Blazing a New Path - III

by Almyn
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Month 5

She couldn't believe four months had passed since she came here. Blaze looked out over the paddock she considered hers anymore. Other ponies were in the barn with her. She saw them occasionally. A few were pregnant, but they were never in the same fenced in area as she was. Once her therapy had ended, all of her exercise came from walking with Patty in the large green field. Every day, three times a day, Patty walked her all the way around twice each time. Both were tired at the end. It was a good long workout.

Left alone, early in the third month, she decided to run. Surprised at how easy it was, she took it slow, jogging at first. Waiting for pain in her leg, she was leery of hurting the injury and doing more harm. But it appeared she had healed better than anyone might have considered possible.

At the end of the third month, she was running all the time when no one saw her. Easily she could circle the whole paddock three, and then four times and not be out of breath. She still acted tired for Patty, but in reality she could run two hours without breaking a sweat. Her muscles had tightened once again.

As the fifth month began, she wondered what lie ahead.

Patty retrieved her from the paddock late one afternoon. “We have to hurry, Blaze. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

She was bathed, rubbed down and oiled. Her mane and tail were washed and dried until they shone.

Patty pulled out a box and opened it. Carefully she folded back tissue paper to reveal a beautiful red leather outfit.

Blaze gasped in surprise. This had to be one of the outfits promised when she first measured shortly after she arrived. Thinking back, it seemed to have happened to a different pony, not her.

Excited and quivering in reaction she let Patty dress her in the leather kit.

An hour later, she walked out, led by Patty, proudly displaying her new outfit.

William was bored as he waited with his other guests for the first race to begin. His interest had waned even though he had several ponies in the races today. Sipping the expensive champagne from his own cellar, he pondered the problem.

He knew Mac was strongly drawn to the pony he’d christened Blaze. In the beginning, he had also been interested in her, but he had wanted to see how she developed first as a pony girl and then as a racer. Underlying this had been the knowledge that she was perfect for breeding stock.

Complicating this was the fact she so attractive.

Why he didn’t just fuck her and get it over he didn’t know.

“Darling?” Elaine threaded her arm with his. “Look who is here!”

He allowed himself to be distracted by the inane conversation of his guests.

Mac walked over to William. “The parade of ponies is ready to start.”

“Excellent. I’ll call everyone to their seats and get the show started.”

Mac nodded and returned to the back of the crowd. He never really cared for this type of thing, but it was considered necessary for a successful business when dealing with the world of horses and ponies. Luckily William felt more comfortable at these affairs and took the front seat when they had to sponsor or host one.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen!” William spoke into the microphone which had been set up on a small, raised dais. People were gathered all around the race track, and some were in the small bleacher stands by the longest section of the track. “Before our first race of the day, I am proud present the parade of ponies. Some belong to our stables, and others are some of our racers and property of the guests today. Let the parade begin!”

William walked away from the podium, smiling and greeting friends, neighbors and business associates. Some he didn’t care for at all, but he knew how to play the game. Mac and he worked very hard to make this a successful stable. Soon they would have a successful breeding program as well.

He watched the ponies strutting past. Some were brightly fitted in bright leathers and others in blacks or browns. A few bold ones wore white. He chuckled as he saw the dust being churned up by the prancing hooves. Those white boots wouldn't last long at this rate.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the red feather and knew instinctively it was Blaze. Turning, he saw her prancing so perfectly you’d never guess she’d been injured.

The red leather corset fit her closely like woman’s teddy except the bottom was like a thong and the top was only a leather shelf, pushing her breasts even more impudently up. Her boots matched in the red leather, studded with silver stars on the back in a single line just like a seam in women’s expensive silk stockings. Her arms were pinned back as well, covered with leather sleeves. The feather was long and curled, held in place on her head by some kind of apparatus which didn’t crush her mane. Her reins were held by Patty.

William felt his chest puff out proudly. Blaze looked better than he would have thought possible. If she were part of the sale, he and Mac could retire on the proceeds. With that outfit she was a knockout, pony or human.

Mac felt like his chest was going to explode. He was stunned out how good Blaze looked in that red leather kit Patty had pleaded with him to let Blaze wear for her to be in the parade.

Neither he nor William had planned on putting her in the show. She wasn’t running or racing, so there hadn't been any real reason to show her off by prancing around the track.

Often the ponies shown in the parade were later auctioned off at the end of the evening’s festivities. No way in hell would he let Blaze go so it had taken some enthusiastic reasoning on Patty, and Pete’s, part to convince him. Finally he agreed to let her wear it. Blaze might enjoy being with the other ponies. It might also help her acclimate by seeing there were others in similar circumstances, even outside this farm.

Nothing could have prepared him for how impressive she looked today though. Her stride was strong and sure, her legs lifted high and straight. Her posture was perfect. If he didn’t know that she’d had no idea she coming here today, he would have been sure she had spent hours practicing to get it right. He didn’t give a damn she could no longer run. His mind was made up. He was keeping her for himself!

The first race was called. Patty had removed the reins she had used for Blaze. She turned away as someone called her name.

Blaze moved over to where the ponies where being loaded into the shoots for start of the race. She stepped into the next empty one, and no one seemed to see anything out of line. Succinctly she was tucked up into the small enclosure. Her excitement was fever pitch. She wasn’t worried that she had not warmed up, neither had the other ponies that had been on parade. No doubt they would start out slow and build up speed. She couldn't wait.

“Where’s Blaze?”

Patty looked around and saw Mac standing beside her. Smiling, she gestured to the side. “Wasn’t she fantastic? I was so proud at how she strutted so straight and true. I bet people thought we practiced!”

“Yes, I agree, Patty. But where is she now?” Mac’s hands rested on his hips, concern starting to enter his tone. It was unlikely she could come to any harm if she wandered off. Still there were some partygoers who didn’t know how to behave in polite company. It wasn’t unheard of for a stray pony to be raped.

“She’s right here—” her voice faded away as she realized her prize filly had indeed disappeared. “Oh my God! Mac, I swear she was right here!”

“Stay calm, Patty. Start looking for her and get Pete. I’ll go in this direction.”

Overhead the announcer they had hired spoke. “Attention ladies and gentlemen! The first is ready to begin.”

People began moving to the railing’s edge to see the ponies better as they passed.

“Remember this is a two-mile race so the ponies will circumnavigate the track four times to complete the required distance. The winner will be the pony who crosses the ribbon we will have stretched for the finish line. Let the fun begin!”

A few seconds later a starter pistol sounded.

The crowd cheered as the horses bolted forward.

Mac and William were on opposite sides of the track yet they both sighted the bright red livery, in particular the feather, at the same time. Shocked, as if they knew where the other was automatically, their gazes met. Equal confusion was obvious. Mac pointed to the farthest end of the track where it was the least populated.

“What the hell were you thinking?” William shouted at Mac.

“I was going to ask you the same thing except I found Patty and it appears Blaze got away from when she unfastened the reins after the parade. She must have gotten mixed in with the racers and loaded by mistake.” Mac growled in reply, watching the track as the ponies passed, this was the second time.

“Damn! Look at her go Mac! Have you been running her?” William asked without turning his head from the ponies.

“Hell no William! I would never risk her health. I don’t care how well she healed; I still only let Patty walk her. Those were the instructions. Damn it!” Mac gripped the railing, wondering if he should jump on the track and stop the race.

“Her stride is perfect. She is starting to pick up speed, but she hasn’t pulled ahead or fallen behind.”

“Her breathing looks good too.”

Both men watched in silence as the horses passed the third time. Only one more time around to go. The speed was starting to pick up. Several of the fillies were separating, thinning the field. Each offered a silent prayer that she came through unscathed, finishing or not.

With a rush of air the ponies raced past them. Blaze was pulling out in front. There was no mistaking the lengths growing between her and the pack. She was alone as she ran through the white ribbon spanning the width of the track.

Patty reached her side before anyone else. “Are you crazy? You did this deliberately, didn’t you?”

Blaze met her gaze. For a moment she didn’t reply and then she bobbed her head once, the feather bouncing in answer.

Patty nodded, attaching the reins. “I won’t tell if you don’t. We’ll say you caught pulled along with some of the other ponies and were put in the loader by accident.”

Blaze shrugged, her eyes twinkling. She was high on endorphins after running. She felt amazing. It wasn’t the winning either. Free is how she felt while she ran, and it was so sweet.

Suddenly she was wrenched around. Fear filled her heart, setting her trembling at the look of fury on Mac’s face. Just beyond him she saw William, but her focus was on Mac. She gave a soft whinny and batted her long eyelashes at him. It was an old feminine trick, but she was willing to try anything.

Nothing changed.

Mac was too far gone.

“You stupid little fool!”

Patty stepped forward, trying to wedge between them. “It was an accident, Mac. I’m sure she got caught up with the other ponies and was pulled in with them as they were loaded. The boys on the loader didn’t know.”

William pulled her back.

Mac still glared at Blaze. “You knew enough to move off the track and not run. Did you want to permanently injure yourself? This isn’t a game damn it!”

“Congratulations William!”

“What a winner she is!”

“Why didn’t you tell us you had entered her?”

“I thought you said she couldn't run anymore. Is she in the sulky race as well? If she is, I’ll put more money down, but this time instead of Domino I’ll go with Blaze!”

Blaze recognized the last voice as the man called Philippe. He was standing next to William, but he was staring at her. She flushed and stepped closer to Mac, in spite of his fury, which still came off of him in waves. Blinking, she was surprised to feel tears on her lashes.

Mac spoke in a low voice. “Patty, take her back and rub her down good. Check her all over after you bathe her. Call Dr. Patterson and see if he can come by to check her, or if we need to go in for x-rays.” He reached up and snatched the bright red feather off her head. “Get her out of here now! And throw this damned outfit away!”

That Night

Blaze was resting on her mattress. She was tired, but nothing on her hurt. No muscles were strained. The doctor had given her a clean bill of health, suggesting an MRI if Mac was still worried on Monday.

The party was still going on, but it had left the track and most of the people were up at the house. Since this barn was much closer, she could hear all the music and chattering going on. Sometimes a group would wander down, looking around, but since none of the ponies were in the paddocks, they soon lost interest and went back inside.

Suddenly the window for her stall that opened into the paddock was opened. Then the door swung wide as well.

The night was warm so Blaze stood and ventured out into the lush, green area. The moon was working its way across the sky. Since several of the surrounding night lights were on as well, she could easily see her way into the field.

She’d never been out at night before. It felt rather wonderful, the dark warm air against her naked skin.

“Well, well, well,” a voice sounded a short distance away. “Look what I’ve found sneaking about all alone.”

Blaze spun around and saw it was Philippe. She shivered. Something about the man she had not liked from the first time she saw him. He was the kind of man she would have warned her kid sister or best friend to stay away from. Out here, with no one around, she felt particularly vulnerable. She wasn’t sure that he was not the kind of man to decide a stray pony was free for the taking.

Was he the reason her door had suddenly come open?

“You were very impressive today, Blaze. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited by a pony. Not only are you a beauty to look at, but it appears as if you can still earn your keep by winning a race. I believe I will buy you from William and add you to my stables.” He took a few steps closer. “I run a tighter ship than he does. My ponies know the feel of the crop, and often.”

Blaze backed up another step, trying to keep some distance between the two of them, without breaking into a run and possibly falling in the night. Luckily her arms were free tonight and Patty had exercised them after her race.

“I love the look of quivering red buttocks, striped from my crop.” Philippe came even closer, moving faster. “I like to keep the fillies on their toes so to speak. I also fuck my favorite pony daily. I might retire you at first because I’ll be too busy fucking you all day. These titties of yours are magnificent. When you run—” he paused and inhaled sharply. “I get a hard on watching those bubbies bouncing and knocking against each other. I’ll probably fuck you from behind most so I can grab on to your knockers and hold on in case you buck!” He laughed loudly.

Abruptly he lunged forward.

One hand touched her right breast before she could jump back. She turned to run.

Philippe grabbed her forearm.

Blaze whinnied and struggled to free herself.

“There you are, Blaze!”

Mac’s voice sounded like a rescue siren to her scared ears.

Philippe released her arm immediately.

He came over to her. Wrapping his arm around her, he cupped her farthest breast by reaching under her arm. He held her tightly, preventing any thought of escape.

She had no desire to go anywhere. In fact, she nestled into his side like a treasured pet curling up.

Mac leaned down and pressed a kiss to her mane. Looking at Philippe, he smiled. “Isn’t she precious? Of course, next time you see her she’ll look quite different.” He paused as he felt Blaze stiffen against him. It was time to get a little of his own back on her after the scare she’d given him earlier today. He was still recovering the after effects. No doubt he had several gray strands of hair in reply.

“What do you mean?” Philippe asked, looking doubtful.

“We are breeding her soon. Her belly will be swollen and ready to foal. William and I are both excited to see how well she’ll produce.”

He held her tightly as she squirmed against him. “Now if you’ll excuse us, Philippe, it’s time for me to bed this little filly down for the night.” Deliberately he winked at the other man. “If you know what I mean.” Pulling Blaze with him, he walked back to the barn with her in tow.

Inside he released her, closing the door behind him. As he turned, a pillow from Blaze’s bed hit his head. Laughing, he bent down and picked it up. Walking towards her bed, he tossed it onto the mattress. “You’ve had a quite a day for such a new pony. Even the most seasoned would have found today taxing…the parade, the race, seeing the doctor and now running in the field for a late night rendezvous.” He paused.

He knew Philippe was to blame for her being outside. No doubt if she had not wandered out, he would have come in.

Blaze stomped one hoof and whinnied angrily. Her mane shook as she jerked her head in denial.

Mac smiled. It still felt good to have her deny it. He relented. “I know, I know. You had nothing to do with this. I believe you. Now the race is another thing entirely. For tonight, I’m just glad you are unharmed.” Deliberately he steered away from the breeding topic. He’d lost control when he’d brought that up. This was not the correct way to discuss the subject either. “Come here, little one. I’ve brought you a treat.”

He pulled a plastic bag from his shirt pocket. As she neared, he chuckled softly. “Yes, I imagine you are surprised since I yell at everyone else for going off diet. Come on, I’ll feed this to you.”

Blaze came close and smiled when she saw he had a small piece of white cake with icing from the party. She neighed and bumped against him to show her pleasure.

Mac broke off a small piece, lifting it to her lips. He held it still as she opened wide. It was extremely erotic to watch her savor the sugary treat. Once she swallowed, he gave her another small bite.

She chewed slowly, wanting to make this last. Nothing had ever tasted so good…

Mac deliberately fed her small bites, making the feeding process take as long as he possibly could. Reluctantly he pressed the crumbs together, and offered them as the last of the treat. He almost groaned out loud as she nibbled at his fingers with her lips and tongue. Looking down, he saw a few errant crumbs clinging to her breasts. Licking his finger, he gathered them up one by one, popping them into his mouth. When he finished, he looked, meeting her gaze.

Fire flared up between them, hotter than ever.

“So this is where you disappeared to Mac.” William’s voice had them both jerking around in surprise.

William stood at the half door that led into the small room composing Blaze’s stall. Somehow when Mac couldn't be found to answer a question about their breeding plans, he had known without a doubt where to find him. What he had just witnessed before he made his presence known let him know the answer to question he’d been putting off asking his partner, and friend.

“I’m glad to see you looking so fit, Blaze,” William went on, ignoring what he’d seen, as far as the other two were concerned anyway. “Has Mac been tearing a strip off your pretty little hide for scaring us today?”

Blaze shook her head, stepping away from Mac. This was the first time she’d encountered both men and something wasn’t being done to her for her transformation. Suddenly she wondered what the dynamic between the men really was. Did Mac work for William? William was always dressed so impeccably whereas Mac often wore casual clothing, working around the barns.

“I think she’s aware of how we both felt about today, and it was an accident.” Mac walked over to where William still stood, just outside the stall. “She knows the risk she took and the scare we had.” He opened the half door and moved outside the area. “I know it won’t happen again. Oh, did you need me for something?”

“Yes, someone was asking our plans for blending stock. That’s your side of the business, my friend,” William explained, turning to leave.

Mac looked back before he followed. “All right, William. I’m going to put a guard outside the barn, for tonight.” Nodding his head towards Blaze, he left with his business partner.

Blaze moved over and lay down on her bed. She would rest more easily knowing someone was keeping watch.

Mac stood by the fence watching Blaze in the distance. Patty was exercising her as before, only this time they were jogging and walking. Since he wasn’t sure of where she was with the running, he set up a new routine for Patty to follow.

Late last night, after their guests had left, he and William had sat in the study sipping the ridiculously expensive French brandy they had purchased at auction a few years earlier.

He had sat quietly, his thoughts tied up in the day’s events and disclosures.

“I was surprised that Domino struggled in the third race today,” William commented after several minutes of silence.

Mac took a second to realize what William had said. “Oh, yeah, she is lagging a little.”

“Perhaps now is the time to sell her, before she gets any slower. She would be a star performer at any of the smaller venues.”

“Sure, William, whatever you think is best.” Mac was already back to his own contemplations.

“Of course we could clean up if we sold Blaze.”

The silence last about thirty seconds.

Mac spit out the last sip of brandy. “What the hell! What the devil are you talking about?” he leaned forward in his chair, glaring at his partner, not feeling the least bit friendly at the moment.

William chuckled, sipping his drink. “Just checking to see if you were really paying attention. You were not.”

“Okay, okay, you’ve proven your point.”

William nodded, smiling. “I was really worried out there today, at the track. I’ve become quite fond of Blaze.”

“Even if she had been injured, she still would be fine for the breeding.”

“Of course, that’s true. I was looking over her reports. She’s been ripe for two months now. Have you picked a stud for her?”

Mac stood, walking over to stand by the cool fireplace. He hated thinking about this topic, let alone talk about it. “No.”

William ignored his friend’s curt reply. “I’ve been looking at Randy’s stats.” He spoke about the blond stallion they’d had for three years. He produced healthy offspring every time, whether for their farm or at stud. His income from the stud fees was very healthy. “He’s always a good choice for a first timer. He isn’t too rough and the mares all seem to enjoy him. Together they might produce a pretty strawberry blonde filly.”

Mac tensed. This subject was not one he wanted to discuss with William, or anyone. The thought of putting a stallion to breed with Blaze was like a kick to his gut.

“Another option I’d considered was using the big black stallion we got at the last auction. He isn’t as proven, but I know we have the four mares now carrying his offspring. We certainly know he can produce.”

Mac stiffened at the thought. Ulysses was about six and a half feet tall, with broad shoulders. He was a third generation pony boy, coming from prize winners. To look at the stallion gave little doubt as to ability to achieve deep penetration. Tonight the factors that had led them to purchase the stud turned Mac against him. Shaking his head he walked over and refilled his glass, a rarity for him.

William smiled. “Why don’t we table this discussion until we get back from the races next month? They are having the auction and perhaps we’ll see a real winner we can’t resist.”

Mac nodded, but he didn’t feel any better.

So he had devised a schedule to get Blaze into top notch racing condition in the mean time. It would keep her busy and build up her strength.

As he watched her now, she was close to perfection now. She must have been running out here every day and no one saw her.

Feisty little minx!

He had come close to losing control with her last night. William had arrived not a moment too soon, although at the time he had not been as amenable. His taciturn matter during their drink had been evidence enough.

As she neared him now, he observed the flexing of her muscles just beneath the gleam of her skin. Her ease of movement showed she was as fit as any Olympic athlete. Her jiggling breasts held his attention. The rings swung with the motion. They’d have to come out once she delivered. She would need to nurse…

Clearing his throat, he acknowledged such thoughts would only get him in trouble. Meanwhile he would find busy work for himself to stay away from this part of the farm!

Mac must decide soon.

To be continued...