she did, with an electrical extension cord into which she plugged the wires from the inhibitor bar. The three of them were amazed that Dianne's body actually was able to react against the bondage she was in but it did and they all laughed. Anne set it to keep Dianne simmering but not able to boil over.

Kat got in the act reaching in her pocket for a pair of nipple clips joined by a chain that she proceeded to install much to Dianne's discomfort. But then, with a grin, she went over to Joan and led the pony girl over until she could clip her nose chain to the one between Dianne's nipples. "Have fun you two." she said and rejoined Anne and Doggers on the porch.

"Now" said Doggers. "I know you have to get back to the States Kat and I'll send your settlement for this job within the week. Anne, I'd like you to take over the publishing part of this operation. I'm sure Dianne won't object, will you? I didn't hear an answer so we'll take that as a yes, OK Anne?

"This other set up can be very profitable from Dianne's records and we will keep Joan as the pony girl, once a thief, always a thief; Dianne can inhabit the leather dungeon. But it needs to be expanded to really take off and so I've been in touch with a couple of experts."

Seeing a black car pulling in Doggers said "I think that's them now." watching as two men left the car and walked towards the porch. They stopped briefly to examine Joan and Dianne seeming to nod approval before moving closer to the trio.

"Anne, Kat," said Doggers. "I'd like you to meet the two day-to-day Directors of this little pony and bondage farm. The gentleman on the left will look after new acquisitions and the one on the right, since he just sold his house, will be resident manager - Richard and Stephen!"